These are a labour of love made solely for the purposes of discussion with and as a resource for other fans. There is no intent to profit, save to encourage others to watch the show and guarantee further episodes. If someone has charged you for this, you have been ripped off - it is freely available to anyone online. If used, please retain my credit and do not pass off as your own. To the powers that be, it is my hope that this does not breach any civil or criminal codes in force for the time being with respect to the owners of Veronica Mars. The intent is to support the show and help to encourage others to watch. If requested by those with authority to do so, they will be removed. Finally, without the help of the sharp-eyed, sharp-eared fans from and Television Without Pity, these transcripts would suck. One final word: Brit who regularly works with Americans, Canadians and other Europeans – the spelling goes every which way. Deal.

A couple of other matters. The lastest episode is likely to be a work in progress for anything up to a week after broadcast. At various stages you might just have the dialogue, or just some of the full transcript available. Other episodes are complete, but may not yet be in the vmtranscripts style, and/or may lack pretty pictures. It is coming. And please don't be shy about letting me know of errors. Between cast mumblers and errant typing fingers, they are surely a'plenty.