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3.04 Charlie Don't Surf

Written by: Diane Ruggiero and Jason Elen
Directed by: Jason Bloom

Original Air Date: 24 October, 2006
Transcribed by Inigo.
Last edited: 13 November, 2006

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars...

Veronica approaches the Take Back the Night rally in 301 "Welcome Wagon," where Nancy is addressing the crowd.

NANCY: How many women like me have to be raped, have to end up like this, their heads shaved before this administration listens to our demands. Shut down the fraternity houses.

The crowd cheers. Cut to later in the same episode. Veronica comes across Mac, sitting on the floor outside her and Parker's room.

MAC: Parker's in there with some guy.

Cut to Veronica who, having snuck into the room, takes tickets from the bulletin board.

VERONICA: Don't mind me.

The next day, Veronica explains her failure to stop Parker's rape in 302 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week."

VERONICA: I thought it was just sex. It didn't occur to me that it was against your will.

PARKER: Thanks, Veronica. Thanks for thinking I'm the slut of the world.

End previously.


Keith is preparing dinner. Veronica, extremely uncomfortable, stands and watches him as she nibbles on a piece of food.

VERONICA: This is a bad idea.

KEITH: No, it's not.

VERONICA: You only thinks it's not 'cause you came up with it.

KEITH: Ergo, how could it be bad? Math, sweetie. Me plus idea equals good.

Veronica finishes her snack just as there's a knock at the door. Keith stops chopping and looks over at Veronica, expectantly. Veronica takes a deep breath and goes to the door. Keith follows her with his eyes, amused. Veronica opens the door. It's Logan. She doesn't say anything.

LOGAN: You were expecting Sidney Poitier?


Veronica steps outside the apartment and closes the door.


Logan, also amused, faces her as she wags a finger at him.

VERONICA: No jokes. No innuendoes, no quips. Don't even think of alluding to having seen me naked or [with increasing desperation] having touched any part of my body that does not have fingers.

LOGAN: Can I mention that my eyes adored you?

Veronica huffs impatiently.

LOGAN: I got it. No calling you bobcat, no talk of milky thighs.

Veronica looks up to the heavens and groans.

VERONICA: Go home.

LOGAN: Veronica? I won't say anything bad.

Veronica sighs, but holds out her hand in resignation. Logan takes it. They grin at each. Veronica opens the door and leads him into the apartment.


Music: unidentified. A little time has passed and the meal is in progress. All three are sitting at the small counter, with Keith and Logan facing each other, and Veronica at the end, between them.

KEITH: So, how's school going, Logan?

LOGAN: Well, I'm actually not hating it. My grades aren't exactly-

Veronica interrupts quickly.

VERONICA: Oh, Hearst took him in late because of his high test scores.

KEITH: Oh, what classes are you taking?

VERONICA: Where is this going?

KEITH: My end game is to find out what classes Logan is taking.

LOGAN: Just core stuff, you know, sociology, freshman comp. Mass com, which is kinda coming in handy. You know, apparently being the offspring of a murderer doesn't get old. I'm getting all these interview requests. Larry King wants me to come on with O.J.'s kids.

KEITH: Oh, you thinking about it?

[304/0208.jpg]LOGAN: No.

KEITH: Why's that?

VERONICA: [with an uncomfortable chuckle] Timeout.

Veronica makes the timeout sign.

VERONICA: Oooh! Can we stay in the shallow end, please?

Logan glances over at her and grins.

KEITH: I'm sorry. I think it's a good call. I was just curious as to your reasons.

Keith turns to his daughter.

KEITH: I didn't realise I had to have the conversation vetted.

VERONICA: I would've been happy to veto questions for you ahead of time.

KEITH: Mmm, that would've been nice, huh?

VERONICA: We could've packed a lunch and made a day of it.

KEITH: Missed opportunity, if you ask me.

VERONICA: A mistake you can learn from.

Logan follows their banter with pleasure.

KEITH: What then exactly am I allowed to ask Logan about?


[304/0233.jpg]Veronica struggles to find a safe topic.

VERONICA: Hobbies?

Father and daughter turn their gaze on Logan.

LOGAN: Surfing.

KEITH: What's the attraction?

Veronica drops her fork.

VERONICA: Don't answer that.

Keith rolls his eyes and sighs loudly in frustration. End music: unidentified.


Veronica approaches the door to Mac and Parker's room, passing a number of notices, including one advertising a "Girls Power Movies Night." She knocks. Parker, in a much better wig than the one last seen in 302 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week," opens the door and loses her sweet smile as soon as she sees who it is.

PARKER: Mac's in Bakersfield. Her great aunt died and she got the call last night.

Parker slams the door shut. Veronica stands there a moment then turns with a sigh and an "It figures" smile. She pauses, drops the smiles and thinks hard. Determination results and she turns back to the door. Veronica knocks insistently. This time, Parker is ready for her and opens the door with a look of disdain already on her face.

VERONICA: Look. You live with one of my best friends. I'm gonna keep coming here and having doors shut in my face is gonna get-

[304/0313.jpg]Parker shoves the door closed again, but this time Veronica sticks out her leg and stops it shutting. She kicks the door open again.


Parker, frowning deeply, huffs.

VERONICA: I have surprisingly strong legs and an hour before my next class.

Parker gives in gracelessly, holding open the door and throwing out a "welcoming" hand.


Veronica enters the room.


Parker shuts the door.

PARKER: [sarcastically] You wanna have a rap session? Maybe in our P.J.s? We can eat brownie batter and do each other's nails.

VERONICA: Do you really think that when I walked in here that night, I thought, "Hmm. Look. Parker's getting raped. Now where are those movie tickets?"

PARKER: No. You just figured the whore was getting her freak on.

VERONICA: So, you're really mad because I thought you were a whore? Because lots of people think I'm a whore.

PARKER: Don't pretend for a second to understand how I'm feeling.

VERONICA: I understand exactly what you're feeling, Parker. I've been understanding since Shelly Pomroy's end-of-the-year party, summer of 2004.

Note: this contradicts the date of 7 December, 2003, given in 120 "M.A.D."

VERONICA: I'd give you the details, but they're a little fuzzy.

PARKER: Uh, I-I didn't...I had no idea.

VERONICA: Not something I open with. But now that I've got your attention...

Veronica takes a step closer to Parker.

VERONICA: [determinedly] I will find out who raped you. That's job one.

Parker stares down at her in some consternation but before she can respond, there's a knock at the door. Parker opens it.

NISH: Parker? Hi, I'm Nish. I'm the editor of the Hearst Free Press and I'd-

Veronica has come to stand next to Parker. Nish isn't happy to see her, but brazens it out.

[304/0434.jpg]NISH: Veronica. It's good to see you.

Veronica isn't such a hypocrite.

VERONICA: And that's where we differ.

Nish lets it go and addresses Parker.

NISH: I was hoping we could talk.

VERONICA: I'd be a little careful.

Veronica exits the room as Nish enters, scoffing at Veronica's warning to Parker.


NISH: She a friend of yours?

Veronica, out in the hall, hears this just as Parker shuts the door. She rolls her eyes and sets off down the hall.


Inside the room, Nish sweet talks Parker, now sitting on her bed.

NISH: Parker. I'm doing an article on the serial rapes, and I've interviewed most of the other victims and I-

PARKER: I don't want to be interviewed.

NISH: One question, then. You were at the Theta Beta sorority party, the night you were attacked. Do you remember seeing any of the Pi Sig brothers there?

Parker thinks.

AVI: [offscreen] The first tier...


Logan is enduring a lecture from a middle-aged man.

AVI: ...of your trust fund was intended to last until your twenty-first birthday, Logan. At the rate you're burning through it, you've got fourteen months, maybe.

[304/0516.jpg]LOGAN: Yeah, I looked at the statement. I should be getting more money.

AVI: You think because you still have cheques, you still have money.

LOGAN: [angrily] I'm not saying I deserve more. I'm saying there's money missing.

AVI: It's complicated.

Logan rises from the sofa.

LOGAN: All right, then I'll talk to my lawyer, see if he can't figure it out.

AVI: I'll do you one better.

Avi stands to face him.

AVI: [condescendingly] We'll send all your financial records right over.


The lift doors at the end of the corridor outside Logan's suite ping and open. Veronica and Logan pause inside.

VERONICA: You're not showing me porn?


VERONICA: Is it a fuzzy, new-born kitten?

They exit the lift and head for the suite.

LOGAN: Look, the meeting with Avi Kaufman, bean counter to the stars, didn't go very well. My trust fund's evaporating faster than it should. I think he's skimming off the top.

VERONICA: My dad has got a great accountant.

LOGAN: I'm thinking I need more of a private detective to help me nail this guy to the wall.

[304/0601.jpg]Logan, having used his key card, starts to open the door.

VERONICA: Well, show me the records. I'm sure I can make sense of-

Veronica stops short and her face falls as the door opens. Logan smirks.

LOGAN: Go get 'em, bobcat.

There are boxes and boxes of files (at least ten) stacked up inside the suite. Veronica sighs.

Opening credits.


Keith is working quietly in his office. He glances up at the sound of steps and a light knock on the door jamb.


A woman stands at the door, a little nervous and uncertain.

HARMONY: Um, I don't have an appointment. Do you remember me by any chance?

KEITH: From Judge Crawford's Christmas parties, of course.

Keith rises from his desk and walks towards.

KEITH: Harmony, right?


She holds out her arm and they shake hands warmly.

HARMONY: You helped me with my tyre that one year.

KEITH: And you thanked me profusely every year after that.

They both chuckle. Keith points to a chair and returns to his.

KEITH: Sit, sit, please. What-What can I do for you?

HARMONY: Um, well, uh. You ever heard this one before? I think my husband's having an affair.

KEITH: [surprised] Oh.

HARMONY: You didn't know I was married.

KEITH: I didn't.

HARMONY: Everyone's always surprised. You can wear a ring, but if the husband's never around...

KEITH: So, what makes you think he's involved with someone?

She shrugs.

[304/0743.jpg]HARMONY: Working late, mysterious calls, last minute business trips. I keep looking for the lipstick on his collar just so it's full-on trite, but...then there's the fact that we're in a loveless marriage, he's a kind of glorified roommate these days who happens to be a fantastic father. I had settled into that being my life, happy daughter, façade of happy marriage...

KEITH: And then you got a couple "don't wait up" calls.

HARMONY: I can't just leave for me. I need a reason. Do I sound awful?

Keith shakes his head.


Veronica consults the computer for a waiting student.

VERONICA: Russian literature, between Tolstoy and Turgenev.

She nods and he walks away. Veronica continues to gaze at the screen until interrupted by Wallace.

[304/0815.jpg]WALLACE: I liked the other place you worked better.

VERONICA: Think maybe that's because we had food there?

WALLACE: Did you see this?

Wallace holds up the copy of the Hearst Free Press that he is carrying.

VERONICA: "Pi Sig frat common thread in campus rapes."

Under the headline that she has read out loud, the sub-headline is "Fraternity events overlapping rapes." There's a graphic of the Pi Sigs house and blacked out pictures of four women surrounding it, with lines running down to a big question mark placed over the porch of the house. On the left-hand side, the smaller story headlines are: "Inflate Me More," More Than Music," and "Climb This."

WALLACE: There was a Pi Sig event the night of every attack. There's a little graphic and everything.

Wallace turns the paper over to reveal the bottom half. There is a bar graph under the heading "Rape-ternity?" Veronica takes the paper and looks more closely.

VERONICA: Coloured ink. It must be true.

WALLACE: The last girl, Claire, was at the Pi Sig haunted house the night she was raped.

VERONICA: I trust Nish as far as I can throw her, but I can't throw those frat boys very far either. I'm feeling pretty anxious to give it a try, though.


Keith leaves the apartment, laden with his bag over his shoulder. He pauses after shutting the door.

KEITH: Can I help you?

Dick appears to be trying the door of the apartment next door. It's the one Duncan and Veronica used in 211 "Donut Run" and now appears to be occupied, given the light seen through the blind in the window.

DICK: Do you know which one of these is Veronica's?

Dick turns, faces and recognises Keith.

DICK: Oh, guess so. This is so freaky. I've totally been to this complex before. We had to pick up our maid here once.

Keith continues to observe his passively.

DICK: Is Veronica home?

With minimal enthusiasm, Keith unlocks the door to the apartment and opens it for Dick. Dick smiles and steps forward, making a great production out of wiping his feet on the mat.


Dick steps inside, followed closely by Keith.

KEITH: Honey?

Dick looks around, feigning interest.

DICK: Ah, it's like a little kitchen area, huh? Oh, it's so awesome.

Veronica comes out from her bedroom.

[304/0934.jpg]VERONICA: If you're not gonna shoo it out with a newspaper, I'm stepping on it.

DICK: Hey, buddy. Hope it's not weird me just showing up. I can't believe I've known you forever and you've never had me over.

VERONICA: You left a flaming bag of dog poo in front of our door one time. That was kind of a play date.

Dick grins and nods.

KEITH: You need me to...

VERONICA: It's fine.

Keith nods at Dick and exits.

DICK: You guys are cute.

VERONICA: Dick! Why are you here?

DICK: You saw that article about the Pi Sig house, right? That girl Claire gets raped after one of our parties, and suddenly, school's all in a bunch. There's like this hearing scheduled to try to get us kicked off campus, and that's where you come in.

VERONICA: I get to do the kickin'?

DICK: You get to be the spy who loves me. The guys were really impressed with how you cleared the frat of the rape last year.

VERONICA: Were they? That means so little.

DICK: They knew we had, like, this connection. So, they sent me here to hire you. We need you to do your Veronica thing and prove it's a pack o' lies.

VERONICA: Is it? A pack of lies?

DICK: We're a frat. Why rape the cow when you're swimming in free milk?

[304/1035.jpg]Veronica snorts.

VERONICA: Maybe you guys should hire someone you don't disgust.

DICK: They don't care about the disgusted thing. They want you.

Veronica scoffs and then pauses to think. She comes to a decision.

VERONICA: I'll need full access to the fraternity. I need to know everything about the night of the haunted house. My fee is fifteen hundred up front.

DICK: Really?

Dick glances around the apartment, derisive.

DICK: That's what you guys make?

VERONICA: That's the Pi Sig rate.

DICK: Okay.

VERONICA: And you'll need to leave right now before I change my mind.

Dick runs out of the apartment.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Who knew that when opportunity knocked, it would look like a horny surfer?

After closing the door behind him, he turns back and does thumbs up, shouting through the glass.

DICK: Thank you.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And he hand-delivered an invitation into the belly of the beast.


Keith is sitting in his car, in site of a small office building, the ground floor lights of which are blazing. He punches an auto-dial button on his cell.

HARMONY: [on phone] Hello?

KEITH: Hi, it's Keith Mars.

HARMONY: [on phone] Can I guess? She's blonde, twenty-two, no visible pores, and pierced navel.

KEITH: Nope. Nope, looks like he's, uh, really working late. I've been parked by his car all night.


[304/1135.jpg]Harmony is sitting on the couch in her home, fingering a card.

HARMONY: Really? Huh.

The camera continues to switch between the locations for the course of the call.


KEITH: The office on the bottom floor, right?


The card she is turning over and over in her hand is Keith's business card.

HARMONY: So, you're just sitting there looking at his car?

KEITH: Yeah. It's glamorous, I know.

Harmony laughs.

HARMONY: At least it's your job. I did it a couple of weeks ago for sport. I was so sure he was cheating, I decided to follow him. I wore a hat and sunglasses.

Keith, clearly smitten, smiles.

[304/1204.jpg]HARMONY: Not my finest hour.

KEITH: No more I Love Lucy reruns for you.

HARMONY: Hey, we should have a bet. She's blonde and twenty-two, you owe me a beer.


KEITH: Goodnight, Harmony.

HARMONY: [on phone] Goodnight.

Keith closes the phone with something of a sigh. He looks down at the file open on the passenger seat. It's a file marked "Marvin Chase" and has a picture of Marvin and Harmony clipped at the top. He gazes at it until he hears an approaching car. He takes pictures as Marvin exits the passenger side. Keith takes a picture of and notes down the license plate number. A woman emerges from the driver's side. Keith snaps away. He leans back and sighs.


Veronica is sitting at the kitchen counter, working. She is wearing a camel-coloured jacket and her hair is pulled back in a no-nonsense ponytail. Keith enters, adjusting his tie and looking spiffy in a suit.

KEITH: My accountant said she'd be finished looking over Logan's files this afternoon.

On seeing him, Veronica does a wolf whistle.


Keith is equally surprised at his daughter's appearance.

KEITH: Are we start going to church or are you addressing the junior league?

VERONICA: Bland is the new hot.

Keith pours himself some coffee.

KEITH: Is it possible your boyfriend's financial problems are just his champagne wishes and caviar dreams biting him on the ass?

VERONICA: One solid-gold foosball table and a couple of man servants and suddenly he's spendy.

Keith takes a sip of the coffee, grimaces and pours it down the sink, so placing him right next to Veronica at the counter. She cocks her head towards him and sniffs as he continues to fiddle with his tie.

[304/1310.jpg]VERONICA: Umm, did you trip and fall onto sandalwood, musk, and a hint of spicy citrus or is that cologne?

KEITH: [defensively] It's aftershave. I'm going to traffic court.

VERONICA: Sexy traffic court?


Keith heads out but not before noticing Veronica's sensible shoes.

KEITH: Nice shoes. You change your major to Women's Studies?

VERONICA: Ha! Yuck it up, fancy pants.

Veronica watches him leave, her face a mixture of curiosity and amusement.


Keith is working at his desk.

HARMONY: [offscreen] Hello!

KEITH: In here!

Keith stands as Harmony arrives, bearing a large pizza box.

HARMONY: Oh, I hope it's okay. I only have twenty minutes, so I brought lunch.

KEITH: Oh, I'm booked pretty solid too.

HARMONY: Oh, it's a good thing I brought a whole pie then.

She places it on the desk, opens the box and sits down.

KEITH: Thank you. It's very thoughtful.

Keith takes his seat, grinning.


Keith grabs and open his file.

KEITH: The woman who dropped Marvin off is named Carly Hearn.

Harmony falls back in her chair.

HARMONY: Wow! How 'bout that.

KEITH: I take it you know her.

HARMONY: Yeah. Carly works at Reilly International. Marvin does a lot of business with them. He once told me that she's the smartest woman he's ever met.

KEITH: I only saw her dropping him off. It's possible it was just business.

[304/1425.jpg]Harmony smirks, then laughs.

HARMONY: Having such a weird reaction to this. I'm supposed to be jealous, right?

KEITH: I think you should probably just feel however you're feeling.

Keith laughs too.

HARMONY: I feel strangely...

Harmony uses her arms to lift her body off the chair, stretching, before collapsing back down.

HARMONY: Impressed...and relieved. I was sure it was going to be a cocktail waitress putting herself through massage school, and my daughter would want me to buy her tank tops with "Bootylicious" across the front. I think Carly went to Yale.

Keith checks the file.

KEITH: Brown.


Harmony sighs and grabs a piece of pizza.

KEITH: You ever tie your husband's tie?

Harmony pauses in bringing the pizza to her mouth, giving Keith a questioning look. Keith picks something up from his desk by the pizza box and holds it up. It's a tiny microphone. Harmony stares at it.


Stacked pizza boxes are being rifled through to find one with contents. A frat brother sitting on the couch finds success with the bottom box and pulls out a slice. Veronica is standing in the centre of the room, waiting.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: When entering a frat house full of accused rapists, the pants suit is a solid wardrobe choice. It's fashion's way of saying, "Move along, nothing to see here."

Chip enters from another room, noting first his brother's activities. He points at him.

[304/1525.jpg]CHIP: Hey, you better leave me a slice, bro.

He comes to a halt in front of Veronica.

CHIP: Hey, Veronica.

VERONICA: Yeah, hey. So, I'll need to know where each frat brother was at the time of the rape.

CHIP: Isn't the best way to clear us to figure out who really did it?

VERONICA: That's what I'm doing. I need to know who saw what.

CHIP: Yeah, fine. Whatever you want.

VERONICA: So, the newspaper said that the last thing Claire remembered from the night of her attack was buying a drink in front of the haunted house. Do you remember who was serving drinks?

CHIP: Uh...

Chip laughs.

CHIP: It was Charleston. Uh, you don't want to talk to him, though, he's an idiot.

Veronica just smiles and stares at Chip expectantly. Cut to a small alcove off the main room where Charleston is playing pinball on a table dedicated to Baywatch. Music: unidentified. Veronica is standing somewhat impatiently by him, for Charleston is not interrupting his game for her. She consults her notebook.

VERONICA: Your last name is Chu?


VERONICA: [quizzically (Charleston Chew is an American candy bar)] Charleston Chu?

CHARLESTON: My first name's really Hsiang. Look. I just poured flat soda into plastic cups. I don't know anything about the rape.

VERONICA: Wow. I didn't even have to ask. Did you work the stand all night?

CHARLESTON: I guess. I don't remember every second, so, yeah, I probably served her a drink. Doesn't mean I raped her.

Veronica writes in her notebook.

VERONICA: Nope, it just means you're the most likely suspect, Token, and when the media circus starts, you know, like it did at Duke, that whole lacrosse rape scandal, who do you think they're gonna get to do the perp walk on the six o'clock news.

Veronica puts her notebook in her bag and turns, walking away.

CHARLESTON: You're supposed to be working for us.

This doesn't cause her to pause and Charleston is forced to abandon his game and chase after her.

CHARLESTON: Okay, wait!

Veronica smiles as he catches up with her in the main room.

CHARLESTON: Wait up. Wait. All right, there's...there's more.

Veronica finally stops and turns to face him. End music: unidentified.

CHARLESTON: Once the bank for the refreshment stand reached five hundred dollars, we were supposed to bring it up to Chip's room, right, 'cause he's in charge of the cash. So, I did but his door was locked. I heard noises, I started knocking, and then...then, like, Chip whips open the door, all pissed off and out of breath.

VERONICA: 'Cause that's where his StairMaster is?

CHARLESTON: He was buck naked and sweaty. Like I caught him in...

VERONICA: Flagrante.

CHARLESTON: No, in the middle of sex.

Veronica pauses to consider the inadequacies of a college education. Behind them, a frat brother is opening the front door of the house.

FRAT BROTHER: Can you believe what's going on outside?

[304/1734.jpg]The muted sounds that could be heard as soon as Charleston and Veronica reached the main room are given clarity by the open door. It is the sound of protesters. Veronica and Charleston follow the frat brother out and stand on the porch.


PROTESTERS: No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first. No more rapes at Hearst, women's safety first.

It's something of a circus. One small and another much larger group of girls are chanting and holding up placards. Photographers are snapping the event. In the main group are: a bald Claire, holding a placard that says, "We Will Stop You," Nancy, holding a large poster bearing a picture of herself and bearing the legend "Victim #3 Nancy Cooper, Parker, holding a similar poster as Victim #4, and Nish. Amongst the other posters and placards are the following messages: "Five rapes, five too many," "We demand action," Rape is a hate...," and "Give a hoot, don't rape." Parker stumbles a bit on the intensity of the chant when she sees Veronica on the porch. Veronica isn't thrilled to be seen there herself. Dick emerges from the house, shirtless and carrying a cocktail in a plastic cup. He puts his arm around Veronica's shoulders.

[304/1747.jpg]DICK: [channelling Heather O'Rourke in Poltergeist] They're here.

Veronica throws him a look of disgust.


A pair of discarded women's shoes is on the floor by the small couch in the main office. Harmony and Keith are sat on the couch, facing each other, very comfortable. Keith is telling his tales of his law enforcement days and Harmony is engrossed.

HARMONY: You arrested the wrong guy?

KEITH: Totally wrong guy. I'd march him away, he didn't say a word, like he was relieved just to have an excuse to get out of the house.

Harmony laughs.

KEITH: Now that was a rocky marriage.

Their tête-à-tête is interrupted by the arrival of Veronica and Logan.

KEITH: Hey, Veronica.

First Keith and then Harmony get up from the couch. Veronica immediately takes in the tableau.

[304/1811.jpg]VERONICA: Hey, yourself.

HARMONY: Veronica, the liberator of lobsters?

LOGAN: Awe, I never knew.

VERONICA: A single lobster, once, from the Chart House when I was seven. He tells that one to all the new clients.

KEITH: Uh, you know, Harmony, I, um, 'm actually expecting another appointment coming in.

HARMONY: Of course.

Harmony puts her shoes back on.

HARMONY: Okay, I'll talk to you.

Harmony makes her way out of the office.

KEITH: Yeah, I'll be in touch. Thanks.

HARMONY: Bye-bye.



Keith's gaze lingers at the door before he returns his attention to Logan.

KEITH: I spoke to my accountant, and, uh, your business manager doesn't appear to be stealing anything. The Echolls estate contributes ten thousand dollars a month to an organisation called Aaron's Kids, and that's where the missing money is going.

Veronica looks puzzled.

LOGAN: And Aaron's Kids? Is that my dad's pathetic excuse for a charity?

KEITH: I hope that helps clear things up for you.

Keith returns to his office. Veronica and Logan both look dissatisfied. Cut to later. Logan, having been out, returns to the office carrying a large brown bag which he carries to Veronica's desk.

LOGAN: Hey, I'm sorry it took so long. I went out for Thai and ended up getting a massage. You should have been more specific.

Veronica is at her laptop. Logan bends down to see the screen.

VERONICA: Your dad's charity, Aaron's Kids, was a non-profit corporation that shut down years ago. Aaron's Kidz, spelled with a Z, is still in business, however. Its chairman is Avi Kaufman, your dad's business manager, and this Aaron's Kidz isn't even remotely a charity.


Judging by the change of clothes, it is the next day. Veronica and Logan are eating at one of the small Food Court tables.

LOGAN: Hey, you think I should dangle Kaufman out of a window by his ankles?

VERONICA: How 'bout you numb your fury with grease and fat, until I can do a little more homework?

LOGAN: Reason, huh? Not sure I like it.

Veronica sees something of interest beyond Logan.

VERONICA: Here's a fun thing to say to your beau. Mind if I go put the screws to someone?

LOGAN: Go ahead, screw your brains out.

Veronica gives Logan a kiss on the cheek (which he promptly wipes off with a napkin) and heads over to one of the service counters where Chip has just collected some food on a tray. Veronica notices that his hands are badly bruised.

[304/2006.jpg]VERONICA: Whoa! What happened to your mitts? Let me guess. It involved a cookie jar.

CHIP: I was working the boo room at the haunted house.

VERONICA: "Boo room"?

CHIP: You know, it's a staple of haunted houses. It's pitch black, we dress like cat burglars, jump out, yell "boo."

VERONICA: So your hands ended up bruised how?

CHIP: Uh, I was crouched down and one of the guys stomped on 'em.

VERONICA: Hmm. Okay, next question, and this one's tougher. Who were you knocking boots with that night?

Chip laughs uncomfortably.

VERONICA: The night Claire was raped, you were naked and sweaty, locked in your room with some mystery girl.

CHIP: Charleston's pretty chatty, huh? Ah, that boy scares easy.

VERONICA: A problem is just an opportunity in disguise. Tell me who you were with, I'll confirm it and you're in the clear.

CHIP: No, I'm not. I could tell you but the girl I was with will never in a million years admit to it.

[304/2058.jpg]EXT - HEARST COLLEGE - DAY.

Charleston and his girlfriend, Charlotte, are sucking face. The girl giggles as Charleston pulls away.

CHARLESTON: Okay, I gotta go.

He pulls himself out of her arms. She waves. Charleston, as he's walking away backwards, puts his hand on his heart, then points at her. He turns and runs off. Charlotte laughs and continues to watch him go as Veronica comes to stand next to her.

VERONICA: Sad to see him go, but it's nice to watch him leave.

Charlotte turns to Veronica.

CHARLOTTE: Do I know you?

VERONICA: Oh, I'm friends with your boyfriend, Charleston...and your boy on the side, Chip.

CHARLOTTE: What are you talking about?

VERONICA: You and Chip. Weren't you his date to the haunted house? I hear you went as the beast with two backs.

CHARLOTTE: No. Why would you even say that?

VERONICA: Look, you're Chip's alibi. The time will come when you'll have to own up to it or things will really go south for Chip and the Pi Sigs.

Charlotte gets snotty.

CHARLOTTE: I don't need to own up to anything.

She marches off. Veronica, miffed, watches her go. Dick strides up behind her.

DICK: You're torturing me.

Veronica turns to face his with a big smile.

VERONICA: Without even trying? God, I'm good.

DICK: My brothers are all sorts of pissed. They think you're coming after them, instead of trying to find the real raper.

[304/2151.jpg]VERONICA: Do you mean rapist? Learn the terminology.

Dick does an exaggerated, "couldn't care less" shrug. In doing so, he holds out his arms and Veronica notices that one of his hands is very bruised, just like Chip's.

VERONICA: What happened to your hand?

DICK: Window fell on it. Whatever. Look, people are really starting to think we rape. The hearing is in two days, so go work your little pixie spy magic and fix this.

VERONICA: Logan said you showed up at his place the night of Parker's rape, all wrecked, saying you screwed up.

DICK: Whipped guys make the worst friends.

Dick storms off.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So, Dick, a rapist?


Veronica is at her desk in the bedroom, thinking.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Two in the same household. Possibly. Quarterbacks seem to run in the Manning family. I know Logan's always worried about being genetically predestined for anti-social behaviour.

Veronica gets up and walks to her whiteboard.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I suppose that's a question best left to the social scientists. Right now, it's time to figure out where his money is going.

She writes on it: "Avi Kaufman, Chairman" and underneath: "DBA Micardo Enterprises." She draws a box around them and steps back to look at her handiwork. As she returns to her desk, the camera discloses the whole board on which, in addition to that she just wrote, is another box above with "Aarons Kidz" written in it. From the box she just drew, there is an arrow pointing down to a big question mark. At her desk, Veronica pulls up the Planet Zowie search engine and types in "micardo." She gets a number of hits, the top one being for Micardo Enterprises, reading: "Micardo Enterprises specializes in...Learn more about Micardo Enterprises and how we can help...All rights reserved, copyright Micardo Enterprises - 118k." Underneath that main entries are two sub-entries: "Micardo Enterprises/Contact. ...Located in Southern California, Micardo Enterprises looks...for the employee of Micardo Enterprises that you would like to contact...Thank you, the Micardo = 109k" and "Micardo Enterprises/Strategies. Micardo Enterprises utilizes the best tools to ensure the...Founded with the goal of taking vital aspects of your business...Our responsive support staff will facilitate in - 122k." Veronica clicks on the contact entry. A page from Micardo Enterprises pops up on screen, indicating that the president of the company is on Ryan Douglas (800) 555-0199 Phone, (657) 555-0147 Fax. Veronica is on the phone.

VERONICA: Hi. Can I speak to Ryan Douglas, please? It's about his interest in Micardo Enterprises.

[304/2329.jpg]Sometime later, a weary Keith enters the apartment. He puts down his stuff and then notices the light under Veronica's door. He enters her room and walks over to her desk where Veronica is still sitting staring at the whiteboard. She sighs and glances at her father.

VERONICA: This new case is keeping you out late.

KEITH: You look wiped out. What you up to?

Keith looks over at the whiteboard.

VERONICA: I was trying to seal the embezzlement case against Logan's business manager.

The whiteboard is now full. An arrow from the Kaufman/Micardo box now leads to the left side of the board, to a box marked "H.Jardon Ent," also in a box. From it there are three arrows leading to different boxes, and from them, more arrows. The names include Kelly Spada (for the fan who organised the "Save Veronica Mars" plane before Season Three was confirmed) and Askwith International (for a fan who spent some time in San Diego with the crew on a project). They lead to one name - Charlie Stone.

VERONICA: I discovered something else entirely.

KEITH: Who's Charlie Stone?

Veronica doesn't answer, but just stares up at her father.


Logan is out on the balcony, looking out over Neptune. Veronica can be seen behind him, entering the suite. He hears the door shut and smiles, watching her walking out to join him.

LOGAN: Perfect timing. I think Lonely Telescope Guy is getting tired of me just mooning him.

Veronica puts her hands on his shoulders.

VERONICA: [softly] I need to talk to you. I followed the trust money all the way down the rabbit hole. The payments are going to a person named Charlie Stone. Do you know who that is?

LOGAN: No, should I?

VERONICA: Yeah, probably. Charlie Stone is your brother.

[304/2455.jpg]Logan is stunned. Cut to moments later. Logan is staring out into the night.

VERONICA: Your dad's business manager buried him pretty deep. You weren't supposed to find out. No one was. I googled him. All I learned was that he teaches at a private school, in San Juan Capistrano, but he is in the book.

Veronica hands him a slip of paper.

VERONICA: Here's his number.

LOGAN: Yeah, and what am I supposed to do?


It's later, Veronica is gone and Logan is inside, staring down at the number. He punches it into his cell phone.

ANSWER MACHINE: Hi, this is Charlie. Please leave a message.


Logan is very hesitant.

LOGAN: Charlie, it's, uh...Logan Echolls calling.


[304/2543.jpg]Veronica runs to join Parker, walking across campus.

VERONICA: Parker! Hey.

PARKER: Save yourself the performance. I know you're working for the Pi Sigs.

VERONICA: I'm not working for the Pi Sigs. I'm working for you.


VERONICA: I'm just using this opportunity to get close to them so I can figure out what they're up to.

PARKER: Yeah, and you're trying to find out who raped me by hugging it out with Dick Casablancas?

VERONICA: You know Dick?

PARKER: I gave him my number at orientation. I actually thought he was cute. Mac said he showed up at our room the night before the rape and was pounding on the door, looking for me.

VERONICA: Did you tell anyone?

PARKER: No, when I talked to the sheriff, I didn't know about it. He's not as harmless as he looks. Nancy said he chased her out of the haunted house, screaming at her, calling her a bitch.

VERONICA: Why was he screaming at her?

PARKER: Next time you guys are snuggling on the frat house porch, ask him.

Parker hurries away from Veronica.


Keith is parked outside a bar or restaurant. He has an earpiece in his ear and is listening to Marvin and Carly's conversation as they exit and walk towards their car.

CARLY: I would if I could, but for now, Jerry is still the boss.

MARVIN: Does he respect your opinion?

CARLY: I think he sees Joe as some kind of a side project.

[304/2717.jpg]Keith takes some pictures. Marvin takes Carly's hand to help her skip over a puddle.

CARLY: He thinks he's going to get Joe to turn around. Based on what?

MARVIN: Projections he came up with at bingo. He's one of those people who thinks that years he's logged are in direct proportion to how smart he is.

They've reached the car and Marvin opens the door for Carly. She doesn't get in, instead leaning in for a kiss. Keith gets the shot.


Veronica is sitting on the floor, leaning against wall in a dorm. Nancy approaches. Veronica rises.

VERONICA: Can I talk to you?

NANCY: You a little busy doing funnel shots with the Pi Sigs?

VERONICA: Aren't you? I heard you went to their haunted house. That must have been fun. Did you go as a hypocrite?

NANCY: I went with Claire because we heard there was a grope room.

VERONICA: And you were looking for a little grab-assing?

NANCY: A little poetic justice.

Veronica cocks her head quizzically.

NANCY: They set up this boo room so they could fondle girls as they went through. So, we dressed up as rats and strategically put rat traps on all of our gropable parts.

Veronica chuckles.

[304/2804.jpg]VERONICA: Okay, that is pretty genius.

NANCY: I was in the room all of three seconds before Dick Casablancas was caught in one of my traps.

VERONICA: Their bruised hands.

NANCY: It must have hurt because he ran me out of the party, screaming.

VERONICA: Was Claire with you?

NANCY: No. That's when I lost track of her. I looked for her forever and I thought I saw her later on down the street from the party, but it wasn't her.

VERONICA: You're sure?

NANCY: Yeah. I yelled for her. Nothing. The sheriff knows all of this.

VERONICA: So, the girl you thought was Claire. Where did you see her?


Veronica walks down a street, seen from the inside of a store.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Nancy thought she saw Claire on the street outside of this convenience store. It's worth making sure she wasn't right the first time.


She enters the store and heads for the counter where an elderly man is working.

VERONICA: Hi. I was wondering-

WALTER: I'm not hiring.

VERONICA: Actually, I was wondering if you were working last Saturday night.

WALTER: I work every Saturday night. What else am I gonna do?

Veronica digs a picture of Claire out of her bag and hands it to the man.

VERONICA: Do you remember seeing this girl. Her name is Claire.

WALTER: Yeah, I saw her. So drunk she could barely stand. If your parents knew what you kids really do here...

[304/2909.jpg]Veronica is a little taken aback at the preaching.

VERONICA: A-And you're sure it was her?

WALTER: She came in with a guy. She's falling asleep on my magazine rack. He's trying to scrap together change to buy prophylactics. Then he's all mad because he can't use a credit card unless he spends fifteen dollars. So, I sent him next door to the ATM. They came back later. He bought his raincoats - one less bastard child conceived by morons.

Veronica's eyes widen at that. The man hands back the photo with a flourish.

WALTER: Everyone's haaaaappy.


Slightly bemused, Veronica smiles, takes the photo and leaves.


From inside the suite, the camera looks out on the balcony. Logan is sitting at a small table, drinking beer. He is listening to the guest sitting next to him at the table.

CHARLIE: I started bugging my mom about who my dad was when I was, I don't know, six, seven. Then on my tenth birthday, my mom takes me to see Aaron Echolls in Thought Police.

The camera switches to the balcony, revealing Logan's guest, a young man.

CHARLIE: She points to the screen and she says, "That's the guy. That's your dad."

LOGAN: She took you to see Thought Police on your birthday? Did she hate you?

Charlie laughs.

CHARLIE: I'm, like, mom, don't screw with my head. I'm ten. I can't deal with the news that the guy mind-wrestling with Stallone on screen knocked you up. She was a stewardess when she met Aaron. She said she met him working first class on an L.A. to New York red-eye. My mom is a looker.

[304/3010.jpg]Charlie, not drinking beer, takes a sip from the cup in front of him.

LOGAN: Yeah, I'm sure she is.

CHARLIE: I didn't believe her 'til she showed me the cheques, the hush money. How many kids of single parent flight-attends score the best private schools, still I'd see pictures of your family and think that life should be mine.

LOGAN: Nah, you don't want it. Trust me-

CHARLIE: No, I know, that's the thing. The more I watched, the happier I was that it wasn't my family. Your dad cheats on your mom, it's on the cover of People. Your sister shoots Nicole Richie with a BB gun, Jay Leno opens his monologue with it. Then the murder. I started wondering if something was wrong with me, you know, if this is my bloodline.

LOGAN: Yeah, join the club.

Logan holds out his bottle and they clink drinking vessels. Charlie drains his cup and looks at his watch.

CHARLIE: Ah, this has been great but I gotta run. Papers to grade.

LOGAN: Well, yeah, it has.

They stand.

LOGAN: We'll have to do it again. Longer next time.

CHARLIE: I'd like to hear about him, Aaron, the details, good or bad.

LOGAN: Yeah, bad mostly.

CHARLIE: There's just this void. You know him...

Veronica opens the door from the suite onto the balcony.

VERONICA: Oh, hello.

LOGAN: Veronica, this is my half-brother, Charlie. Charlie, my girlfriend, Veronica.

Charlie and Veronica shake hands.

[304/3122.jpg]CHARLIE: Hey, nice to meet you.

VERONICA: Yeah, you too.

LOGAN: Oh, Charlie has to get home, grade papers. He's got an honest job. He's a contributing member of society. Very un-Echolls.

CHARLIE: Yeah, and if I get them graded by tonight, I can hit Zuma at dawn.

Veronica smiles blandly, but Logan responds with enthusiasm.

LOGAN: You surf?

CHARLIE: As often and as long as I can.

LOGAN: Man, we are brothers.

Charlie pats Logan on the arm and walks past Veronica into the suite. Logan follows him. Veronica stays on the balcony, thoughtful.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I have options. I could be excited for Logan.


Veronica enters a school, passing a notice for a canned food drive and various others, including one that says, "Go Calvert."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Thrilled even that his new brother is such a keeper. Or, I can be me.

She arrives at the classroom door of Mr. Stone (through the portals of which no food or beverages may pass). She knocks. A young, dark-haired man opens the door and smiles pleasantly. There is a classroom of kids behind him.

[304/3156.jpg]VERONICA: Hi. Um, sorry to bother you. Are you by any chance the sub for Mr. Stone?

MR. STONE: No, I'm the real deal. I'm Mr. Stone.

Veronica stares at him as he glances back at the classroom.

MR. STONE: Sorry, I've got a class starting. Did you need something?

VERONICA: No, uh, just looking for someone else.

MR. STONE: Okay, then I gotta call roll.

The real Charlie Stone returns to his pupils and the door swings shut.


Logan and the fake Charlie are on the water, wearing wet suits and sitting astride their surf boards.

[304/3249.jpg]LOGAN: So, it's Christmas, right? The entire family unit is around...

Logan spits out some water.

LOGAN: Which was rare. And I'm, I don't know, I'm nine and Aaron hands me a gift, but he notices the box has been re-wrapped, you know, so he knows I peeked. I'm nine years old; he's re-gifting me a fruit basket.

Charlie shakes his head.

LOGAN: He starts shouting about how I've ruined Christmas.

CHARLIE: Oh, my God.

LOGAN: Yeah. And he, uh, he tells me I'm not opening another gift until I eat all twelve pears in the box.

CHARLIE: Damn, man, the scissors incident, the drained swimming pool episode, now the box of pears.

LOGAN: Yeah. So, I'm eating the pears and taking my time, taking these dainty bites...the man comes unhinged. Takes these pears and just starts shoving them down my throat one after another. And then...and I'm choking but he doesn't stop until my mom holds a cheese knife to his throat. To this day, I puke if I smell a pear.

Charlie doesn't know what to say. He stares in the distance until Logan pushes him over on his surf board and then flips over himself.


Music: unidentified. With their wetsuits stripped off to the waist and carrying their boards under their arms, they walk up the beach, chatting amiably. Logan spots Veronica, sitting on some rocks with her laptop open, and veers Charlie and himself in her direction.

LOGAN: Quick Jim, hide them hookers!

Veronica gives a fake chuckle as the boys join her and set down their boards.

VERONICA: Hi, Logan. Hi, Norman Phipps.

LOGAN: What did you call him?

VERONICA: His name. Norman Phipps. At least, that's the name of the guy who rented his rental car and a quick google check reveals that Norman Phipps is a contributor to Vanity Fair.

Logan is shattered.

VERONICA: Thank God for mobile wireless, huh? So, Norman, how's your story coming.

NORMAN: It's great. In fact, I'm almost there. Just one thing, Logan. That fruit basket? Was it from Harry and David? God is in the details.

[304/3427.jpg]Logan takes a threatening stride.

NORMAN: Ah, please take a swing. It'd make a great lead.

Logan smiles and appears to back off, but then lashes out and punches him. Norman falls to the ground. Without a backward glance, Logan picks up his board.

VERONICA: I'm so sorry. I should've just left it alone.

Logan walks away. End music: unidentified.


The scene opens on Keith's picture of Marvin and Carly kissing.

HARMONY: [offscreen] I guess this is the money shot.

Keith and Harmony are sitting side by side on the small couch in the main office.


She drops the picture.

HARMONY: I wanted proof, I got proof. So, now I do it, right, I leave him.

KEITH: Harmony...

HARMONY: Is that standard operating procedure? I mean, do I kick him out, will he move out, do I take our daughter to a hotel

KEITH: Before you do anything...

He reaches into his jacket pocket. He pulls out a small tape recorder.

KEITH: You need to hear this.

He switches it on and puts it down on the table. It plays (a different take from that shown earlier - whoops).

MARVIN: [on tape] He's one of those people, thinks the number of years he's logged are in direct proportion to how smart-

There's the smacking noise of a kiss.

MARVIN: [on tape] Whoa, wait, Carly. Stop. I can't. I have a wife, family. I'm not gonna do this.

Harmony drops her head in her hands.

KEITH: They left separately. I followed Marvin back to your house. This morning he handed off the Reilly International account to someone named...

[304/3540.jpg]Keith consults his notebook.

KEITH: Uh, Daryl Derryberry.

HARMONY: I should go home.

Keith nods sadly.

KEITH: Yes, you should.

Harmony stands and walks out, her shoulders drooped in defeat. Cut to later. Keith is at his desk, regretting lost opportunity. Veronica leans against the door jamb.

VERONICA: Remember that case a couple years ago where that woman was impersonating her boss? How did you [with air quotes] "obtain" the ATM photos that proved it?

KEITH: I know a guy.

Veronica's face indicates that she wants more.

KEITH: A representative of the bank. He needs to request a court order and once the court order is issued, it only takes about an hour to get the photos.

VERONICA: So, it's a piece of cake.

KEITH: A monkey, with a friend who's a bank representative can do it.

Veronica leans down onto the desk and smiles.

VERONICA: So, Bubbles. You feel like doing me a solid? Hm?


Students are converging on the Administration building, including a group of about six Pi Sigs in suits, led by Chip and Dick. Veronica appears in their path.

VERONICA: Hello, Chip, Dick, faceless Star Trek crew members.

CHIP: Hey! Here to give us our money back?


[304/3700.jpg]Veronica pulls something out of a file.

VERONICA: The morning after the haunted house, Claire woke up alone in the park, five a.m., her head was shaved.

Veronica hands Chip a picture. It shows Claire, looking out of it, standing at the ATM machine. Behind her is an Asian boy, his hands on his hips.

VERONICA: This photo was taken of Claire the night she was raped. It's from an ATM on the corner of Stanton and Lake. Look at the timestamp.

Chip hands the picture to Dick.

VERONICA: Two a.m. The haunted house had been closed for two hours. She still has her hair, so we know she hasn't been raped yet. And look who she's with.

DICK: Who's that dude? It's not one of us.

VERONICA: Precisely. You Pi Sigs have exactly one Asian member and that's not him. [unenthusiastically] Voila. It's proof of innocence. Courtesy of pixie spy magic.

The Pi Sigs are delighted. Veronica turns slowly and freezes. She starts to walk forward.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Hmm. When did the Greek chorus of feminist shame arrive?

Claire, Nancy, Parker and Nish front a small group of girls staring at her with disgust.


The real Charlie Stone arrives at Calvert Academy in his cars. There's a media circus waiting for him.

All right, move it. Come on, get a shot. Can we get a shot, please?
...part of the Echolls family.
Sir, can you just stop for one second? I just what to ask you a few questions?

Charlie avoids them all and heads into the school.


Veronica is sitting somewhere on the campus, reading.

PARKER: [offscreen] Good news.

Veronica looks up. Parker puts on a congratulatory pose.

PARKER: The Pi Sigs were absolved.

VERONICA: [sighing] Because they were innocent.

[304/3808.jpg]Parker drops the sarcasm and folds her arms.

PARKER: Because you helped them, which is what you were trying to do all along.

Veronica gives her a WTF look.

PARKER: How do you live with yourself?

VERONICA: I was looking for the truth and I found it. You wanna nail someone to the wall, just to have someone nailed there, or do you want the person responsible to pay?

Veronica stands up to her and stares at her for a moment, long enough for Parker to show signs of discomfort. Veronica walks away.


Veronica walks across campus, taking a swig from the bottle of water she is carrying. Logan runs at her, grabbing her waist.

[304/3830.jpg]VERONICA: Hey! Careful, man, there's a beverage here.

Logan smiles, kisses her on the top of her head and walks along with her.

VERONICA: You doing okay?

LOGAN: On top of the world, looking down on creation.

VERONICA: Saw you on Larry King last night, giving your half-brother a little coming out party. Life as Charlie Stone knew it is officially over.

LOGAN: I'm choking with empathy. He served me up to that Vanity Fair reporter and brought it on himself.

VERONICA: Well, we don't know that for sure.

LOGAN: Well, how else could it have happened?

Veronica doesn’t have an answer.

LOGAN: Well, I'm glad you went digging. I have now officially erased any and all romantic notions about my family.

VERONICA: That's me: all sorts of helpful.

LOGAN: I was hoping you could bust some of it out again and help me find Norman Phipps.


LOGAN: Well, I gave him a pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather, the only decent member of my family. 'Course, he died when I was five, so who knows. Still, kinda burns thinking of Norman having it.

VERONICA: In my world, the wicked don't get parting gifts.


[304/3944.jpg]Veronica walks along a hotel corridor. She stops at the door to room 103 and knocks. Norman opens the door. He looks at her warily.

VERONICA: Hey there, fake Charlie. You weren't expecting to see me again, were you? Can I come in?

Veronica doesn't wait for an answer and barges past him into the room.

NORMAN: Look, I was just doing my job. None of it matters anyway. The magazine dropped the story when Larry King scooped them.

VERONICA: That was the plan. I'm here for the watch.

Norman does an "ah" sound and goes to his suitcase, open at the foot of the bed.

NORMAN: Your boyfriend got one detail wrong in that interview of his.

Norman picks up the watch.

NORMAN: Charlie Stone never talked to me. I tracked him down, but he wanted to remain anonymous.

VERONICA: Then how did you end up meeting Logan?

NORMAN: I had a tap on Charlie's phone.

He hands over the watch.


Music: "Never Lonely Alone" by Space Needle.

[304/4055.jpg]LYRICS: You don't know who you are
You get your light from a star
But I, I can see in the dark
I found out a long time ago
There's a voice in my head
I can't remember what it said
It said who
You always answer the phone
You never go out alone
Though I'm never lonely alone

Logan and Veronica are sitting on the couch. Logan is staring down at the watch.

VERONICA: The reporter acted alone. He was tapping Charlie's line when you called. Your real half-brother is innocent.

LOGAN: And I was so quick to believe that guy. And, you know, I look at you and your dad, you know, that thing that you have. I never had that.

Veronica leans forward and puts a comforting hand on his arm, resting her chin on his shoulder.

VERONICA: You couldn't have known.

LOGAN: No, I'm sure that won't matter to him.

[304/4156.jpg]Cut to later. Veronica is gone and Logan is alone. He dials Charlie's number. It rings.

ANSWER MACHINE: Hi, this is Charlie. Please leave a message.

LOGAN: Hey, Charlie, it's Logan again. Uh. Listen, I'm sorry about all the messages...

Logan sighs deeply.

LOGAN: Yeah, I guess I thought I'd give it another shot. Fourth time's a charm, right?

Logan closes the phone and sighs again. He walks out onto the balcony and stares into the night. End. Executive producer Rob Thomas. End music: "Never Lonely Alone" by Space Needle.

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