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2.18 I Am God

Written by: Diane Ruggiero and Cathy Belben
Directed by: Martha Mitchell

Original Air Date: 11 April, 2006
Transcribed by Inigo and Black Lebaron.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars

Keith is in the office of Rebecca James, school counselor in 103 "Meet John Smith."

REBECCA: She has attitude with certain teachers. She falls asleep in class.

Keith and Rebecca break up in a coffee shop in 105 "You Think You Know Somebody."

KEITH: I can't see you any more.

Meg sits on the bus, satisfied that Veronica is still outside in 201 "Normal Is the Watchword."

MS DUMASS: [offscreen] All here?

MALE STUDENT: [offscreen] Yeah.

MEG: All here.

The bus leaves Veronica behind. She catches a lift with Weevil on his bike. They come to the scene of the accident. Veronica runs to the edge of the cliff.

GIA: They're all dead. It just went straight off the cliff.

Veronica freaks out in Duncan's suite in 203 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang."

VERONICA: The bus crash, it was meant for me.

At home, Veronica plays Keith the message Rhonda left for Michelle that she discovered in 205 "Blast from the Past."

VERONICA: It's a voice mail from one of the students who died in the crash. She called just as the bus went over.

RHONDA: Hey, about next weekend...

VERONICA: The bus was sabotaged.

KEITH: If that sound is an explosion, not only were those kids murdered, but the guilty party is still at large.

End previouslies.


The finishing touches are added to a drawing of a dark figure with a scythe looming over nine tombstones. Veronica is the artist. She looks up, distraught. Beyond her, in a row, wet and dead, are Meg, Peter and Betina in an "I heart Dick" t-shirt.



Veronica's eyes widen.

WOMAN: [offscreen] Good morning, Veronica.

Veronica's head is just above her folded arms on the desk. She's just woken up. A woman is standing by her desk. She has a slip of paper which she lays on the desk.

WOMAN: School counselor would like to see you.

Veronica stretches out her arms, sighs and then grabs her bag from the back of her chair and rises from her seat.

REBECCA: [offscreen] You were sleeping in class.


REBECCA: Mrs. Taft says she's reprimanded you three times for wearing headphones while she's teaching.

VERONICA: She's reading The Golden Bowl...aloud, with a fake English accent.

Rebecca nods her head, suppressing her amusement.

REBECCA: You were caught ripping down another student's poster.

Veronica narrows her eyes.

VERONICA: Am I being followed?

REBECCA: The student who made the poster would like to have her photos back.

Veronica frowns and leans over for a file from her bag.

REBECCA: Something you want to talk about?

VERONICA: Yeah, but Jennifer Love Hewitt might be more qualified.

REBECCA: How's that?

VERONICA: I'm being haunted.

Rebecca looks at her quizzically.

VERONICA: And she's the Ghost Whisperer.

Rebecca's none the wiser. Veronica snaps her fingers a few times.

VERONICA: These are the jokes.

REBECCA: Haunted?

VERONICA: Yeah, by the kids who died in the bus crash. I take it you don't see them?

REBECCA: Uh, no, Veronica, I don't.

VERONICA: Good, neither do I. Except come bedtime, the second I close my eyes, there they are. Acting like they're dying to tell me something.

Veronica goes through the pictures she has, handing each one to Rebecca as she goes through.

VERONICA: We have Cervando, the academically-inclined PCHer. Betina, Dick Casablancas's booty buddy. Rhonda...all I know about her so far is that she called her friend Michelle right before the crash. Oh, Marcos, of "Ahoy, Mateys!" fame. He had a pirate radio show. I've been listening to it non-stop, hence...

She taps her ear.

VERONICA: ...the headphones. And Peter, who generously posted the details of his unrequited gay love on So now we're like this.

Veronica crosses her fingers.

VERONICA: And then there's Meg. Actually, you might be able to help, um. What do you know about a janitor named Lucky?


VERONICA: Meg had a lot to say about him.


Veronica stares out the window of the submerged bus at passing fishes. The colours are bright, almost garish, the film grainy.

VERONICA: This is so cool.

MEG: Yeah, it's just dreamy.

Meg is sitting a few rows in front of Veronica. She is wearing a "Baby on board" t-shirt, one with an arrow pointing to her stomach.

MEG: I really want to spend eternity like a plastic scuba diver in someone's fish tank.

VERONICA: So Meg, what's with that guy, Lucky? Your parents' friend from church? I can't picture them wanting to set you up with someone.

MEG: They weren't outwardly setting us up. They just kept having him over for dinner so he could talk about his four months in Iraq and how he took shrapnel in the ass for America. He'd quote the bible and they'd point out how great he was. Fun, fun, fun.

VERONICA: But you thought he was creepy.

MEG: Have you been reading my emails?

Meg has suddenly appeared in the seat next to Veronica.

MEG: My sister gave my computer files to Duncan, not you. Those are my personal, intimate...wait. Forgot. I'm dead. In Veronicaland, no pulse, no privacy.

VERONICA: I'm trying to help.

MEG: Look, my parents think Lucky's a saint because he sings hymns with his eyes closed and he helped my dad move an air conditioner. But he's just a janitor at the high school he graduated from who buys beer for guys like Logan to hang on to his glory days. But you know all this from my emails.



REBECCA: Veronica, when did these dreams start?

VERONICA: A few days ago. Michelle Thompson set up this booth in the hallway. She's trying to raise money to buy a yearbook spread for every kid who died in the bus crash. She's the one you should be talking to. She has that wide-eyed, Margot Kidder in a bush look. Total nut job.


Michelle has set up a desk under a large poster of Bussy, the school bus with wings. On it, Michelle has photos of each of the student victims with their names printed underneath: Meg Manning, Betina Marone, Rhonda Landers, Peter Ferrer, Marcos Oliveres, and Cervando Esparza (which is different from the name he was given in 202 "Driver's Ed" where he was called Cervando Perez in the newspaper article about him, and from the name Veronica will say later in the episode, Cervando Luna). A small poster for the lacrosse team is incongruously next to it. Veronica and Michelle are standing in front of the desk and posters.

MICHELLE: I've already raised two hundred dollars and I've only been doing it for a day. You know, if I raise enough, I might be able to get one of those audiochips, like the kind that play "Happy Birthday" when you open the card. Yeah, I know it's a bit much, but wouldn't it be great to hear them laughing and happy?



REBECCA: What did Michelle mean about hearing everybody laughing?

VERONICA: Her friend Rhonda left a message for her right as she was going off the cliff. I knew about that one.

REBECCA: That one?

VERONICA: Turns out, Rhonda called Michelle's home first, left a message there too. When Michelle told me about it, she said...she could hear all the kids laughing on the bus. So I asked if I could hear it.


Veronica and Michelle are in the empty journalism classroom. Michelle taps a few numbers on her cell and then hands it to Veronica. Veronica holds the phone to her ear and listens to the sound of raucous laughter.

RHONDA: [on recording] I seriously cannot believe you're missing this. I hope you can hear.

DICK: [on recording] Betina. Hey, Betina! Ready for a little bow-chicka-wow-wow.

RHONDA: [on recording] You need to call me.

The call ends. Veronica, somewhat shocked, switches off the phone.

MICHELLE: Did you...hear your friend, Meg?

VERONICA: No, but I heard someone I know.

MICHELLE: I'm sorry, I guess it is upsetting.

VERONICA: More disturbing. He wasn't on the bus.



REBECCA: You heard Dick Casablancas's voice?


REBECCA: Even though there's, there's no way he could've been on the bus at the time?

VERONICA: Freaky, huh?

REBECCA: Did you tell your dad about this?

VERONICA: Funny you should ask.


Veronica is still in the seat by the window, staring into space. She hears a voice behind her and looks back.

RHONDA: [offscreen] Pick up! Why aren't you picking up? You big loser.


RHONDA: [offscreen] I cannot believe you bailed on the field trip without telling me.

Rhonda is on her cell, walking down the centre aisle of the bus, towards the front.

RHONDA: Hey, about next weekend...

There's a bang and the sounds of screeching tires. Veronica's faces scrunches up in terror.



Veronica cries out as she wakes up from her nightmare.


She sits up, panting. Keith's hurrying steps precede his entry into her bedroom.

KEITH: Honey!

VERONICA: I'm fine. It was just a bad dream.

Keith crouches down on the floor next to her bed.

KEITH: Did you watch House of Wax again? You know that Hilton girl gives you nightmares.

Veronica gives him the pained smile of one who still isn't ready to joke. Keith notices the files spread on Veronica's bed. He picks them up as he moves to sit on the bed next to her.

KEITH: Peter Ferrer, Rhonda, these are the kids who died on the bus. Maybe this isn't the best bed-time reading?

Veronica reaches around behind her and brings out a CD.

VERONICA: Betina played these phone messages from Dick for everyone on the bus. This was in the CD player.

KEITH: And how did it get here?

VERONICA: I willed it?

KEITH: You snuck onto the bus?

VERONICA: Yeah, like you didn't?

KEITH: Veronica.

VERONICA: Why didn't you tell me about the drawing?

KEITH: I didn't see a drawing. I was on the bus for a minute before security came in.

Veronica searches through the papers behind her again.

VERONICA: It was drawn on the back of one of the bus seats.

She hands him another file. Keith opens the flap to see photographs of the back of one of the seats. There is a drawing, similar to the one seen in the opening shot, with the words "I Am God" in ornate lettering.

KEITH: "I am God."

VERONICA: Because I have the power to put myself and my classmates in individual coffins.

KEITH: Do you think person who drew this is responsible for the crash?

VERONICA: I think it's possible. The bus was brand new. There was no other graffiti.

KEITH: Why nine tombstones? Eight people were killed in the crash.

VERONICA: I guess the artist wasn't expecting me to get off the bus.



REBECCA: Can I see the art work?

Veronica gets it from her bag and hands over two photographs.

REBECCA: Oh, my.

VERONICA: One of the kids who died on the bus drew that. I need to find out who.

Opening credits.


Logan is at his open locker, flipping through a book. Veronica comes up behind him and taps the back of his knee with her leg. He swings around to look at her. She slaps her hand on her forehead.

VERONICA: Yep, I have no idea what compelled me to do that.

LOGAN: Is it because you're five?

VERONICA: I'm a little punchy; I haven't been sleeping.

LOGAN: Thoughts of me? Hey, I get it. Um, sometimes I'm up all night just thinking about myself.

Veronica rolls her eyes.

VERONICA: Do you know a guy named Lucky? He's one of the night janitors here.

LOGAN: Tommy Dohanic? Yeah.

VERONICA: Why "Lucky"?

LOGAN: Well, he graduates. Then his parents file Chapter 11; he has to drop out of college. He signs up for Army Rangers. He gets sent to Iraq and four months in, he gets shot.

VERONICA: And...that makes him lucky?

LOGAN: Hey, they shot him in the butt. Could be worse. You met him too, you know.

Logan smiles.

LOGAN: Remember...


Veronica and Logan are in the Xterra, making out. Music: "Breathe Me (Four Tet remix)" by Sia.

LYRICS: I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break
Lost myself again and I feel unsafe
Be my friend
Hold me

It's getting hot and heavy in the car as Veronica pushes Logan down onto the back seat and--



VERONICA: [impatiently] Hey, Logan, is there a point to this story?

LOGAN: Will you let me finish? Sheesh!

Logan leans his head back against the locker, enjoying the memory.


Veronica and Logan continue to make out. There's a knock at the window. Veronica, on top of Logan, swings her head around to see the guy who tapped on the window. This is Lucky. Dick is standing next to him.

VERONICA: Oh, good, we have an audience.

Logan sits up, keeping Veronica turned into his body with his arm. He lowers the window.

LUCKY: Okay, Lover-Boy, that's enough face-sucking for now. We got things to do.

LOGAN: And you're on a tight schedule of smoking pot and playing Halo. I can't wait to graduate.

LUCKY: Come on, man. We're done screwing around. The ball's in our court and someone's gotta pay.

Veronica is puzzled and turns to look at Lucky.

DICK: But, after we make someone pay, we're gonna get high and play Halo, right?

LUCKY: [scolding] Get it together, Dick!

Logan smiles at the put down. Lucky turns his attention back to Logan.

LUCKY: Ninety seconds, wrap this up.

LOGAN: I'll be there when I'm there.

Lucky isn't happy as Logan rolls the window back up and returns his attention to the girl he is holding.



End music: "Breathe Me" by Sia.


VERONICA: Remind me. Why did we break up?

LOGAN: Well you thought the other guy had greener grass.

Veronica nods and starts to walk away.

LOGAN: Mm, or was it something about me being too much man? No, wait, it was you. You were too much man.

Veronica doesn't pause or look back.


In the noisy physics lab, Logan and Dick sit side by side at one of the tables. They are both wearing protective glasses. Logan pretends to be driving a racing car as Dick tosses up a ball of scrunched up paper.

MR. WU: Hey! Hey!

The students turn their attention to Mr. Wu. On the board, he has written "Mr. Wu's Egg Drop Competition." On his desk is a large fake egg with a banner around it saying the same thing.

MR. WU: As I was saying, each team will design a device to protect an egg dropped from increasing heights. The pair whose egg survives the highest drop will earn an "A," plus the team will be excused from Mr. Wu's notorious G.P.A.-killing...

He starts trying to do a funky rap, but stops on the moans of the class, who include Wallace at another table.

MR. WU: exam.

LOGAN: [quietly] Boy, Mr. Wu must really like his egg-drop soup.

Dick raises his hand.

DICK: Ah, does this assignment come with potsticka?

The class sniggers but Wu is not amused and bears down on Dick.

MR. WU: Students! This experiment is a major test grade. For some of you, it means passing this class or not.

He stares at Dick before turning to head back to the front of the room.

DICK: [loudly] Dude, is Mr. Wu hitting on me?

Logan laughs, as do many others in the class. Wu hears this and cringes.

MR. WU: Okay, people! That's does it. I'm assigning you partners alphabetically. Dick, I think it's a bad idea for you and Mr. Echolls to be working together.

DICK: So bad it's good?

MR. WU: No.

Dick solemnly moves the glasses from his eyes the top of his head. He takes a deep breath and turns to Logan.

DICK: [a la Brokeback Mountain] God, I don't know how I'm gonna quit you.

Logan draws breath to respond but Dick puts his finger over Logan's lips.

DICK: Shhh. It's not me; it's Wu.

MR. WU: Dick Casablancas, your new partner is Angie Dahl.

Angie is less than enthused.

DICK: Score!

Logan laughs again as Dick leaves the table to join Angie.

MR. WU: Logan Echolls, you'll join Wallace Fennel.

Wallace looks back, also less than enthused. Logan notes the antipathy. Dick appears in front of Angie.

DICK: Gentleman Dick at your service. Foot massage? Coconut-oil rubdown?

ANGIE: Just stay out of my way. I need to be excused from the final exam.

Wallace takes Dick's seat next to Logan.

LOGAN: You're not gonna get all super-achiever on me, are you?

WALLACE: I'm just trying to avoid flunking. Hearst would yank my scholarship.

LOGAN: Excellent. The bar is so low, we can step over it.

Logan chews his pencil. Wallace huffs, not looking forward to the partnership.


Veronica is alone at one of the tables, her laptop open in front of her. She looks up and over at the table where Dick is talking to some other guys. He feels her stare. She cocks her finger at him, beckoning him to join her.

DICK: Just because you wiggle your finger doesn't mean Dick's gonna come.

Veronica is not swayed and merely turns to her laptop, typing something. She turns it around so Dick can see the screen upon which is written, in very large letters: "I KNOW WHO YOU DID LAST SUMMER." Dick looks uncomfortable at this and makes his way over to her. He slides into the seat next to her.

DICK: Veronica Minx, what are you up to?

VERONICA: Oh, you know, this, that, and the other.

Veronica hits a button on the laptop. Dick's voice from the CD on the bus rings out.

DICK: [on recording] You ready for a little bow-chicka-wow-wow? Betina, pick up, pick up, pick up. You little frickin' hottie.

Listening with increasing embarrassment, Dick slams down the screen of the laptop, cutting off the recording.

VERONICA: Tell me about you and Betina.

DICK: Who?

Veronica shrugs and goes to open the laptop again.

DICK: Uh, wait. What? Everybody has their secret shame, V. You get tanked at the wrong party, stumble a couple of rungs down the food chain. You know how it is; you dated that cop.

VERONICA: Patience dwindling.

DICK: Sometimes you don't need the prettiest horse, just one that let's you ride bareback.

Dick grins. Veronica struggles not to throw up.

VERONICA: Ever think, maybe, that was a little, I don't know, dangerous?

DICK: What am I, stupid?

Veronica's face leaves no doubt as to her answer to that question.

DICK: She was on the pill. I don't know why you're in a bunch. I don't hear her complaining.

VERONICA: You know she's dead, right? And she did complain. She played your messages for the whole bus on the way home from Shark Field. That's not a satisfied customer, Dick. That's a woman scorned.

DICK: Well, she had nothing to be scorned about. I even gave her a little gift that day, a Shark's premium ticket package, my Shark's memorabilia gift bag.

VERONICA: Tickets they raffled off? You didn't win the tickets.

DICK: Well I saw that gay kid who won them toss them in the trash, and I thought Betina might like them. Or she could sell them for grocery money or whatever. Pissed-off white trash booty buddy, free tickets, it's a no-brainer.

Dick grins as Veronica shakes her head.


Veronica is leaning against the wall. Through the crowd of students traversing the hall, she sees Keith.


She takes a step towards him but he does not stop or look around and she stops. Puzzled, she turns back to resume her place at the wall, but instead, spotting her target, she approaches a girl at her locker.

VERONICA: Maureen? Hi, I'm Veronica. I'm helping Michelle with the yearbook tribute.

MAUREEN: I already gave her all the good pictures of Betina.

VERONICA: I know. We were just wondering if you had any poems or art work, something of Betina's that was more personal.

MAUREEN: Nothing she'd want in the yearbook.

VERONICA: Is there someone else I should ask, another friend? A boyfriend?

MAUREEN: She didn't have a boyfriend.

VERONICA: Oh. I thought I saw her at a party once with Dick Casablancas.

Maureen scoffs.

MAUREEN: Dick Casablancas is the bastard child of Satan.

VERONICA: Well, that would explain a lot.

MAUREEN: I don't know what you heard, but he was horrible to Betina. He treated her like a free hooker. I know, she let him, but it's my friendial obligation to blame it all on him.

Maureen slams her locker shut.

VERONICA: I know Dick. Blame him.

They start to walk away from Maureen's locker together.

MAUREEN: Betina just lost her mind over him. And the worse he treated her, the more she lapped up after him. He was her ideal guy: rich and completely indifferent to her. The joke so would have been on him.

VERONICA: What do you mean?

MAUREEN: All he wanted was to mess around with her and have no one know. And all she wanted was for him to knock her up so she could shout it from the rooftops.

Maureen walks on as Veronica ponders.


Veronica is in the early stages of recreating the drawing with four of the tombstones. Elsewhere on the bus, Betina looks down at her t-shirt, a full view showing that it says "I heart Dick Casablancas."

BETINA: What's with the T-shirts?

Veronica looks up. Betina is next to her. Meg is in the row in front of them on the opposite side of the aisle. Peter is walking down the aisle from the back of the bus, towards them.

BETINA: You just need help keeping us straight in your head?

PETER: Straight? "Queer eye for the dead guy" has Petey wearing a rhinestone fricking rainbow! Seriously, ever heard of butch?

MEG: I have important information.

PETER: Don't we all?

BETINA: It's time for the bus to crash.

Veronica, eyes filled with tears, is speechless and a little panicked.



Veronica wakes with a start. She is listening to one of her recordings of "Ahoy, Mateys!"

CAP'N KRUNK: And here it comes, Imitation Crab


CAP'N KRUNK: The winner of this weeks cock of the walk countdown...

IMITATION CRAB: Don't leave 'em hanging Cap'n.

CAP'N KRUNK: It's Logan Echolls! That's forty weeks running. Rosemary's baby: the teen years.

Veronica looks at the iPod.


Wallace is placing an egg in a box.

LOGAN: At four feet it survives, we pass.

Logan bends down, having let out a steel tape measure to the required height. Wallace holds up the box at the top of the measure.

WALLACE: Here's goes nothing.

Wallace drops the box. It falls. The boys look at each other and shrug. Wallace opens the box. The egg is unbroken.

LOGAN: Mazel Tov.

Logan takes the egg from Wallace.

LOGAN: Two passing grades, over easy.

WALLACE: I guess our work here is through.


They rise from their crouching over the box as there's a knock on the door.

LOGAN: Ah, my buffalo burger has arrived.

As Wallace picks up the box and puts his stuff together, Logan gets the door. A waiter enters with a trolley. He pushes it into the room and Logan hands him a bill.

WAITER: Thank you.

The waiter leaves.

WALLACE: Must be nice.

Logan lifts the cover off his food.

LOGAN: Oh, not for the buffalo.

He dips a finger in and licks it before glancing back at Wallace.

LOGAN: You don't like me much, do you?

WALLACE: The last time we actually talked, you were bashing Veronica's headlights with a crowbar.

LOGAN: Hm. Foreplay.

There's another knock on the door. Logan gets it.

MAID: Good evening.

The young maid, carrying large pillows, steps into the room. She stops as Logan introduces her to Wallace with a smirk.

LOGAN: Wallace, have you met my fluffer?


Keith is going through some mail at the kitchen counter/table. Veronica enters from outside.

VERONICA: Did I see you at school today?

KEITH: I don't know, were you hallucinating?

VERONICA: You were dressed in that exact, snazzy outfit which, if I'm not mistaken, is your dating uniform. Is there some Miss James rekindling I should know about?

Keith doesn't respond, instead holding up an envelope.

KEITH: You've got mail...from Stanford University.

Veronica takes it and stares at it for a moment, afraid to open it. Keith gets up and stands next to her.

VERONICA: It's a little anorexic for an acceptance letter.

KEITH: Good news or bad, you know I'm proud of you.

He puts his arm around her and kisses the top of her head. He steps back to watch her. She gazes at the envelope a little longer, then shakes off her hesitation, tearing open the envelope. She takes another moment before she unfolds the enclosed letter. She takes a deep breath and begins to read.

VERONICA: "Dear Ms Mars. It is with great pleasure that the admissions board at Stanford University welcomes you to our institution."

She grins and then squeals, doing a happy dance. She grabs her dad for a big hug.

KEITH: You did it, baby.

Veronica laughs and sighs in one, picking up the letter again to be sure she's not dreaming.


Veronica and Angie sit side by side in front of Clemmons' desk.

CLEMMONS: Veronica, Angie, thank you for coming in. It turns out there's been an error in the calculations regarding the class rankings. It seems to only affect the two of you who remain in the running for the Kane Scholarship.

VERONICA: An error? W-what kind of error?

CLEMMONS: Angie was awarded an A for the "Summer at Sea" elective she took. It was a college-level course, so rather than a four-point A, Angie should have been awarded a five-point A. The adjusted grades have pushed Angie ahead of you.

Veronica lets out a disbelieving breath.

ANGIE: [smugly] You could've taken the class. It was open to anyone.

VERONICA: Yeah? How much did that "Semester at Sea" class set you back?

ANGIE: How should I know?

Veronica can't believe it.


REBECCA: Veronica, I know Angie Dahl and I don't think she's the witch you're painting her as.

VERONICA: She's a demon spawn. Story of my life: I get five minutes of thinking my dreams may come true and then some rich kid slaps reality back into me.

REBECCA: So how was last night? Any bad dreams?

VERONICA: If I say no, do I have to keep coming back here? I'm still non-stop Nightmare on Elm Street. And I haven't been able to figure out who drew the picture. But there is one silver lining. My dad...seems...happy.

REBECCA: Well, that's wonderful, Veronica.

Veronica waits expectantly.

REBECCA: I'm very happy for him.

VERONICA: I'm glad you...are in touch again.

REBECCA: Ah, we're not.

Veronica raises a skeptical brow.


Veronica and Wallace walk down the hall together.

WALLACE: There's nothing about you that says "second place."

VERONICA: Nothing but my G.P.A. Angie Dahl's parents convinced the school board that the grades she purchased should be worth more than the ones I earned.

WALLACE: Well you need to shake this off. Just, work through it. "The lowest point of the ebb is the turn of the tide."

VERONICA: Don't quote.

Veronica yawns.

VERONICA: Sorry. I'm having a Mexican standoff with the sandman. He's winning.

They approach the poster for the bus victims. They pause.

WALLACE: When I die, I want you to raise money for my spread in Vibe.

VERONICA: Oh, didn't I email you? You're never allowed to die.

The camera hones in on the picture of Rhonda Landers.

WALLACE: Would you look at that? The most innocent-looking picture is the girl who was hell on wheels. That girl, Rhonda, and her sister Natalie were in Clemmons' office all the time. Always in trouble, for huffing paint, stealing, fighting, anything to reinforce the P.W.T. stereotype.

VERONICA: There's a Pretty Young Thing stereotype? Do I fit it?

Wallace laughs.

WALLACE: P.W.T. Poor White Trash.

They start walking again.

VERONICA: Oh, them. So can you point Rhonda's sister out to me after school?

WALLACE: What else am I gonna do?


A woman witters.

BLIND DATE #1: First Name Basis is so much better than It's Just Coffee.

Keith, a smile plastered on his face, nods.

BLIND DATE #1: Believe me, I've tried all the services. I like that I don't have to send out a picture. I like not giving out my real name.

Keith just keeps nodding.

BLIND DATE #1: I mean, I sure wasn't disappointed when I saw you wander up. You weren't disappointed when you saw me, were you?

KEITH: Oh, I wasn't.

BLIND DATE #1: I didn't think so. In fact, I thought I saw a smile, am I right?

Keith bemusedly crinkles up his nose with his goofy grin.


In the physics class, there are many eggs in egg boxes. Wu's class is in session.

MR. WU: Angie, your mother has sent you something. Apparently, it's more important than my class.

Angie gets up and goes to the door. Dick whistles at her departing rear as Wu shuts the door behind her and carries on.

MR. WU: Logan, you and Wallace are up.

Wallace claps and rubs his hands together. Logan hands him their contraption.

LOGAN: I could rub your head for luck.

WALLACE: You could try.

STUDENTS: All right, guys! Do it! Come on! Yeah!

Wallace goes to the front of the class, showing off the box. Logan does a drum roll on the desk.

LOGAN: Whoo!

STUDENTS: All right! Do it!

Wallace places the box on top of the platform erected for the experiment and gently slides the box off. As it falls there is a loud shriek from Angie in the hall. She bursts through the door, holding a bunch of balloons.

ANGIE: I'm in. I got into Stanford.

The students give a muted congratulatory response.

DICK: All right! You can be roomies with Veronica Mars. There's a pillow-fight I'd like to see.

ANGIE: Veronica Mars got into Stanford?

WALLACE: Yeah. Veronica Mars. Stanford.

ANGIE: Well, I guess somebody has to do the football team.

Wallace is offended. The class titter. As Angie goes to the back of the class to stow her balloons, Logan gives her a hard stare. Wu takes the unbroken egg out to the box.

MR. WU: Echolls, Fennel, you've got what all cruising seniors desire, a passing grade. If you'd like to aim higher tomorrow, I won't hold my breath.

Angie takes her seat, immediately in front of Dick.

DICK: I heard in dorms, all the girls shower together. Maybe you and Ronnie could soap each other's backs.

ANGIE: Mr. Wu, I want another partner. Dick is being in appropriate and didn't help with our project.

MR. WU: Dick?

DICK: Dude, I totally helped.

MR. WU: Can you, um, pick up your project, bring it to me?

Dick sighs and heads for the side where all the other projects are gathered together. He looks at them, trying to decide which one it is.

DICK: Ahhh....ahhh.

MR. WU: I'll see you in summer school, Dick.

DICK: What?

MR. WU: Oh, believe me, I'm no happier than you.

Dick is pissed. The bell goes. Self-satisfied, Angie collects her books.

LOGAN: Congratulations. You've single-handedly fulfilled the Stanford bitch quota.

ANGIE: Enjoy trade school, Logan.

She sashays past him, picks up her balloons and walks out of the class. Logan follows her out and into...


...the hallway, where he meets up with Wallace.

WALLACE: If you don't mind, I'm gonna keep working on the project.

LOGAN: Come by later, I'm in.

Wallace pauses and stares at him.

LOGAN: What's time to a hog?

Logan waltzes off. Wallace smiles.


A girl in tight white jeans and a skimpy pink t-shirt with "Crown Jewels" in sparkling stones across the chest, numerous gold necklaces and bottle-bleach, white-blonde hair struts down the car park. She passes Wallace and Veronica who are sitting on the boot of the LeBaron.

WALLACE: I think that's Rhonda's sister. Natalie?

Natalie points her keys at a red Corvette to unlock it.

VERONICA: Are you sure there's a P. before that W.T.

WALLACE: That's definitely her. She drives a 'Vette now? Last year, she offered to make out with me for cigarette money.

Veronica slides off the LeBaron and walks down to the Corvette, into which Natalie is now ensconced. Veronica leans into the car from the passenger's side, all friendly-like.

VERONICA: Hey, is this your car?

NATALIE: No, it's my roller skate.

VERONICA: This is so cool. I was thinking about moving up to a sweeter ride myself. How's she handle?

NATALIE: [dismissively] Better than the bus.

Veronica keeps her temper as Natalie switches on the ignition and pulls out of the space. Veronica, joined by Wallace, watches her go.



Veronica pulls her phone out of her pocket and starts to press buttons.

VERONICA: You can take the girl out of the trash, but you can't take the trash out of the girl. Oh, the time and effort she's saved me.


Keith's phone is ringing. He gets it out, glances at the caller ID and gives an apologetic glance to the woman he is sitting with before answering. The camera switches between them.

KEITH: Why aren't you learning something?

VERONICA: And a good day to you, too, sir. Just thinking about some great advice you gave me.

KEITH: "Look both ways"? "Don't stick that in your nose"?

VERONICA: "Follow the money." Could you run the financial records of the families with kids who died in the crash?

KEITH: Will do. Gotta go. Important meeting.

Keith hangs up on an intrigued Veronica.

BLIND DATE #2: You know who you remind me of?

Keith shakes his head as the woman giggles.

BLIND DATE #2: That guy on Seinfeld, George.

KEITH: Oh? How so?

BLIND DATE #2: Well, he's a nice guy, like you. But there's so much...unrealized potential. A guy who really wants to meet women goes for it, you know? He dresses to impress, a little cologne, a gym membership. You--

KEITH: Should make more of an effort?

She nods.

BLIND DATE #2: My ex-husband went for a hair transplant. He looked fantastic afterwards.

KEITH: Cologne, new suit, hair, I should, uh, probably write this stuff down.

Keith searches his pockets.


The floor is littered with the remnants of materials used to make the super-duper egg drop box. Wallace, a cup of coffee in his hand, is hyper. Logan is lounging on the sofa, watching him pace.

WALLACE: We magnify the drag, decrease the velocity, minimize the force, and decelerate--

LOGAN: Decelerate yourself.

Logan gets up and takes the cup out of Wallace's hand.

LOGAN: Four is officially your espresso limit.

He takes it to the side, then heads back to the sofa.

WALLACE: So, I know why I'm trying to help out Veronica. I want her to get to go to Stanford. Why you doing it?

Back on the couch, Logan plays it casually.

LOGAN: I don't know, not for Veronica.

WALLACE: Then what?

LOGAN: Uh, the spirit of competition.

Wallace laughs skeptically.

WALLACE: Yeah. All right.

LOGAN: Why don't you chill while the glue dries? I gotta see a man about a horse.

Logan throws Wallace the remote and then heads for Duncan's bathroom. Wallace settles down on the sofa and points the remote at the screen. He gets the animated Oddworld turtles. He flicks to another channel. This time it's Bloomberg (although the times are off: 12:00 PM CT 29 Jul and it in fact looks like the exact same footage used in 207 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner").

BUSINESS NEWS ANNOUNCER: ...look at the hurdles G.M is trying to--

Wallace quickly changes channels again with the remote. The Tinseltown Diaries logo appears as Aaron's story is rerun. Wallace watches.

ANNOUNCER: Tonight, Tinseltown Diaries examines the rise and fall of one of Hollywood's brightest stars. Husband, father, adulterer, cradle-robber, murderer, who is the real Aaron Echolls? Wife Lynn's car was found stranded on the Coronado Bridge, where she is assumed to have leapt to her death. But it was his son's murdered girlfriend who would actually come back to haunt Aaron. Rumors of Echolls' sometime-actress daughter...

LOGAN: They rerun it twice a day.

Wallace looks over at Logan, leaning on the door to Duncan's room. Logan points at the screen.

LOGAN: I hear it's their top-rated episode.

ANNOUNCER: ...Trina's terminal illness were recently revealed to be a hoax. And son Logan's rocky relationship with the media and the law began last year when he organized and videotaped a series of bum--

Logan disappears back into Duncan's room and Wallace sighs, sympathizing a little more with him.


Veronica enters the darkened apartment. Keith is cooking.

VERONICA: Got something for me?

KEITH: Love in my heart. Chili on the stove. Oh, and I ran those financial records. I am a great father.


Keith ladles some thick chili into bowls.

KEITH: None of the families of the crash victims made money on insurance. They basically got enough just to pay for the, uh, funerals. However, Rhonda's family won a separate lawsuit with a two million dollar payout. And you'll never guess who from.

VERONICA: You're right. I won't.

KEITH: Woody Goodman.

Keith points to the counter. Veronica opens the files thereon as Keith places one of the bowls in front of her and sits next to her.

KEITH: Woody's Burgers paid Rhonda's family a secret two million dollar payout. Apparently, her mom found a finger in her ribwich.

Veronica, about to take her first bite, lets the chili fall back into the bowl and pushes the bowl aside.


Veronica uses her key and enters Clemmons' office. She heads for the filing cabinet.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Sometimes, opportunity doesn't knock. It waits for everyone to go to lunch and sneaks in using a key. It's a long-shot that my dead classmates will have something helpful in their permanent files, like being suspended for drawing on school property.

Veronica finds them all together, bundled in plastic and marked "Bus Crash Victims." She pulls the bundle out and then hears voices the other side of the door. She keeps the files, closes the drawer and races into the closet. She's just in time as Keith and Clemmons enter.

KEITH: Sorry about the inconvenience. One of my bad habits. And Veronica won't let me buy nice sunglasses anymore because I'll lose them within the week.

CLEMMONS: Making any headway in the case?

Veronica, hidden amongst the coats, opens the door slightly to listen.

KEITH: Slowly.

CLEMMONS: We've had three more cases diagnosed just this week of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. You'd think it was contagious.

KEITH: All these students are Section Eleven-twenty-three now, all of them coming from the same doctor?

CLEMMONS: Yep. My faculty is about to revolt. They're supposed to offer these students deadline extensions, make-up dates on exams, and unlimited time on tests, all at the student's own discretion.

Keith holds up his crossed fingers.

KEITH: I hope to have something you can use very soon. My coat?

CLEMMONS: Right. It's in the closet.

Veronica pulls the door to as Keith walks towards the closet. He opens the door and sees Veronica shrunk against the back of it. He gives her a very expressive look. With a wry and shame-faced smile, Veronica takes his coat from a hanger and hands it to him. Keith just looks at her as he speaks for the benefit of Clemmons, still sitting at his desk.

KEITH: Yep, that's mine all right.

He takes his coat and shuts the closet door.


Yet another woman attempts to charm Keith.

BLIND DATE #3: I was one of those people saying Keith Mars should be run out of town. Going after that sweet Jake Kane? Making our nice little town look like Bozoville? A-And then when I found out what really happened, I was so embarrassed. I confess, I never vote in the local elections, but I went out this year just so I could vote for you.

KEITH: I totally carried the pity vote. But enough about me, tell me about you.

BLIND DATE #3: Oh, it's dull, trust me. I'm the office manager for a local doctor.

KEITH: Really? I'd love to hear about it.


Veronica ponders as she makes her way to, and then stops at the door to observe Wu as he tidies his student-free classroom.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Peter, as I have learned from his postings, had, in his words, "yellow fever," and was extremely hot for a certain teacher. There was one incident in Peter's permanent file. It didn't say what happened, only that it involved Mr. Wu. Can't help but wonder if teacher decided to take a pet.


He spots her.

MR. WU: Ah. Hello, Veronica.

She smiles and steps into the room.

VERONICA: Would you like to donate to the yearbook tribute for the kids on the bus?

MR. WU: Of course, I've been meaning to.

He goes to get his wallet.

VERONICA: I figured. Peter was a friend of mine. I know the two of you had a connection.

MR. WU: I'm sorry for your loss, you must miss him.

VERONICA: Do you...miss him?

MR. WU: As a bright and dedicated student, yes. In the way I think you're implying, no.

He hands her some cash and goes back to his tidying.

VERONICA: Peter was gearing up for what he called "the outing of all outings." I was wondering if he was pulling his favorite teacher out of the closet.

MR. WU: Veronica, I think that when you get out in the world a little more, you'll, you'll discover that not all well-dressed, articulate, detail-oriented men are gay. Many of them are just Asian.

VERONICA: So you knew Peter had feelings for you?

MR. WU: Yes, I did. He confessed these feelings to me on the unfortunate night we ran into each other at Possibilities.

VERONICA: Why were you at a gay bar?

MR. WU: Not that I need to explain myself to you, Veronica, but it was a cousin's birthday party. I was being supportive. I explained the whole situation to Mr. Clemmons. I believe he has it all on file.

VERONICA: Sorry, you're right. None of my business.

Veronica starts to leave, but turns back on another thought.

VERONICA: Did Peter have any hobbies like drawing or painting?

MR. WU: I thought he was your friend?

Busted, Veronica just smiles, turns and walks out.


Music: "One More Time" by Daft Punk.

LYRICS: One more time we're gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don't stop dancing
One more time we're gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don't stop dancing
One more time we're gonna celebrate
Oh yeah all right don't stop dancing
One more time we're gonna celebrate
Oh yeah
One more time
One more time
Music's got me feeling so free
We're gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance for free
One more time
Music's got me feeling so free
We're gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time
Music's got me feeling so free
We're gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance for free
We're gonna celebrate

Peter is dropping an egg into a baseball mitt, sitting in the seat in front of Veronica. This time, the world outside the bus is black, except for some disco lights that flash in multi-colours.

PETER: So do you believe him? Mr. Wuuuu!

VERONICA: Yes. And, I hate to disappoint you, but even if he were gay, I don't think it would qualify as "the outing of all outings."

PETER: You think you know me because you read my postings?

VERONICA: Every line of your postings, like eighty times. I know you like the back of my--

Veronica looks at her hand. Her name is written on it in big black letters.

PETER: What's wrong?

She closes her hand.

VERONICA: Nothing.

PETER: You're asking the wrong question. All right. Maybe a better question is why was I even on the bus? Why would I even be interested in going to a baseball stadium? Huh? Mull that one over for a while, okay?

Veronica mulls. End music: "One More Time" by Daft Punk.


Veronica carries her tray out to the tables, still wearing the iPod.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: One PCHer died on the bus, Cervando Luna. Grade point average, 3.8. Average trips to the principal's office per week, 3.2, including a visit during summer school for pushing Cassidy Casablancas against a wall and threatening him.

She espies Beaver working alone and takes a seat at the table. A watch lies on top of his books next to him.

VERONICA: Busy Beaver, always working.

BEAVER: What's up, Veronica?

VERONICA: During summer school, you had a run-in with a kid named Cervando?

BEAVER: He ran me into a wall, if that's what you mean.


Beaver is looking over his shoulder at Cervando, sitting on a desk, talking to a couple of PCHers.

CERVANDO: I'd dunk the eight ball a couple of times, jacked up my fingers like I don't know how to hold the cue. I see Liam, all winking at his cousins thinking he's got one. Every time I made a shot, I'd be all excited then act all scared like I was worried they'd do something.

Cervando slides off the desk and hold up his shirt to show off his jeans.

CERVANDO: Check this out, courtesy of Liam Fitzpatrick being a sucker, two hundred dollar jeans, look at these things. I'm never taking them off.

From the hallway, Dick points a water pistol at the jeans and shoots, voicing it with a couple of "pings."

CERVANDO: Yo, man, you crazy?

The teacher closes the door, shutting Dick out.

TEACHER: Get out of here, Dick.



BEAVER: Cervando, you know, he's normally a pretty cool guy, for a PCHer, but...on the next day, that dude, he was seriously on the war-path. God, Dick's squirt-gun was loaded with bleach.


Cervando, his jeans ruined by white marks, marches into the classroom, heading straight for Beaver who doesn't see him coming. Cervando grabs Beaver and pushes him up against the wall cupboards with one hand.

CERVANDO: You owe me a pair of jeans.

BEAVER: Wha-what are you-what are you talking about?

Cervando holds up a piece of paper with his free hand.

CERVANDO: Size, style, color.

He slaps it against Beaver's chest. Beaver clutches it.

BEAVER: But I didn't do anything. It was Dick.

CERVANDO: Well I'm not telling him; I'm telling you.

Clemmons appears at the doorway.

CLEMMONS: Gentlemen, that's quite enough. Cervando, come with me.

Cervando continues to stare threateningly at Beaver before shoving him away and following Clemmons. Beaver watches him go, pissed off.



BEAVER: I guess Dick was too big for him so he figured he's settle the score with his little brother.

Beaver picks up the watch and glances at it. He grabs his books and rises.

BEAVER: Story of my life.

Veronica watches him go.


Clemmons is staring at a tape.

CLEMMONS: What's this?

KEITH: It's a tape of Dr. Burns' office manager offering to hook Veronica up with a diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder for a thousand dollar consultation fee.

CLEMMONS: How did you get this?

KEITH: Painfully. You gotta kiss a lot of toads before you find your medical office manager.

Clemmons smiles and nods.


Wu's physics class are outside, testing one of the egg drop contraptions, one supported by the balloons Angie received. The box drops and she climbs down the ladder. Wu takes the unbroken egg out of the contraption.

MR. WU: Okay, folks. Angie Dahl is our only student to survive the twelve-foot drop.

ANGIE: Thank you, thanks.

There's some clapping, Logan doing a slow one. Wallace glances at him, seemingly appreciative of the sarcasm.

MR. WU: Mr. Fennel, Mr. Echolls, you're our last remaining team still in the running for an exemption from Mr. Wu's notorious G.P.A.-killing final exam, as well as the accompanying hardware.

Wu shows off the golden trophy, a egg in a candlestick-like eggcup. Wallace has climbed the ladder as Wu talks and waits to drop the box. Angie lets out a deep breath.

DICK: Yeah. Do it, yeah. Do it.

Wallace drops it. It lands with a sickening thud. Wallace watches as Wu retrieves the egg. He grins as it appears whole, only to lose his joy when Wu turns it to show a smear of yolk.

MR. WU: Scrambled.

STUDENTS: Aww. Too bad.


Angie, carrying the trophy, prances smugly down the hall with her friend.

ANGIE'S FRIEND: That's awesome, about the egg drop. So you ready for Ms Murphy's Crime and Punishment exam?

ANGIE: Nope, I was up all night working on the egg thing. I'm requesting an extension because of my Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Her friend laughs as they disappear up the hall. Behind them Veronica, looking very tired, is walking in a bit of a daze. She is wearing the iPod headphones, listening again to "Ahoy, Mateys!"

CAP'N KRUNK: Ahoy, mateys. Five-forty on your AM dial. Listen or walk my enormous plank.

Her head is down and she smashes into Logan as she rounds a corner. They step back from each other and Veronica takes the headphones out.

LOGAN: Ah, am I still keeping you up at night?

He looks at her more closely.

LOGAN: You look like Steve Buscemi.

VERONICA: You...are such...a catch.

Wallace passes and pauses to watch.

VERONICA: How has Hannah been able to keep away?

That hurts and Logan just walks away. Veronica starts to replace the headphones, not realizing Wallace is behind her.

WALLACE: Maybe you should cut him some slack sometimes.

She turns and stares from Wallace to the direction Logan went, totally bemused at Wallace's attitude. He smiles and goes on his way as Veronica replaces the headphones and walks on.


Clemmons is talking into a microphone.

CLEMMONS: Attention, faculty and students. I have an important announcement to make regarding school policy.


Angie is reading a magazine as the students around her are working on the exam.

CLEMMONS: Due to some recently discovered abuses...

She's ignoring the announcement but she jumps as the exam is slapped down on her desk.

CLEMMONS: ...Neptune High will no longer be honoring special exemptions or extensions for Section Eleven-twenty-three students.

Angie looks up into the face of the satisfied Mrs. Murphy.


Veronica's head is propped up on her arm but she is nodding off.

MR. WU: Veronica. Veronica!

Veronica jumps and pulls out the headphones.

MR. WU: Do you wanna solve this problem or do you wanna sleep?

Veronica walks up to the board and starts to write.


It's black outside again and Veronica is writing with chalk on the window as she was writing on the blackboard, although nothing is appearing.

CERVANDO: How did you get home the day of the crash?

Cervando, in his bleach-stained jeans and wearing the same shirt and tie as Wu, walks towards her.


CERVANDO: Hey don't you that's weird? The bomb didn't kill us. Killed the driver, probably, but it was a long drop off the cliff and crashing onto the rocks that got the rest of us. FYI, I made it through that. I got to drown.

Cervando holds his hand out for the chalk. Veronica warily passes it to him.

CERVANDO: Say a person wants to just take out the bus driver.

The chalk works for Cervando who draws a map of two parallel lines marking the road, with a wavy line above to indicate the water. He makes various X marks on the road away from the water.

CERVANDO: They could do it here, here, here, basically anywhere along the way. But to get the whole bus, they'd have to know when it was approaching the cliff.

He marks where the road is closest to the water and the path of the bus going off the road.

CERVANDO: They'd have to be close enough to see exactly where we were.

Cervando marks a spot near that point with a circle, going over and over it with the chalk.

CERVANDO: Hey look.

He points to the circle.

CERVANDO: He's bald.

VERONICA: You think it was Weevil.


Music: "I Am God" by the Wannabes.

LYRICS: I am God.
I am God.
I am God.
I am God.
I am God.
I am God.

Veronica is confused.





Veronica has written "I AM GOD" on the blackboard. The students laugh at her.



To the amusement of the student next to her, Veronica jerks awake for real this time as the music fades on the recording on her iPod. End music: "I Am God" by the Wannabes.

CAP'N KRUNK: That's our show, Pirates and Pi-Ladies. You've been listening to Ahoy, Mateys! This is Cap'n Krunk...

IMITATION CRAB: and Imitation Crab...

CAP'N KRUNK: Signing off saying,

BOTH: Arrrr!

Removing the headphones, Veronica has an idea and goes over to one of the computers. She goes to "Music on Tap." She types in "I Am God" and brings up the information. It is a song by the Wannabes and the cover is the drawing of a scythe-bearing figure of death standing over nine tombstones that she saw and has been replicating.


REBECCA: So that's it? The tombstone art work was just an album cover?

VERONICA: And Rosebud was just a sled. I didn't just ruin Citizen Kane for you, did I?

REBECCA: No, no.

VERONICA: Good. So, are we done?

REBECCA: Well that depends. Do you think you're through being haunted?

VERONICA: I better be.


Veronica is dozing on the couch. She wakes when Keith enters the apartment.

KEITH: I was thinking about the great advice I gave you about following the money. The money wasn't on the bus.

Keith sits on the coffee table.

KEITH: The rich kids were behind driving in the limo.

VERONICA: So, maybe whoever crashed the bus was counting on them being on it?

KEITH: Richard Casablancas took an insurance policy out on his sons three days after marrying Kendall. Dick and Beaver are worth more dead than they are alive.

Veronica's brow furrows.


A red light highlights the artwork drawn on the back of the bus seat. The camera travels past the seat to reveal Veronica staring out into the white nothingness outside the bus.

MARCOS: Kind of disappointing, huh?

Veronica looks back. Marcos is a couple of rows behind her.

MARCOS: Not a suicide thing, just I liked. That brings us back to you.


Through the windows the outside takes on the appearance of the bus falling through clouds.

MARCOS: It's a fun exercise. Probably a little comforting for a while, thinking it's someone else's fault. But it's not, is it? We died because of you. Oo, what do you think this means, Veronica?

He holds up a drawing pad on which is a parrot in a captain's cap with a speech bubble that says, "Draw Me!" The drawing is in the style of the graphics on the "Ahoy, Mateys!" website.

MARCOS: Think I got what it takes for art school?

Marcos looks out of the window. The bus is now plunging through thinning clouds to the ground.


A cell phone starts to ring. Marcos takes it out of his pocket and stares at the caller ID.

MARCOS: It's for you.

He hands it to her. Veronica, her eyed glazed with tears, is hesitant but takes it. She looks at it. It stops ringing as from the back of the bus, Rhonda starts to leave her last message.

RHONDA: Where are you, loser?

Next to Veronica is a bag containing two sticks of C-4 with some wire leading over two baseballs. Veronica stares down at it in quiet panic. The cell phone in her hand starts to ring again. Veronica looks down at it and swallows hard. End. Executive producer Rob Thomas (who is a god).

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