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2.21 Happy Go Lucky

Written by: Diane Ruggiero
Directed by: Steve Gomer

Original Air Date: 2 May, 2006
Transcribed by Inigo and Kiwikazoo. Special thanks to cindywrites who transcribed the previouslies that were missing from my copy of the episode.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars

At their apartment, Keith is firm with his daughter in 220 "Look Who's Stalking."

KEITH: Stay away from this case. This is more than some obsessed school kid.

In the janitor's closet, Lucky shows Veronica and Gia his big knife.

LUCKY: Check it out.

VERONICA: That's really cool but actually we..we have t...

He blocks them from exiting and looks at Gia.

LUCKY: I know your dad, you know?

Cut to later as Keith and Lucky, handcuffed together, sit in a jail cell.

KEITH: Mayor Goodman. Why you wanna scare the guy so bad?

LUCKY: 'Cause y'all don't know what he really is.

Thumper walks along side a large white vehicle parked outside St. Mary's Catholic Church. A hand reaches out from behind the van, covers his mouth and nose with a cloth, and Thumper falls to the ground, unconscious. Passing headlights shine on the rear window of the vehicle, revealing two children witnessing the event. Weevil looks down at the recumbent Thumper in 217 "Plan B."

WEEVIL: Enjoy confession.

Keith questions Terrence at Mars Investigations in 214 "Versatile Toppings."

KEITH: So you were in the casino, that day?

TERRENCE: Yeah. I say it's likely.

Cut to Keith at the Seven Rivers Casino.

LOBO: Terrence Cook owes me a significant amount of money.

KEITH: It might be a little hard to get paid by an incarcerated man.

Keith and Veronica watch TV in 219 "Nevermind the Buttocks."

KEITH: They found the murder weapon...the one used to kill Lilly--Aaron's Oscar statue.

Veronica is stunned. End previouslies.


Aaron is on the stand, giving the performance of his life.

AARON: In 1987, I was People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive."

He gives a self-deprecating chuckle.

AARON: I made a lot of money chasing people around with my shirt unbuttoned. If I wanted to do a movie, the movie got made. Then I got older.

Aaron turns to the jury. They are staring at him intently.

AARON: I started getting cast as the father of superstar tweens who have no idea who I am. It's a new age. They're the ones who are getting movies made today. I'm just some old guy. Enter Lilly Kane.

Veronica and Keith are sitting behind the prosecutors. Lamb and Logan are also in the courtroom, behind the defence table, watching. Aaron's lawyer, Ethan Lavoie, is on his feet.

AARON: This young, beautiful girl who thought I hung the moon. It's a very powerful thing when someone sees you as the person that you wish you were.

Lavoie steps forward, keeping his voice soft and understanding.

LAVOIE: Even if that person is sixteen? And dating your son?

AARON: I didn't claim that it was right. I said it was powerful.

LAVOIE: Mr. Echolls. Did you have sex with Lilly Kane?


Veronica looks at Keith, unable to believe his gall.

AARON: No. We...well, we fooled a little for lack of a better term...

Logan shakes his head.

AARON: ...but I never had intercourse with her.

LAVOIE: And you ended the relationship on the day she was killed, correct?


Lavoie nods and glances at the jury.

LAVOIE: Can you tell us what happened?

AARON: Well, Lilly came to the house. She wanted attention, I guess. I told her we had to stop.

Logan smiles sceptically.

AARON: She stormed out. It wasn't until after she'd left that I realised that she had taken my Oscar. So I went to her house to get it back.

LAVOIE: And did she give it to you?

AARON: No, I mean, she yelled a lot, she, uh, she threw an ashtray at me. Then her brother Duncan came out. He was enraged.

Logan takes a deep breath.

AARON: He was screaming at her a-about me, I-I mean, as though I wasn't even there. I probably shouldn't have left her with him.

Keith glances at Veronica who is getting more and more angry at Aaron's story.

AARON: But I panicked. I mean, as crazy as he was acting, I never would have imagined--

The prosecutor jumps to her feet.


LAVOIE: Yes. I'm, I'm sorry, Your Honour.

Lavoie returns his attention to Aaron.

LAVOIE: So, after this argument, that was the last time you saw Lilly Kane.

AARON: It was the last time I saw her alive, yes.


There are crowds gathered on the steps, shouting support and waving banners for Aaron. Cameras and sound mikes are trained on the entrance. Barriers keep the crowd back and make a narrow pathway for access and egress. Keith and Veronica ignore the crowd as they exit the building.

VERONICA: So apparently if you're handsome and famous enough, you can just lie under oath and that's cool.

KEITH: It's all about the tapes now, honey. That Oscar trophy with Duncan's hair's gonna create doubt, reasonable or otherwise. But if they believe you and Logan saw Aaron having sex with Lilly, they'll convict him. Honey...

Keith brings them to a stop.

KEITH: When you get your chance to testify, it's important you keep yourself in check, okay? Aaron's lawyer's gonna use everything in his bag of tricks to rile you.

VERONICA: Ah, but here's the thing. I'm unrile-able. Easygoing Veronica Mars. That's what the kids at school call me.

KEITH: You sure you don't want to go over your testimony with the lawyers again?

VERONICA: [with feeling] You know what I want? More than anything in the world? I wanna be there, in court, watching Aaron at the moment the jury reads the verdict. I wanna see that smirk wiped from his face. I wanna see his expression at the exact moment he realises he'll never be a free man again.

Keith places his hands on each side of her face.

KEITH: Easygoing Veronica Mars, huh?

He kisses the top of her head and pulls her close to him. He leads them on, away from the crowds.

KEITH: You know how fat men are sometimes called Tiny?

Veronica laughs.


Four cupcakes, decorated with trailed chocolate and real pink orchids, and in a large pink box, are set upon an open textbook. Veronica, who was working from the book, looks up. Gia, dressed in colours that match her offering, leans away slightly, pleased with herself.

GIA: That's for saving my life.

VERONICA: What do I have to do for a pie?

Veronica looks up from peering into the box to see that Gia's face has fallen.

VERONICA: I'm kidding. They're great, thanks.

Veronica closes the box and puts it to one side.

VERONICA: Though I'm not sure what I did qualifies as life-saving.

GIA: Sure it does.

VERONICA: Well, thanks.

Veronica attempts to return to her studying. Gia continues to sit in front of her, expectant.

VERONICA: I-I kinda have to get back to--

GIA: So you are mad. I knew that things were gonna be weird because of that stuff with our dads.

VERONICA: I'm not mad, Gia, I'm just trying to study.

Gia gets excited again.

GIA: We should study for the health final together. You want to? Tomorrow night? My house? I'll make flashcards.

More to get rid of her than with enthusiasm, Veronica agrees.

VERONICA: Fine, okay, tomorrow night.

Gia's happy and bounces away. Veronica's relief that she can study is short-lived as the sound of Jackie's laughter can be heard. Wallace and Jackie slide onto the bench next to her, Wallace going straight for the pink box.

WALLACE: Where'd these come from?

Wallace opens the box. Veronica prevents herself from sighing and tries to keep studying.

VERONICA: Saved someone's life. Can't talk. Studying.

WALLACE: Well, not me, baby. I'm cruisin' through this week.

VERONICA: [to Jackie] Did he just call me "baby"?

Jackie, smiling, nods.

JACKIE: Mm-hm.

WALLACE: I got my scholarship to Hearst, my grades are fine. Good to go.

VERONICA: Do you want me to cry?

WALLACE: I'm just sayin'...

VERONICA: Because I'll cry. I have to ace, ace all of my finals and hope that Angie Dahl chokes on one of hers and that still doesn't guarantee me the Kane Scholarship. Do you know how long I've wanted to go to Stanford?

WALLACE: Since middle school.

VERONICA: Elementary, my dear Wallace.

Wallace and Jackie laugh.

VERONICA: Do you have any idea how long I've waited to say that?

JACKIE: It's so funny that you're working so hard to go to Stanford with Angie Dahl when Wallace, Mac, and your dad will all be in Neptune.

WALLACE: Said the girl who's leaving all this...

Wallace caresses his own chest.

WALLACE: go to France.

JACKIE: Ah, do you see a plane ticket in my hand?

Veronica, trying to get on with her studies, looks over at them dolefully.

WALLACE: Seriously? You might stay?

JACKIE: With Dad still in this mess...

VERONICA: Could you guys tone down the adorable? Western Civ isn't gonna learn itself.

JACKIE: I'm gonna need some milk to go with those cupcakes. Anyone want anything?

VERONICA: Uh, peace? With a side of quiet?

Jackie kisses Wallace and leaves the table. Wallace watches her go before turning to Veronica, ready to say something. Veronica makes a shh-buzz noise and holds up her finger in front of his lips. She makes a zip gesture with her hand. Wallace purses his lips, smiling. Veronica returns to making notes from the book. Wallace's attention is drawn over her shoulder.

WALLACE: Veronica.

Veronica jerks her head up and glares at him. Wallace indicates that Weevil is standing beside her.

WEEVIL: You got a minute?

VERONICA: [plaintively] Not really.

Weevil doesn't move, looking desperate. Veronica puts down her pen with a sigh and gets up, walking away from the table with him. Behind them, Wallace is hailed.

BOY: Hey, what's up, Wallace.


As Veronica and Weevil walk on, Wallace leaves the table to speak to the boy.

WEEVIL: I need your help with something. Um, 'kay, this is a little weird for me, you know...

VERONICA: Is this going to make me nauseous?

WEEVIL: I need your help with, you know, algebra.

VERONICA: Like...the math?

They come to a stop near the steps down to the car park.

WEEVIL: To pass this year, I need to get at least a B on the final. I don't pass, I don't graduate. My grandmother wants to see me walk across that stage at graduation and now...with her being sick and everything...

VERONICA: I wish I could help but I can't. I'm swamped with my own finals.

WEEVIL: Yeah, all right.

Weevil walks away.

VERONICA: [apologetically] Sorry.

Weevil doesn’t turn around. Veronica rolls her eyes at the demands being made on her and starts to head back to her table and her books. Suddenly, there are gunshots. Students scream and scramble. Many duck under or by the tables and benches, including Wallace. A figure runs up and stands on one of the tables, waving a gun. It's Lucky. As students take cover and Lucky shoots a few more rounds into the air, Gia, standing between Lucky and Veronica, is frozen in shock. Veronica races to her, grabs her and pulls her down behind one of the tables.

LUCKY: Look at this. You're like animals.

He picks up the remains of some food from the table and hurls it at a girl cowering against the wall.

LUCKY: Somebody's gotta clean this up you know. But not me. No, they fired me. I guess I'm good enough to drive an armoured troop transport truck to Tikrit, but not to polish the floors at Neptune High. Hey, anybody want to cut out of here? Might try to jump State Canyon. Who wants to go for a ride? What, no one? Where's my girl? Huh? G-G-G-Gia?

Gia gasps, hides her face in her hands and starts to cry. Jackie, crouched at the bottom of the short set of steps leading up to the table where Lucky is standing, gets her cell phone and starts to dial. The noise of the buttons she pushes alerts Lucky to her presence. He aims the gun at her.

LUCKY: Hey! Hey, who are you calling?

Jackie closes up the phone.

JACKIE: [terrified] No one.

LUCKY: [screaming] I said, who are you calling?

Jackie starts to cry.

LUCKY: [softly] Don't cry.

Behind him, Wallace creeps forwards. Veronica, watching in shock, spots him moving. Lucky continues to stare down at Jackie, pointing the gun in her face. Suddenly, Wallace does a flying tackle. He and Lucky tumble off the table onto the ledge of the wall and off the wall to the bench and ground below. Lucky drops the gun as he and Wallace grapple. Lucky throws Wallace off, stunning him. Lucky scrambles up, grabs the gun and stands over Wallace, pointing the gun at his chest. The students cry and shout. Veronica watches helplessly as Lucky pulls the trigger. Wallace jerks, grabs his chest and Veronica lets out a cry. Wallace's hands find no wound. It was a blank.

LUCKY: Surprise.

Lucky, continuing to hold the gun on Wallace, starts to laugh. Wallace, in disbelief, keeps checking his chest. A shot rings out. The students scream again. Lucky falls to the ground, revealing a security guard behind him, the gun in his hands aimed at the place where Lucky stood. Lucky lands close to Wallace, blood seeping into his denim jacket from the middle of his back. He rolls slightly and his eyes stare out. He is dead. From her hiding place, Veronica chokes out a sign of relief.

Opening credits.


Woody and his secretary stand on the building's steps. Before them is the press horde, firing questions.

WOODY: Thomas Dohanic or "Lucky" as he was known, was a very disturbed young man. I've learned from our Sheriff's Department that he just completed a tour in Iraq.

FEMALE REPORTER: Is it true that the gun he had was filled with blanks?

WOODY: Yes. That has been confirmed.

MALE REPORTER: He was arrested for stalking your family. What was your relationship with Mr. Dohanic?

WOODY: Honestly, we didn't really have one. He was a bat boy for the Sharks back in his teens. We had to let him go after some of the players complained about his job performance.

MALE REPORTER: Why do you think he took the gun to school? Was he looking for your daughter?


Woody's conference is the breaking story on 5 Action News.

WOODY: I don't know. I doubt we'll ever be able to make sense out of the actions...

Veronica and Keith are sitting on the sofa, watching.

VERONICA: Look at that. His eyes are turning brown.

Keith uses the remote to switch off the television. He looks at his daughter.

KEITH: I'm thinking about getting you some sort of...giant hamster ball so you can roll everywhere in this protective sphere.

VERONICA: It'd just draw attention to me. Nobody likes a blonde in a hamster ball.

Keith pats her knee before rising from the couch.

KEITH: So, I got into Lucky's apartment. He sent a whole bunch of emails to Woody, all from different email addresses.

VERONICA: What did they say?

Keith gets some food out of the refrigerator and proceeds to make himself a peanut butter sandwich.

KEITH: Nothing. There were attachments, but Lucky trashed the original files. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a hold of 'em at Woody's.

Veronica joins him at the kitchen counter.

VERONICA: You really think Woody would keep threatening emails in his inbox?

KEITH: The way email works on your standard POP account, Veronica, the email remains on the server for a period of time, maybe a week, a month, longer, and then when you log on to your email application, the mail is pulled down.

VERONICA: And if you don't want people to see it, you delete it.

KEITH: Yes. But, the email still exists on the server. So, all one has to do is find a seldom-used computer and hope that that computer hasn't downloaded the incriminating email yet, and Woody must have six networked computers in that house of his?

VERONICA: So, if you have his password...

KEITH: Which I do. I looked over his shoulder once when he was signing on.

VERONICA: He should know: you never log in with a Mars nearby.

KEITH: Woody's got a Sharks team dinner tomorrow night, a whole table reserved for the Goodman family, the coast should be clear.

VERONICA: Actually, it won't be. Gia is having her number one study buddy over. So...

Veronica gestures excitedly.

KEITH: Veronica.

VERONICA: What? Why should you break in when I'm invited? Woody'll be at the dinner, and...we both know...

Veronica shadow boxes.

VERONICA: If it came down to it, I could take Gia.

She holds out her hand.

VERONICA: The password. Give it.

Keith slaps her hand and she slaps back.

KEITH: You'll remember it. It's "Mr. Goodwood."

VERONICA: [grossed out] I'm so not touching his keyboard.


Jackie is updating Terrence.

JACKIE: Wallace literally sailed over the table. Sailed! Then he just slams into this guy, just like, bam, and tackles him to the ground.

TERRENCE: Thank God he was there.

JACKIE: Yeah, he was pretty freaked out after, but...he's doing okay now.

Terrence gives a long sigh.


TERRENCE: I'm the one who's supposed to keep you safe. Supposed to make your life easier, and I...I've made it a circus.

Jackie laughs.

JACKIE: Okay, no more painkillers for you. Hey, you're out of your mind. My life is not a circus. No, it's the best it's ever been.


A guard points Aaron to his seat in the visitor's area.

GUARD: There.

Aaron takes his seat behind the glass. Logan is on the other side of the glass. Aaron picks up the phone and gestures for Logan to do the same.

AARON: Hello, son.

LOGAN: You know, if you would've given Lilly the performance you gave today, she might've given you the Oscar.

AARON: I wanted to talk to you before you testify.

Logan nods.

AARON: We both know the D.A.'s gonna ask what you saw on those tapes. I think it's in your best interest that you don't tell him.

Logan laughs.

LOGAN: What, because I want so desperately for you to be free so we can be a family again?

AARON: Logan, the moment that you say you saw those tapes, you will be admitting to destroying State's evidence. I'm gonna win this, son. And there's no sense in you being convicted of a felony.

LOGAN: Aw gee, Dad. You're always lookin' out for me. Thanks for the advice.

Logan hangs up the phone, stares at his father for a moment and then rises from his seat. As he leaves, he gives Aaron a little wave.


Veronica walks through the car park. She pauses when she sees Beaver, staring down at the door of his car. Someone has scratched "Amber is a bitch" on the paintwork. Standing with Beaver is Hart, last seen with his homemade war movie which caught a body falling from the Coronado Bridge in 114 "Mars vs Mars."

BEAVER: I don't even know an Amber, I didn't know an Amber went to this school. I just...

HART: It's crazy.

BEAVER: I don't know.

Veronica joins them.

VERONICA: Hey, Cassidy. Who's Amber?

BEAVER: I have no idea.

VERONICA: They keyed the wrong car? How's Amber gonna know that she's a bitch?

BEAVER: No, yeah, this is, this is hysterical. Do you know how much this is gonna cost to fix? Not to mention how long it's gonna take.

HART: Hey, Veronica.

Veronica doesn't remember him.


HART: Hart?

She doesn't appear much the wiser.

HART: I haven't said a thing.

Hart gestures a zipped mouth.

VERONICA: Good for you.

Veronica starts to walk away but turns back with an idea.


Beaver, crouched down inspecting the damage, looks up at her.

VERONICA: I think I know someone who can help you.


Veronica and Gia are in the dining room, studying. On the wall behind them is a large painting, a central feature of which is a man in a catcher's mask.

GIA: Finals are so stupid. We already learned this stuff. Why do we have to try and learn it all over again?

VERONICA: You know what we should do?

GIA: [hopefully] Take a break?

VERONICA: I was thinking more, take a practice test. The company that does the textbook has one online.

Gia sighs and opens her laptop.

GIA: You're really a good student, Veronica. It's kind of sweet.

Gia looks at her screen.

GIA: Oh my God!

VERONICA: Doesn't look that bad.

GIA: No, I'm on MySpace, and I used to have like a thousand friends, and suddenly for some reason now I only have nine hundred something.

Veronica all but smirks. Glancing at Gia, she starts to hit buttons on her laptop. She groans.

VERONICA: Och, dammit!

Veronica shuts her laptop with a bang.

GIA: What?

VERONICA: My computer just crashed. Is there another computer I can use?

GIA: We have, like, eighty computers. There's one in the guest room you could use.

Veronica rises from the table.

VERONICA: No more cyber friends, Gia: health test.

Veronica goes into the dark guest room. She partially closes the door, leaving a narrow gap of light. On the screen, she has to authenticate to unlock it. (Mac OS X requires it.) She types in Woody's password. She pulls a sheet of paper from her pocket.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Lucky's emails, Lucky's emails, Lucky's emails...

It's a list of the email addresses Lucky used:,,,, and She holds the list up against the screen. There is a long list of email senders in addition to the ones she is looking for on screen: George Patterson, Jessica Denney,, Gia, Mike Jurgensen,, Mirage Wireless, Emily Waldorf, Ph.D., Louisa Cetlingsworth,, Phyllis Teeterborough, SuperStakes Winner, and Carlos Rodriguez. Veronica selects the ones from Lucky. She addresses an email to with the subject heading "An Evening With the Goodmans, Fwd: Wait! Th...." The first of Lucky's emails, from his misterclean address, is dated March 15, 2006. She pushes send and the five messages she has selected, one of which has a 5.6MB attachment start to upload. As she waits, she looks along the line at the subjects of some more emails. These include ones from Lucky's anon address ("Tick Tock"), SuperStakes (SuperStakes May Have Selected You To Win!!!), Carlos Rodriguez (Need to speak with you after practice), Paul Cooper (Financial question, call me when you g...), and on the topics of "Blahblahblahblahblah" (from one of Lucky's addresses), "World's Best Knock-Knock Jokes" and "Pleasure meeting you." The last on the list is from and says "Kill incorporation or else."

VERONICA: "Kill incorporation or else." Or else...what?

Veronica clicks on it. The email was sent on May 10th at 11:40pm. It consists of an audio file of 2.3MB. Veronica glances at the door before playing it. In the background of the audio, a voice is speaking French. A voice in English then speaks out clearly and Veronica races to turn down the volume.

VOICE 1: We have to tell people what Woody did to the three of us. It's gonna come out someday. A couple of the Sharks had to know about it. They'll come forward. Things like this don't stay secret.

VOICE 2: Damn right.

VOICE 1: Woody's a pervert. He's sick! What he did to us is wrong! We were just kids.

Veronica is stunned by what she hears and frantically types a new email to Keith. She mistypes and backspaces hurriedly.

VERONICA: Come on!

She types in the right address and presses the send button. The light from the hall starts to fill the room as the door is pushed open. Veronica looks up in horror.

WOODY: Veronica.

Woody is standing there menacingly.

WOODY: What are you doing in here?

Veronica is momentarily frozen (or there's a commercial break). She pulls herself together.

VERONICA: Hey. Mr. Goodman. Uh, Gia said I could use the computer.

Veronica covers the mouse with her hand, hovering over the send status window. The file is still sending.

VERONICA: I was taking a practice test and my laptop died. I hope you don't mind.

Woody walks towards her.

WOODY: Come on, Veronica. Mi casa es su casa.

Veronica is relieved that the email is sent just as Woody reaches her. She jiggles the mouse and the PlanetZowie screen is displayed. Woody looks at the screen.

WOODY: So. How'd it work out for you?


WOODY: Your practice test. Are you as smart as you think you are?

VERONICA: [nervously] I hope so. I-I should get back to Gia.

WOODY: Mmhm.

Veronica races out of the room. Woody watches her go and then sits down at the computer. Veronica returns to the dining room.


Gia isn't in her seat. Veronica quickly packs up her stuff and makes a move to leave as fast as she can. Woody is watching her from the hallway. Gia returns to the room bearing two large bowls of ice cream.

GIA: Where are you going? I have study fuel.

VERONICA: I have to go. I...get these headache things and I feel one coming.

Veronica, who hasn't noticed Woody, freezes at the voice behind her.

WOODY: It's the computer screen. All that squinting. Can't be good for you.

Veronica, not turning around, fakes a laugh.

VERONICA: Well, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow, Gia.

Veronica walks out, forcing herself to keep a normal pace. Woody watches her go.


Veronica is playing the audio recording for Keith.

VERONICA: Do you hear those voices in the background? Are they speaking French?

VOICE 1: We have to tell people what Woody did to the three of us. It's gonna come out someday.

KEITH: "Three of us."

VOICE 1: A couple of the Sharks had to know--

Veronica stops the recording.

VERONICA: Didn't it just sound like two guys?

KEITH: Those gaps in the audio. I think another speaker was edited out of this recording.

VERONICA: "A couple of the Sharks had to know about it." Lucky was a batboy for the Sharks...

KEITH: And that's when he met Woody.

VERONICA: Did Lucky's emails say anything about being molested?

KEITH: No, it's hard to say.

Keith reaches for a pile of printed-off emails.

KEITH: It's a lot of crazy ramblings, stream of consciousness ranting about war and the life of a soldier. It's hard to make sense of 'em.

VERONICA: I'll help you.

KEITH: Honey. I want you to go to bed. You have a big day tomorrow.


A hand rests on a bible.

BAILIFF: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Veronica is standing, holding up her right hand.


Lavoie gets up from his seat slowly.

LAVOIE: Miss Mars. You find wealth and fame seductive, don't you?

PROSECUTOR: Objection.

LAVOIE: I'll back up. Your past two boyfriends, Duncan Kane and the accused's son Logan Echolls, certainly fit that description, do they not?

VERONICA: They do.

LAVOIE: And Lilly Kane was your best friend.


LAVOIE: You looked up to her.


LAVOIE: Emulated her?

VERONICA: To a degree.

LAVOIE: Is that why you propositioned Mr. Echolls upon discovering the tape of Lilly and my client kissing?

Veronica looks directly at Aaron.

VERONICA: You mean naked kissing? With Aaron on top, gyrating? That tape?

Aaron shakes his head.

LAVOIE: You watched the tape, you found Mr. Echolls at the Kane party, and you told him that you'd give him back the tapes but he had to earn them. What exactly did you mean by "earn"?

VERONICA: I never said that. I didn't proposition Mr. Echolls, he hid in my back seat.

Lavoie takes off his glasses and sighs heavily before replacing them.

LAVOIE: Miss Mars. You're how old?

VERONICA: Eighteen.

LAVOIE: And you're currently completing treatment for a sexually transmitted disease?

Veronica silently gasps and jerks back in her seat.

PROSECUTOR: Objection!

JUDGE: I'll allow it.

Voices mutter in the courtroom. Lamb is amused. Keith pales a little. Veronica stares at her father and gulps.

LAVOIE: Should I repeat the question?

VERONICA: I've completed the treatment.

The jury watches her with interest. Cut to the hallway outside the courtroom. Keith is waiting. Veronica exits, her arms wrapped around her body. She stops next to him.

KEITH: Are you okay?


KEITH: I mean, you're okay? Everything's okay?

VERONICA: Yeah, I'm fine.

Keith pulls her against him and starts to lead her out, his arm around her shoulder. They exit, watched by Lamb who is loving it. From up the hallway, Sacks hurries to Lamb's side.

SACKS: Sheriff. Judge Ferris wants to see you, asap.

Lamb spins around to follow Sacks. Cut to the chambers of another judge. He is laughing jovially. Leonard Lobo is sitting opposite him. Lamb enters the room.

LAMB: You wanted to see me, Judge?

Lamb stands next to Lobo. Beyond him and to the side are another two men, sitting on a small couch.

JUDGE FERRIS: There's been a development, Sheriff. Seems Mr. Lobo here was struck by a bolt of lighting.

LAMB: [sarcastically] What, that he could cash old ladies' social security checks himself and get rid of the slot machines?

LOBO: I was with Terrence Cook at the time of the bus crash. There's no way he could be responsible for killing those kids.

LAMB: You sure about that? You don't want to...take another couple months to think it over?

LOBO: My memory isn't what it used to be. But I was watching this nature program about sharks, and I thought, sharks: my friend Terrence Cook played for the Sharks.

Lamb takes a long, deep, disbelieving breath.

LOBO: And I realized I haven't seen him since...well. That's when I went and checked my appointment calendar and saw it was the day of that terrible accident.

LAMB: Mr. Lobo takes the stand, the jury will find out about his...dealings.

LOBO: However, the jury might be more inclined to believe either my corporate attorney or my chief financial officer.

He turns in his seat to indicate the men behind him.

LOBO: They were also with Mr. Cook on the night in question.

The judge looks up at Lamb, expectant. Lamb is defeated and pissed off. He sighs.


Weevil and Beaver are sitting at one of the tables. There is an open book in front of them. They both seem weary.

WEEVIL: This is pointless.

Beaver sighs.

BEAVER: No, okay, look. So you know quadratic equations, right?

WEEVIL: Do I look like someone who knows quadratic equations, huh?

BEAVER: I'm just, I'm just trying to see what you already know.

WEEVIL: Zero. You want your car fixed? Teach me.

BEAVER: Okay. Okay. All right, look, so this equation here: what do you think that we should do first?

WEEVIL: Am I a five year-old girl? Huh? Lay it out for me, dawg, come on. Make me understand!

BEAVER: Okay, okay, okay!

Beaver gets an idea.

BEAVER: Okay.Okay, so let's say that you and your buddy, you want to buy a twelve pack of a certain item. Say, like, um, like spark plugs, for x dollars, and you want to find out how many of another item, like, um, I dunno, like oil, right, like oil that you can get for the same amount, except oil is y times as much as--

Weevil, growing more and more affronted, has had enough.

WEEVIL: If this is your idea of terms I'll understand, I'm going to kill you.

Beaver stares at him, a worried look on his face.

WEEVIL: Or myself. It's a toss-up. Screw it, man, I'll just cheat.

BEAVER: No, but...what about my car?

WEEVIL: You know power buffers, right? Well, let's say your door panel is a summer home, right, and you need to clear out the south lawn to make a tennis court so what you got--


The boys look up. Mac is sitting at the next table.

MAC: That's all it is. First, outside, inside, last. All algebra, it's just the formula.

WEEVIL: Now can you teach me that?

MAC: You'll still fix his car?

WEEVIL: That's the deal.

Mac jumps up and joins them at their table.

MAC: Okay. Say you and your buddy buy a twelve pack of spark plugs...

Weevil glares at her.

MAC: I'm just kidding.

She grabs the pencil Beaver is holding out and the pad in front of Weevil.

MAC: Here's the quadratic equation.

She glances up at Beaver. He smiles. She grins back.


Keith is at his desk, flipping through a Sharks Record Guide for 2000. He is on the phone, somewhat impatient.

KEITH: Hello? Hello? I'm trying to reach Rick Pickett.

From his expression, the person on the other end of the phone is a cretin.

KEITH: No, Rick Pickett. He's a freshman. Well maybe you--

The cretin obviously hangs up on Keith who makes a disbelieving and frustrated face at the handset, before returning it to the receiver. Keith looks up and shouts.

KEITH: Veronica?

VERONICA: [offscreen] Yeah?

KEITH: Can you fly to New York, stop by NYU real quick, find Rick Pickett, and see if he was one of the batboys Woody molested?

VERONICA: [offscreen] You know I don't fly coach.

Keith nods. He rises from his chair and goes into the outer office. Veronica is at her desk, reading one of the emails.

KEITH: So, there were three other batboys the year Lucky worked for the Sharks. Two are away at college, one is backpacking through Europe.

VERONICA: I'm not doing any better with Lucky's emails.

KEITH: What, you can't understand...

Keith grabs it out of her hand.

KEITH: "Time is the timeliness of the present. You should respond. I've left you so many presents. If you don't find them, they'll find you!"

VERONICA: Wait. When I found Lucky in the janitor's closet with Gia, he was showing her a scar he got in Iraq from a present left by the insurgents. He called roadside bombs "presents."

This sparks off a bad thought in Keith's head.

KEITH: Oh, no.

He races for the door, grabbing his jacket on the way out.


Keith barges straight in.

KEITH: Woody, we need to talk.

Woody is going through a document with his secretary who is standing next to his chair.

WOODY: I'm a little busy today, Keith.

Woody makes as if to continue what he was doing.

KEITH: You wanna have this conversation in private, or shall I just start talking?

Woody whispers "okay" to his secretary, giving her a reassuring nod. She exits and Keith closes the door behind her.

KEITH: You need to call your family and get them out of the house. Then you need to call the bomb squad and comb the place.

WOODY: What are you talking about?

KEITH: The emails Lucky sent you. They referenced "presents" he's left for you. He called bombs "presents."

WOODY: [laughing] Tommy is dead, Keith. It's over. Wait, how did you...Veronica?

He chuckles in disbelief.

WOODY: Huh. Most adults don't have their children doing espionage work for them.

KEITH: Most adults keep their hands off of other people's children.

Woody's demeanour changes abruptly.

WOODY: You should leave, Keith.

KEITH: I read Lucky's emails to you, Woody. It's clear to me this is more than simply a batboy who resented getting fired.

Woody's face is thunderous for a second as he stands, before resuming the jovial mask. This time, it is menacing.

WOODY: I'll put this plainly. You. Are mistaken. And if you share your theories, slander me, I'll ruin you. I'll ruin your family, and you'll remember the moment you walked through that door as the moment you threw your life away.

KEITH: I'm not a fifteen year-old boy, Woody. You don't scare me.

Woody's face shows a hint of cracking as Keith refuses to be intimidated. Keith turns and walks out.


Jackie and Wallace head for the open-plan kitchen.

JACKIE: All right, stand back. It's time to watch me work my culinary magic.

Wallace puts the two bags he is carrying on the counter.

WALLACE: Wait, don't you want to put on a little frilly apron first?

TERRENCE: [offscreen] Jackie?


Terrence's head appears around the door. She runs towards him, excited.

JACKIE: What are you doing here?

She jumps up into his arms, giving him a huge hug. They both laugh. Wallace watches and Terrence swings her around.

TERRENCE: They let me out. Your old man is a free man.

Cut to a little later. Jackie is sitting up on the counter, next to Terrence who is leaning against it.

JACKIE: I can't believe it. How did this happen?

TERRENCE: A witness came forward, verified that I didn't use a cell phone at the time of the bus crash.

JACKIE: So you're good to stay?

TERRENCE: Right here.

WALLACE: I'm gonna let you two celebrate. Congratulations, Mr. Cook.

JACKIE: No, no, you're not leaving. Tonight I get to hang with my two favourite men in the whole world.

The doorbell rings.

JACKIE: Ah, what do you bet that'll be the first of many "I knew you were innocent all along" gift baskets?

Cut to Jackie as she opens the door.

JACKIE: Hello.

Terrence walks slowly up behind her and sees that it is Lobo.

LOBO: Out an hour, and you got some sweet young thing waitin' on you. That's my Terrence.

TERRENCE: This is my daughter.

LOBO: Maybe you want to send her out for ice cream or something.

Wallace is hovering behind them.

WALLACE: Jackie, let's go get started on dinner.

Somewhat reluctantly, Jackie leaves the men alone.

LOBO: Isn't there something you want to say to me? "Thank you, Mr. Lobo. How could I ever repay you?" Ah, forget it. I consider it investment.

TERRENCE: Leonard, soon as I get on my feet, I-I'm gonna--

Lobo takes a step towards him.

LOBO: On your feet? You fixed a game, Cook. Your sport hero days are over. You're a sideshow now. But you're right: you'll be on your feet. Standing at the entrance of my casinos, glad-handing every bozo with a wallet who walks in. See, I don't know where you were at the time of the crash, but I know where you'll be from now on. Wherever. I. Put you. And if you work real hard, you'll have me paid off in a decade.

Lobo gives Terrence a friendly pat on the arm before turning and leaving. Terrence is glum.


Veronica makes her way towards an objective.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: After a week of forced smiles and the occasional "hey," it's time for business as usual. Ain't epic love grand?

She slows as she approaches Logan, looking through a book at his open locker.

VERONICA: Been to any good murder trials lately?

Surprised, he slaps the book shut and puts it in his locker before turning to face her.

LOGAN: Uh, I have. You give an excellent testimony, by the way.

Veronica strikes an it-was-nothing pose in response.

LOGAN: It's gripping.

VERONICA: I want to ask you about something.

LOGAN: How unlike you. You never come to me out of the blue with some random question.

VERONICA: Did Lucky ever tell you anything about Woody Goodman or the time he spent as a batboy for the Sharks?

LOGAN: No, he never mentioned the Sharks. But there was this weird semi-baseball-related thing that happened last summer.


Logan barges in, happy-go-lucky. He stops short on seeing Lucky who is standing in a large bucket wearing only jeans and a catcher's mask.

LUCKY: Dude, I think I got gangrene.

Lucky is pouring bleach on his feet from a large plastic bottle.

LOGAN: Yeah. Uh, so I need a keg delivered to the beach tonight.

Lucky is very agitated, physically shaking.

LUCKY: You know, they're doin' something to me. Or I'm, or I'm, or I'm poisoning myself.



VERONICA: He was wearing a catcher's mask? Really?

LOGAN: And I thought the weird part was the foot bleaching. You know, he'd wear the catcher's mask a lot. Whenever we were going into battle. I thought it was an affectation.

Logan turns back to his locker and slams it shut as Veronica ponders.

KEITH: [offscreen] Veronica told me she was on her way home.


Keith is giving his evidence.

KEITH: When she didn't show up when she should've, I drove the route I knew she would've taken. I saw her car, stopped, got out, I heard a commotion in the back of a nearby house and went looking for Veronica. Then I was jumped.

LAVOIE: Well, Mr. Echolls testified that after Veronica lost control of the car and crashed it, um, they knocked on the door of a nearby house, asked the owner to call a tow truck, and Veronica and Aaron waited on the man's porch.

Aaron nods. Veronica scoffs.

LAVOIE: You arrived, saw your daughter in a compromising position, and started a physical altercation with Mr. Echolls. And this version has been confirmed by the occupant of the house.

PROSECUTOR: Objection. The homeowner has disappeared, and despite being subpoenaed, has never been questioned by the prosecution.

JUDGE: Sustained.

LAVOIE: Does your daughter ever...lie to you, Mr. Mars?

KEITH: I'm sure she's had occasion to fib. She is a teenage girl, after all.

LAVOIE: Other than the occasional fib, would you say that you have a close relationship?

KEITH: I would say very close.

LAVOIE: So, you would expect to hear the truth on what most people would call the...

Lavoie makes air quotes.

LAVOIE: ..."big issues."

Keith looks at Veronica before returning his attention to Lavoie.

KEITH: I would.

Lavoie returns to the defence table and picks up a file.

LAVOIE: Were you aware that your daughter was caught breaking into the home of Stewart and Rose Manning?

Veronica shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath.

KEITH: No, I wasn't aware of that.

LAVOIE: She was also named in a disciplinary file of Deputy Leo D'Amato. Apparently she managed to...what's the word I'm looking for...manipulate her way into the records room while he was on duty. Did you know about that?

KEITH: [becoming testy] If you thought I knew about that, you wouldn't be asking me, would you?

LAVOIE: For the court record, Mr. Mars, is that a no?

KEITH: Yes, it's a no.

LAVOIE: Did your daughter have a personal relationship with Mr. D'Amato?

KEITH: Yes, they dated.

LAVOIE: The county commissioner hired you to investigate the stolen Echolls tapes. Your report suggested that Logan Echolls procured the tapes due to the negligence of D'Amato.

KEITH: That's correct.

LAVOIE: Well, doesn't it stand to reason that your daughter, who clearly had this deputy wrapped around her finger, manipulated him in whatever way that pretty young girls manage to manipulate older men, once again?

KEITH: You want to be careful there, Mr. Lavoie.

Lavoie drops the file on a desk by the jury before walking slowly up towards the witness stand.

LAVOIE: She knew the tapes didn't show what she said they showed. So, she convinced one...

Lavoie makes air quotes.

LAVOIE: ..."boyfriend" to give them to another...

Lavoie makes air quotes again.

LAVOIE: ..."boyfriend," who she knew would destroy them, thus deflecting blame from yet another...

And yet again, bringing him right up close to a boiling Keith.

LAVOIE: ..."boyfriend," Duncan Kane!

Keith grabs Lavoie by the man's tie, pulling Lavoie's ear close to his mouth.

KEITH: Any more air quotes and I'll break those fingers off.

Keith lets go as the courtroom babbles in shock.

JUDGE: Bailiff, have this witness taken--

Lavoie, having achieved exactly what he wanted, is magnanimous.

LAVOIE: I'm fine, your Honour.

The bailiff heading towards Keith pauses. The horrified murmuring continues around the room. Keith glances over at the jury uncomfortably.

LAVOIE: Witness can be excused.

Keith drops his head, knowing that he has blown it.


Mac and Weevil are sitting face to face using a couple of student's desks. Beaver is behind Mac, leaning against a teacher's desk, watching them. Mac uses a red pen to check Weevil's work.

WEEVIL: Okay, you put another X on that paper and we're gonna have a problem.

MAC: I'd put little smiley faces, but I don't know if that's gonna sell "wrong."

BEAVER: I told you you went too fast on bouncing equations.

MAC: I didn't go too fast.

BEAVER: You ploughed right through! I didn't understand what you were talking about!

MAC: No surprise there.

BEAVER: What, are you saying you're smarter than me?

MAC: No, I wasn't. Here's what that would've sounded like: "I'm smarter than you." Hear the difference?

BEAVER: You don't really believe that.

MAC: Then why'd I get it tattooed on my hip?

Weevil, feeling very de trop, shakes his head.

BEAVER: Well, if this is what you need to do to feel better about yourself...

MAC: If I get you an A, will you shiv him?

WEEVIL: Hey, I got an idea: how 'bout you two geniuses go work out your aggression in some coat room, and then come back here and teach me algebra, huh?

Mac looks back at Beaver and they both laugh.


Veronica enters the apartment. Keith is sitting on the armchair, his head in his hands. Veronica looks at him sympathetically, and with not a little guilt, before closing the door behind her.

VERONICA: So, I did a little digging. Without breaking any laws, or putting myself in danger, and I did it at school, so you knew exactly where I was at the time.

KEITH: You understand why I don't find this amusing?


KEITH: So what did you find out, Veronica?

VERONICA: Logan told me he once found Lucky in the janitor's closet wearing only jeans and a catcher's mask, and bleaching his feet. This is who they hire at my high school.

This triggers something in Keith. He gets up excitedly and goes over to his laptop on the counter.

KEITH: He was wearing a catcher's mask?

Veronica looks over his shoulder. Keith runs the video of Woody's house.

VERONICA: Yeah. Why, what are you doing?

KEITH: I want to look at the surveillance tape Lucky sent to Woody. I think I remember seeing something.

Keith pauses the video at the end, where the film shows the Goodmans at the dining room table. The painting can be seen behind them.

VERONICA: I don't understand. What am I looking at?

KEITH: It's a painting behind the table. That's a catcher's mask.

As Veronica takes Keith's place at the counter to look more closely at the video, Keith races over to his phone. Veronica runs the film backwards and forwards to the pictures of the baseball players as Keith punches a number.

KEITH: [on the phone] Inga? Keith Mars.

VERONICA: [to herself] Why is he filming the wall like that?

KEITH: [on the phone] I need you to call the bomb squad. There's a problem at the Goodman home.

Veronica pauses on one of the Little League team pictures, one with eleven players and Woody. At the bottom of the picture is a placard, naming them the Sharks. A second picture next to it, also shows a Little League team but it has twelve players.

VERONICA: [to herself] Woody's Little League team was called the Sharks?

Veronica peers closely at the picture with eleven boys.

VERONICA: [to herself] Oh my God.

KEITH: [on the phone] I know, but I think Lucky may have hid a bomb behind a painting in their dining room.

Veronica pulls out a file from her bag. She opens it, checking something against the picture on screen.

VERONICA: Dad? You need to see this.

KEITH: [on the phone] Okay. Will you let me know? Thank you.

Keith wraps up his call and joins her at the counter. Veronica points to the screen.

VERONICA: That's Marcos Oliveres, and that's Peter Ferrer. Two of the boys who died in the bus crash were on Woody's Little League team, the Sharks.


Vehicles are gathered outside the house, including one each from the bomb squad, the fire department and the sheriff's department. Woody, Mrs. Goodman, Gia and Rodney are all standing in a huddle in their night clothes. Woody steps forward to complain to Lamb.

WOODY: How long is this going to take? This is ridiculous.

LAMB: They found something. There was a bomb under your car. They did a thorough sweep of the house, it's clear. Your stalker obviously meant business.

Lamb walks away. Woody is bemused.


Terrence walks into the kitchen area. Jackie is sitting at the table, eating breakfast.

JACKIE: Hey. Late night, huh? I guess you're due for a couple rowdy evenings.

Terrence goes to the counter and pours himself a coffee. He is in a sour mood.

TERRENCE: I was working.

JACKIE: So, what's this new job? You haven't told me anything. What kind of work do they have you doing?

TERRENCE: The kind of work I have to do, okay?

Jackie acknowledges the rebuff and tries again.

JACKIE: Well, when's your night off? We still need to celebrate.

TERRENCE: I can't make any plans right now, Jackie.

JACKIE: Okay, that's fine. It's not like we're pressed for time or anything. I've decided not to go to Paris. At least not for a semester.

TERRENCE: I don't think that's a good idea. I'm gonna be working a lot now, and...travelling non-stop. I don't know when I'm gonna be here, when I'm not gonna be here. It's not fair to you.

JACKIE: But I don't mind.

TERRENCE: [curtly] It's not fair to either of us, Jackie, all right? I think it's in both of our best interests just go to France.

Jackie nods but is gutted.


Lamb has his feet up on his desk. He's listening to the audio recording.

VOICE 1: Woody's a pervert. He's sick. What he did to us is wrong. We were just kids.

Keith, sitting on the other side of Lamb's desk with Veronica, stops the playback.

KEITH: It's Marcos Oliveres and Peter Ferrer, two of the kids killed in the bus crash.

VERONICA: I verified Peter's voice with his teacher, Mr. Wu, and I have tapes of Marcos from a radio show he did.

KEITH: Woody molested Marcos and Peter. They were gonna come forward, so he killed them.

LAMB: By putting a bomb on the bus.


LAMB: Then he used the same type of phone-activated bomb on his own car to blow himself up.

KEITH: There was a bomb in Woody's car?

LAMB: You were right, Keith. You thought Lucky planted a bomb, and he did. Did you know that Lucky blew off work the day of the crash?

KEITH: Lucky is not responsible for this.

LAMB: You wanna hear my theory on the whole situation? You are trying to get me to arrest the mayor. You wanna turn me into a laughingstock, again. And it ain't gonna happen.

KEITH: [angry] Is your ego really that enormous that you can take the murder of eight people and make it about you?

Lamb leans back in his chair, smug.

KEITH: If you don't act on this, Woody's gonna use all his money and resources to disappear. You won't be a laughingstock. You'll be the guy who let a child molester and a murderer get away!

Lamb is not persuaded.


Logan is giving his evidence.

LOGAN: There was just some fuzz. Static, no picture. And then I saw Lilly wearing only her bra sitting on top of someone writhing. I couldn't see who it was at first, and then they rolled over and I saw my father. He climbed on top of her and continued to have sex with her. He actually smiled at the camera a couple times.

PROSECUTOR: You're certain they were having sex.


PROSECUTOR: No further questions, your Honour.

JUDGE: Your witness, Mr. Lavoie.

Lavoie gets up from the defence table.

LAVOIE: Mr. Echolls, you claimed you destroyed the tapes. You are aware that's a felony?


LAVOIE: Were you granted immunity in exchange for your testimony?

LOGAN: Yes I was.

Logan gives Aaron a defiant look. Aaron gazes back at him with equanimity.

LAVOIE: Thank you. No further questions, your Honour.


Weevil sits amongst the rest of the class and yawns. A teacher is setting a test on each student's desk. Weevil shifts his in front of him and gazes at it. He kisses the cross hanging from the chain around his neck and makes a start.


A Latino woman with two young boys walks into the main area. Sacks is at the counter. Lamb is next to him, checking the computer.

WOMAN: I need to talk to someone about this.

She hands Sacks a newspaper. It is folded to a story that reads: "Mystery Sharks' Stadium body identified as PCH gang leader." It is written by John McGill, a staff writer. There is a picture of Thumper, captioned with his real name, Eduardo Orozco. The story reads: "Forensic experts have positively identified the unknown remains pulled from the rubble of Sharks' Stadium last week as those of Neptune High student and PCH gang leader, Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco. Initial identification of the body was impossible due to the near (?) of known and identifiable features. Dental impressions and a cross-check of (?) confirmed the body to be Orozco's. Details concerning the cause of death have (?) not been forthcoming from the Sheriff's department. 'Once we let the experts (?) this case to a thorough (?), then we'll be able to tell you more details regarding the case,' Sheriff Lamb (?) in a press conference yesterday. 'All that I'm able to say is that Mr. Orozco, with his history of arrests and sentences, will be able to (?) Neptune no further,' Lamb added. Orozco was no stranger to the law. Having been arrested (?)...." Another story can be seen underneath: "Test result errors rampant in SATs, effects immense."

WOMAN: This boy that was killed. The night that he went missing, my boys saw someone attack him.

Lamb takes an interest and grabs the paper from Sacks' hand.

WOMAN: They say they got a pretty good look.

Lamb glances at it and then tosses the paper aside. He gestures for the boys to come forward. They come around the side of the counter and Lamb crouches down to their level.

LAMB: You boys feel like looking at some pictures?


Weevil waits nervously as his teacher marks his test. She writes the grade on the front and hands it to him. Weevil snatches it and peers down.

MS. CANNING: Congratulations, Eli.

On the sheet headed "Algebra Test Chapters 8-10," Weevil has a B. Weevil laughs.

WEEVIL: Aw, hell yeah!


The boys are looking at the mug shots. They point to a picture and turn to Lamb.

BOY: It was this guy.

It's Weevil, holding up a placard that says "Balboa County Sheriff's Dept. 42 08952." Lamb smiles.

KEITH: [offscreen] Don!

He looks up to see Keith hurrying towards him, a sheet of paper in his hand.

KEITH: You gotta see this.

Ever sceptical, Lamb takes the sheet of paper.

KEITH: Lucky wasn't at work the day of the bus crash because he was in a padded cell at a VA hospital.

LAMB: [shouting] Sacks! [to Keith] I'll go pick Woody up.

Sacks approaches them from behind Keith.

SACKS: Well, I guess you heard.

LAMB: About what?

SACKS: The Echolls trial? The jury reached a verdict?


Veronica is leaning against the wall, doing some last minute studying. Wallace, bouncy, slides along the wall next to her, bumping her hip.

WALLACE: I just took my last high school test ever. Done, over. I'm outta here.

Veronica continues to study.

VERONICA: And you decided to celebrate by torturing me?

WALLACE: Whatta you got, one more?

VERONICA: Nothing like having your future rest on how much you know about the ascendancy rules of Babylon.

WALLACE: Well, I gotta go clean out my locker.

VERONICA: You got that salmon I left in there for you, right?

WALLACE: You better enjoy this, 'cause this is as nostalgic as I get.

Music: "Lost and Found" by Adrienne Pierce.

LYRICS: Sleeping with the television, and all the lights on
One of us is leaving soon but we're both already gone
Stuck at the lost and found, we watch things disappear
Looking for the missing piece but it was never here

Veronica finally gives him her undivided attention.

WALLACE: I just wanted to was worth getting taped to a pole. Gonna miss you.

VERONICA: And my stupid-ass face?

They laugh.

WALLACE: I gotta go grab my stuff, then I'll pick up my lady, do a little celebratin'.

Wallace walks on and Veronica watches him go with a smile. As he walks away, Wallace turns to face her again, continuing to walk backwards.

WALLACE: This conversation never happened!

Veronica closes her book and heads for her class.

VERONICA: Sure it did.


Veronica and other students wait while the teacher hands out the test. Veronica can see Wallace clearing out his locker through the classroom's open door. She smiles fondly as she watches him, until the teacher closes the door. Veronica's cell buzzes. She takes it out of her pocket and looks at it. The date is all screwy (Jan 4, 9:37am). The message is from Keith: "The verdict is in...."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The verdict is in.

Veronica takes a deep breath. The teacher puts the test on her desk. Veronica is torn. She decides to be sensible, puts the phone back in her pocket and writes her name on the test. She pauses. She thinks hard again and this time, she's resolved. She puts down her pen, grabs her bag and leaves the classroom.


Wallace runs up the steps to the front door. He knocks. Terrence answers.

WALLACE: Afternoon, Mr. Cook. I'm just picking up Jackie.

TERRENCE: She's not here, Wallace.

WALLACE: Oh. Well, she knows I'm coming, mind if I wait?

Wallace takes a step forward to enter the house. Terrence doesn't move, instead holding out a note.

TERRENCE: Jackie left for France this morning. She wanted me to give you this. I'm sorry.

Wallace, confused and upset, takes the note. Terrence shuts the door. As Wallace turns and walks away from the door, he opens the note and starts to read.

KEITH: [offscreen] So Lamb, you got Woody in custody yet?


Keith is in his seat in the courtroom. Lamb is crouched down beside him.

LAMB: Woody's gone.

Keith sighs and shakes his head.

LAMB: He took his private plane, there's no flight plan on record.

BAILIFF: All rise.

Lamb glances at the front of the courtroom, stands and moves away. The people in the room stand. Logan's also in the courtroom. The judge takes her seat and everyone sits except Aaron, Lavoie and the female foreman of the jury.

JUDGE: Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict?

FOREMAN: We have, Your Honour. On the count of murder in the second degree, we find the defendant...not guilty.

Keith shuts his eyes in pain. Veronica is stunned. Most of the people in the courtroom are excited.

FOREMAN: On the count of aggravated assault, we find the defendant...not guilty. On the count of statutory rape, we find the defendant...not guilty.

Each comes as a body blow to Veronica. Aaron and Lavoie shake hands and hug.

LAVOIE: Congratulations, Aaron.

Logan is also stunned as he watches them, knowing his actions were in part responsible. Veronica is still in shock, staring at Aaron, her eyes filling.

ANOTHER LAWYER: Congratulations, Aaron.

Veronica watches Aaron thank his legal team, her mouth tight. Aaron finally looks directly at her, quietly triumphant. Veronica's mouth starts to quiver as she breaks eye contact, looking inside herself, distraught. End. Executive producer Rob Thomas.

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