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3.15 Papa's Cabin

Written by: John Enbom
Directed by: Michael Fields

Original Air Date: 27 February, 2007
Transcribed by Inigo.
Last edited: 3 March, 2007

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars...

Weevil walks into the dean's office and finds him slumped over his desk in 309 "Spit and Eggs." Cut to Mindy in Keith's office in 310 "Show Me the Monkey."

MINDY: I didn't kill Cyrus, Keith.

Cut to Hank in Keith's office in 314 "Mars, Bars."

LANDRY: I found this bug in my cell phone. Did you put it there?

KEITH: No, Hank.

Cut to the O'Dell residence. Steve Batando lays into Sheriff Lamb with a baseball bat.

BATANDO: You like that?! Huh?!

Blood starts to pour from the back of Lamb's head. Cut to Mars Investigations.

KEITH: He says that Sheriff Lamb's dead.

Cut to the basement of Hearst College. As Weevil starts to clean the flue, a bag drops down. He opens the bag and pulls out a bloody shirt.

KEITH: [offscreen] Two maintenance workers found a bag of bloody clothes on campus.

Cut to an interrogation room in the Sheriff's Department. Pictures of the bag's contents are in Mindy's hands. Keith points to the monogram on the pocket of the shirt.

KEITH: The shirt belongs to your boyfriend, Hank Landry.

Mindy goes pale.

KEITH: [offscreen] Either you're covering for him or he's covering for you.

End previously.


Veronica walks uncertainly down the central steps towards the front of the class.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So, here's something the freshman guidebook failed to address: your dad is acting sheriff, he thinks your favourite professor may have murdered your favourite dean.

Landry is at the whiteboard in the front of the class, writing. Under the heading "Theory versus Reality, pg 136, part 2," he is in the process of writing a list: "1. First, was this an intentional crime? 2. Second, was there wanton cruelty? 3. Third, is this a hostile person?"

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So where do you sit in class?

Veronica approaches her usual seat and hesitates.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Up front now seems awkward.

She turns and looks towards the back of the room.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: But isn't a seat in the back like hanging an "I think you're guilty" sign?

Landry notices her dilemma and hurries towards her.

LANDRY: I hope you're not relocating.

She spins around to face him.

VERONICA: Oh, Professor. No. No. I was just, um...

LANDRY: I know, Veronica. It's kind of a weird situation, but I-I don't want you to think that this disagreement that your father and I are having will in any way affect things between us. A student like you comes along once, maybe twice, in a career. I'm glad that I get to be the one to mentor you, and I really hope that you don't forget that amid all this...

VERONICA: I won't. Thanks, Dr. Landry.

Landry goes back to the whiteboard and Veronica takes her seat at the front. Tim nods to her as he passes.


Mindy is still in one of the interrogation rooms with Keith. She is sitting at the table. Keith is pacing behind her.

MINDY: This doesn't make sense, Keith.

KEITH: Sheriff Mars, actually. I am acting sheriff now. So, sorry...

MINDY: Okay. Sheriff.

Keith leans against the wall in front of her.

MINDY: Why am I still here being questioned by you in that tone of voice? You said that you found my ex-husband's fingerprints all over Cyrus' computer keyboard. Steve was clearly unstable. You found his prints on the keyboard. Isn't that what you people call a smoking gun?

KEITH: "Goodbye, cruel world." That sentiment uses eleven letters. Unstable ex-husband Steve's prints are on every key on the keyboard. And, of course, there's the matter of the gloves found in the incinerator. Did the killer bother to wear gloves for the murder, only to take them off and leave prints all over the computer? So, no, that's not what we call a smoking gun.

Keith starts pacing again.

MINDY: [with increasing desperation] I didn't kill Cyrus, Keith!

Keith perches on the edge of the table next to her.

KEITH: Sheriff Mars.

Mindy sighs in frustration.

KEITH: You said you and Hank Landry were alone at the Neptune Grand on the evening of your husband's death, but a witness heard two men fighting in your room at midnight. You say you never left the hotel, but at 1:30, your car is checked out of valet and checked back in an hour later. In that time, a phone call is made between your cell and Landry's. You claim you never left the hotel and this call concerned toothpaste. Roughly thirty minutes after your car is checked back in, a student passing near your husband's window heard the gunshot. Toxicology reports show that your husband had a large dose of Xanax in his system. The dean's assistant said he was out, but records show you picked up a refill prescription for him earlier in the evening.

Mindy is uncomfortable. Keith pushes off the table and walks behind her.

KEITH: It just doesn't add up, Mindy.

He grabs a chair and pulls it next to her, sitting down close to her.

KEITH: I believe Hank Landry killed your husband, Mrs. O'Dell. I believe I can prove it. My question to you is this: are you gonna take the fall with him?

Mindy opens her mouth but nothing comes out. She thinks and then comes to a decision, slapping the table. She turns to Keith.

MINDY: The man who came to the hotel room. That was Cyrus. He was furious.


The keynote colour is gold. O'Dell is waving the gun around. Mindy is dressed and pacing in front of him. Hank is naked and still in bed.

MINDY: [offscreen, narrating] He had a gun.

LANDRY: Put the gun down, Cyrus. Let's talk about this.

O'DELL: Oh, "Cyrus"? Oh, we're on a first-name basis now? I can see how you might be confused...

As O'Dell approaches the bed, he pushes Mindy out of the way. She tries to appeal to him.

MINDY: Cyrus.

He ignores her.

O'DELL:...about our relationship, what with you sleeping with my wife and all. But let me remind you, I'm your boss.

LANDRY: Please, put the gun down and then we'll talk.

MINDY: Cyrus, please! Please!

O'DELL: There's nothing to talk about. You're done, Hank, and I don't mean just at Hearst. I mean everywhere. No tenure, no more happy days in academia bedding impressionable students and easily charmed wives.

Mindy reaches out to O'Dell, going for the forearm of his gun-wielding hand.

MINDY: Cyrus, please.



KEITH: He threatened to end his career?

MINDY: Well, Hank's career means everything to him. Cyrus could kill him at every reputable college in the country. Cyrus stormed out, and Hank freaked. I said that I would go and try and talk him down. I went to the house, but his car wasn't there, so I went by his office.

KEITH: And the phone call?

MINDY: Hank wanted to know how it went.

KEITH: How did it go?


Eggs hit the window.

MINDY: [offscreen, narrating] Well, his office window had just been egged, so he wasn't in a good mood.

O'Dell senses a presence and turns from the window to the door.

O'DELL: What are you doing here?

MINDY: I'm here to ask you one more time, Cyrus, to please be merciful.



KEITH: That's when you gave him the Xanax?


Cyrus is pouring himself another drink.

MINDY: [offscreen, narrating] I thought it would do him some good.

Mindy hands Cyrus a bottle of pills.

KEITH: [offscreen] Three pills practically left him helpless.

O'Dell taps out three pills into the palm of his hand before tossing them into his mouth.

MINDY: [offscreen, narrating] I just gave him the bottle. He handled the dosage.

Mindy watches Cyrus follow the pills with a slug of alcohol.

MINDY: [offscreen, narrating] Look...



MINDY: I was there for five minutes. He yelled, I left, end of story.

Keith gets up from his chair with a sigh. He walks over to the window that looks into the rest of the department.

KEITH: What did you tell Landry?

MINDY: Nothing. When I got back, he wasn't there.

KEITH: You came to me to prove your husband was murdered. It didn't occur to you that your lover might have done it?

MINDY: I knew that Cyrus didn't kill himself. I wanted to know who did, even if it was Hank.

KEITH: You provided his alibi.

MINDY: Until you told me about Hank's bloody clothes, I believed someone else was responsible. Cyrus had plenty of enemies.

KEITH: You'll testify Hank was worked up? That he panicked at the thought of losing his career?


Keith heads for the door before pausing to look back at her.

KEITH: I've known three men in your life, Mrs. O'Dell. Two are dead. The great state of California may see to the third.

MINDY: How am I supposed to react to that?

KEITH: Reflexively.

Keith opens the door.

KEITH: Don't leave town.


Landry is in the full flow of his lecture.

LANDRY: Many agencies requesting criminal profiles are unified by the misperception that the profiling process can somehow circumvent the work of analyzing physical evidence on a particular case...

Landry is interrupted by the sound of police radios. He looks up at the back of the classroom where Sacks and another deputy have appeared. Veronica looks back at them and the other students get restless.

LANDRY: Uh...uh...

The deputies just stand there and Landry presses on.

LANDRY: Review conducted by Horvath and Meesig determined that physical evidence is used less than 25% in the cases-

This time he reacts quickly as a door at the side of the front of the room opens. Keith walks through, closing it behind him. Landry hurries to meet him, his voice lowered.

LANDRY: All right, then. May I ask what this is all about?

Keith steps very close to speak discreetly into Landry's ear.

KEITH: I'm going to arrest you, Dr. Landry. You should feel free to dismiss your class. There's no reason for the students to see you led out of here in cuffs.

Landry nods. He turns to the class.

LANDRY: Class, the acting sheriff has some questions he'd like to ask about a case, so I'm gonna let you go early.

The buzzing in the class gets noisy. Tim, sitting at the side, rises from his seat. Veronica, fully aware of what is going on, gives her father a regretful look.

LANDRY: Uh, read chapter six by next class.

Opening credits.


KEITH: Say it again, please, into the microphone.

Landry is now in the interrogation room. Keith pushes a microphone in front of him before backing away and leaning against the wall. Landry leans towards the microphone.

LANDRY: I'm happy to answer questions without a lawyer present.

KEITH: Mindy flipped on you.

LANDRY: I don't believe you.

KEITH: She says she went back to the dean's office that night. She talked to her husband, gave him his Xanax. When she got back, you were gone.

Keith walks back towards the table, leaning on it.

KEITH: The dean was murdered at three a.m. You sure you don't want a lawyer?

Landry doesn't respond. Keith sinks into the chair opposite Landry.

KEITH: Mindy said the dean visited your hotel room. She says he threatened to destroy your career, and she went back to his office to try and plead for you.

LANDRY: That's what she said?

Keith nods.

LANDRY: That's all she said about his visit?

Keith continues nodding.

LANDRY: Well...the dean did more than threaten me.


O'DELL: No more happy days of academia bedding down impressionable students and easily charmed wives.

The gun is loosely pointed at Landry. Mindy reaches out to press Cyrus's arm down.

MINDY: Stop it. If you just put the gun away-

O'Dell turns on her.

O'DELL: And you! You will find your things on the lawn tomorrow morning, okay? I'm so sorry I didn't take my friends' advice about marrying you, but thank god I took their advice about a pre-nup. We are done, and you get nothing, you hear me?! Nothing!



LANDRY: She didn't go back to save me, Keith. She went back to save herself.

KEITH: She was back at the hotel room by the time the dean was dead.

LANDRY: The ex-husband, Batando.

KEITH: It's not looking like Batando. A maintenance worker found something interesting while cleaning out the incinerator at Hearst.

LANDRY: You want to fill me in?

KEITH: A bag...containing a dress shirt and gloves -- yours -- covered in O'Dell's blood.

This rocks Landry who, for the first time, loses his confidence. He blinks rapidly and stares into space. He speaks in a whisper and almost to himself.

LANDRY: Mindy. She set me up. She can get to my clothes. I don't know how she got her car back to the hotel, but-

KEITH: Her alibi checks out. How about you finally tell me where you were at three a.m. the night of December 10th?

LANDRY: I left the hotel and drove home alone.

He appears to remember something.

LANDRY: I stopped at a convenience store for cigarettes.

KEITH: You charge them?

LANDRY: No. And the clerk didn't even look up from his little TV set.

Keith isn't impressed. Landry recalls something else..



Landry walks away from the service counter, opening a pack of cigarettes. He goes through the door.


WOMAN: [offscreen] Can I bum one of those?

Landry turns back to see a woman approach him. We can only see her from the back. She has shoulder-length, dark blonde/light brunette hair. Landry takes a couple of cigarettes out of the pack.

LANDRY: Here. Take two. I don't really smoke.



KEITH: So, this mystery woman, anything you can tell me about her?

LANDRY: Uh, late thirties, early forties. Brunette.

KEITH: I don't suppose you can tell me how your clothes ended up covered in the dean's blood?

Landry has no answer to that.

KEITH: I suggest you find a lawyer, a very good one. You're a smart man. You got to see I have a case.

Landry stares at him. Cut to later. A deputy leads Tim into the cell area. The deputy stays at the door as Tim walks to the centre of the room.

TIM: Professor Landry.

Landry is on the bench at the side partially obscured from sight. Landry sighs.

LANDRY: Tim. Of course. It's always Tim.

Tim walks close to the bars.

TIM: What's going on? They think you killed the dean.

LANDRY: I didn't. Their case is...

He sighs heavily.

LANDRY: Just...

Tim nods.

LANDRY: There are two things you can do, though.

Landry finally stands and walks to the bars. He whispers.

LANDRY: I found a bug in my phone.

TIM: A bug?

LANDRY: I need to find out who put it there and how long it's been there.

TIM: Okay. What else?

LANDRY: I need you to find a needle in a haystack.

Tim nods.


Veronica is working at Keith's desk, using only the desk lamp as light. She looks up on hearing someone enter the main office. She can see that the person is using a flashlight. She quickly turns off the lamp, grabs her bag and heads out of the office through the door that leads into the hallway. She leaves the door ajar and watches. She sees the figure go to Keith's desk and start searching his drawers. As the flashlight shines onto the drawer nearest her position, she sees that the intruder is Tim. She takes on a look of disbelief and marches in. Startled, Tim shoots up from his crouching position at the desk, trying to close the drawer. He starts to run, but trips over with a loud clatter.

VERONICA: What the hell are you doing?

TIM: I, uh, I'm-

VERONICA: Formulating a lie, realising it's futile, begrudgingly telling the truth?

He gets to his feet.

TIM: I'm trying to help Landry, okay? He gave-he gave your father the bug that someone planted in his phone. I'm hoping it will-it will lead to Mindy.

VERONICA: How is it gonna lead to Mindy?

TIM: I don't know. Uh, serial numbers?

VERONICA: They don't have serial numbers.

TIM: Well, I didn't know! There's got to be a way. How would you do it?

VERONICA: [angry] Hmm. Well, first, I'd break into someone's office, act really weaselly, and then ask their advice.

TIM: Pardon my manners, Veronica, but I'm a little desperate. Landry...he didn't kill the dean. Mindy's framing him. He's a great man. I'm gonna do everything I can to help him. He has an alibi. He was at a convenience store at the time of the murder.

VERONICA: And he's got the credit-card receipt to prove it?

TIM: No, but he-but he talked to a woman. He gave her a cigarette. I-I know it means nothing, but your dad doesn't believe him. He's not looking for the witness. I'm his only hope...unless you help me.

Veronica is incredulous.

VERONICA: You want my help?

TIM: Well, I...I need it. I'm-I'm not-I'm not good in the field. I am more of a thinker. I have to find this woman, talk to her. You might be an asset.

Veronica stares at him.


RANDY: I don't know.

Veronica and Tim are in the same store as the one shown in Landry's flashback. She is holding up a picture of Landry for the clerk, whose name is Randy.

RANDY: Maybe or...I don't know. Lots of people come through here. I don't, like, memorise their faces or anything. Sorry.

Veronica glances up at an obvious surveillance camera.

VERONICA: How long do you keep the surveillance tapes?

RANDY: Um, like, no long.

Veronica gives him a quizzical look as Tim folds his arms behind her.

RANDY: It's not hooked up. It's just for show.

VERONICA: You usually work the night shift?

RANDY: Yes. You gonna buy anything?

Veronica sighs and turns away from the counter.

TIM: This is ridiculous.

VERONICA: Welcome to "in the field."

TIM: Well, it just seems hopeless. We have no idea who this woman is. She could've just been driving through town, or she could live next door and gone on vacation for a year.

As Tim talks, the bell of new arrivals sounds, causing both Veronica and Randy, in shot behind her, to look up at the door. Three woman of questionable reputation walk in, one of whom looks like an older Lizzie Manning in her wilder days, but in the school uniform of her post-Meg life. Veronica stares at them.

VERONICA: Or she could have been a down-on-her-luck catholic schoolgirl smuggling cantaloupes in her shirt.

She turns back to Randy.

VERONICA: So, are they, like, shooting a Mötley Crüe video here or-

RANDY: Strip City's just across the street. Three o'clock's the shift change.

Veronica smiles and heads for the strippers. The Lizzie look-alike, called Catholic School Girl by the closing credit writers, is complaining bitterly to her companion, Blue Stripper.

CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL: It's not like Buckcherry wrote it for Tory. I have seniority.

VERONICA: Excuse me. Hi. Um, have you seen this guy?

She holds up the picture of Landry.

TIM: It would have been here, eight weeks and two days ago to be exact.

CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL: What are you, some kind of little detective team or something?

TIM: Well, as a matter of fact, we happen to be-

VERONICA: We're just trying to find my dad. He left home again without paying the rent. I'm sure there's a valid reason, but if we could just find-

CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL: Yeah, there's a valid reason. Men are scum. Mystery solved.

She looks over at the clerk and smiles.

CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL: Except for you, Randy. Let me see.

Veronica holds up the picture again.

CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRL: No. I'd remember that one.

VERONICA: Two months ago? Any of you maybe bum a cigarette off him?

BLUE STRIPPER: Do we look like we smoke?

Tim ponders her for a moment.

TIM: Yes.

BLUE STRIPPER: It's bad for your skin. Sorry, we didn't see him, but try tomorrow. Tory's on, and she smokes like a big, old slutty chimney.

Catholic School Girl and the other stripper snigger. Veronica nods and heads out of the store.


Music: Unknown.

No one knows I'd say it so loud
If I knew what I ought to say

Logan, carrying his lunch tray, walks up behind Parker, sitting at one of the tables with her.



She smiles as he slips into the seat next to her.

PARKER: I didn't think you were gonna make it. How was Econ?

LOGAN: Uh, Econ?

PARKER: Tuesdays and Thursdays Econ? That class about economics.

LOGAN: Oh, yeah. I flaked. But we agreed no lectures on college responsibility.

PARKER: Nope. I just-I thought that was your only class today.

LOGAN: Yeah.

She stares at him, puzzled. He's all "so...." Elsewhere in the Food Court, Wallace is with a couple of other students. They are laughing as they traverse the Food Court. Wallace slows when he sees Parker and Logan, by now all smiles and giggles. End music: Unknown.


Mindy is sitting at the other side of the desk of one Nick DiCintio, signing a document. She finishes. DiCintio leans forward to turn the page and expose a new one.

DICINTIO: And at the bottom, and we're done.

Mindy signs the bottom sheet. DiCintio opens his top drawer and pulls out an envelope. Mindy puts on her large sunglasses.

DICINTIO: Regency Life Insurance is very sorry for your loss, Mrs. O'Dell.

He holds out the envelope. Mindy takes it. She checks the contents.

MINDY: Well, that means a lot.


A smiling salesman walks down the gangway between moored boats, calling out.

SALESMAN: Good afternoon, ma'am. You maybe interested in buying a boat?

The customer is Mindy. She is standing next to an Ambassador Boats "Cayman Carver 3" according to the placard. She points to it.

MINDY: Yes. I want that one.


Music: Unknown.


Wallace and Veronica are sitting together. Veronica is digging into her salad, but Wallace is not touching his, instead screwing up his resolve.

WALLACE: All right. So, I'm a guy, and I don't know or care about this stuff...but I feel like I'm supposed to tell you this.

VERONICA: I'm starting to get a moustache?

WALLACE: [bemused] No.

VERONICA: Then why are you staring at my lip?

WALLACE: Because you just made me.

Veronica covers her mouth in mock horror.


WALLACE: I saw Logan and Parker having lunch.



VERONICA: In the cafeteria? At lunchtime? God, why doesn't he just run me over with a truck?

Wallace shakes his head.

WALLACE: Man, I'm just telling you this because it looked like it was something, like they were connecting, you know?

Veronica nods, gazing at him intently.


VERONICA: I'm just trying to figure out which Gilmore Girl you are.

Wallace shakes his head some more at Veronica's coping tactics. End music: Unknown.


Veronica carries a large box of donuts into the main office.

VERONICA: I know he says he doesn't eat them, but leave a jelly if you know what's good for you.

She leaves them on the table by the coffee-maker. Sacks goes to check them out.

SACKS: [resentfully] The last time you said that, you didn't actually get any jellies. I almost had a heart attack.

He opens the box and examines them critically. Veronica leaves him to it, innocently grabbing a newspaper as she comes to rest by the filing cabinet. She sneaks open one of the drawers and pulls out a file. Cut to a moment later. Veronica pops her head around the door of the sheriff's office. Keith is working at the desk. He looks up and sees her. She smiles at him.

KEITH: Are you in trouble?

VERONICA: Has anyone told you you look very convincing behind that desk?

KEITH: So, is that a no on the trouble?

VERONICA: I'm just saying I like it better when we're not civilians.

She steps in and heads for the chair opposite him.

VERONICA: Speaking of, if I'm gonna be able to run red lights with impunity, I think a siren would be helpful.

She starts casually looking through the file. Keith points at it.

KEITH: Care to tell me where you got Landry's case file?

VERONICA: The filing cabinet? I'm hoping his testimony might help us find his alibi.

KEITH: Veronica.... Between his bloody clothes and Mindy's testimony, things are not looking too great for Professor Landry.

VERONICA: Well, they'll look better when we find this alibi, which we will.

Steps approach the office door, followed by a soft knock. Keith looks up.

SACKS: Keith, DA's on line two.

Keith nods then returns his attention to his daughter. He lowers his voice and wags a finger at her.

KEITH: Okay. But you might also get used to the fact that he might have done it, sweetie. Just...consider it.

Keith picks up his phone.

KEITH: This is Keith Mars. Mindy O'Dell? Wasn't her deposition-

Keith's voice goes hard.

KEITH: What do you mean, missing?

He and Veronica share an "Oh, boy" glance.


Tim and Veronica outside the convenience store - Corey's Market (or possibly Gorey's -- it's that sort of font where the C and G are hard to tell apart). The sign boasts the availability of liquor. Veronica is eating from a bag of snacks whilst Tim is drinking from a large cup.

TIM: Isn't that all the proof they need? I mean, why would Mindy leave if she weren't guilty?

VERONICA: She's still got an alibi for the time of the murder, although we know she gave him the Xanax. Maybe she set him up for the killer.

TIM: What, like maybe Batando?

VERONICA: He is a guy who can be bought.

TIM: Or it could be anyone. Everyone hated the dean.

VERONICA: Not everyone.

Veronica looks up at the sound of approaching steps.

VERONICA: Strippers ahoy.

Tim turns to watch as two women approach the store. One of them, with shoulder length, blonde hair throws down a cigarette and steps on it before heading into the store. Tim points to her.

TIM: The one with the cigarette. I'll bet that's Tory.

VERONICA: Ooh, you are a thinker. Let's see how you do in the field.

Tim puts his drink on top of a phone box and heads for the store. Veronica hesitates, checking in her bag.


Keith walks into Veronica's deserted bedroom. He gets out his phone and checks the time.


Veronica still hasn't moved when her phone rings. She checks who is calling and answers.

VERONICA: If you're wondering where I am, I'm hanging out outside a convenience store eating corn nuts and watching strippers.


KEITH: Are you doing drugs?



KEITH: [on phone] Good.


KEITH: So, Mindy definitely split town. She shipped her kids to her parents in Surrey, England.


VERONICA: Which shouldn't be a problem since you know Landry did it.

KEITH: [on phone] No comment. Now...


KEITH: It's three a.m. Can I expect you home anytime soon?


Veronica is formulating an answer when she notices another woman, a brunette, approaching the store. The woman pulls out a cigarette.

VERONICA: Got to go. Out of corn nuts. Bye.

Veronica hangs up and catches up to the woman before she makes it inside.

VERONICA: Excuse me. Can I ask you a quick question? Have you ever seen this guy?

She holds up the picture of Landry. The woman studies it. She nods.

WOMAN: A few months ago. He gave me a cigarette. Why?


Keith is interviewing the woman as she sits at one of the deputies desks in the main office.

KEITH: So, you say you saw Hank Landry the night of December 10th?

WOMAN: I bummed a cigarette from him.

KEITH: You remember some guy you met in a parking lot two months ago?

WOMAN: He actually looked kind of like the guy I just broke up with, and it kind of freaked me out. I mean, what kind of loser breaks up with a girl two weeks before Christmas?

KEITH: And you're sure you saw Landry at exactly 3:30 that morning?

WOMAN: Around there, yeah.

KEITH: Were you wearing a watch, Miss...?

WOMAN: I stop there sometimes when my shift ends.

Keith is clearly sceptical.

WOMAN: Hey, you know, I just came in here because they said the guy was in trouble. I don't care if you believe me or not.

Keith is not happy. Cut to later. Landry exits the main office into the corridor where Tim and Veronica are waiting. He sighs heavily.

LANDRY: Thanks, you guys. I wish there were a grade higher than an A.

TIM: Mindy's disappeared. She got her insurance money and vanished.

VERONICA: We think there's a chance she's working with Steve Batando.

Landry is deep in thought.

TIM: If you want, we can keep-

LANDRY: No. No, you've done too much already. Thanks again. Terrific work.

Landry scurries out, leaving Tim and Veronica standing.

VERONICA: If I had to bet, I'd bet my dad isn't gonna leave it at that.

TIM: We have to find those tapes. If Mindy was working with Batando, I bet Steve was the one planting the bug in Landry's phone, an insurance policy in case things went bad.

VERONICA: Batando's keys are still in evidence.

TIM: Is there any way we get ahold-

VERONICA: [scoffing] "Is there any way?"

Veronica walks to one of the deputies desks. She grins at a passing deputy as she picks up the phone, but instead of dialling, she reaches into the desk and pulls out the keys to the evidence room. She slips them into her bag.


Tim is at the computer, wearing gloves. Veronica approaches from behind, staring at the gloves.

TIM: [whispering] There's nothing here.

He notices her staring.

TIM: [whispering] What?

Veronica doesn't bother to whisper.

VERONICA: Nice gloves. You headed to the parlour to strangle Colonel Mustard after this?

TIM: [whispering] We're breaking and entering. I can't leave prints.

VERONICA: Use your sleeve. It's less creepy.

She starts to look around.

VERONICA: So, where else would you hide illicit recordings?

She stops by a bookcase, full to bursting with CDs. She smiles. Cut to a little later. Tim, still in his gloves, is sitting on the floor with Veronica. They are going through the CDs.

VERONICA: I didn't know Night Ranger had this many albums.

Tim, who has finally gotten over his need to be stealthy, laughs.

TIM: Well...

He gets up and walks over to another bookcase, this one containing the television set and a load of DVDs. He crouches down to look at the bottom shelf.

TIM: So, there's these dvds.

VERONICA: Does he have A Bug's Life?

TIM: No.

He stands and scans the top shelf.

TIM: But he does have Taps.

He reaches for the case. It's a copy of the 25th Anniversary Special Edition. He opens it. Inside, the movie disc has been replaced by a burned disc marked "11/26-12/26." He shows Veronica. Cut to a few moments later. They have the disc on the computer and the screen shows a list of MP3s by date and time.

TIM: Um...December 10th, 1:30 a.m.

VERONICA: The night of the murder.

Tim chooses a file (actually marked 12-10 1732 PM) and plays it.

MINDY: [on tape] Hello.

LANDRY: [on tape] Mindy, for God's sake, come back.

MINDY: [on tape] Hank, I-I have to go.

LANDRY: [on tape] Mindy, don't be stupid. He's not exactly in control of himself, and he's got a gun.

MINDY: [on tape] I won't let this happen. I won't let him take everything. I just won't.

LANDRY: [on tape] Damn it, I'll take care of this.

MINDY: [on tape] How?

LANDRY: [on tape] Just...I will, Mindy. Don't worry.

MINDY: [on tape] No. No, Hank, I can't risk it.

The recording ends. (The call is now on screen as 12-10 0130 AM) Veronica points to an earlier call.

VERONICA: Anything else from that night? What's that one?

TIM: It's, uh, it's that day. Probably just another...

This one is shown as 12-10 1732 PM, (which should be the 9th, or the death was in the early hours of the 11th, but hey ho). As Tim waves it off, Veronica plays it.

LANDRY: [on tape] Hello.

REID: [on tape] Hey, Hank, Bob Reid at Pepperdine. I'm calling about a job application we got from your teaching assistant, Tim Foyle. He put you as a reference, so I'm calling for your thoughts.

LANDRY: [on tape] Yeah. Well, um, Tim is loyal and hardworking.

Tim grins.

LANDRY: A good TA, kind of a kiss-ass.

Tim's smile fades.

LANDRY: Very linear thinker. No imagination. You could do worse, but, honestly, Bob, at Pepperdine, I'm sure you could do better.

Veronica watches with sympathy as Tim turns off the recording.


TIM: No, it's fine. It-it doesn't matter.


Keith is shouting into the phone as he walks through the main office.

KEITH: No, sir. I'm just saying if your judge had given me the warrant to tap his phone, we wouldn't be having this problem.

A deputy hands him a slip of paper. Keith glances at it and nods, continuing his recriminations on the phone.

KEITH: And I asked for an ankle tracker. Bye.

Keith slams the phone down. Sacks approaches him.

KEITH: Did you talk to the airports?

SACKS: L.A.X., yeah, but I'm still waiting to hear from John Wayne.

Veronica, just arriving, hears this and adopts John Wayne's gait and does her best impression.

VERONICA: And you're not gonna, pilgrim, 'cause what I am is dead.

KEITH: What are you doing here, Veronica?

VERONICA: I'm bringing you this.

She hands him the disc.

VERONICA: It's a recording of Mindy and Landry's phone call from the night of the murder. It really sounds like she did it, Dad. I really think Professor Landry is innocent.

KEITH: Well, I'm glad you do, honey, but right now I'm more concerned with finding him.

VERONICA: Wait. Finding Landry?

KEITH: Yeah. He disappeared, too.

Keith walks back to his office, leaving Veronica astonished.


Mindy is asleep on the gently rocking boat. She wakes to the sound of the boat's engine starting. She gets out of bed and walks fearfully up the stairs and up to the top of the boat. Landry is piloting. He looks back at her.

LANDRY: So, you finally got that boat that you always wanted.


Veronica is putting books away while listening through headphones.

CARRIE: [on tape] My name's Carrie and I read one of your books. I really enjoyed it...

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I'm into hour three of listening to the recordings off Landry's cell phone, trying to find one that will connect Mindy and what I'm now afraid is her partner, Professor Landry, to the dean's murder, or, just as importantly, discover where they might have gone.

She pauses her activity to listen carefully.

MINDY: [on tape] Oh, all this sneaking around is driving me crazy. I wish we could just take a time-out.

LANDRY: [on tape] Yeah, tell me about it. A week at Papa's cabin?

MINDY: [on tape] Oh, God, baby, that would be so great.

Veronica rushes to the help desk, removing her iPod. She picks up her cell phone and dials.


Tim is working at his desk when the phone rings.

TIM: Hello.

VERONICA: [on phone] Hey, it's me. Do you know if Landry's father or his grandfather has a cabin?

TIM: A cabin? I don't know. Why?

He leans back in his seat.


VERONICA: They mention it on the tapes -- "Papa's cabin" -- like a getaway spot.


TIM: Well, I've never heard of a cabin, but we can poke around. Uh, meet me at his house. I've still got his key. Bye.


Veronica closes up the phone and turns just as Parker arrives and approaches her.



PARKER: Long time, no see.

Veronica hurries to gather her stuff together.

VERONICA: Yeah. What's up?

PARKER: Nothing. No, it's just, uh, it''s kind of weird. Um, I don't know if you know, but, um, Logan and I...we're sort of, I don't know, hanging out...

VERONICA: Actually, Parker, I'm just running out. Is it okay if we catch up later?

PARKER: Yeah. Okay.

Veronica hurries past her to leave. Parker watches her go over her shoulder. Veronica glances at her, glad to have avoided the conversation. Parker sighs heavily.


Parker is alone at one of the tables. There's food, a drink and an open book in front of her, but she is staring sadly into space. Logan arrives, carrying some books.

LOGAN: So, guess who went to a class today?

He slides into the seat next to her with something of a proud flourish.

LOGAN: Me. And guess what? I learned.

He sees her mood.

LOGAN: You don't seem your very usual ebullient self.

PARKER: Actually, Logan, I have to, um...I don't know.

LOGAN: What?

PARKER: Having a friend like Veronica...that's important to me. I'm just worried, you know?

LOGAN: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Logan stares at her for a moment before grabbing his books, He stands and looks down at her.

LOGAN: [softly] Okay.

He walks away. Parker sighs regretfully.


Veronica is in Landry's lounge, sitting on a leather couch. She is poring over a photograph album.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So, I guess it's true. Little future murderers play with dinosaurs like everyone else and have cuddly, old grandpas.

She stops on the picture of an elderly man standing in front of a cabin. There's a camper van parked in front of the cabin. Veronica calls out.

VERONICA: Hey, Tim, I may have something.

Tim comes in from another part of the house. He's carrying a picture.

TIM: Me too.

He sits next to Veronica and passes the picture to her.

TIM: This was on the fridge.

It's a picture of Mindy and Landry standing in front of a man who looks to be serving drinks. There are a couple of black and white photographs behind them, one of a tree and one of a man.

VERONICA: Looks more like a bar. Do you think they remodelled?

Veronica, who is using her sleeves to avoid leaving prints even though Tim has eschewed the gloves, holds the picture above the one she was looking at to compare them.

VERONICA: You think this is the same place?

TIM: Hmm.

They stare at it. Veronica glances at Tim's hands, noticing that he is playing with a cell phone.

VERONICA: What's that?

He hands it to Veronica.

TIM: Oh, it was in the office...trash.

VERONICA: What's he doing with a disposable cell phone? Get a pen and paper.

Veronica punches redial.

TIM: Wait. What are you do-


She stands and starts to pace as Tim digs out pen and paper from his jacket.

VOICE: [on phone] Hello?

Veronica puts on a bright and sunny disposition.

VERONICA: Hi! This is K-RAC fm. Congratulations! You may have just won a new iPod. To claim your prize, press "pound."

Nothing happens for a moment and Veronica makes an impatient face. She gives the unseen recipient a wind up sign. Finally, there is a tone on the phone.

VERONICA: Please hold.

TIM: Oh, oh, oh! So you get the phone number, then we look it up, and then you track down the address, right?

Veronica, having grabbed the pad and pen, sets the pad on the table.

VERONICA: That's one way to do it.

She returns to the phone.

VERONICA: Hi, it's Anna from K-RAC. How are you?

VOICE: [on phone] Good. Is this real?

VERONICA: If you can tell me our call number.

VOICE: [on phone] Yeah. 103.1 fm.

VERONICA: And you win! I just need you to confirm your name and address, and the K-RACing good-time van will show up with your iPod.

VOICE: [on phone] Sure. J.D. Sansone. 18 Emberwood, Number 8.

Tim is impressed.

TIM: [mouthing] Number 8.


Tim and Veronica are standing in a corridor, outside an apartment. Veronica knocks. The door is opened by a teenager.

VERONICA: J.D. Sansone?

J.D.: Yeah. Are you the radio people?

VERONICA: My name is Miss Crockett. This is my partner, Mr. Tubbs.

Tim unsuccessfully hides his surprise at Veronica's choice of alias.

VERONICA: We're here conducting an investigation.

TIM: An official investigation.

J.D.: For what?

VERONICA: How do you know Hank Landry?

J.D.: From, like, the juvie board.

VERONICA: Can you explain?

J.D.: Just me and my buddies got nabbed stealing cough syrup from a drugstore.

A woman's voice sounds out from within the apartment.

MRS. SANSONE: [offscreen] J.D.! Homework! Now! Who is it?

The woman pulls back the door. It's the woman from the convenience store.

J.D.: Mom, this is Crockett and, uh, Tubbs, yeah.

The woman sighs heavily.

J.D.: They're doing an investigation.


Keith, Veronica and Tim walk down the corridor towards the main office.

VERONICA: So, it was blackmail?

KEITH: Hank was on the juvie board overseeing her son. The kid was one strike away from foster care. She says she was on her lunch break the other day and Hank called and threatened to take the kid off probation unless she showed up at that convenience store and said she saw Landry the night of the murder.

VERONICA: And Landry?

They've reached the door to the sheriff's office and pause in front of it.

KEITH: Still gone. No leads. We're kind of busy, so if you two...

TIM: That's why we wanted to bring you these.

Tim passes an envelope to Keith. Cut to a few moments later, in the sheriff's office. The two photographs from Landry's house are laid out on the desk.

VERONICA: On the tapes Batando had, Landry referred to "Papa's cabin."

TIM: Like it was a getaway or hideout.

VERONICA: So, we searched his house for ideas where that might be. No property records, but we found these. We're not sure if this is the same place or not.

Keith picks up the picture of the elderly man.

KEITH: Do we know anything about Landry's dad?

TIM: Grandfather. He called him "Papa."

VERONICA: Brewer Landry lives in Florida.

KEITH: This doesn't look like Florida.

Veronica takes the picture to look at it more closely.

VERONICA: It looks like the mountains. Those are aspen trees.

Tim grabs the picture.

TIM: Quaking aspens, so western mountains.

Veronica grabs it back as they continue to play out-doing each other.

VERONICA: And on this one, you can actually make out the license plate on this truck: navy letters on white.

TIM: The most common pattern, so it could be anywhere: Virginia, Alabama, Illinois, Kansas.

VERONICA: Quaking aspens, Western U.S.

TIM: Okay. So, uh, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Utah, or California.

Keith tunes out of the competition, picking up and looking closely at the other picture.

VERONICA: California has red state letters. So does Washington.

TIM: Not on the endangered animals specialised plates.

Tim grabs the contentious picture back again.

TIM: That could be a whale.

VERONICA: Or a lake...

Veronica grabs it back.

VERONICA: As in crater lake, a specialised Oregon plate.

KEITH: Or "Papa" could be Ernest Hemingway.

Keith holds out the picture he's been examining for them both. The black and white picture behind Mindy and Landry is of Ernest Hemingway. Veronica snatches it as Keith moves around to the computer on his desk.

VERONICA: Papa's cabin.

Keith looks it up on PlanetZowie. The first entry identifies it as a retreat in Mexico. Keith clicks on and reads from the page.

KEITH: "Papa's Cabin, Cabo San Lucas. Unwind at the hideaway once beloved by Ernest Hemingway."

Keith smiles as Veronica and Tim accept his victory.


Music: Unknown.

LYRICS: Y acaba yo mostrar dentro
Para el campo conocer
Y acaba yo mostrar dentro
Oh, oh,
Para el campo conocer

Papa's Cabin is a beachside bar. A police vehicle pulls through a gate onto the beach, stopping nearby. Keith climbs out of the back as the driver and the local police chief head for the bar. Keith looks out over the ocean. The Mexican officers join him.

KEITH: Anything?

CHIEF: A pretty positive ID from the manager. The guy didn't rent the room. Just paid to moor boat.

They all look out at the boat moored off the beach. End music: Unknown.


A Policia Federal boat approaches Mindy's boat, the Anna Grace. Keith watches as the pilot steers the police boat alongside it.


One of the officers secures the boats together. He helps Keith board the Anna Grace. The chief follows him on board. Keith takes out his gun. They proceed carefully below decks. In the galley, there's a single glass with the remnants of a drink next to a nearly empty bottle of brandy. Keith approaches the closed door of the bed area.

KEITH: Hello!

The door opens. It's Landry. He's tired, emotional and still drunk.

LANDRY: I didn't kill him, Keith.

KEITH: You must know this little trip to Mexico might lead me to take that statement with a grain of salt.

Keith goes down the short run of steps as Landry steps out of the bedroom. Keith checks it.

LANDRY: It was her.

KEITH: Mindy?

LANDRY: She did it, Keith. All I did for her and she set me up.

Landry has a deep cut over his eye.

KEITH: What did you-

LANDRY: I tried to cover for her, put it on Batando.

KEITH: The keyboard?

LANDRY: Yeah, I just switched it with the dean's. It might have worked, too.

Having climbed up to the galley level, Landry drains the remains of the glass. He sinks onto the couch.

LANDRY: But then you took over as sheriff.

KEITH: Where is she, Hank? Where's Mindy?

LANDRY: There was an accident. I just wanted to talk, find out how she could turn on me like that. She must have thought I was gonna kill her. We fought...and I hit her, and she fell...

Landry lets out a long breath.

LANDRY: Over. It was dark. I looked, but...

KEITH: But what? Where is she, Hank?

LANDRY: I swear. I swear, Keith, it was an accident.

Landry starts to sob.


A fourth boy runs to join three others, two with surfboards, who are standing on a beach, around the body of Mindy O'Dell.


A wide shot shows many students making their way around campus.


Veronica is hurrying down the hall towards Tim's office. Logan calls out to her.

LOGAN: Mars.

Veronica pauses and waits for Logan to join her before carrying on down the hall.

VERONICA: We're on a last-name basis now? We skipped right over androgynous nicknames?

LOGAN: I tried calling you "Chuckles," but it didn't stick.

Logan looks down at her.

LOGAN: You know, some people are afraid of you.

VERONICA: Huh. So, what's up, Echolls?

LOGAN: Nothing. Just, uh...

Logan brings them to a stop and Veronica turns to look at him.

LOGAN: I wanted to...ask you about something. You know, it's kind of weird, know, I was thinking of asking Parker out, and I wanted to make sure it was cool with you.

Veronica is saved from an immediate response by Tim, who calls out from his office.

TIM: Veronica, are you coming in?

VERONICA: Yeah, uh, one second.

She looks back at Logan, putting on a brave face.

VERONICA: Of course. Thank you for asking.

LOGAN: Sure. I know we're friends.

Veronica nods.


They stand there a moment, each pretending to be cool about it, until Veronica points to Tim's office.

VERONICA: See ya. And good luck.

Logan, disappointed, watches as she backs into Tim's office, smiling.


The smile disappears as soon as Veronica gets into Tim's office.

TIM: Oh, uh, thanks for coming in.


She shuts the door and walks automatically to the seat in front of Tim's desk, her mind still on Logan. Tim is fumbling with files.

TIM: Uh...

He takes his seat.

TIM: So since Landry's been, you know, arrested...

He chuckles.

TIM: Well, it's kind of caught everyone, uh, by surprise, including me, as you know.

VERONICA: Yeah. It kind of caught everyone by surprise.

TIM: Anyway, I've been asked to take over his classes until they can find a replacement, and, uh, it's kind of a big job, and as you are kind of a...

He smiles.

TIM: Star pupil, I was hoping you might, uh, be my TA...

Veronica's brows rise in surprise.

TIM: While I try to get a handle on all this.

Tim taps the files on his desk.

TIM: 'Cause I could really use the help.

VERONICA: Of course.

TIM: Great.

Tim laughs.

TIM: Can you pick up my dry cleaning?

Veronica gives a disbelieving chuckle and Tim laughs.


Tim is at the front of the class, He writes "Opportunity, Motive, Mental State" on the board. Veronica is passing out papers to the other students.

TIM: So, as you probably know, uh, Professor Landry is no longer with us.

Veronica takes a seat at the back of the class.

TIM: I will be your instructor for the time being.

Veronica sees that the student sitting in front of her is holding a newspaper, the headline of which reads: "Professor arrested in murder of Hearst Dean, Wife -- Affair alleged between Professor Landry and Dean's wife, possible motive." Another headline under it reads: "Sea lions attack swimmers near breeding... -- Vargas, 31, to be arraigned on multiple counts of animal..."

TIM: So if you'll take your handouts from the Webber text-

The student puts down his paper and holds up his hand.

TIM: Yes?

STUDENT #1: What happened?

TIM: What do you mean?

STUDENT #1: I mean, our professor murdered the dean. Can't we discuss that?

The other students murmur their agreement.

STUDENT #1: I mean, this is criminology, right?

TIM: Well, it's a little awkward for me...

Contrary to the emotion expressed, Tim is smiling and seems to enjoy the attention. He holds out his hands and slams shut the textbook.

TIM: But okay.

He takes off his jacket. The students shut their books, ready to listen.

TIM: This is criminology. So, Landry kills O'Dell.

Tim starts to stride up and down the central walkway.

TIM: A crime of passion? Opportunity? Premeditation? What do we know? Well, passion clearly was a factor. Dean O'Dell's wife, Mindy, and Landry were engaged in an affair. The dean caught them, threatened to ruin them, destroy Landry's career. So motives pretty much a classic-

STUDENT #1: Is it true he got the idea from one of our perfect-murder papers?

Tim glances at Veronica. She's not enjoying the moment.

TIM: Possibly. Again, opportunity. The idea in this paper probably suited the situation. He knew he had a limited window to act. He knew the dean was drunk and upset, and he had a gun. So a fake suicide suited the circumstances.

Another student calls out.

STUDENT #2: Any chance the dean's wife helped set him up? He was drugged, right?

TIM: An anti-anxiety drug, yes, but he had a prescription. Now, is it possible they colluded? Yes. Will we ever know? Well, with Mindy dead and Landry not speaking, probably not. Landry was a smart man, but the bloody clothes he thought he incinerated got stuck in a chute, and once they were found, everything unravelled. Another interesting thing about this case is once a perpetrator starts improvising, the sloppier his work becomes. They find the bloody clothes, so Landry first tries to frame Mrs. O'Dell's ex-husband, and then, when he was arrested -- in this room, as you all remember -- he fakes an alibi.

STUDENT #3: How?

TIM: He called a woman whose son he oversaw in the juvenile probation board. It might have worked, actually, if the phone he had called them with hadn't been found.

This furrows Veronica's brow and starts her thinking.

TIM: Again, chance. If you remember from reading Holst, 80% of-

Veronica holds up her hand.

TIM: Veronica.


TIM: Uh, when what?

VERONICA: When did he call her? L-Landry was arrested here and taken straight to the sheriff's department. When did he have the time to make the blackmail call to fake his alibi?

TIM: Well, uh, s-someone mentioned the possibility that he and Mindy colluded. She could have called while-

VERONICA: It was a male voice on the phone.

TIM: Well, then it's possible he called earlier, anticipating his arrest.

Veronica is struggling with this. Tim turns his attention back to the rest of the class.

TIM: Remember. This is a man who, at this point, knew his crime had been exposed. He knew Mindy was under investigation and had sent her children to relatives in England.

This hits Veronica.

TIM: He could easily have assumed that she had turned against him.

Veronica stares in horror at her phone. She reaches for it as Tim continues his lecture.

TIM: Anyway, in 80% of cases...

Tim's voice catches and he clears his throat, having reached the lectern at the front of the room.

TIM: The breakthrough evidence was-

He clears his throat again as Veronica opens the back of her phone.

TIM: Was obtained outside the usual police protocols.

Veronica pulls out a bug. She slowly puts down her phone, her mind racing.

TIM: An interesting point of-of Holst, I think, he makes here, is that...

Veronica raises her hand. Tim calls her, his voice a little desperate.

TIM: Veronica?

VERONICA: How did you know she sent her kids to England?

TIM: I'm actually not sure, but-

VERONICA: So whoever bugged Landry's phone knew that the dean caught Mindy and Landry together and that the dean was drunk in his office?

TIM: Well, if you're suggesting Batando killed them, it's possible. If you follow the thread through-

VERONICA: So this person would also be aware that Professor Landry shot down your chances for a teaching job at Pepperdine.

The students in the room gasp.

VARIOUS STUDENTS: Oh, my God. Did you hear what she just said?

TIM: Yes, if they listened-

VERONICA: To all the tapes...

Veronica gets to her feet.

VERONICA: Which it sounds like you did.

TIM: I...I'm-I'm not sure I understand.

VERONICA: I do. When my dad called to tell me that Mindy had sent her kids to relatives in England, you couldn't have heard. You were in a convenience store talking to a stripper.

Some of the students titter. Veronica holds up the bug. She starts walking towards him, her voice thickening with accusation.

VERONICA: You bugged my phone. You bugged Landry's phone. You knew he shot down your job application. You knew the dean threatened him. You knew the dean was zonked out on Xanax and scotch in his office, and you had access to Landry's clothes. You murdered Dean O'Dell to destroy Professor Landry...because he used you, then betrayed you. And when he said he had an alibi, you faked it, so you'd be sure he'd go down...

She's close to him now and her voice drops.

VERONICA: Bet he'll change his mind about you not being that smart.

Tim frantically tries to think, but he can't. He glances at the students and then back at Veronica's face, full of righteous anger, but has nothing to say.

ANCHOR WOMAN: [offscreen] And in a shocking development in a local murder investigation...


The television is on showing KTML 9's exclusive. Reporters surround Tim as he is led through the Sheriff's Department. The video gives way to the anchor woman and a picture of Tim, captioned "T.A. Foiled."

ANCHOR WOMAN: Timothy Foyle, the teaching assistant of accused killer Hank Landry, has confessed to the murder of Cyrus O'Dell...

Veronica stands watching, clutching a couple of dinner plates.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The one big downside of justice: it feels good, but it doesn't change anything.

She gets on with laying the plates on the counter where glasses of water, salad and bread are already set.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: A killer's in jail, but the dean is still dead, which remains fundamentally unfair.

As Veronica returns to the hob, Keith arrives home.

VERONICA: You got a confession?

Keith holds up his arms to show off his muscles.

KEITH: I am that good.

VERONICA: So it's true what they say. There's a new sheriff in town?

KEITH: Until the special election, anyway.

Veronica starts to dish up potatoes from a saucepan.

KEITH: What you making?

VERONICA: Meat and potatoes. I read somewhere that's what real men eat.

KEITH: Ah, is there a real man coming over?

VERONICA: So, what's gonna happen to Landry?

KEITH: He's gonna be tried for manslaughter. He killed Mindy O'Dell. He confessed, too.

VERONICA: Man. You get everyone to confess.

She returns the saucepan to the stove and reaches into the oven.

KEITH: I think it's the uniform. Do you have anything to confess?

She pulls out a baked dish.

VERONICA: Yes. You embarrass me.

KEITH: Give me my meat, woman.

She serves him his meat. On the TV, the anchor has moved onto another story.

ANCHOR WOMAN: And in other news, a San Diego businessman was found dead in his Laguna Beach house.

KEITH: Turn that off, will you?

A little reluctantly, Veronica puts down the dish and grabs the remote. She points it at the television,

ANCHOR WOMAN: The discovery was made by his private secretary who told police she discovered the man's body on...

Veronica turns the TV off. Keith starts to eat.

KEITH: You know I don't like you exposed to all this crime and violence. It's gonna warp your mind.

Veronica sits down and starts to eat, a little desultory. Keith watches her for a moment.

KEITH: Who am I kidding?

He grabs the remote, points it over his shoulder and turns the TV back on. Veronica smiles in satisfaction and leans over to watch.

ANCHOR WOMAN: Police have yet to make a ruling on the case.

End. Executive producer: Rob Thomas.

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