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2.19 Nevermind the Buttocks

Written by: Phil Klemmer
Directed by: Jason Bloom

Original Air Date: 18 April, 2006
Transcribed by Inigo

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars

Kendall glides out of Casa Casablancas in a bikini carrying a cocktail in 201 "Normal Is the Watchword."

BEAVER: [offscreen] It's my stepmom.

Beaver and Veronica walk across the empty lunch area at Neptune High in 203 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang."

BEAVER: She’s a gold-digger.

Duncan comes out of the shower to discover Kendall sitting naked on his bed in 207 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner."

BEAVER: [offscreen] And it's obvious to everyone else in the world...

In Clemmons office, Veronica holds the etched paddle in 213 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Mrs. Hauser may have seen an ill-conceived cutting board.

Veronica copies the paddle.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I saw tagging. I saw code.

Veronica interrogates Dick in the lunch area in 218 "I Am God."

VERONICA: Tell me about you and Betina.

DICK: She had nothing to be scorned about. I even gave her a Shark's memorabilia gift bag.

Cut to Veronica's dream of being on the doomed bus and Cervando's drawing on the window.

CERVANDO: To get the whole bus, they'd have to be close enough to see exactly where we were.

Cervando emphasizes a circle by drawing over it again and again.

VERONICA: You think it was Weevil.

Aaron is visited in prison by Kendall in 215 "The Quick and the Wed."

AARON: You're cash-strapped. I can help. But quid pro quo, Mrs. C.

In Duncan's shower, Kendall takes out tweezers and lifts a hair from the drain.

AARON: [offscreen] Quid pro quo.

Weevil mugs Thumper in 217 "Plan B."

THUMPER: [offscreen] It's Weevil, I'm telling you! He set me up!

At Shark Field, Thumper, handcuffed to one of the urinals, unsuccessfully appeals to Liam's self-interest before being gagged.

THUMPER: I got something on you--

Outside, Logan pushes down the plunger. Explosions follow. In a church, Weevil is in the confessional.

WEEVIL: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

End previouslies.


A glass is being filled with water from a pitcher.

LAVOIE: [offscreen] Would you like me to repeat the question, Miss Mars?

The camera pulls back to reveal the pourer, Cliff, and the beneficiary, Veronica, who takes a drink from the glass. They are sitting side by side at a large conference table. Law books fills the bookshelf behind them.

VERONICA: Could you?

They are sitting opposite a smartly dressed lawyer. He speaks slowly and patiently.

LAVOIE: You said you saw Mr. Echolls and Miss Kane having sex on the videotape.

VERONICA: That's right.

LAVOIE: The actual act of intercourse?

A transcriber is taking down the evidence on a stenographic machine.

VERONICA: A sheet was covering them, but the motion of their bodies suggested copulation.

LAVOIE: It just looked like sex.

VERONICA: And sounded like sex.

LAVOIE: Is this an area you have a particular knowledge in, Miss Mars?

CLIFF: [warning tone] Mr. Lavoie--

LAVOIE: Well, she said it looked as though they were having sex. I need to make sure she knows what sex looks like.

CLIFF: I'm sure Ms. Mars has had the required sexual education course provided by Neptune High School.

VERONICA: I got an A minus. Plus, I watch Animal Planet.

Lavoie leans forward, lowering his voice but making it harsher at the same time.

LAVOIE: Statutory rape is a grave accusation.

Veronica is unfazed.

VERONICA: Not to a murderer.

LAVOIE: I just have one more question, Miss Mars.

He takes a quick glance at Cliff.

LAVOIE: Are you still keeping in touch with Duncan...Kane?

Veronica just stares at him.


Veronica puts a plate into the microwave. She punches in the timer and sets it off as Keith enters the apartment.

KEITH: Prepare to have your mind blown.

Keith, excited, sets his briefcase down on the counter seat.

KEITH: Are you ready?

VERONICA: Think back eighteen years: small, blonde, baby. Born ready.

KEITH: Richard Casablancas was using the life insurance they'd taken out for Dick and Cassidy as a tax shelter. The payout on their policies is over eight figures, and here's the kicker: The beneficiary should both brothers die simultaneously? Kendall Casablancas.

VERONICA: The wicked stepmother trying to bump off her rich husband's spawn. That's a Disney movie, isn't it?

KEITH: She certainly had motive. It's her capability I'm not sure of.

Veronica ignores the ping of the microwave and pours herself some orange juice.

VERONICA: I wouldn't underestimate her capabilities. She went from Spandex to cashmere pretty fast.

KEITH: I think I'll poke around, see what she was up to the day of the crash.

Keith goes to his room as Veronica drinks her juice.


The biology teacher is taking attendance. Outside the classroom, locker searches are in progress.

TEACHER: Benita Graham.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Ransom locker searches. A bummer for the unknowing students caught with loot.

TEACHER: Mark Grigsby


Veronica's bag, on the table in front of her, is so stuffed full that she struggles to pull out her notebook.

TEACHER: Iris Huezo.

IRIS: Here.

Veronica gets her notebook and grimaces with the effort of putting the heavy bag on the floor.

TEACHER: Veronica Mars.


TEACHER: Eli Navarro.

Weevil, seemingly asleep at the table behind Veronica, throws up his hand, then rests his head back in her arms.

TEACHER: Eli! I think it's time for you to feed Buddy.

Cut to a rat in a box. Weevil takes it by the tail.

WEEVIL: It's breakfast time.

He carries it over to a large, dry aquarium with sand and small pebbles on the bottom.

WEEVIL: Come and get it, girl.

There are various reactions in the class as a large python responds to Weevil lifting the top of the aquarium. With some relish, Weevil drops the rat into the aquarium. Veronica winces as the rat's squeals are abruptly cut off. Weevil leans over the aquarium, making kissing sounds.

WEEVIL: Someone was hungry, huh?

VERONICA: Someone is baby-talking a python.

WEEVIL: Yeah, we got a special connection, me and Buddy.

He taps his chest.

WEEVIL: Top of the food chain.

VERONICA: Well, on behalf of nature, thank you for doing your part in the circle of life.

Weevil stares into the aquarium as he responds.

WEEVIL: Hey. I got no problem sacrificing a rat.

He has a small smile on his face. Behind him, Veronica's eyes narrow.


Reading from one of her notebooks, Veronica slams her locker shut and starts to walk up the hall. She glances to her left. A student is standing in the hall staring at her as others pass by him. Veronica frowns and keeps going. She looks back over her shoulder as she walks towards Mac, who is banging her head slowly against her locker. There's a notice from Principal Clemmons taped to it. Veronica's eyes widen as she slows to join Mac.

VERONICA: Mac attack, what's the haps?

Mac halts her self-abuse and turns to face Veronica, refusing to appreciate the quip.

MAC: I got mugged. By my own principal. They took my cell phone interceptor and apparently plan on keeping it until the end of the year. What happened to end of the day? Why wasn't that working?

VERONICA: Everyone still kept bringing in their cell phone interceptors?

MAC: Is there any chance you can get it back for me? I borrowed it from my buddy at Radio Shack, because apparently I've become a psycho ex-girlfriend and I wanted to listen to Beaver's cell phone calls.

Veronica gives her a long look.

MAC: You're judging me.

VERONICA: No. I'm judging myself. Why don't I have a cell phone interceptor?

MAC: Please, respect the business model, Veronica. I do the gadgets. You do the actual espionage.

VERONICA: I'll see what I can do.

Veronica nods and goes on her way.


A car alarm can be heard and a woman races out of the administration office, car keys in hand.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I don't know if waiting for Clemmons to go to lunch qualifies as espionage...

Veronica is sitting outside the office, head down as the woman passes her.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: ...but setting off his secretary's car alarm, pure Bond.

Once the secretary is gone, Veronica grabs her bag and goes into the office, heading straight for Clemmons' door. She takes out her large ring of keys and puts one in the lock. Nothing happens.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: He changed his lock? Man, he's gotten paranoid!


Veronica waits as a class lets out. She watches as the students file out one by one. She straightens up when she sees Butters.

VERONICA: Hey! Vincent! I was hoping you could do me a favour.

He's not pleased to see her.

VERONICA: That box of confiscated items in your dad's office? The locker search booty?


VERONICA: I was hoping you could help me get something out of it for my friend Mac.

He shrugs as they walk up the hall.

BUTTERS: What's in it for me?

VERONICA: You get to stick it to the Man, and by “the Man,” I mean your dad.

BUTTERS: I get to do that plenty. I do need a prom date though.

VERONICA: I am not going to prom with you, Butters.

Veronica halts and he turns to face her, offended.

BUTTERS: I wasn't asking.

VERONICA: So what? I'm supposed to go out and find you a prom date?

BUTTERS: I wanna go with your friend, Mac.

Veronica smiles mischievously.

VERONICA: I think that can be arranged.

Butters smirks.

BUTTERS: My dad always has bus circle duty immediately after the last bell of the day. Meet me in his office.

Butters moves off and Veronica blesses her luck.


Veronica and Mac stand outside the closed door. Veronica taps three times, very slowly. Butters opens the door.

BUTTERS: That was your secret knock?

VERONICA: The genius is its simplicity.

He throws open the door and Veronica and Mac enter.

BUTTERS: We have exactly eleven minutes before my dad gets back.

He shuts it behind him and points to a box under a desk against the wall.

BUTTERS: The box is under there.

Veronica pulls out the box and starts to search through it.

MAC: Wow, Butters, this is-this is way cool of you.

BUTTERS: Just so you know, I'm an excellent dancer.

Veronica, who clearly has not told Mac the deal she struck with Butters, looks up sharply from her search.

BUTTERS: So don't worry about that.

Mac is bemused.

MAC: Oh. O-kay. I'll try not to.

She gives him a puzzled look, wondering if he is crazy, then looks down at Veronica.

BUTTERS: Well, I don't have to dance though. I enjoy it, but I also enjoy a good conversation.

Veronica decides that a diversion is in order and holds up a plastic bag.

VERONICA: Look! Fake vomit. Courtesy of locker...

She checks the tag attached to the bag.

VERONICA: ...two-thirteen.

She picks up another bag.

VERONICA: And whoever is in locker seven-ninety-two is sans one "Smell It Bitch" t-shirt.

Mac grins but Butters is on a roll.

BUTTERS: So, Mac, what colour dress are you wearing?

MAC: I'm actually wearing pants.

Butters laughs loudly. Mac is taken aback.

BUTTERS: Right. I just don't want the corsage to be, like, blue and the dress is red and you think I'm an idiot.

Veronica, who has found something that interests her in the box, sneaks a worried look at Mac, who has finally cottoned on to events. She looks down at Veronica, deceptively calm.

MAC: Veronica?

Veronica's ready for her, stuffing the bag that interested her under her arms and pulling out the interceptor.

VERONICA: Oh, your cell phone interceptor!

Mac isn't placated and continues to stare at Veronica with a sick face. Veronica gives a nervous laugh and pushes the box back under the desk. Veronica stands and hands Mac the interceptor. Veronica pulls the bag from under her arm and turns to Butters.

VERONICA: Do you mind if I give this Anarchist Cookbook back to Weevil?

BUTTERS: You know his locker number?

Veronica holds out the tag which is marked #333.

VERONICA: Who else would brag about meeting Satan halfway?


Veronica leaves. Butters turns back to the terse Mac.

BUTTERS: I'm thinking white limo, if that's cool.

Mac just stares at him.


Weevil slams down the boot on his car. He heads around to the driver's door only to see Veronica leaning back against the bonnet.

WEEVIL: Wow. You know, you look exactly like this calendar in my uncle's garage. Now hop your ass off before you scratch my paint.

Veronica straightens up and off the car, although her bag is still lying on the bonnet.

VERONICA: You seen Thumper lately, Weevil? It's just nobody's heard from him in weeks. He doesn’t show up soon, he's gonna miss prom.

WEEVIL: Yeah? Well, uh, I'm sure he's crushed.

Weevil laughs at his private...ish joke. He takes his key and aims it at the driver's door.

VERONICA: So, I found this in Clemmons office.

She holds up The Anarchist Cookbook. He pauses then walks towards her.

VERONICA: According to the note, it was confiscated from your locker the first week of school. Any particular reason you needed the The Anarchist Cookbook.

WEEVIL: Yeah. I tried making the Survivalist Stew. Didn't much care for it.

VERONICA: Yeah, on top of the stew, it's also a manual for making bombs in your basement.

WEEVIL: Wait a minute. Just so we understand each other, [suddenly aggressive] are you accusing me of blowing up the bus?

VERONICA: I'm exploring a theory. You didn't just happen to be at the gas station out on the PCH. You were following us, Weevil. The explosion didn't kill those people. The drop into the ocean did. Who else could've timed it like that? You could've hit send on your cell phone, blown up the bus without me even knowing it.

WEEVIL: Except why would I blow up a bus with one of my boys on it, huh?

VERONICA: You didn't mean to. You and Cervando meant to take out the limo. You, Mr. I-Sacrifice-Rats, even put a dead one on the bus to force the rich kids into it.

WEEVIL: And what? We got the big yellow bus and the long black limo confused?

VERONICA: Nope. You put the bomb in Dick's goodie bag. You didn't realise he gave his bag to Betina.

WEEVIL: You really think any of those 09ers was worth all that effort to me?

VERONICA: Logan was.

WEEVIL: He wasn't even there.

VERONICA: He was supposed to be. Are you telling me you wouldn't off the guy who killed Felix?

Weevil stares at her, darkly. Veronica nods, satisfied that she has read him right.

VERONICA: Well, at least you got it right with Thumper.

Weevil looks down. Veronica slaps and holds his arm.

VERONICA: That makes you top of the food chain again, right Weevil?

Veronica stares hard at him and then walks off. He stares after her.

Opening credits.


Veronica is sitting at a table on her own, eating her lunch. The boy who was staring at her in the hallway stumps up the steps behind her. He approaches her slowly and hesitantly, standing behind her. Veronica senses his presence and speaks without turning around.

VERONICA: You've been following me.

HARRY: I hear you can find stuff.

VERONICA: Sometimes, for a fee.

HARRY: I want you to find the owner of a car.

Harry finally sits down at the table and faces Veronica.

HARRY: My, dog Apache. Someone ran over him. They swerved right onto the lawn and, uh, they killed him.

VERONICA: That really sucks. I'm sorry.

Harry breaks down a little, burying his face in his hand.

HARRY: I heard tires skid, and I caught a glimpse of the back of the car.

Harry collects himself.

HARRY: How much would you charge to track it down?

VERONICA: Depends. Fifty bucks if it's easy online stuff. If I really have to dive in, it could run you two fifty.

HARRY: It there anyway I could pay you with meat?



A book lies open, showing pictures of custom cars.

HARRY: [offscreen] Best times of my life were with that dog. He loved to go hunting. Loved it.

A page is turned in the book to show a Plymouth Barracuda.

HARRY: That's it.

A hand taps the page. The camera pulls back to show Harry and Veronica poring over the book, sitting at the central table.

HARRY: [offscreen] Except it was green.

VERONICA: Okay. Green Plymouth Barracuda, 1970 to '73. Good news, Harry. Don't see a lot of 'Cudas except on Nash Bridges reruns.

Veronica moves over to one of the computers at the side of the room.

VERONICA: Now let's see exactly how many are registered in Neptune.

Harry pulls a chair over to sit behind her as Veronica types the make and colour of the car into PryingEyez. The response is "No results found."

VERONICA: Exactly none.

HARRY: But you'll keep looking.

Veronica gazes at him sympathetically.


Cut to later. Harry is gone and the Navigator team is in session. The editor, Jack Artman according to the credits, is freaking.

JACK: Can no one find Bob Patton? He owes me a ten inch story on the high price of graduation. Veronica, you mind digging up a generic student life photo, any photo? We've got a hole to fill.

Jack points to a mock-up of the newspaper on a computer screen. It's for the April 20th edition and taking up the bottom third of page file is a box marked "Pricey Graduation Story Goes Here." Veronica looks over at the screen.

VERONICA: How much would it be to buy an ad that size?

JACK: Forty bucks.

Veronica's eyes light up.


Jackie approaches Veronica at her locker.

JACKIE: Veronica. I've got a, uh, favour to ask.

VERONICA: Who doesn't?

Jackie laughs.

JACKIE: I was hoping you could put in a good word for me at the Hut. I already dropped off an application.

VERONICA: Like, for a job?

Jackie nods. Veronica is sceptical.

VERONICA: Please, Jackie. Six seventy-five an hour isn't going to keep your dog in sweaters.

JACKIE: The Cook family assets have been frozen, the only company at home are repossessors.

VERONICA: Okay. I'll see what I can do.

Jackie smiles and swings around to walk away and cut to...


...a waiter who swings around with a tray of used dishes. He places the tray on the counter, where Veronica is at the till. The Cute-as-a-Bug Manager walks in behind her.

VERONICA: Oh, hey, um. I know you're looking for another waitress.

The manager nods.


VERONICA: Um, someone I know...a friend, dropped off an application. Her name is Jackie.

CUTE-AS-A-BUG MANAGER: Got a whole stack of applications. Your friend has no experience. None. She's never held a job.

VERONICA: She could really use it.

CUTE-AS-A-BUG MANAGER: You'll vouch for her? If she sucks, you'll fire her?

Veronica thinks for a moment.


CUTE-AS-A-BUG MANAGER: She can start tomorrow.


Veronica enters the dark apartment. Keith is on the settee, his head lying back, holding some papers.

VERONICA: There's no way you're working that hard. You heard me coming and turned off South Beach, didn't you?

Keith grins before consulting the papers in his hand.

KEITH: Can you think of any reason Logan Echolls would have gotten three calls from Kendall on the day of the crash.

Veronica slowly drops her bag.

VERONICA: Well, let's see.

She sits next to him on the couch.

VERONICA: I believe the Latin term is coitus sordidus.

KEITH: They were sleeping together?

Veronica nods.

KEITH: That was weeks before Kendall's husband fled the country.

VERONICA: Logan may be a little fuzzy on the Commandments.

KEITH: Wow. And you knew about this?

VERONICA: Not at the time.

KEITH: You think you could stomach finding out if Logan happened to be with Kendall at the time of the crash?

Veronica doesn't look enthused.


Veronica waits. Logan walks around the Xterra, having just parked and disembarked. He sees her waiting for him.

LOGAN: As a rule I like to start every school day with a hot blonde waiting for me in the parking lot.


They walk towards the school together.

LOGAN: I'm not blonde.



VERONICA: Got a question for you. Remember back when you were doing the deed with Dick's stepmom?

LOGAN: Hm, vaguely. I remember she thought I was hot.

VERONICA: Were you with her on the day of the crash? You two talked on the phone a few times that day.

LOGAN: Man, you're obsessed with my sex life. Do I need to start carrying around a webcam from now on?

Veronica pulls to a stop and warns him.


LOGAN: Day of the crash, day of the crash...uh. I'd really have to consult my Feelings Journal to be sure.

VERONICA: Kendall stood to make millions by sending Dick and Beaver over that cliff. There was an insurance policy.

LOGAN: Kendall requires a domestic staff to make cereal. You think she could really plot a murder?

VERONICA: Were you with her at 7:03?

LOGAN: No, actually, she kicked me out before the sheets were dry. But considering her husband's fondness for handguns and the fact that Dick and Beaver could come home at any minute, who could blame her? Anything else?

Veronica shakes her head.

LOGAN: Oh. I, uh, I got to second base with Tammy Forrester in eighth grade in Duncan's closet.

Veronica rolls her eyes and walks past him into the school. Logan continues, addressing her back.

LOGAN: And last summer, I made this townie girl moan without even using my hands. Is any of this relevant? Should I make a list?


Veronica walks through the metal detector into the hall.

GIA: [offscreen] Veronica!

Veronica glances to her right. Gia hurries up to her, holding up a copy of the Neptune Navigator.

GIA: You placed this ad, right?

Gia shows her page five where, in place of the hole for the graduation story is an ad that says: "Have you seen this car? Reward! Please email any information to:" There is a picture of a Barracuda illustrating the ad.

GIA: This is your email.


GIA: I've seen this car. This car mooned me. Or at least some guy in the car did.

VERONICA: Where, when?

GIA: September 13th, 7 pm, Pacific Coast Highway.


GIA: It passed by our limo just a few minutes before the bus went off the cliff.

VERONICA: So you're saying a green Barracuda passed you guys in the limo?

GIA: Yeah! I mean is this a Barracuda? I'm not a car person.

VERONICA: Yes. What did the guy look like?

GIA: All I saw was his butt. He gave us a pressed ham as they drove by, or, should I say, gave me, and I was the only one in the limo facing that direction. I just figured they were a couple of stupid college kids.

VERONICA: Why's that?

GIA: They had this mascot sticker in the side window.

VERONICA: How long before the crash was it?

GIA: A few minutes. And I only remember because I was on the phone with my dad. He was calling to see where I was to make sure I was able to pick up Rodney after his piano lesson.


Veronica, her face troubled, leaves Gia. Elsewhere in the hall, Wallace is standing in the hall, talking to Jackie.

WALLACE: Okay, I-I tried. It doesn't work. You want us to do this platonic thing, you gonna have to make some adjustments.

Jackie laughs.

JACKIE: Like what?

Wallace looks down her body.

WALLACE: Like that.

He looks up at her newly straightened hair.

WALLACE: And this.

JACKIE: What do you want me to do, Wallace? My burkha's at the cleaners.

WALLACE: Let me drop this dumb "pals" act.

JACKIE: Wallace, I told you.

WALLACE: It's been two weeks. That's like a decade in high school years.

Jackie laughs.

WALLACE: Jane's got a date this weekend. Why you so worried about what other people think? I mean, you're already that girl whose dad blew up the kids. Think anyone's out there saying, "Yeah, but at least she keeps her hands off of other girls' ex-boyfriends"?

Jackie freezes.

JACKIE: Thanks for breaking it down, Wallace.

She leaves him standing.

WALLACE: Hey, come on. You know what I'm trying to say.


The LeBaron pulls up outside a modest home. Veronica gets out of the car and walks up to the house, noting the tire marks near an empty dog kennel and secured chain in the front yard as she passes. She rings the bell. Harry's younger brother, Billy, answers the door. He is sporting a black eye.

BILLY: Yeah?

VERONICA: Hi, I'm Veronica.

BILLY: Yeah, you go to Neptune, right? You're, like, a cheerleader or something?

VERONICA: Or something. Can you tell me where I can find Harry?

He looks her up and down.

BILLY: What'll you give me?

VERONICA: Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar? And as a bonus, I won't beat you silly.

Billy laughs.

BILLY: I might like that.

Veronica flicks her finger on his black eye.


Billy cringes back in pain.

VERONICA: No, I don't think you would.

BILLY: He's out back.

Veronica walks down the steps of the house and around the back. Antlers decorate the rear of the garage. Harry has a bow and arrow and is taking aim. He lets the arrow fly. It hits the target set in the body of a full-sized fake deer.

VERONICA: I hate fake deer too. Every time I see their stupid fake deer faces I wanna grab a shotgun and go all Cheney on 'em.

Harry loads his bow with another arrow from the many he has in the quiver in front of him.

HARRY: So, did you find the guy?

VERONICA: Not yet. Just a small lead. Maybe.

HARRY: But you will find him, right?

Harry lets another arrow fly. It hits the target, as have all his other arrows.

VERONICA: Do you have some deep-seated deer issues you wanna talk about?

HARRY: Nope. I love animals.

VERONICA: They're delicious, right? Ha, ha.

HARRY: So you said there was a lead.

Another arrow joins those in the middle of the target.

VERONICA: Uh, sort of. Do you remember, on the car, was there a sticker on the window?

HARRY: I dunno, there might have been. It was pretty dark. Is it important?

VERONICA: Uh, I dunno. It could be nothing.

HARRY: I really want this guy found.

He aims and hits the deer in the eye. Veronica gets that he really wants the guy found and that once he is, an arrow is likely to be close behind.


Weevil is working under a car. The radio is playing (music not identified). Feet can be seen approaching the car. Weevil notices and rolls out from under the car. He looks up at his visitor and sits up.

WEEVIL: You here to start somethin', dawg?

The visitor is Hector, who takes a step towards him. Weevil pushes himself off the trolley and stands.

WEEVIL: Why doncha let me wash up beforehand. Unless you don't mind grease around your throat.

HECTOR: We made a mistake.

WEEVIL: A mistake? So you come here 'cause you think you can take it back?

Weevil smiles and turns his back, heading towards the radio.

HECTOR: 'Cause it's all I can do.

Weevil turns the radio off but doesn't turn back to Hector.

HECTOR: It's the Fitzpatricks, Weevil. They been all over us. Just treatin' us like they bitches.

WEEVIL: My guess would be that's because you are their bitches.

HECTOR: It's just been getting worse, man. We need help.

WEEVIL: You still here, Hector?

HECTOR: You remember Arturo? That freshman you wouldn't let join up? He got a cigarette lighter to his face when he missed a payment. People are gonna die, Weevil. Your people. Thought you should know.

Hector turns and walks out of the garage. Weevil, still facing the radio, doesn't respond.


Veronica is looking at Classically Used, a site specialising in custom classic cars. Keith enters the office.


Keith, excited, is carrying a yearbook from 1994. He drops his briefcase and hurries to stand by the desk, holding up the yearbook.

KEITH: Okay, honey. Now prepare to be impressed.

VERONICA: Dad, you've shown me your yearbook. The whole Rick Springfield feathered hair thing, it looked awesome on you. But those days are over, and it's time to move on.


He puts the yearbook on the desk next to her.

KEITH: This is Kendall Shiflett's high school yearbook.

VERONICA: And she was named "Most likely to commit murder for profit"? That'd really support our latest theory.

KEITH: Page eighty-seven. I marked it.

Veronica picks up the book and goes to the marked page. Keith points her to a block of pictures. There are four rows with five pictures each. The names are down the left-hand side: Abby Schwartz, Judy Scrivano, Fern Sedino, Jacob Seideman, Robin Selby, Alfred Sharp, Kendall Shiflett, Parker Short, Jane Sierra, Franklina Silver, Phyllis Skiencars, Jake Smith, Craig Smith, Amy Smith, Lucy Smith, Fern Sedino, Alfred Sharp, Tammy, Joan, Patricia, Todd, and Margot. On the opposite page, the caption on a picture refers to Kim and Chuya. Veronica's finger runs along the second row to find Kendall Shiflett (note the different spelling from that in 203 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang." The picture is not of the Kendall she knows.

VERONICA: Hello, weird hairdo girl who is not Kendall.

KEITH: Gets weirder.

Keith reaches over and turns the pages back to another marked page. In between pictures of Debbie S. Bankhead and Boyd K. Baker, is a picture of a young Kendall, the caption of which reads: Priscilla Banks.

VERONICA: Priscilla Banks? A senior? I don't get it.

KEITH: Neither did I until I found this.

Keith produces a newspaper report: "15 year-old girl killed in car accident. Shelby, Tn = A single-car accident outside Shelby yesterday claimed the life of one area girl and sent another to the hospital with minor injuries, county sheriff's deputies said. According to accident reports filed last night, Kendall Shiflett, 15, was a passenger in a 1990 Vixen Elixir station wagon driven by Handley High School senior, 17-year-old Priscilla Banks. The car was south-bound on Provencal Road when Banks apparently lost control, sending the vehicle into a roadside ditch and ejecting Shiflett, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Shiflett, according to reports, was not wearing a seat belt, and the car's passenger-side air bags did not deploy. Clete County Sheriff's Deputy, Officer Christopher O'Donnell, reported that Shiflett died of massive head trauma, and that had she been wearing a seat belt, it is likely that she would have escaped serious injury. He blamed wet road conditions for the crash, but said the investigation is still continuing. O'Donnell had no comment on whether Banks would be charged with anything. "At this period, it appears to be a tragic accident, not a crime. But until our official investigations are complete, I cannot disclose any more information." At Handley High School this morning, students were remembering Shiflett as an energetic go-getter with a passion for horses and a talent for creating ceramic figurines of classic cartoon characters. "She absolutely loved Space Ghost," her friend Jennifer Bradbury told reporters. "She made amazing replicas of Zorak and Moltar." Other...Handley High school Bradbury's recollections. Shiflett, one teacher recalled, was outgoing and friendly, "the person most likely to give you a handmade card for your birthday," teacher Jean Scribeer recalled. "She was so crafty and artistic." Few students or teachers had comment to make about Priscilla Banks, the driver of the car in which Shiflett was killed. School officials refused to provide information, and Banks' friends said only that she was "upset and wanted privacy." This is the first loss of a student at Handley High since the tragic underage-club fire that gutted The Shard nightclub, killing fourteen Handley students. Wounds are still fresh from that tragedy and this crash may bring some traumatizing memories back. Services for Kendall Shiflett are scheduled for Saturday at noon at Stefan Memorial Chapel on Lehrman Road. In lieu of flowers, the family requests...

VERONICA: The real Kendall Shiflett is dead.

KEITH: And even weirder still? Miss Banks, our fake Kendall, was at the wheel when she was killed.

VERONICA: The lengths a woman will go to to shave a few years off her age.

KEITH: Or the name change had something to do with the six months she spent in prison for wire fraud.

Keith points Veronica to a rap sheet. That shows Priscilla Banks' picture, fingerprints, description, and criminal record. The description lists her as aged 22, born in California, height 5'11", weight 130, white, and a brunette with fair complexion and blue eyes. Her criminal record relates to Wire Fraud dated 04-06-1999.

KEITH: Rather interesting, huh?

Veronica hears a ping and looks up at her laptop screen. There is an instant message from "AnonCuda411" which reads: "That green car you're looking for? Paypal me the reward and I'll send address. Strictly anonymous." In the meantime, Keith is proud of himself, tapping on his chest.

KEITH: Admit it! The old man's got some P.I. chops.

Veronica, more interested by what's on her screen, smiles indulgently. She accepts the instant message. She responds: "What's your email address?" Keith is not impressed that she is not duly impressed.

KEITH: Well, I thought is was some pretty sweet detectiving.

Veronica ignores him and writes something down.

VERONICA: I gotta run. I just got a lead on a Barracuda that ran over a classmate's dog.

Veronica rips off the sheet of paper, collects her bag and leaves the office.


This is the poorer part of town. The LeBaron pulls up outside 2126, a house marked by peeling paintwork. Veronica knocks at the door.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It now occurs to me that a bat or a large stick might have been a good idea, given the profile of your average muscle-car-driving, ass-flashing, dog-murdering--

The door opens, revealing an old woman in dark glasses.

MARY: Who are you?

VERONICA: Uuuuh, hi! I was just wondering if you've seen a green muscle car around the neighbourhood. A Barracuda?

MARY: Young lady, I haven't seen anything...

She takes off her glasses to eyes blinded by cataracts.

MARY: ...since my cataracts came back.

VERONICA: I'm sorry. I...

MARY: What do you want with my car?

VERONICA: Wow. It's yours.

The woman nods.

VERONICA: It's just that my dad is super into them and he's always talked about getting a souped-up 'Cuda.

MARY: That car belonged to my dear, departed husband, bless his soul. And it's staying right where it is in that garage until they carry me out in a box. Now, excuse me, but I'm missing Vanna and Pat.

The woman shuts the door. Veronica looks over at the garage and then around to see if she's being watched.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And what enjoyment, exactly, do the blind get out of Wheel of Fortune?

She heads for the garage.


Veronica opens the door and enters. The Barracuda is there. She runs her hand along the side of it, stopping at some stickiness on the back window. She grabs some Chalk-Line from one of the shelves and squirts it over the lower corner of the window. She spreads the substance over the area. The outline of leprechaun appears. Veronica climbs into the car and places a bug inside the instrument panel. She opens the glove compartment. She stares in horror at the gun inside.


Keith is in his office, on the phone, waiting for someone to pick up at the other end.

BANKS: [on phone] Hello?

KEITH: Hello, Mr. Banks?

BANKS: [on phone] Yes.

KEITH: This is Terry Whittaker calling from the Handley High Alumni Association. We're planning the big reunion and we're having some trouble locating Priscilla. Um, we'd sure like to track her down.

BANKS: [on phone] Well, so would we.

KEITH: Sorry?

BANKS: [on phone] Last we heard, she was living in Neptune, California. I only know 'cause she sent her ma a Get-Well-Soon card a few months back.

KEITH: Did you happen to keep the return address?

BANKS: [on phone] There wasn't one. I guess she didn't want us writing her back.

KEITH: Well, thanks for your time, Mr. Banks.

BANKS: [on phone] You find her, you mind telling her her mom passed on?

Veronica is working in the main office. She looks up at a knock on the door. It's Weevil.

VERONICA: You here to confess? Is that your tail I see between your legs?

WEEVIL: No. But I can see how you might get confused. I need you to get me into Clemmons' office.

Veronica looks up at him innocently.

WEEVIL: Look, I know you got a key. You spend as much time in there as he does.

VERONICA: You want my help? You're gonna have to answer a few questions for me. First, what do you need out of Clemmons' office?

WEEVIL: A paddle. It belonged to Thumper. Clemmons confiscated it.

Weevil takes the seat in front of Veronica's desk.

VERONICA: "Belonged"? Interesting use of the past tense. What's so special about this paddle?

WEEVIL: I saw it when I dumped the carnival cash in Thumper's shop locker. It had license plates engraved on it. I'm guessing that those plates belong to the people he was delivering product to for the Fitzpatricks. He probably made it as some kind of insurance policy.

VERONICA: How's that working out for him?

WEEVIL: Look, the Fitzpatricks have turned the PCHers into slave labour. There's nothing those guys won't do to ensure timely payment. Threats, beatings, torture... That paddle, if it is what I think it is, it's serious leverage.

VERONICA: Fair enough. Second question. Why were you following the school bus the day of the crash?

WEEVIL: Cervando. I loved the guy, but he was book-smart and street-dumb. He was telling anybody who'd listen how he'd hustled Liam Fitzpatrick and word was out that Liam was looking for him. I had his back, just in case. You believe me?

VERONICA: How could I not when you're battin' those Maybelline lashes at me?

Steps can be heard coming out of Keith's office.

VERONICA: Hey, dad.

KEITH: I'm heading out, honey. See you at home soon?

VERONICA: I have a shift at the Hut.

KEITH: Lock up, would you?

Veronica nods. Keith's smile drops as he looks down at Weevil.


WEEVIL: Sheriff.

Keith exits. Weevil stands.

WEEVIL: Key please.

Veronica opens her desk drawer and gets out her large ring of keys. She selects one and threads it off the ring. She hands it to Weevil.

VERONICA: Keep it.

WEEVIL: Seriously?

VERONICA: Yeah. Clemmons changed his locks. It's worthless.

Veronica drops the keys back in the drawer and pulls out a sheet of paper as Weevil bitches.

WEEVIL: What! You make me jump through all your hoops just so--

VERONICA: Lucky I have a copy of this, huh?

She shows him the copy of the paddle. Weevil drops the redundant key on the desk and shakes his head.

WEEVIL: You're unbelievable.

VERONICA: What do you say we figure out who some of those fine folks are?


Jackie is serving and doing a good job of it.

JACKIE: Okay, two turkeys. You wanted decaf, right? You okay?


VERONICA VOICEOVER: What a relief. It seems I wasn't lying about Jackie's waitressing skills.

Veronica is watching from the counter.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Nice to see all those Manhattan ballet lessons finally pay off in the service industry.

Cut to a little later. Jackie is pinning an order at the kitchen hatch. Veronica approaches.

VERONICA: Hey, Jackie. Um, table eight requested to sit in your section.

Jackie heads for the table. It's Wallace. Jackie hesitates before getting close enough to talk.



WALLACE: Look. What I said to you at school…

JACKIE: Don't worry about it.

WALLACE: I can't help myself. I'm worried. I didn't mean for it to come out like that. What I was trying to say was if it's really your own reputation that you're worried about, then I hope you can get past that. But if it's not about your reputation, if it's just that you don't, you know, feel the same way about me that I feel about you, then I'll understand and I'll back off.

JACKIE: It's not that. I like you a lot, Wallace. Too much, I think.

WALLACE: Then the hell with what anyone else thinks.

JACKIE: I've been accepted to the Sorbonne.

WALLACE: Hey, that's great!

JACKIE: It's in Paris. I leave the day after graduation. What does that give us, five weeks? Just enough time to get our hearts broken? There's no happy ending out there for us.

Wallace leans back in his seat and sighs. A little later, Veronica brings some empty cups to the counter. She checks under the counter where she has set up her laptop, displaying the tracker. The red dot is moving.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The Barracuda is on the move.

Veronica rushes over to Jackie.

VERONICA: Sorry to ask you this on your first night, Jackie, but can you cover my tables until closing?

JACKIE: Sure, no sweat.

VERONICA: Thanks. I owe ya.

Veronica turns to make a speedy exit.


The LeBaron pulls up at the side of the road at an intersection. Veronica watches the tracker.

VERONICA: Wait for it.

The Barracuda crosses in front of her. Veronica turns right to follow. She adjusts the radio to pick up the sound from inside the car. Music: "Treat Her Like a Lady" by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose.

LYRICS: You got-ta treat her like a lad-ay
She give into you, ah-hum
Now who can see? you know what I mean
Oh, you've got to love her (love her)
Tease her (tease her)
But most of all you've got-ta please her
(Please her)
You've got-ta hold her (hold her)
Now an want her (want her)
And make her feel you'll always need her
(Need her)
You know a woman (woman)
Is sentimental (woman)
And so easy (woman) to upset (woman)
So make her feel (feel)
That she's for real (real)
An she give you happiness

The male occupant of the car is singing along. In the car, a rosary cross hangs from the rear-view mirror and the driver wears a claddagh ring on the third finger of his left hand, the crown turned outward. The car pulls up outside a house, behind another car. Veronica pulls back further down the street on the other side and takes pictures as a woman gets out of the front car and joins the man in the Barracuda.

WOMAN: I think he's still inside. I just saw a flashlight moving around.

MAN: Hand me my gun out of the glove box.

Hearing this, Veronica puts down the camera. The man in the Barracuda gets out. Veronica punches in a number on her cell phone.

KEITH: [on phone] Hey, sweetie.

VERONICA: Dad, I need your help. I'm following this guy, and I'm pretty sure somebody's gonna get shot.

KEITH: [on phone] Tell me where you are, honey.

VERONICA: The northwest corner of Satsuma and Chandler.

KEITH: [on phone] I want you to pull up in front of the house and wait for me with the engine running. You see anybody but me coming toward the car, you get the hell out of here, you understand?

Veronica watches the man from the Barracuda run up the stairs to the house.

VERONICA: Where are you?

There's no response.



Keith is inside the house. He turns off his flashlight as he hears the front door open.

VERONICA: [on phone] Dad! Talk to me! What's going on?

Keith listens for the man.

VERONICA: [on phone] Dad!

Keith looks at the phone.

VERONICA: [on phone] Dad!

He closes it to cut her off and swallows hard.



Veronica continues to hold the phone to her ear, extremely worried.


She finally throws the phone down, switches on the engine and drives.


Inside, Keith walks quietly, listening for an indicator of the man's whereabouts. The man also walks slowly, the gun ready in his hand.


Veronica pulls up behind the Barracuda.


Keith hears footsteps walking away from his position and steps forward heading for the window. The footsteps were a feint.

MAN: Help you find something?

Keith freezes and slowly turns to face the man, who steps into the room, the gun pointed at Keith. It's Liam Fitzpatrick.

LIAM: Oh, my, my, my. Well, maybe it is true about the luck of the Irish. Keith Mars.

Liam laughs.

LIAM: On the wrong end of a robbery in progress. Unbelievable.

Keith looks over his shoulder at the window.

LIAM: Hey! You wanna make a run for it, it'll just help sell my story when the crime scene investigators show up.

KEITH: Liam. Don't do this, please. I have a daughter.

LIAM: We've met. Sweet girl. I'll keep an eye on her when you're gone.

Keith swallows and Liam pulls the trigger. There is no bullet in the chamber. Liam pulls the trigger again and again. Keith rushes him and the men fight.


The woman gets out of the Barracuda and heads towards Veronica.

WOMAN: What are you doing here?

The woman comes into the light. It's Kendall.

KENDALL: Who's that in my house? What the hell is going on?

Suddenly, behind her, Liam and Keith come crashing through a large picture window in a shower of broken glass. They continue to grapple, with Keith getting in some good elbows to Liam's gut. He breaks free of Liam's hold with a back fist to his face and runs towards the LeBaron. He climbs in. Kendall is standing in the way.

VERONICA: Move or you’re a hood ornament!

Kendall holds up her hands and backs off to the sidewalk. Veronica floors the LeBaron and she and Keith screech away. Liam picks himself up and staggers over to Kendall, still staring after the escaping LeBaron.

KENDALL: Why was the former sheriff in my house?

LIAM: He didn't say.

KENDALL: This is bad.

LIAM: Yeah. I could track him down and ask him.

KENDALL: That would be worse.


KEITH: His gun wasn't loaded.

Veronica smiles.

VERONICA: If you wouldn't've hung up on me, I could've told you. The bullets are in the ashtray.

Keith looks over at her, incredulous. He then pulls out a bullet from the ashtray and stares at it.

VERONICA: Think we should return them?

Keith stares at Veronica for a moment before putting a loving hand on her head. Veronica smiles. Both are holding back extreme emotion and relief.

VERONICA: So, I take it Kendall Casablancas slash Priscilla Banks has a secret house.

KEITH: Yep. I take it you found your Barracuda.

VERONICA: Yep. You find anything in the house? Say, plans to blow up the bus?

KEITH: Just this.

He holds up a hard drive.

KEITH: Her hard drive.

Veronica grins.


The hard drive is attached to a laptop. The contents are successfully transferred.

MAC: [offscreen] Bingo.

Mac is at Veronica's desk. She turns to look at the Marses who are sitting on the small couch. Veronica is dabbing at Keith's wounds.

MAC: All right, you guys are in.

VERONICA: Ah, thanks, Mac.

MAC: I'm not speaking to you.

Veronica looks at Mac.

MAC: Butters asked if he should rent a room for Prom night. I'm doing this for your dad.

Veronica grins.

MAC: Mr. Mars, what else can I do for you?

KEITH: You mind printing every email, every document?

MAC: Your word is my Shift-Command.

Keith smiles while Veronica groans.

MAC: Little computer humor for you, there.

VERONICA: I liked it better when you weren't speaking to me.

Mac tries to throw Veronica an evil look. Veronica smiles serenely.


The PCHers are lined up, waiting, as two cars roar up. One of them is the Barracuda. Once out of the car, Liam, still bearing the signs of his fight with Keith, leads another five or so of his guys towards the bikers.

LIAM: Oh yeah! Whoo-ho. So how did we make out in school this week...ladies.

Hector pulls an envelope out of his pocket.

HECTOR: That's it.

He tosses it to Liam

HECTOR: That's all there is.

Liam catches it and shakes it.

LIAM: A little light.

He opens the envelope and checks the amount inside.

LIAM: Oh, this is bad. I've had a doozy of a night. I'm really not in the mood.

HECTOR: Supply and demand. That's all the people are buying.

LIAM: Then create demand. You act like the rich kids are the only ones with money. Throw a rave, on the beach. You've got finals coming up, right? People need to stay awake, people need to study. It's called pusher for a reason.

Liam points at Hector, making a high-pitched giggle. He turns back to his guys and they laugh with him. Liam turns back to the PCHers.

LIAM: Oh, all right, what do you say we try a new motivational technique?

Liam points to someone behind Hector.

LIAM: You! The scrawny one.

Hector turns to see who Liam is referring to. It's Billy, his black eye still very noticeable.

LIAM: He's been short two weeks in a row.

Liam beckons him forward with his finger. Billy doesn't move. Liam gestures for two of his guys to go and get him. There's a bit of a struggle as some to the other bikers try and stop them, but to no avail. Billy is dragged to the front. Cut to moments later. Billy's hands are bound and he is hung on the same hook that Weevil was hung on in 212 "Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle." Liam approaches one of the other bikers and takes his cap off his head.

LIAM: Now. I will cut the kid down as soon as this hat is full of bills.

He lets the cap drop to the ground. Hector sighs.

LIAM: But in the meantime...

Liam claps and rubs his hands together, looking back at his guys. He points to one and laughs.

LIAM:...Declan here, oh, he's gonna show me some of the jab he's always bragging about.

Declan is pushed jovially over to Billy.

LIAM: Work the body.

Declan punches Billy in the stomach.

LIAM: Work the body!

Declan punches Billy in the face. Liam and the other Fitzpatricks ooo and ahh and laugh. The PCHers start to throw bills into the cap. The sound of an approaching car interrupts after Declan's next punch to the chest. The Fitzpatricks and the bikers all turn to look at the new arrival. It's Weevil. He gets out of the car. Liam laughs as Weevil strides purposefully towards him.

LIAM: Hey! Didn't this used to be your gang? Why don't you help us whip some of your boys into shape here?

Weevil squares up to Liam, standing between him and the bikers.

WEEVIL: Nah. The PCHers ain't dealing for you no more.

Liam looks around at his guys in mock compliance.

LIAM: Okay! So, uh, what, we just...shake hands and walk away like gentlemen?

WEEVIL: Not sure I'm interested in the handshake, but I'm fine with the walkin' away.

LIAM: You know, uh, ain't all it's cracked up to be. Ask Thumper.

WEEVIL: You're not threatening me, are you? 'Cause you oughtta be nicer to a guys who's got this.

Weevil pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket.

LIAM: What's that supposed to be?

WEEVIL: It's just a list. Of all your big shot clients, lawyers on speed, coked up pro athletes, celebrities kids rolling on E. Ask yourself this question: Exactly how much business did Heidi Fleiss do when her little book went public, huh?

Liam knows he's snookered.

WEEVIL: You might want to hold on to that for me.

Liam snatches the paper.

WEEVIL: We'll call it collateral.

Liam opens out the paper and examines. He then shows his guys and laughs.

LIAM: So, uh, how do I know you didn't make a copy?

WEEVIL: Oh, I did make copies. Lots of 'em. And the day I go missing is the day they go public. Might wanna keep that in mind.

Weevil taps his brow.

LIAM: Um-hm. You might wanna watch your back.

WEEVIL: Why? You're gonna be watching it for me.

Liam laughs again but there is no humour in it. He turns and walks back to the cars. The bikers celebrate.

HECTOR: I knew you'd come through for us, Weevil.

WEEVIL: Right, boys. You're on your own now.

Weevil walks away. As the other bikers express their surprise, Hector seems to understand. Weevil drives away, satisfied.


Veronica has papers strewn around her on the small couch. She is going through some papers resting on her raised knees. She stops and sighs. She walks into Keith's office. He too is reading.

KEITH: Find anything?

VERONICA: Found out that little old lady with the Barracuda, Mary MacDonald, is Liam Fitzpatrick's maternal grandmother.

KEITH: That it?

Veronica thinks as she sinks into one of the chairs in front of his desk.

VERONICA: Weevil said this kid on the bus, Cervando, thought the Fitzpatricks were after him. He ripped them off, then went bragging. Liam wanted to shut Cervando up pretty bad. And, since Liam had access to explosives through his cousin, Danny...

She shrugs and throws the papers in her hand onto Keith's desk.

VERONICA: That's the best I can come up with. I've looked through all this stuff and I still can't find anything to connect Liam and Kendall.

KEITH: How 'bout prisoner number 246219?


KEITH: Sixty-five emails, all to Cormac Fitzpatrick, Liam's older brother, doing time up in San Quentin.

Veronica stands and takes the papers Keith has, examining them.

KEITH: The dots are starting to connect now.

VERONICA: What's he in for?

KEITH: Fraud. Cormac and Kendall were partners, grifters working the long con. She was his roper. That stint she did? I think she took the rap for Cormac, saved him a third strike. I'd say the rest of the Fitzpatricks owe Kendall a big one. Maybe Liam was following the bus.

VERONICA: Could have just been out there as Kendall's eyes. Called her just at the right moment. Kendall could have made the call that blew up the bus while sipping Margaritas by the Casablancas pool.

KEITH: You talked to Logan?

VERONICA: He was with her that day, but he says Kendall kicked him out hours before the crash.


Jackie approaches Wallace who is sitting at one of the tables.

WALLACE: Been thinkin' about what you said.


WALLACE: And I don't care. I say five weeks is five weeks. Why don't we make the most of it? Forget about the happy ending, Jackie. Let's just worry about being happy now.

Jackie glances around and then sits at Wallace's table.

WALLACE: I just don't know when I'm gonna meet another girl like you.

JACKIE: I think it's safe to say there's not another Wallace Fennel out there either.

They laugh.

WALLACE: So, what do you say? Will you go to prom with me?

JACKIE: Yeah. I'll do that.

WALLACE: Well, all right then. I guess I better head down to Ayres Formal Wear. I hear those top hats and those canes go quick.

Jackie laughs.

KEITH: [offscreen] Veronica!


Keith is watching television.

NEWSCASTER: ...when a construction crew came across the object...

Veronica comes in from her room.

VERONICA: What is it?

NEWSCASTER:...buried just feet from where the body of their daughter was discovered...

Veronica sits on the arm of the chair.

KEITH: Nothing. It's a special report.

He switches off the television with the remote.

KEITH: They found the murder weapon, the one used to kill Lilly.

VERONICA: What about the glass ashtray you found in the pool?

KEITH: We figured that's what he used, why else would it be in the pool.

VERONICA: Okay, but that doesn’t really change anything, does it?

KEITH: They found it buried in the Kane's back yard. The new owners were moving the swimming pool, and they found Aaron's Oscar statue.

VERONICA: What? But doesn't us? I mean, with his prosecution?

KEITH: Honey, in addition to Lilly's blood, the sheriff found some of Duncan's hair on the murder weapon.

Veronica is stunned.


Veronica walks up the steps to the door. In front of the abandoned kennel is Billy's motorbike, which Veronica notes. She knocks on the door. Billy, now with two black eyes, answers the door.

BILLY: He's in his room.

VERONICA: Hold it.

He turns to disappear into the house, but Veronica grabs his arm. He winces.

BILLY: Ow. What are you doing?

VERONICA: Looks like you had a rough night. Is that your bike out front?

BILLY: Yeah.

VERONICA: You know exactly who killed your brother's dog, don't you. Same guys who ground up your face. Liam Fitzpatrick. What happened? A little late with the payment?

Billy doesn't respond.

VERONICA: I've learned that when someone just stands there with his mouth open like that, it means he's guilty.

BILLY: Listen, just don't tell Harry. He finds out what happened--

VERONICA: Cry to someone else. This beating you've got coming.

BILLY: Wait, wait. It's not me I'm worried about. My brother hears that Liam was the one that killed his dog, I mean, he'll go after him. I swear to god, man, Harry isn't afraid of anybody.

VERONICA: So, you're asking me to lie to him to save his life?

BILLY: I'm asking you not to tell him so my brother doesn't spend the rest of his life in prison because he put a razor-cut three blade broadhead arrow through Liam Fitzpatrick's throat.

Harry calls down from upstairs.

HARRY: [offscreen] Billy! Who is it?

BILLY: [whispers] Please!

Billy sidesteps with an anguished sigh to let Veronica into the house.


Veronica walks slowly up the stairs.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So all I have to do is give Harry the name of the man who tried to kill my dad in cold blood last night, Liam Fitzpatrick. He's a killer and there's a good possibility he was responsible for the deaths of everybody on that bus. I, for one, wouldn't miss him.

She reaches Harry's room, which is filled with the means and products of his hunting. Harry is sharpening one of his arrow tips. He looks over at her.

HARRY: Were you able to find out who ran over my dog?

Veronica takes some time to answer.


End. Executive producer Rob Thomas (who is a god).

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