3.12 There's Got To Be a Morning After Pill

Teleplay by: Jonathan Moskin, Phil Klemmer and John Enbom
Story by: Jonathan Moskin and David Mulei
Directed by: Tricia Brock

Original Air Date: 6 February, 2007
Transcribed by Inigo. Pictures by Zellie.
Last edited: 17 February, 2007

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars...

Weevil walks into O'Dell's office to find him slumped over his desk in 309 "Spit and Eggs." Cut to Mindy in Keith's office in 310 "Show Me the Monkey."

MINDY: I didn't kill Cyrus, Keith. Neither did Hank Landry. But someone did.

KEITH: I'll take the case.

Keith and Steve Batando walk out of the Balboa County Sheriff's Department in 305 "President Evil."

STEVE: You tell my ex-wife I own her now. No more talk of alimony, no more child support. We're beyond even.

Steve drives off in Mindy's Porsche. Cut to Veronica coming down the stairs at the Pi Sig party in 309 "Spit and Eggs."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Tim Foyle? This can't be good.

Veronica watches as an emotional Tim finds Bonnie and Dick.

TIM: That's it, Bonnie. I've had enough.

Cut to Madison having fun telling Veronica all about it in the lingerie store in 311 "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves."

MADISON: Logan and I hooked up in Aspen over the holidays. I guess you two were split, huh?

Veronica is gutted. End previously.


Music: "Western Meadowlark" by Brown Recluse Sings.

LYRICS: The country is destroying itself outside your window
Hear the pulsing machines breaking down
See the buildings crumble to the ground
You, perched on the edge of your comfortable bed
Like a beautiful songbird

Veronica, her fingers entwined in Logan's, wakes up. She glances back at Logan and smiles. She slides carefully out of bed. Logan stirs and smiles, cuddling her pillow.

[312/01.jpg]LOGAN: Hmm.

He watches her as she dresses.

LOGAN: I don't want you to go.

She looks back at him adoringly.

VERONICA: I wish I didn't have to.

Veronica leaves the bedroom and picks up her sweater from the couch. She puts it on, struck by something outside. She walks out to the balcony where the wind is howling. The balcony is covered in snow. As she looks out, instead of the usual Neptune vista, she sees the mountains of Aspen. She observes the phenomenon more in wonder than in confusion and wraps her sweater closer around her. There's a girlish giggle from inside the suite. Veronica walks back in slowly, approaching the bedroom. Madison is naked and astride Logan. They kiss. Madison looks back over her shoulder at Veronica in triumph. Veronica stares at them in shock. End music: "Western Meadowlark" by Brown Recluse Sings.


Veronica wakes up from her dream/nightmare at the sound of a ringing phone. She reaches for it wearily.

[312/02.jpg]VERONICA: Hello?


Logan is walking towards the sideboard in his suite.

LOGAN: Either you're affecting a sexy phone voice or you even make "hello" sound good.


Veronica's mind flashes back to Madison on top of Logan.

VERONICA: What time is it?

She sits up and groans.

VERONICA: I've got to go. I'm late for work.


Logan starts making himself a hot drink.

[312/03.jpg]LOGAN: Work, right. Are you sure you're not getting a body wrap and a blow out for our fancy date tonight.


Veronica doesn't have the energy or heart to play along and her responses are flat.

VERONICA: You got me. I better haul ass if I want to fit in that brow shaping.

LOGAN: [on phone] And Veronica?



LOGAN: Don't go changing.

He grins.


She doesn't, still wrapped up in dream and her exhaustion.

VERONICA: See you later.

She switches off the cell phone and sets it down on the coffee table. She rubs her hand across her face.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Oh, I've changed, from a girl who slept to one who doesn't. Closing my eyes means popping in the Madison tape and pressing play.


Veronica is having a hard time concentrating. She half-heartedly sorts some pens and then throws them down, leaning her head against her hand. She doesn’t hear the footsteps that approach her.

BONNIE: [offscreen] Veronica?

[312/05.jpg] Veronica jerks her head around. Bonnie, last seen at the Pi Sig party in 309 "Spit and Eggs," approaches the help desk in some trepidation.


BONNIE: Can we talk?


BONNIE: Tim's talked about you. A lot.

VERONICA: Affectionately, I'm sure. So what can I do for you?


Bonnie drops her head and pauses to gather her courage.

BONNIE: I got pregnant and someone slipped me RU-486.


BONNIE: It causes a miscarriage and I want you to find out who it was.

Opening credits.


Veronica walks around the desk to face Bonnie.

VERONICA: The miscarriage...you're sure it was intentional?

BONNIE: I didn't think so at first, but then the doctor saw that I had this weird rash and that my hands and feet were numb. He said it looked like I was having an allergic reaction to the RU-486. I told him I didn't take any. He did a blood test. Confirmed it.

Another student walks by them nearby and Veronica leads Bonnie towards the bookcases to get some privacy.

VERONICA: I'm so sorry, Bonnie. I'm looking for the least rude way to ask you if you know who the father was...

Veronica takes a deep breath.

VERONICA: And that's what I came up with.

BONNIE: It was Tim...or Dick.

VERONICA: Fair enough. So, did Tim or Dick know about the baby?

BONNIE: They both did. At first I was just so freaked out, I didn't even think I wanted to keep the baby. I went to Dick and asked if he'd help pay for the procedure.

A student (whose line must have been cut as he's in the credits as Russian Lit. Student) starts looking at the shelf near them, so Veronica pulls Bonnie deeper into the stacks.

VERONICA: How did that go?

BONNIE: He said he'd pay...after I got a paternity test.

VERONICA: Yeah. He's a classy dude.

BONNIE: But Tim has been so sweet. I mean, he is just so great in crisis mode.

VERONICA: You two are back together?

BONNIE: Right. I forgot you saw the famous Pi Sig-party fight. I felt awful. I just left Dick at the party to go see Tim.

The Russian Lit student drifts closer again. After giving him a look of exasperation, Veronica pulls Bonnie away again.

BONNIE: I had to beg. But he forgave me.

VERONICA: Excuse me for asking, but...why Tim?

BONNIE: It'll sound twisted, but Tim takes care of me. He's like my dad that way.

VERONICA: Okay, then. So, how did Tim react in the moment you told him?

BONNIE: I didn't tell him. He found out.

[312/06.jpg] They reach the stairs to the next floor and sit down on them.

BONNIE: We got back to my place one night, and there was this balloon bouquet from my parents.

Bonnie does air quotes.

BONNIE: "Congrats from Grandma and Grandpa." Any other guy would have lost it, but Tim offered to marry me.

VERONICA: [intrigued] Your parents sent balloons?

BONNIE: Turns out our family doctor's not the firmest believer in the whole doctor/patient confidentiality...which, um, kind of changed the equation in terms of keeping the baby or not...'cause my parents are pretty religious. And then, you know, Tim wanted me to keep the baby.

Veronica nods.

VERONICA: I'll see what I can find out.

BONNIE: Just please, Veronica, don't let Tim know I hired you. I would feel horrible if he even thought for a second that I didn't trust him.


Logan is sitting on the bed in his room in the suite. He's got on a shirt and tie, and is concentrating on putting in his cufflinks. He hears steps and looks up. Veronica arrives at the door, not dressed up. She has her arms wrapped tightly around her body. Her eyes glitter with wetness.

LOGAN: Jeans. Bold choice. I hope the maitre d' is fashion-forward.

VERONICA: Did you and Madison have sex over winter break?

Logan looks up at her, horrified and then drops his head. She knows the answer from his face.

[312/07.jpg]VERONICA: [strangled] I asked you point-blank.

LOGAN: And I lied.

He slowly rises to his feet and walks towards her.

LOGAN: Point-blank. It wasn't information that you had a right to know. I knew you wouldn't be able to deal with the Madison thing.

VERONICA: [with increasing anger] Which thing are you talking about? The "she roofied me" thing or the thing when I stumbled to my car in the morning, wondering where my virginity was, and she'd written "slut" on my windshield? Was that what you thought I couldn't deal with? I am so genuinely sick right now. If I could have eaten anything today, I'd be throwing up all over your floor.

[312/08.jpg] She turns and starts walking out.

LOGAN: [desperately] We were broken up at the time.

Veronica whirls around, her face contorted with emotion.

VERONICA: You know how I feel about her. There's no way that, at some point while it was happening, that you weren't thinking about how much I'd hate you being with her.

LOGAN: It wasn't like that.

VERONICA: No? Do you want another variation?

Veronica gestures weakly at her head.

VERONICA: 'Cause I've got a million sickening scenarios running on a loop right now.

Her words bring flash images of Madison giggling and being naked with Logan. Logan steps towards her.

LOGAN: I wasn't trying to hurt you.

Veronica jerks back, away from him.

VERONICA: Oh. Really? Imagine if you tried.

Veronica turns around again to walk out. Logan follows her.

LOGAN: What do you want me to do? What can I do?

She stops and turns back, the anger gone. Her lips quiver.

VERONICA: Make it not true? Get it out of my head and never let me think about it again? 'Cause...unless you can do that, this is something I'm never getting past.

She turns and leaves, and this time Logan lets her go. He stares after her, distressed and fighting back the tears.


Keith and Backup are at the door of a large house, although small by 09er standards. Keith knocks. Mindy opens the door and smiles.

MINDY: Hello, Mr. Mars.

She chuckles at the sight of Backup.

[312/09.jpg]KEITH: I was out dog-walking, and I thought of a question I wanted to ask. You know we're only ten blocks away?

MINDY: No, I didn't.

KEITH: I thought I'd save myself a phone call. There seems to be a discrepancy in the police report concerning your husband's death. I mean, knowing the sheriff, I'm sure it's a mistake.

MINDY: What did you find?

KEITH: It says a minivan was parked in Cyrus' spot the night he was killed. My daughter told me he normally drove an old Volvo?

MINDY: He did. The minivan's mine. We traded cars for the weekend. Cyrus needed the van to haul his son's drum kit around while I was out of town.

She gestures to the house's interior.

MINDY: Would you like some coffee?

KEITH: Oh, I'm afraid he wouldn't stand for it. In another thirty seconds, he's gonna pull my arm out of the socket if we don't get moving.

Mindy smiles. Keith starts away from the door.

KEITH: But, uh, thanks for the info, and, uh, I'll keep you posted on what I find.

Mindy waves him off.


Dick has found himself an ideal leering spot at a busy pedestrian intersection. He is sitting on a stone bench in the centre with a plastic cup of coffee, watching the girls go by.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The best way to forget about your own problems? Dive into someone else's.

Veronica slides next to him. He's not pleased to see her.

VERONICA: So, Bonnie Capistrano tells me you knocked her up and blew her off.

DICK: Yeah, whatever happened with that?

VERONICA: You do your hair like that to cover up the three sixes on your scalp, right?

DICK: I told her to get a paternity test. I'm not here to help her turn a profit.

VERONICA: I just feel like you have this wadded-up Maxim magazine where your heart is supposed to be.

DICK: Oh, I'm heartless? First Duncan, now Logan. You're running out of rich bachelors' heads to mess with. Is it some kind of weird sport for you, you know, breaking dudes' hearts? What, you put another notch on your lipstick case?

VERONICA: Logan slept with Madison when you guys were in Aspen.

[312/10.jpg] This cuts, although Dick hides it as well as he can. He shrugs as if it is no big deal.

DICK: And?

Veronica can see how upset he is and has a momentary pang of conscience.

VERONICA: Sorry, Dick, I probably shouldn't have...

DICK: Wot, me worry? Can we be done? I've got things to do.

He looks up and spots someone.

DICK: Redheaded things. [shouting] Nadia!

Dick gets up and chases after the girl as Veronica watches.

NADIA: There's my big, dumb blonde.

They walk off together and Dick takes the opportunity to throw his arm around Nadia's shoulders. He glances back at Veronica defiantly.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It must be a liberating thing not to be cursed with a moral compass.


Veronica knocks on a dorm room door. The whiteboard displays various messages: "#1 this is #2 do u read?" "Kermit the Frog? He He He," "are you going 2 studygroup," "Ask Why?" "Lacey was here," and "Complacent Reasoning establishes unrealistic ra...." The door is opened by a pretty girl.

VERONICA: Hi. Is Bonnie here?

PHYLLIS: She's still at class. You're Veronica? Bonnie told me about you. I'm Bonnie's roommate, Phyllis. Come on in.

Phyllis waves Veronica into the room. The first part of the room is Bonnie's and is covered with archaeological objects and posters.

VERONICA: Wow. Raiders of the lost dorm room.

PHYLLIS: Oh, yeah. God, Bonnie would love that. Her dream is to be the female Indiana Jones.

Veronica walks through to Phyllis's half, where she is putting on a sweater. Her walls disclose nothing more than a regard for Josh Ritter.

PHYLLIS: She can spend three hours watching a documentary on people digging up a tooth.

Phyllis starts gathering her books together.

VERONICA: So, you know what happened to Bonnie?

PHYLLIS: Yeah, Bonnie and I have been best friends since seventh grade. Not much happens in our lives that we don't share.

VERONICA: What do you think about Bonnie getting back with Tim?

PHYLLIS: I hated the arrogant little toad from the first time she introduced him.

VERONICA: Don't hold back, Phyllis.

PHYLLIS: I've kind of turned a corner on Tim, though. The boy came through in the clutch. He found out about the baby, and he stepped up. He bought her What to Expect When You're Expecting. He got her, like, prenatal vitamins.

VERONICA: So he was handing her pills? Could he-

PHYLLIS: There's no way it was Tim. He offered to marry her. He was gonna talk to her dad and everything, and you know how intimidating that would be.

VERONICA: Yeah, Bonnie said her family is pretty religious.

PHYLLIS: Do you not know about her dad?


Phyllis doesn't answer but instead finds the remote control. She switches on the television.

TV: $5,000...

[312/11.jpg] Phyllis zaps, passing a noir film, until she finds the channel she wants. A man is preaching. Behind him is a large banner inscribed with the legend "Capistrano Ministries." The same words are at the bottom of the screen.

REV. CAPISTRANO: ...and if there's only one thing you got to remember, it's this...

PHYLLIS: There's Papa Capistrano. He's on all the time.

REV. CAPISTRANO: God may hate the sin, but god loves you.

CONGREGATION: [offscreen] Amen.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Say it to yourself. God loves you.

CONGREGATION: [offscreen] God loves you.

VERONICA: Bonnie's a preacher's daughter. How very Footloose.


Veronica walks past a janitor who is cleaning the floor of the dark and deserted hallway.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Unless Tim was able to convince a gynaecologist he was a pregnant female, I'm betting he scored the RU-486 online. If I can't question Tim, maybe his computer will give me some answers.

Veronica gets to the door of Tim's office but is thwarted as the door is locked. She glances back at the janitor.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Sometimes when things don't work out the way a girl wants them to, there's nothing quite as satisfying as the hissy fit.

Veronica rattles the doorknob with a show of increasing frustration and distress.

[312/12.jpg]VERONICA: [whining] Oh, I hate this stupid day! Ugh!

She gives the door a final try by trying to break through with her back and then slides down into a heap. The janitor looks over with concern. Veronica, as much as she can crouched at the foot of the door, stamps her feet.


She starts to "cry" loudly.

JANITOR: Are you okay?

She sniffs wetly.

VERONICA: [sobbing] No. This is, like, the worst day ever of my entire life. I was supposed to meet my brother at his office, and he's not here. And he's not picking up his cell, and he's not even my brother anyway because my parents just told me I'm adopted.

The janitor sighs and looks at the door.

JANITOR: Is this his office?


The janitor leans his broom against the wall and gets out his keys. He opens the door for her and watches her enter. She turns to face him, wiping her nose on her sleeve dramatically.

VERONICA: Thanks. You've been so helpful.

She gives him a quivering smile and he shuts the door. Veronica walks over to the door, watching his image through the frosted glass as it moves away from the door. She looks and takes a big breath of relief. She heads for Tim's desk.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It's so much easier letting the twitch of a man's lip tell you he's guilty than relying on him to not empty the cache on his hard drive...

On screen, a password is requested. Veronica sags back into the chair.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Or trying to figure out his password. Onto Plan B.

She sneers at the screen. She sighs and sets her bag on the desk. She searches through her bag and pulls out a device.

[312/13.jpg] INT - MARS RESIDENCE - NIGHT.

Veronica is in bed, restless. She stares at the ceiling.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The only thing worse than being up all night obsessing over Madison Sinclair is knowing how much she'd enjoy it.

An image flashes up: Madison and Logan naked in bed with Logan pulling Madison's head down to kiss her. Veronica presses her hands to her face.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: If I have to see this one more time, I'm having my frontal lobe removed.

She sighs. She hears the door and leaps out of bed. Keith is just entering the apartment. He throws his case down on the kitchen counter. He looks up to see Veronica coming through from her room.

KEITH: Good. You're up. I've got a little conundrum.

Veronica slumps onto one of the counter stools.

KEITH: Nish says she egged the dean's Volvo on campus the night he was murdered.

Veronica is hardly listening, looking down at her hand at which she is picking.

[312/14.jpg]KEITH: Mindy says she had the Volvo parked at the Neptune Grand all night. Any guess as to who's lying?

VERONICA: [listlessly] Both of them? I don't know.

KEITH: Your lack of opinion concerns me.

VERONICA: Logan and I broke up...again. My idea this time.

KEITH: Ah, I am sorry. You doing okay?


She forces out a strained laugh

VERONICA: No, no, no, no, no.

Keith reaches out and takes her head in his hands. He kisses her forehead gently. Veronica, close to tearing up, makes a quick exit.

[312/15.jpg]VERONICA: Night.

Keith watches her go with concern.


Veronica approaches Tim who is just finished a conversation with a colleague. When he sees Veronica, he starts walking quickly back to his office.

TIM: I'm in a hurry, Veronica.

VERONICA: I know you enjoy screwing with me, but it's kind of losing its charm.

TIM: I have no idea what you're talking about.

VERONICA: I checked my grade online. It said I got a B. You and I both know I got an A.

TIM: I entered an A. You were looking at someone else's grade.

He stops and turns to look at her.

VERONICA: Like I didn't look carefully. Either you did this on purpose, or you messed up the entry.

Tim looks down at the floor and sighs deeply. He goes into his office.


Veronica follows him in.

TIM: Why didn't you print out a grade report, hmm?

She follows him around to his side of his desk as he bends over his computer.

[312/16.jpg]VERONICA: I shouldn't have to. I should have the grade I earned.

Tim hesitates and looks at her.

TIM: Veronica?


He indicates his desk.

TIM: My space.

He indicates the other side of it.

TIM: Your space.

He grasps his hands together in a prayer and Veronica finally walks back around the desk. She takes a seat in the visitor's chair. Tim goes into his computer. Veronica fiddles with a role of black tape under the desk, unseen by Tim.

TIM: Ah, here it is. An A, like I said.

VERONICA: Huh. Maybe I was looking at someone else's grade.

Veronica shrugs and rises from the desk. Tim watches.


Veronica is sitting in her car.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: If there is a justification for my actions right now, it's this.

[312/18.jpg] Veronica squeezes her eyes shut.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I have gone completely crazy.

She looks across the street. Madison is exiting a day spa.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: When I'm lying in bed and I can't sleep because of visions of Madison and Logan rolling around, she wins. When I've got her in my sights, I'm in control.

Madison hands her parking ticket to the valet and sighs with impatience as he runs to get her car. Cut to a little later. Madison, driving a BMW convertible, pulls into a house. It appears that the Sinclairs have moved since last seen in 111 "Silence of the Lamb." Veronica, now wearing sunglasses and a cap, pulls up on the other side of the road and watches as Madison get a large, full laundry basket out of the boot of the car.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: How does it empower you, Veronica, to know Madison brings her laundry home from USC each weekend? Shut up, sane Veronica. I'm in charge now.

A dark-haired man, presumably Mr. Sinclair, meets Madison partway to the house and takes the basket from her. He sets it down and takes her arm. He leads her back to the driveway in front of the garage. One of the doors of the garage opens automatically. There are shouts and claps.


[312/17.jpg] A brand new red Mercedes CLK 350 is slowly backed out. It has a large red bow on it. It bears the licence plate GOTZMINE.

MADISON: Aah! Oh, my god!

Madison hugs the driver who, if she's Mrs. Sinclair, has gone blonde.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And watching her get a new Mercedes for her birthday...very healing. At least it's reminded me that I need to buy Mac a present.

MADISON: Oh! Thank you!

Veronica aims the camera at the licence plate and takes a picture.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: "Gotzmine." You win, crazy Veronica. She's all yours.


[312/19.jpg]The door into the office squeaks as it slowly opens. A hand reaches down and tears away the strip of black tape obstructing the lock. Veronica enters. She gets to Tim's desk and computer. It is still asking for a password. Veronica turns on the lamp. She reaches up and pulls a small device from the inside of the lampshade. She pulls out something that looks like an iPod and, by technical wizardry that I'm incompetent to describe, she downloads the film from device to device to Tim's computer, finally getting a shot of Tim's keyboard. She slides it forward to the time she was in Tim's office earlier.

TIM: [on video] My space. Your space.

Veronica raises a derisive brow. On the film, Tim starts to log on. Veronica slows it down and writes what she sees on her hand.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: His password is "Dick Tracy"? Aw. That is adorable.

Veronica logs on to the computer. Tim's wallpaper is a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Okay, Tim, let's see where were you browsing three weeks ago?

Veronica pulls us the internet history. Amongst the sites listed are for that day are: Monomania Magazine - If You're Going to College", "MonTele - The News Leaders", "ZowiePedia Beta 2.2", "Balboa County Sheriff's Department Website", "PlanetZowie - Search the Web", "Weather Report - Zip Code 90909", "Hearst College - Grover Hayes Library Refined", "Nationwide Crime Statistics - Murder Document. Those partially listed for the day before are: Hearst College - Course g...", "DownloadVibe 2.1 for Wi...", "SNAFU Great Flash Games!", "Criminology Today", "PlanetZowie", "Apple - Movie Trailers", "Untitled", "truthout - News, Polit...", "Hearst College - Server D...." The next list is for five days ago and includes: "PlanetZowie Search - tim f...", "Books Beyond Borders", "Green Apple Technology", "The Smoking Nun - Dumb...", "Hearst College", "Criminology Department", "Hearst College - Staff List", "Weather - Zip Code 90909", "SignOnNeptune." Veronica highlights this and starts scanning down the list. More site names are seen: "Establishment Foundations", "PAPERCLIPS™ - Online C...", "ASC - The American Soci...", "ListServe - Criminology Dis...", "Discussion Board - Acade...", "CribCatcher - Plagiarism...."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Veronica sweeps past "The Smoking Nun - Keith...," "Horizons Airlines Flight S...," Utopia Bank - Account Lo...," New York Bridge Mutual," "Hearst College - Student...," and "Hearst College - Staff List...," taking interest only in "NEPTUNE WOMENT'S CLINIC."


In addition to the clinic, Tim browsed: "Pregnancy," "Pregnancy Week to Week," and "What to know about preg...." Veronica then notices another file on Tim's computer, one entitled "O'Dell - suicide?"


She opens it. There are three files within: "Forensics," "Suspects," and "Witnesses."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Tim's investigating the dean's death?

She clicks on "Witnesses." There are two names: Anthony Martina and Eli Navarro.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Anthony Martin? There's no Anthony Martin mentioned in the police report.

Veronica clicks on Anthony's name and reads out what she sees on the screen.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: "Earwitness, heard shot while walking home from Pi Sig party. Witness was drunk, couldn't determine time of death."


Veronica knocks on the door of Anthony's room, which he shares with Glen. There's no answer, so she leaves a note on his whiteboard amongst the messages from Chris, G., John, Lisa, Dru M., and Jeff M. : "For a good time, call."


Music: "I'll Take Care Of You" by Mark Lanegan.

LYRICS: I know you've been hurt
By someone else
I can tell by the way
You carry yourself
But if you'll let me
Here's what I'll do
I'll take care of you

[312/20.jpg] Logan is in a state. He's in his room, still dressed in the shirt he was wearing when his world came crashing down. There is an empty pizza box and newspapers strewn on the bed. The doors to the room open. He looks up. Dick stares at him for a second, before challenging him aggressively.

DICK: Did you hook up with Madison?

Logan nods.

LOGAN: I did.

Dick is not happy.

[312/21.jpg]LOGAN: It just happened, you know. I didn't think you had any feelings left over her.

DICK: It's still uncool. You don't do that to a buddy.

Dick turns to walk out of the room and Logan watches him go. Dick stops and turns back.

DICK: And by the way, you laying in here in the dark is pathetic.

Dick heads for his own room. Logan drops his head. End music: "I'll Take Care Of You" by Mark Lanegan.


Veronica walks along a street.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I have an appointment to discuss my options at the clinic Tim contacted. In the meantime, a little spiritual advisement wouldn't hurt.

She stops at the site of a flashy car. It bears the licence plate GODZLUVV. Along the edge is a pattern made of up groups of four of the letter S. They are gold and almost look like dollar signs.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Exhibit A on why I don't trust TV preachers.

Veronica heads for the premises outside of which the car is parked: Capistrano Ministries. It's a plain, poorly maintained building, marked 469 and decorated by a fancy frame around the door and a picture of Jesus with lambs painted on the side. Veronica enters.


There's a hubbub of soft sound. People are packing up. Veronica looks around at them, a small stained glass window, a statue of an archangel, a picture of Jesus, and various boxes, colour-coded for storage and other destination. A man comes across the office, carrying another box.

THURMAN: Carl, did you pack up those TCP forms?

CARL: Yeah, I just finished them.

Thurman puts the box down on a desk and spots Veronica.

THURMAN: Can I help you, Miss?

Veronica affects a troubled persona.

VERONICA: Sorry, it's kind of personal.

THURMAN: Well, if you're here to see if your skirt is long enough, the answer is "no."

Thurman laughs, delighted with his own "joke."

THURMAN: Ah, I'm an old fogy.

He gestures to indicate the room.

THURMAN: Actually, you know, you kind of caught us at a bad time, I, uh...

REV. CAPISTRANO: What is it, Thurman?

[312/22.jpg] The reverend, working quietly in a corner behind him, comes towards them.

THURMAN: I-it's nothing, Ted. This young lady was...


Veronica quickly holds out her hand to Rev. Capistrano. They shake.

VERONICA: I was hoping you could help me.

REV. CAPISTRANO: I can always try.

Cut to a few moments later. Veronica and Rev. Capistrano are now alone, on either side of the reverend's desk. His office too shows all the marks of being steadily emptied although the desk is still there, littered with papers and boxes. The nameplate on the desk shows his first name to be Ted..

REV. CAPISTRANO: So, what can I do for you?

VERONICA: [tragically] I'm pregnant, and now I don't know what to do.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Well, I can't imagine you came in here thinking that I was going to say anything other than that you should keep your baby.

Veronica drops her head.

VERONICA: Yeah, I guess. Just...my parents will never understand. They'll disown me.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that. The promise of a grandchild is a powerful thing.

VERONICA: Yeah, if I were thirty. I'm sure you wouldn't be thrilled if your teenage daughter came home pregnant.


Rev. Capistrano leans forward on the desk towards her.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Actually, I was. My daughter is about your age, and she became pregnant. You know what her mother and I did? We celebrated. But our desire to meet our grandchild far outweighed any regrets about the circumstances of the pregnancy.

[312/23.jpg] He leans back in his chair again.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Maybe your parents will surprise you.

He's suddenly overcome with emotion. He struggles to keep it in.

VERONICA: Reverend Ted?

REV. CAPISTRANO: I'm...I'm sorry.

His voice shakes and he is trembling.

REV. CAPISTRANO: She lost her baby.

Veronica is deeply touched and, after a little nervous hesitation, lays a hand over his in comfort.


Veronica follows a woman in a white coat down a corridor.

DR. CHAMBLISS: So, you think your friend was slipped RU-486?

They reach the doctor's office.

VERONICA: Yeah, and this is the only place to get it locally.

DR. CHAMBLISS: That's an awful story.

They sit. The nameplate on the doctor's desk declares her to be Dr. Chambliss.

VERONICA: I'm thinking it could be one of the guys she thought might be the father. Is there any scenario where a guy could come in and say it was for his wife or girlfriend?

Dr. Chambliss shakes her head.

[312/24.jpg] DR. CHAMBLISS: Not on my watch.

VERONICA: So, if a girl comes in and says she wants RU-486...

DR. CHAMBLISS: She would take it here in the office. No exceptions.

VERONICA: Is it possible for someone to hide it under her tongue or palm it, make it out of here with the pill?

DR. CHAMBLISS: I guess. Anything's possible.

VERONICA: Is there any way you could tell me who came into the clinic between Thursday, the-

The doctor chuckles.

DR. CHAMBLISS: You don't really expect me to say "yes," do you?

VERONICA: Had to ask.



Veronica walks along the side of the clinic, holding her cell phone to her ear.


She listens as she strides up to the "Neptune Women's Clinic" sign.

VERONICA: Anthony. Just the guy I wanted to hear from. I am absolutely a good time.


Anthony Martin is the same guy who offered Mac whiskey in 309 "Spit and Eggs" where he was credited as Rico Suave Nerd. He's a soccer fan, there being a large poster behind him, together with one for a boy band of some description. He is sitting on the couch in his room with his feet up on the coffee table, watching as Veronica paces in front of him.

VERONICA: So, if I understand correctly, you got pretty blitzed at the Pi Sig party, and you wandered back to your dorm room late. You passed the administration building, and that's when you hear the gunshot.

ANTHONY: That about sums it up.

VERONICA: Why didn't you report it?

ANTHONY: Report what? A guy shot himself. I read it in the paper the next day, and I was like, "oh, that's what that was." Besides...

He leans forward and drops his voice.

ANTHONY: I don't need another alcohol infraction on my record.

VERONICA: So, how did Tim Foyle find you? Is he a friend of yours?

He shakes his head.

ANTHONY: Never met the guy. I guess I told a bunch of people when I realized what I had heard. It must have gotten back to him. How'd you find out?

VERONICA: I found out from Tim. So, what did he want to know?

ANTHONY: You know. What I heard, what I saw, and what time it was.

VERONICA: And what did you tell him?

ANTHONY: I didn't see anything, I heard a gunshot, and I had no idea what time it was.

VERONICA: Okay. Well, if you think of anything...

[312/25.jpg] Veronica grabs her bag from the coffee table and starts to head for the door. Anthony, anxious to please, is loathe to see her go.

ANTHONY: Uh, wait!

He bounces up and, with a wry smile, Veronica turns to face him.

ANTHONY: I just remembered. I turned on Space Ghost. Terry Jones was the guest. They went on about spam.

Anthony grins, pleased with himself.


Veronica exits Anthony's room. She starts walking slowly away as she ponders.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: According to the website, they re-run Space Ghost at 2:30. It probably takes ten minutes to stumble from the administration building back to the dorm.

[312/27.jpg] On her left, a girl is chatting to a guy at the door of his room. From the back, she looks like Madison. She laughs. Veronica gets another flash of Madison on top of and then under Logan. Veronica slows as she passes the couple. It's not Madison. She breathes a heavy sigh of relief.


Weevil is fixing something electrical that resides above the light switch of an empty classroom. Veronica approaches.

WEEVIL: Oh, you sought me out. That can only mean one thing. You need a favour.

VERONICA: Is it a favour if it's something we both would enjoy? Remember you told my criminology class about how you stole some guy's car and had it crushed?

WEEVIL: Yeah. Why?

VERONICA: Maybe I was thinking about having someone's car stolen and crushed.

WEEVIL: Oh. What happened? You broke up with Logan?

Weevil chuckles. One look at her face tells him he's right.

[312/28.jpg]WEEVIL: Good for you. I'd be happy to have Logan's car crushed. What's he driving?

Weevil completes his task and moves away from the wall. Veronica follows. She gets a piece of paper out of her bag and hands it to him.

VERONICA: Not his. A little Mercedes at this address. You can't miss it. The plates read "gotzmine."

WEEVIL: Wow. I'm surprised somebody hasn't crushed it already. Whose is it?

VERONICA: Madison Sinclair's.

WEEVIL: From high school...I remember. She lost a hubcap and told the principal I stole it for drug money. So, you want her car cubed or-

They are interrupted by the arrival of a teaching assistant who seems very taken with Weevil.

BOOKISH FEMALE TA: Thank you so much.

WEEVIL: Oh, no problem. And the next time I need some literature compared, I know you'll be there for me.

Weevil gives her a little wave. She simpers, returns the wave, and then leaves them to their discussion.

WEEVIL: Now, this has nothing to do with you and Logan, right?

VERONICA: Did I come here for therapy, or to get a car stolen and cubed?

WEEVIL: "Gotzmine," huh? Yeah. I have been wondering if I still have the touch. And, uh, it's gonna cost you five hundred. That is the going rate, isn't it?

Weevil closes his tool box and walks away. Veronica is a little stunned at being charged.


Veronica walks into the apartment. She is pleased to see Keith to tell him her news.


Keith is sitting on the couch, looking sombre. He has something in front of him.

KEITH: Hey, honey.

VERONICA: So, I found out something on the O'Dell case. There was a guy who heard the shot around 2:20.

Keith just stares at her with concern.

[312/29.jpg]VERONICA: What?

KEITH: Is there anything maybe you want to tell me?

VERONICA: About what?

He pulls a large photograph from the pile in front of him.

KEITH: Well, I found this in our mailbox today.

Veronica, looking bemused, walks over and sits down next to him, taking the picture. It is of Veronica leaving the Neptune Women's Clinic. Keith picks up a letter from the pile and starts to read it out loud.

KEITH: "Dear Sir, the enclosed photographs were taken at Neptune Women's Clinic, which performs abortions."

Veronica can't believe it. Keith looks at her, waiting. He swallows hard.

VERONICA: [affronted] I can't believe these people.

She looks at a second picture which shows her by her car, the licence plate clearly displayed.

VERONICA: They sit up in a building with their telephoto lens and take pictures of people in their most private, personal moments. That's disgusting.

KEITH: Uh, honey, that's how we pay the rent.

VERONICA: It's different.

KEITH: I like to think so. Back on point. Is everything okay? Does this have something to do with you and Logan?


Veronica suddenly gets the concern.

VERONICA: No! Dad, no, I am not now, nor have I ever been, pregnant.

Keith's world just as suddenly comes back together again and he takes a relieved breath.

VERONICA: I visited the clinic for a case. Someone slipped this girl RU-486, and it caused a miscarriage.

KEITH: That's awful.

VERONICA: Yeah. Where did this come from?

Keith looks at the envelope, emptying the remaining contents as he does.

KEITH: There's no return address. No postage.

[312/30.jpg] He looks at one of the pamphlets and reads from it.

KEITH: "Does everyone go to heaven?"

VERONICA: Actually, what does it say? I've got intro to theology next semester.

KEITH: Mmm. Doesn't look like it.

Veronica picks up a bookmark.

VERONICA: Well, here's a bookmark if you can't make it all the way through.

Keith takes it and peers at it.

KEITH: "Good Word Press, San Diego."

VERONICA: Harassing women in crisis since 1973. You think maybe you want to get all up in their "bid'ness"?

Keith nods his head, anxious to repay the hours of anxiety he's just been through.



Veronica and Keith enter Good Word Press. It's a small printing company and the front room is unattended. A door to the back opens and a man comes out.

EDDIE: Yeah? Who are you?

KEITH: My name is Carson Drew, and this is my assistant, Nancy. We're trying to find who published this.

Keith holds out the pamphlet.

[312/31.jpg]EDDIE: You found him. Eddie Nettles.

KEITH: Mr. Nettles, some of your materials ended up in a packet sent anonymously-

EDDIE: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I told you people before, this here's my constitutional right. If you have a problem, see my lawyer.

KEITH: We're private investigators working on a rather delicate matter. You see, our clients...their son is engaged to a girl who...well, um...

VERONICA: They don't know much about her, so they asked us to look into...

They appear to be making it up as they go along.

KEITH: They suspect that the bride-to-be may have misled the groom regarding past indiscretions.

VERONICA: They heard she recently terminated a pregnancy at the Neptune free clinic.

Eddie makes an expression of disgust.

VERONICA: I know. And if it's true, the parents want their son to know. Is there any way you could point us in the direction of the person who took the photos?

EDDIE: Man, this world, huh?

He shakes his head.

EDDIE: I got them. There's the binders there. The photos are arranged chronologically. You're free to take a look.

Veronica walks over to the bookcase where Eddie indicated. She takes down the first binder. She opens it at pictures taken on January 16th. She flicks back to January 8th. She spots Nadia, Dick's redhead, leaving the clinic on January 5th. As she takes that in, Thurman Randolph walks in.

THURMAN: Hey, Edward, how's it going?

EDDIE: Thurman. Just put them with the others, huh?

THURMAN: Who are these folks?

Thurman takes a step closer to Veronica who is trying to stay turned away from him.

[312/32.jpg]EDDIE: This is Carson Drew and his assistant...

Eddie snaps his fingers at Keith.

EDDIE: What's your assistant's name?

KEITH: Nancy.

Thurman, having bent around to check Veronica's face, straightens up.

THURMAN: They're lying to you, Eddie. She came into our office yesterday calling herself Hester, claiming she was troubled.

Keith walks over to them. He takes Veronica by the shoulders to lead her out.

KEITH: She really is troubled.

Veronica's supporting expression is priceless as they leave.


KEITH: Well, we've done better.

They reach the street. Parked in front of the building is the same car Veronica saw outside Capistrano Ministries.

[312/33.jpg]KEITH: "Godzluvv." Tasteful.

They start walking up the road.

VERONICA: We did okay.

KEITH: How so?

VERONICA: One of the girls in the photo binder. I've seen her with Dick.

KEITH: The Casablancas kid?

VERONICA: Who might have been the father.



Music: Unknown. Dick is leering again, under the guise of sitting at one of the tables, reading Monomania (the same magazine that Tim was browsing). The cover features the scantily clad Ashley Findley. Veronica sits down next to him.

[312/34.jpg]VERONICA: Wow. Impressive. I hear "Modern Breasts" is a really hard class.

DICK: The rebound starts with me? Nice!

VERONICA: That redhead from the other day, Nadia. Does she have a last name?

DICK: Comaneci.

Veronica gives him a baleful look.

DICK: What?

VERONICA: Dick, do you think I'm an idiot? Nadia Comaneci is an Olympic gymnast from Romania.

DICK: You sure? I mean, she doesn't have an accent.

VERONICA: Don't play dumb, Dick. Some girl I see you hugging on pops up at the women's clinic a week after Bonnie told you she's pregnant? I have to ask. Was she picking something up for you?

DICK: Hopefully a box of sponges. Look, if we're not gonna have an empty sexual encounter, I kind of got stuff to do, so...

He waits for a second, just in case.

DICK: Yeah.

He leaves Veronica to ponder. End music: Unknown.


Veronica is hanging around outside one of the buildings. She spots the person she's looking for &#8212 Nadia.

VERONICA: Hi. Are you Nadia Fassano?

NADIA: Yeah.

VERONICA: Thank goodness. I had to go through the whole freshman facebook and flirt with the registrar to get your schedule.

NADIA: Okay. Why?

VERONICA: 'Cause I wanted to talk to you, but your pal Dick wouldn't give me your real name.

NADIA: I have a pal named Dick?

VERONICA: Dick Casablancas.

[312/35.jpg] Nadia is still clueless.

VERONICA: Nadia, I know you know him. I saw the two of you walking together, and when I asked about you, he told me your last name was Comaneci.

Nadia laughs.

VERONICA: I just want to know-

NADIA: Okay, that Dick. Yeah, um, I got drunk at a party, and I made out with him for like five seconds, and then I gave him a fake name.

Veronica looks confused.

NADIA: What? Would you want him calling you?

Nadia laughs again and walks off. Veronica, thinking about the last question, has to give it credence.


Keith is drying dishes. The phone rings.

KEITH: Hello?


Mindy is in a large bedroom. Gram O'Dell, the dean's son is sitting in a large armchair. Jason, Mindy's son, is sitting next to her on the bed.

MINDY: Hi. Keith, um, i-it's Mindy O'Dell.

[312/36.jpg] Mindy gets up and walks across towards the window, away from the boys.

MINDY: Listen, can you come right away? Uh, there's someone in the house downstairs.


KEITH: Where are you?


MINDY: I'm in my bedroom. I'm with the boys.


KEITH: You call the cops?

MINDY: [on phone] You're closer, and you're competent. Keith, hurry, please.


Keith, dressed in black, creeps up to the house. He looks in one of the windows. He sneaks along the house and waits in the indent between the window and the door. The door opens and another man in black quietly exits the house. He looks to be carrying a crash helmet. Keith knocks him out by hitting him hard in the back of the head with something baton-like. The man goes down and the helmet rolls away. Keith turns him over. It's Steve Batando.


Cut to later, inside the house. Batando is laid out on the couch. Keith slaps his face a few times and Steve rouses.

[312/37.jpg]KEITH: And good morning, Mr. Batando.

Keith looks back at Mindy who's watching.

KEITH: You might want to dial the cops now.

STEVE: Yeah. Give 'em a call.

Steve is not in a good way. His eyes are sunk deeply into his head and he is trembling.

STEVE: I'm sure they'd love to hear about all the fun and games my ex has been up to, and you, too, Mars: accessory to kidnapping, stealing my bone marrow. The sheriff'd love to hear all about that.

KEITH: No one made you sign that settlement, Steve. You got money and a Porsche.

STEVE: Which they just repo'ed. She stopped the payments...to me and on the car.

This surprises Keith, who looks back at Mindy.

[312/38.jpg]STEVE: I was just taking what she owed.

MINDY: Since Cyrus died, I haven't been able to afford it.

Jason comes down the stairs.


STEVE: Hey, there's my boy.

Jason heads towards his father, but Mindy stops him and holds him by her. Steve reaches out for him.

STEVE: Come here.

Mindy lets Jason go and he sits on his father's lap.

STEVE: Mom and Dad were just going over some stuff.

Gram also walks down the stairs, but takes no interest in events, walking straight past everyone to go to his room. Steve takes Jason's arm from around him and starts to get up from the couch.

STEVE: I think I should get going.

Jason goes back to stand with Mindy as Steve gets up and heads for the door.

STEVE: Now, maybe next week we go see a Laker game and...and, uh, I'll see if I can get my hands on some tickets.

Jason smiles. Steve spots a vase of flowers near the door. He picks it up and takes the flowers out, examining the crystal.

STEVE: There's that vase.

He looks up at Mindy, challenging her to stop him. She doesn't, her hands stills on her son's shoulders. Batando goes out the door.

MINDY: Okay, time to go to bed. Okay? Let's go.

Mindy casts a glance back at Keith, then leads Jason to the stairs. Music: Unknown. Gram is in his heavy metal/goth inspired room. The predominant colour of his décor is black. He's sitting on his bed looking gloomy, fiddling with his iPod or a garrotte &#8212 it's not clear. He looks up sourly at the knock on the door. Keith opens it and pops his head in.

[312/39.jpg]GRAM: [sulkily] What do you want?

KEITH: Just checking to see if everything's okay.

GRAM: Everything's awesome.

Keith studies him for a moment before leaving him to his brooding. End music: Unknown. In the lounge, Mindy is pacing as Keith joins her.

KEITH: Well, he seems...I'm not sure if "okay" is the word, but...

MINDY: Yeah, long story. You know Cyrus was considering sending him to a teen-discipline school? But I don't even know if that would work.

KEITH: Well, I should get going.

Keith heads for the front door.

KEITH: If he comes by again, you should really call the cops. People with his kind of problem can, uh, be more trouble than you realise.

MINDY: Yeah, "problem"? Which problem?

KEITH: Back when I was sheriff, I saw my share of meth heads and, uh...

MINDY: Yeah, I know. He's been in and out of rehab.

Keith nods his nead.

KEITH: Goodnight, Mrs. O'Dell.

He reaches for the doorknob.

MINDY: Actually, um, would you mind staying, just until I check on Jason? My nerves are still a little jangled.

KEITH: You mind if I pour myself a drink? My nerves are a bit frayed myself.

MINDY: No, anything you can find is yours.

[312/40.jpg] Cut to a moment later. Keith is in the kitchen, getting a glass which he sets down on the counter. He pauses and glances back towards the main part of the house before walking over to the door that leads to the garage. He finds the light. The Volvo is there. Keith inspects the windscreen for a moment. He pulls out one of the wiper blades and runs his finger along it. He finds what looks like a piece of egg shell. Mindy arrives behind him.

MINDY: Keith?

KEITH: Growing up, my parents would keep the adult beverages in a fridge out in the garage.

MINDY: Yeah, well, we keep ours in the kitchen.


Keith heads back to the kitchen.


Music: "No Direction" by Longwave. Logan is on the balcony, drinking. He walks back into the suite, slamming down his empty glass. He still hasn't changed his shirt. He picks up the phone and punches a single number. The phone rings.

VERONICA: [on voicemail] It's Veronica. Leave a message.

LOGAN: Ah! Veronica's voice mail!

He does one of his chuckles that doesn't come from humour.

LOGAN: So, where are you, Veronica? Out digging through someone's trash, maybe? Interrogating one of your friends? Beating out a confession? You know, if you dig deep enough, you're gonna find that everyone's a sinner. Judge not, Veronica, et cetera, et cetera. All right, stay on message, Logan.

[312/41.jpg] He sinks down onto the couch.

LOGAN: Okay, honestly...it's encouraging that someone still has such high expectations of me.

He takes a deep, shuddering breath.

LOGAN: Veronica, I would give anything if I could take back that night in Aspen. I'm sorry it causes you so much pain. I'm sorry it happened. And I really love you, Veronica.

End music: "No Direction" by Longwave.


It's morning and Veronica goes out to the kitchen. Keith is at the counter, reading the newspaper.

KEITH: And how are you this a.m.?

Veronica gets a mug from one of the cupboards and pours herself a coffee.

VERONICA: Cramming for philosophy. Have you seen my copy of Either/Or?

Keith "does" Groucho Marx, down to the waggling cigar.

KEITH: No, but I've got an old issue of Buts you can have.

VERONICA: The comedy styling of Keith Mars, ladies and gentlemen.

KEITH: Hey, look, it's that guy from the printing office.

[312/42.jpg] Thurman Randolph's picture appears in an article headlined "New Life Cathedral opening ceremony today in San Diego &#8212 Stable ministry raises millions for 3000 seat 'fellowship hall.'" The paper is dated Tuesday, January 30, 2007 and the article, next to one about the EPA written by senior staff writer Gwen Bagnall, is by Tammy Johnson, Associated Press. As much as can be read says: "Evangelicals of the greater San Diego area have a new place to worship. The modern and highly touted New Life Cathedral will celebrate by cutting the ribbon on a project started four years ago. Capistrano Ministries is responsible for bringing the cathedral to live. After four years ministry in San Diego's industrial district, Rev. Capistrano...." The caption under Thurman's picture reads "Thurman Randolph, CFO." Veronica takes the paper to see.

KEITH: Apparently the preacher's leaving cable access for the big-time.

VERONICA: That guy Thurman is the ministry's CFO?

KEITH: Should a ministry have a CFO?

Veronica shakes her head.

KEITH: You don't think he did it, do you? He struck me as being aggressively pro-life.

VERONICA: How do you think a televangelist with a pregnant, unmarried daughter would play to his flock? A fly in the collection plate, perhaps?

Veronica reaches over and takes Keith toast. She takes a bite and heads for her room. Cut to a few moments later. In her room, Veronica is on the phone.

VERONICA: Bonnie, hey, it's Veronica.

BONNIE: [on phone] Hey.


BONNIE: So, what have you heard? Are you making any progress?


VERONICA: Yeah, it's coming along. Do you know Thurman Randolph very well?


VERONICA: [on phone] He works for-

BONNIE: My dad, yeah.


VERONICA: You trust him?


Bonnie shakes her head.

BONNIE: Not really.


VERONICA: I want to search his office during today's service. Can you get me in?



Bonnie holds out the phone to check the time.

BONNIE: If you can get here in fifteen minutes.


BONNIE: [on phone] Do you have church clothes?

Cut to later still. Veronica, dressed in a bland suit, exits her bedroom. She shouts into the bathroom.

VERONICA: So, I'm heading out.

Keith, brushing his teeth, looks out, surprised at her appearance.


Veronica smiles and picks up her phone. She sees that she has a new voice mail message. She dials to get it.

LOGAN: [on phone] Ah! Veronica's voice mail!

She sinks down onto the arm of the chair to listen.

LOGAN: [on phone] So, where are you, Veronica? Out digging through someone's trash...

[312/44.jpg] Keith, still brushing his teeth, looks out and notices as she bites her thumb and shakes her head.

KEITH: Something wrong, honey?

Veronica drops the phone and punches a button..


AUTOMATED VOICE: Message erased.

VERONICA: Just...old crap.

She puts the phone in her bag

VERONICA: I got to run.


As she heads for Bonnie's room, the phone rings.


WEEVIL: [on phone] Hey. It's me.


[312/45.jpg] Weevil has the Mercedes.

WEEVIL: So, if you want to see German engineering reduced to a cube, come by the yard this afternoon around 2:00.


Veronica grins.

VERONICA: I'll be there right after church.

Having reached Bonnie's door, Veronica knocks.

VERONICA: Thanks, Weevil.


VERONICA: [on phone] Bye.

Weevil takes the phone from his ear and looks down at it, brow furrowed.

WEEVIL: Church.


Veronica hears a footstep as she puts her phone away. It's Rev. Capistrano.



REV. CAPISTRANO: I didn't know you knew Bonnie.

VERONICA: We only met recently.

The door is opened by Bonnie.

BONNIE: Oh, hi. You two met?

The reverend enters.

REV. CAPISTRANO: We did. Hester didn't tell me the two of you were friends.

BONNIE: Hester?

Veronica follows, giving Bonnie an innocent look.


REV. CAPISTRANO: I, uh, hope you're well.

Phyllis comes round from her side of the room and shrieks in pleasure.

PHYLLIS: Reverend Ted!

Equally enthusiastic, the reverend holds out his arms.

REV. CAPISTRANO: How's my other daughter?

They hug.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Are you ready to celebrate?

PHYLLIS: You look like you lost a little weight.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Well, three thousand regular parishioners, each with their own cheesecake recipe. I finally had to clamp down.

PHYLLIS: You mean vomit.

While this is going on Veronica, who was standing quietly over by the bookcase, spots the copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting, and particularly the bookmark in it. She takes the book from the shelf and checks the bookmark: "Does everyone go to Heaven?"

[312/46.jpg]VERONICA: Bonnie. I think Tim slipped you the RU-486.

REV. CAPISTRANO: What? Bonnie? What is she-

BONNIE: Why do you say it was Tim?

Veronica holds out the bookmark.

VERONICA: This bookmark is...a gift, sent by a pro-life group to everyone who comes out of the Neptune clinic. It's the only clinic in the area that provides RU-486. It's some sort of a shame campaign. I just found it in the pregnancy book Tim gave you.

Veronica holds up the book. Bonnie, looking stunned, looks over at Phyllis. Rev. Capistrano continues to stare at Veronica, stunned.

VERONICA: By the way, your CFO works with the same group.

Voice full of concern, the reverend turns to his daughter.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Somebody slipped you...Bonnie, why didn't you tell-

Bonnie's not listening, staring in horror at Phyllis

[312/47.jpg]BONNIE: Phyllis.


BONNIE: Tim didn't give me that book. Phyllis did.

PHYLLIS: Bonnie, let me explain. I did it for you. Do you really think those guys were worthy of you, of being the father of your baby?

The reverend stares at her too, putting his hands on Bonnie's shoulders in comfort.

PHYLLIS: And think what it would have meant. [with increasing desperation] All of your plans, all of your goals? No career at all, just divorce and a baby to support, and you have dreams, Bonnie. And I was trying to help you.

Bonnie can't speak and shakes her head.

PHYLLIS: I know you. You wanted to give up the baby, and you were going to until your parents found out. Bonnie...Bonnie, I'm sorry.

BONNIE: Sorry? You're sorry? [screaming] Get out! I can't look at you right now! I want you out of my sight!

The reverend is physically holding her back. Phyllis, also distressed, holds up her hands.

PHYLLIS: Bonnie, please!

REV. CAPISTRANO: Bonnie! Bonnie!

BONNIE: Go to hell! Go to hell!

Phyllis disappears around to her side of the room. The reverend pulls the distraught Bonnie into his arms.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Bonnie! That's enough! It's done.

Veronica sees Phyllis sink onto her bed, her head in her hands.

REV. CAPISTRANO: She didn't mean to hurt you. She didn't mean to. Try to be forgiving. It's the only way.

[312/48.jpg] Bonnie weeps in his arms as his hands rubs up and down her back. He speaks gently.

REV. CAPISTRANO: Anger will tear you down. It'll make you less of the person that you want to be.

He glances at Veronica.

REV. CAPISTRANO: And it will tear apart your soul.


It's raining. Veronica, holding up an umbrella, arrives with the reverend's words still ringing in her ears.

REV. CAPISTRANO: [offscreen] The bible teaches us that he who is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he who rules his spirit can capture a city.

Veronica stands by Madison's Mercedes and watches as another car is placed in the crusher and crushed.

REV. CAPISTRANO: [offscreen] He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is quick-tempered exalts folly.

[312/49.jpg] Weevil arrives.

WEEVIL: So, we're all set to go as soon as they finish. I even washed it so it'd be shiny when we crush it. I know it doesn't sound logical, but trust me, it's much better.

VERONICA: Let's not do it.

WEEVIL: Are you sure? 'Cause, you know, I...I did go through all the trouble of stealing it.

VERONICA: Here's a little something for the effort.

Veronica hands him a wad of cash. He takes it. He's not sure what to think.

[312/50.jpg]VERONICA: Maybe you could open a can of tuna, set it inside her A/C vent, then park it back on the block.

Weevil smiles.

WEEVIL: I can do that.


Veronica turns and walks away. Weevil calls out to her.

WEEVIL: You're going soft, Mars.

Veronica smiles. Executive Producer: Rob Thomas.