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2.17 Plan B

Written by: Dayna Lynne North
Directed by: John Kretchmer

Original Air Date: 5 April, 2006
Transcribed by Inigo and Kiwikazoo.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously, on Veronica Mars...

Logan regains consciousness on the Coronado Bridge with a knife in his hand and Felix dead at his side. A man stands over him in 201 "Normal is the Watchword."

LUIS: Why don't you do me a favor and drop that knife.

Veronica and Logan sneak a moment during babysitting duty in 207 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner."

VERONICA: You told the police you couldn't identify the guy.

LOGAN: I lied.

VERONICA: 'Course you did.

Logan and Weevil conspire in 211 "Donut Run."

LOGAN: So how we gonna figure out who did it?

WEEVIL: The one that did it is the one who's in business with the Fitzpatricks.

There are flashes of Danny Boyd and Liam Fitzpatrick from 208 "Ahoy, Mateys!" Weevil confronts Molly Fitzpatrick in 212 "Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle."

WEEVIL: Molly. Were you dating Felix?

MOLLY: My uncles and cousins didn't know about us.

Weevil confronts Thumper after his beating.

WEEVIL: You killed Felix, didn't you!

THUMPER: Before you think about spreading it around, I think you should see something.

Thumper shows him what's on his cell phone - Weevil beating up Curly Moran.

THUMPER: That night you nearly kicked Curly's head in.

Veronica tours the Shark Field stadium demolition site in 216 "The Rapes of Graff."

FOREMAN: If we did our work right, the stadium implodes.

Standing over the C-4, the foreman yells at Danny Boyd.

FOREMAN: I told you to take that crate to section eleven!

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Is it just a coincidence that Danny Boyd works here? Or do I add his name to the list of bus crash suspects?

End previouslies.


A screen full of Old Glory blazes out upon the darkened English class of Mrs. Murphy. "America the Beautiful" plays at the film presents various patriotic images.

MRS. MURPHY: All righty, citizens. The big moment has finally arrived.

Veronica is listlessly resting her head on her hand, listening. Sitting behind her and a few rows to her left is Logan, hidden behind the magazine he is not reading, holding it back to front.

MRS. MURPHY: One lucky student will spend a week interning at the mayor's office as his honorary deputy. And as a grand finale, this lucky patriot will push the plunger for the demolition of old Shark Field on Saturday. The grand prize winner of Woody Goodman's freedom essay contest is...Logan Echolls!

Veronica, sceptical, glances over at Logan as the rest of the class claps. Logan lowers his magazine coyly. He smirks.

LOGAN: I'm sorry. Did someone say my name?

MRS. MURPHY: For those interested, the winning essay will be on the board all week.

Mrs. Murphy acts as she speaks, pinning the essay on a board on the wall as the school bell rings. The students grab their bags and start to move. Veronica goes to the board and skims through the first page of the essay. She turns to stare at Logan, offended. Logan is surrounded by four girls squeeing at him and his success. Logan is lapping it up.

GIRLS: Congratulations! Logan!

LOGAN: Thank you. Oh, thanks. Yeah, it, uh, yeah, it took some work.

GIRLS: I wanna read it.

LOGAN: It paid off.

GIRLS: Me too.

LOGAN: Thank you.

GIRLS: I just thinks it's awesome. See you later. Congratulations.

LOGAN: Thank you.


LOGAN: Bye bye.

As the girls drift away, Veronica heads towards him purposefully.

VERONICA: "Freedom: That's what it's all about. But talking about it, and being it, that's two different things."

LOGAN: Whew. You came up all deliberate-like, I figured you wanted to be first in line to ask me to the Sadie Hawkins dance, not recite my prize-winning essay.

VERONICA: Neither, actually. I'm quoting Easy Rider, which you may remember making me watch last summer.

LOGAN: That's funny, it sounds a lot like my essay.

VERONICA: Yeah. Weird.


Logan smiles as he watches her go.


Weevil walks down the raised walkway by the school wall, past the banner advising students on the delights of relaxing and breathing in yoga. As he skips down the steps to the lunch area proper, he spots Thumper, Hector and a couple of other bikers on one of the tables. Thumper gives him barely a glance. Weevil is thrown back in time to the same tableau.


Weevil is in the dominant position, standing, one foot on the bench over the other bikers who are all seated. They comprise Felix, Thumper, Hector and one other biker.

WEEVIL: Sure. I mean, who doesn't use algebra every day of their life, but, Felix, algebra II? Come on. What am I still doin' even showin' up here?

Thumper snaps his fingers and points just as an attractive girl walks by. Weevil ogles the girl.

WEEVIL: Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's all comin' back to me now.

FELIX: Three months 'til summer, then senior year. After that: vamanos, baby.

WEEVIL: I gotta pass the deuce first.

FELIX: This'll be your third try, right? How bad you want outta here?

WEEVIL: I gotta graduate. I know my gramp's holdin' on just long enough for me to cross that stage.

FELIX: Right.

WEEVIL: Okay, what kinda grand plans you got, huh?

FELIX: Miss James gave me some info on trucking school. Those guys make forty an hour, you know that? That's enough to get married, settle down, crank out a couple shorties...

WEEVIL: [doing a John Travolta laugh] Wait, Felix, Felix...hold on, doggie. Before you get all minivan on us, you gotta get a woman. You ain't had a girlfriend longer than a weekend far as I know.

Felix just stares up at Weevil.



The flashback blue gives way to the present day sunshine as the tableau reverts back to Thumper and the others. Weevil continues to stare at them. At another table, Jane joins Wallace and Veronica. She smiles at Wallace and kisses his cheek. He's a little off, something that Veronica notices and over which her brow creases slightly.

JANE: I heard the FBLA won the drawing to host the Sadie Hawkins dance. Dances are the best fundraisers. The band made like three grand at last year's.

Veronica, maintaining a humourless demeanour throughout, points to her face.

VERONICA: This face? Right here? My over-the-moon face.

JANE: Thinking of asking some special boy?

VERONICA: I'm flying solo for the foreseeable future. I'll be working it, though.

WALLACE: You work it, girlfriend!

Wallace holds up his hand in readiness for a high five. Veronica gives him a "What you on, bro" look.

VERONICA: Taking keepsake couples photos.

She and Jane chuckle.

VERONICA: [to Jane] What about you? Anyone on your radar?

Veronica does a side glance to Wallace.

JANE: Well, I've got a dilemma. I'm torn between this sweet band dork and this all-hands Nubian prince.

It's Wallace's turn to chuckle.

VERONICA: Oooh. Tell me more about this band dork.

Jane lifts the fork from her plate and aims for the cake on Wallace's tray. Wallace slides the tray out from under the fork.

WALLACE: Oops. You'll lose that hand. Don't get between a man and his cake.

They giggle. Veronica sees Weevil who jerks his head at her.

VERONICA: Uh...'scuse me guys, I believe I'm getting the nod.

Veronica picks up her bag and heads for Weevil. They stroll along the walkway.

WEEVIL: I need your help.

VERONICA: Augh, if I had fifty bucks every time someone said that...

WEEVIL: Look, I know it's a drag being you and--

VERONICA: No, seriously, I'm gonna need fifty bucks if you expect me to keep listening.

Veronica strides ahead of Weevil who starts to slow.

WEEVIL: Well, I'm banking on, uh, curiosity getting the better of you.

Veronica stops and turns to look at him, her body language all "I don't believe you said that." She turns away and takes a step before pausing again. Weevil stays nonchalant, waiting. Veronica battles with herself before doing an exasperated jig.

VERONICA: ...All right, tell me! Damn my curiosity.

WEEVIL: Thumper killed Felix.

VERONICA: Okay. If you know Thumper did it, what do you need me for?

WEEVIL: Well, I can't prove it. Yet. And, uh, Thumper has something on me. There's this video on his cell.

VERONICA: Do go on.

WEEVIL: I didn't exactly tell you the whole truth about how I handled the Curly situation.

Veronica holds out three fingers, pressed firmly together.

VERONICA: Shocker.

WEEVIL: I think that's Scout's honor, and your fingers are supp--

Weevil starts to put her fingers in the right place for the Shocker. Veronica pulls her hand away.

VERONICA: Not important. Moving on. Which parts did you skimp on?

WEEVIL: I did get an anonymous call. Not just me, some of my boys too, all saying the same thing: Curly sent the bus off a cliff to take out Cervando for hustling Liam Fitzpatrick out of a few grand.


Weevil is beating Curly, who is down. Thumper, Hector and some other bikers are standing by watching. Thumper has his cell phone trained on the two of them. Curly looks up at Weevil.

CURLY: It wasn't me. I didn't kill your friend, those kids...

WEEVIL: That's not what I hear. I hear you took out the bus to get Cervando.

Weevil kicks him in the face again, much to the approval of the bikers.

CURLY: It wasn't me. I know who did it.

There's the sound of a car starting. Thumper looks across the car park. He sees a large dark car there, witnessing the event. Thumper stands and shouts at Weevil.


The car's lights flash on. The bikers start to scatter.

BIKERS: Come on man, let's go! Come on man. Hurry up!

Weevil runs back to his bike and follows them, leaving Curly alive on the ground.



VERONICA: You told me you didn't believe Curly caused the bus crash.

WEEVIL: I don't.

VERONICA: But you beat him anyway?

WEEVIL: No, I saved his life. My boys wanted to send him off a cliff behind the Road Hog.

VERONICA: Don't suppose you noticed whether Curly had my name written on his hand while you were...saving his life.

WEEVIL: No. But uh, the cameo he was wearing looked a lot like you.

Veronica rolls her eyes.

WEEVIL: [seriously] Thumper's gonna go down for what he did to Felix one of two ways. Either the law's gonna handle it, or I will. You want it done right, then help me get the proof.

Opening credits.


Mr. Wu paces in his history classroom which is serving again as study hall. On the blackboard, he has written "STUDY HALL. WHICH MEANS STUDY!" However he ignores some students goofing off as he straightens one of the pictures of presidents above his desk. The other blackboard is about the legends of the Vietnam war and warns of a test on Friday. Wallace is twisted around in his seat to chat to Jackie who is occupying the desk behind him. They talk quietly.

WALLACE: How's your dad doin'?

JACKIE: Fantastic. So good, in fact, they took him off suicide watch yesterday. Banner freakin' day in the Cook household, let me tell ya.

WALLACE: Is he gettin' better?

JACKIE: Slowly. He's in no hurry. Once the doctors clear him, he moves from his guarded hospital room to a cell at county jail.

WALLACE: So how you doin' in that great big house all alone?

Jackie laughs.

JACKIE: Ah, the things you don't know about me. When my mom started getting wrinkles around her eyes and she could see the end of her modeling career coming, her new career became landing a wealthy man. Single wealthy men like to travel, they like to party. They don't like kids hanging around. I was pretty much alone from age eleven on. Being alone now kinda feels like being back to normal.

WALLACE: Well, we should hang out. Even Superman would leave his Fortress of Solitude from time to time.

JACKIE: I'd like that.

Impending steps of doom approach as Mr. Wu steps up to them and clears his throat.

MR. WU: This is study hall. Do you two know what we do in study hall?

JACKIE: Gimme a minute, I think I know this one...

MR. WU: Mm hm.

Mr. Wu slaps his finger down on the book in front of Jackie, then carries on pacing. Wallace glances back at her. Jackie rolls her eyes.


Mac and Beaver are walking down the hallway, hand in hand. They come to a halt, staring up at a banner advertising the Sadie Hawkins dance. The banner, a pale orange, is illustrated by a twig of blossoming dogwood and reads: "Sponsored by FBLA. Ladies!! Buy your tickets! Don't forget! It's Sadie Hawkins. Spring Fling." Beaver sighs. Mac looks sidelong up at him and laughs.

MAC: What are you doing?

BEAVER: Um, you know, just standing here, wondering what I've done to make you ashamed of me. It's the age thing, isn't it? You know me and my full blush of youth, and you and your...advancing years.

Mac punches him in the shoulder.

MAC: I'm standing in the middle of the hallway holding your hand, dorkwad. You don't really want to go to that thing?

BEAVER: Well, yeah, I'd like to be asked.

MAC: Fine. [coy and girlie] You wanna go to the big dance, Cassidy?

BEAVER: Is that so hard?

Mac giggles.

BEAVER: Yes. And if the dance blows half as much as I'm guessing it will, we can cut out early. Go straight for the good stuff.

MAC: Ooh, my.

Mac starts to fan herself.

BEAVER: I'm talking about Neptune's best pizza quest '06. You, get your mind out of the gutter.

Beaver moves on. Mac watches him for a moment, her smile fading into a look of concern before she follows him.


Logan's keys fly in the air as he tosses them. He's happy and pleased with himself. Veronica hurries up from behind him.

VERONICA: Hey. I need a second.

Logan spins round to face her but continues to walk backwards. As soon as she catches up, he turns and keeps walking with Veronica at his side.

LOGAN: I'm sorry, I can't be late for my first day. Call the county courthouse, ask for the assistant to the honorary deputy mayor. Have her pencil you in.

VERONICA: I need you to do something for me.

LOGAN: Veronica. Ask not what Logan can do for you, but what you do for Logan.

VERONICA: That's gonna get old real soon.

LOGAN: Let me know when that time comes. Until then, you know me: I'll just be speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

Logan tosses his keys again. The second time, Veronica intercepts and grabs them, stopping in front of him.

LOGAN: [good humouredly] God, you're a pest.

VERONICA: Tell me everything you remember about the night Felix was killed.

LOGAN: You do know I've been cleared of all charges, right? The whole dead Felix business has lost its intrigue for me, and when something stops being important to me, my memory gets a little fuzzy. Wait...who are you?

VERONICA: The murder is still unsolved.

LOGAN: And yet, somehow, I sleep like a baby.

VERONICA: If Thumper did do it, he's about to get away with killing Felix, framing you, taking over the PCH bike club, and cornering the high school drug trade. We should invite him to speak at FBLA.

LOGAN: Follow the bouncing ball: Not. My. Prob-lem.

Logan illustrates the path of the ball as he speaks, ending on a ta-da gesture. Veronica holds up his keys in between them but jerks them away again when he goes to grab them. Logan's humour starts to dissipate a little.

VERONICA: You don't remember anything about the guy who stopped and helped you? The 9-1-1 caller?

Logan thinks for a moment.

LOGAN: Mexican dude, driving a truck. Oh, his truck had a bumper sticker. It said "How's my driving? Call 1-800-EAT"...something.

VERONICA: Thanks. Well, run along, Deputy Dawg.

She holds up the keys again, snatches them back briefly before throwing them up in the air. She flinches slightly as they fall a little close to her head on the way down before...

VERONICA: Go serve your community.

...Logan catches them with both hands. He touches them to his mouth in a farewell gesture and walks past her. He gets a few steps beyond her before swiveling around while still walking.

LOGAN: I think it was a, uh, San Diego Seafood truck. Probably know him if I saw him.

He heads for his car.


Woody is at his desk and on the phone, not having a good time of it.

WOODY: Father Fitzpatrick has blown this way out of proportion.

MAN: What do you intend to do about it?

WOODY: More law enforcement, for one.

MAN: values?

WOODY: Property values will bounce back.

The man is not appeased and Woody is exasperated. He looks up at a knock on the door. The latest America's Next Top Model contestant enters as Woody's secretary/assistant.

BEVERLY: Excuse me. Sir, your intern from Neptune High School's here.

Woody gives her an okay sign and gratefully terminates his call.

WOODY: I gotta run. Listen, the voters will decide, okay? Gotta go.

MAN: Wait!

The caller isn't happy but any protest is cut off as Woody puts down the phone. He lets out a long puff of relief. Woody levers himself out of his chair.

WOODY: Bev, get some guys from the newspaper over here. Meet with the high school kid, good P.R. Lord knows I can use some.

He straightens his jacket and tie. He heads for the outer office which he enters with a huge smile, a smile that freezes when he sees who the student is. Logan is spinning in a chair, his Slacker t-shirt probably the most welcome thing about him.

BEVERLY: Mr. Goodman, Logan Echolls.

Logan stands and holds out his hand.

LOGAN: It's good to meet you, sir.

Woody regains his composure and grasps Logan's hand enthusiastically.

WOODY: Aaron's son, right? Great essay, powerful stuff.

LOGAN: Well, it came from the heart.

Woody laughs, then turns to Bev who is already on the phone to the newspapers.

WOODY: Cancel that last request I made.

She frowns and puts down the phone.

WOODY: All right, then. First things first, let's make it official. Bev, you got that bible handy?

Bev hands him a bible.

WOODY: Your left hand, please.


Logan dramatically places his hand on the bible, immediately snatching it back and shaking it in a show of pain.

LOGAN: Ow! Augh, that burns.

Woody looks at him, not sure whether to be amused or call a priest.

LOGAN: Just kidding.

Woody laughs as Logan takes the position, left hand on the bible, right hand raised.

WOODY: I, Logan Echolls, do solemnly swear to faithfully execute the office of honorary deputy commissioner of Balboa County, California.

LOGAN: I do. Now if you'll excuse me.

Logan moves off purposefully for the door of the office.

WOODY: Where are you going?

LOGAN: I'm going to fire the sheriff.

Woody and Bev both laugh.

WOODY: Let's save personnel changes 'til after you've warmed up a bit. Now, I'm sure you're aware that I've introduced a bill proposing the incorporation of Neptune.

LOGAN: I'm glad you brought it up. I'm backing the plan. In fact, I'm throwing my considerable weight behind it. I say we take it a step further and erect a wall around Neptune proper, keep the riffraff out. You want me to visit some of the local community centers, sell them on it?

WOODY: Not quite yet, but I appreciate the offer. For now, we just need this mail separated into pro- and anti-incorporation piles.

Bev hands him a large box of mail.

LOGAN: Uh, isn't Beverly here a bit more suited to this kind of thing?

BEVERLY: I've got a letter opener you can borrow.

WOODY: Beats pulling a drive-through shift at Woody's Burgers, right?

LOGAN: I wouldn't know. You're the one who's served twenty billion.

Logan winks at Woody, who points back at him jovially and disappears into his office. Bev returns to her desk and Logan, disgruntled, drops the box onto a side table. Keith enters the outer office.


KEITH: I believe Woody's expecting me.


Bev picks up the phone.

BEVERLY: Mr. Goodman, your four o'clock is here.

Keith spots Logan.

KEITH: Logan?

Logan turns from his task to observe Keith for a moment.

LOGAN: That's Honorary Deputy County Commissioner Echolls to you.

Woody shouts out from his office.

WOODY: [offscreen] Keith, that you? Come on in.

Keith, who hasn't taken his eyes off of Logan, responds humourlessly to Logan.

KEITH: Ha ha.

Cut to the inner office. Keith is in the visitor's chair. Woody looms over him, perched on his desk.

WOODY: [earnestly] Keith. I want you to drop your other cases and focus all your energies toward clearing the greatest Shark to ever put on a uniform.

KEITH: Terrence broke into his ex-girlfriend's family home. The journalism teacher who died in the bus crash. That give you pause?

WOODY: Not a moment's.

KEITH: You know something that makes you so certain?

WOODY: I know the quality of his character.

There's a brief knock at the door and Logan appears.

LOGAN: Um, there's something you gentlemen should probably see.

On a computer screen in the outer office, a film is running. It is of Woody's house, starting in the room where Veronica and Gia and the girls partied in 207 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner."

LOGAN: Right, this DVD was in the stack of mail. No return address.

Logan is seated at the desk with Woody and Keith standing behind him, watching over his shoulder. On the screen, the camera pans across the den, passing a distinctive clock.

WOODY: That's inside my house.

LOGAN: I figured. Watch.

On the computer screen, the camera travels along the wall, passing five pictures of baseball teams and some framed citations before reaching a turn in the wall past which can be seen Woody and Gia at one end of a dining table, eating. The back of Mrs. Goodman's head can also be spotted.

GIA: Another exciting day at Neptune High.

On the video, Woody asks her a question.

GIA: Well, I don't know. I think the school (?).

Woody, bent to watch the video carefully, looks around at Keith.

WOODY: Keith.

KEITH: Yeah. I'll look into this as well.

LOGAN: So I'm guessing this goes in the anti-incorporation pile.

Woody nods sagely.


Veronica and Logan are in the LeBaron, on a stake out. A couple of small trucks are parked outside the company. There is activity inside.

LOGAN: So this is staking out, huh? It looks sexier in the movies.

VERONICA: Did you hear anything from Hannah?

LOGAN: Does deafening silence count?

VERONICA: You know, I'm not sure, but I think when they start shipping your girlfriends off you're officially a bad boy.

Veronica holds up her hand for a high five. Logan obliges.

LOGAN: Her dad and your dad should get together and go bowling.

Logan stares ahead.

LOGAN: Oh. There he is.

The man from the bridge is outside the building, standing by one of the trucks, consulting papers in his hand. Veronica and Logan exit the car.

VERONICA: Excuse me?

The man looks up as Veronica approaches him. Logan stands slightly back, behind her and smiles.

VERONICA: Hi. Um, sorry to bother you. We were hoping to ask you about an incident we think you witnessed last May? On the Coronado bridge? You might remember helping my friend here?

Veronica looks back to indicate Logan.

LUIS: If there was an incident I would remember it.

VERONICA: So your route has to take you across the Coronado bridge.

LUIS: You got the wrong guy.

VERONICA: This is the guy, right?

LOGAN: Yeah, that's the guy.

LUIS: You know my schedule, huh? You know where I live? Forty-third and Euclid. I got PCHers riding up and down my street day and night. Now if I was on the bridge that night and if I saw what went down, guy like me, who's got a wife, and a five year-old daughter? Might think he's better off keeping his mouth shut.

LOGAN: Covering your own ass has made the last seven months of mine Hell.

LUIS: That's one way of lookin' at it. And here's another: if it was me who stopped, chased off the bikers, and called 9-1-1? Then I guess I'd be the guy who saved your life.

LOGAN: I was planning on sending a fruit basket from prison.

LUIS: A rich, white son of a movie star getting convicted in Neptune? I'd say your future's safe.

The man gets into the truck as Logan turns away, smirking sarcastically.


As Veronica walks towards the building, Weevil, leaning against his car, waits for her to pass and then joins her.

WEEVIL: You find the witness?

VERONICA: Yeah. Found out he's as good as no witness at all. Not a big fan of the PCHers.

WEEVIL: Yeah. Their popularity's really gone downhill without me.

VERONICA: By my count, we got bupkis.

WEEVIL: Count again. I got another angle: Molly Fitzpatrick.

VERONICA: What's she know?

WEEVIL: The Fitzpatricks were using that plastic surgeon to pin Felix's murder on Logan. You know what that says to me?

VERONICA: That we need tougher immigration laws?

WEEVIL: No. Thumper did the deed; but the orders came from his supplier. My guess, it was a condition of them doing business together.

VERONICA: Why kill Felix?

WEEVIL: A while back, I found out Felix and Molly had a thing. It got serious, sneakin' around, talking about a lifetime of truckin' their brains out.

VERONICA: Golly, Miss Molly.

WEEVIL: They were in love. Molly said if her family found out, they'd kill 'em both.

VERONICA: Maybe they found out.

WEEVIL: Maybe they were told.


Veronica negotiates the hallway, picking up Mac as a companion.

MAC: This serves as a pre-emptive apology for the conversation that's about to take place.

Veronica stares at her quizzically.

MAC: Okay. And...Beaver and I occasionally, you know, uh, make out.

They reach Veronica's locker. Veronica leans back against it.

VERONICA: Mmm. I made out once. Back in the day. I think he had me pinned up against a woolly mammoth.

Veronica opens her locker and gets her book.

MAC: So not that I'm an expert in this sorta stuff, but four months, typical high school boy, there should be some...under the...bra action, no?

VERONICA: Let me consult my Idiot's Guide to Wanton Behavior. Basically, you're asking me because I'm the sluttiest person you know?

MAC: Um, "slutty" is your word choice. Mine was "worldly."

Veronica, having picked up her Algebra book, slams her locker shut and starts up the hallway again.

VERONICA: Hm. So four months, and nada?

MAC: Hand-holding, kissing.

VERONICA: With tongue?

MAC: Some tongue.

VERONICA: Ass grabbing?

MAC: Helped me brush the dog hair off my pants once.


MAC: So this is bad, right?

VERONICA: Not so much bad, as...

MAC: It's weird.

VERONICA: Out of the ordinary, but not necessarily in a bad way.

MAC: Okay, Veronica, I really like him.

They pause and Veronica faces Mac.

MAC: And we have so much fun together.

VERONICA: Then don't sweat it.

MAC: Yeah, but it's weird, right?

Veronica stays silent but her face says it all.

MAC:...Yeah, that's what I thought.

Mac spins around and walks away.


A yellow toy truck is laid on one of the tables in front of Molly Fitzpatrick.

MOLLY: What's this?

WEEVIL: It was supposed to be your future, wasn't it? I found it in Felix's shop locker. It must've been you Felix was talking about when he went on about driving a semi, settling down, and shooting out some rugrats. Can't say for sure, 'cause he never mentioned you by name. It's too bad your family put him in the ground, huh?

MOLLY: Felix got stabbed on the bridge. Nobody in my family was even there. It was Logan Echolls, or it was a PCHer. Doesn't much matter to me which. Same scum, different wardrobe.

WEEVIL: You know that plastic surgeon, Dr. Griffith?

MOLLY: Yeah.

WEEVIL: Strange, isn't it? That the key witness was some guy under your uncle's thumb? What pisses me off is that I think lovin' you cost Felix his life. Seems to me you never gave a damn about him.

MOLLY: I loved him.

WEEVIL: [screaming passionately] No, I LOVED HIM!

Molly jerks back at the force of Weevil's reply and the students around them freeze and stare.

WEEVIL: And you know how you can tell? 'Cause I'm the one who cares enough to keep tryin' to find out who killed him.

Molly drops her eyes and gulps as Weevil storms off.


A girl in a tight sweater walks past four appreciative boys. One of the boys puts his arm around one of the others.

BOY: Oh my God, look at that girl, Charlie. Did you see that?

The girl passes between the desks of Wallace and Jackie. Wallace's reaction is similar to the other boys.

JACKIE: Did you just check that girl out?

WALLACE: I was admiring her sweater.

JACKIE: Her second skin rack-magnifying sweater?

WALLACE: I love the fabric.

JACKIE: It'd be a good color on me.

WALLACE: I got news for you: there's not a bad color for you. I think you should ask her where she got that from.

JACKIE: Oh, you think so, huh?

WALLACE: Anytime a hot girl wants to wear a tight sweater with a zip down the middle? I'm on board.

Behind them, three of the boys are egging on the fourth, Charlie, who is a special needs student. Jackie can hear them and glances back at them.

BOY: Talk to her! Ask her, ask her!

The boys push Charlie towards Jackie and the girl in the sweater beyond.

JACKIE: Hang on a sec, Wallace.

Jackie stands and intercepts Charlie.

JACKIE: Hi Charlie, I'm Jackie. Would you like to go to the dance with me this weekend?

CHARLIE: Uh...yeah.


Jackie casts an icy glance at one of the other boys and returns to her seat. The boy at the receiving end of her glare brings a straw to his mouth, inhaling to launch a spit ball at her.

WALLACE: Hey buddy. I wouldn't.

The boy takes the straw away from his mouth and holds up his hands in acceptance.


Bored, Logan is in the inner office, lounging in the visitor's chair, his feet on the desk, playing with a baseball. He drops his feet, stands and returns the ball to Woody's desk. He wanders over to a side bureau, random touching objects until he finds one of interest. Keeping a careful eye on the outer office through the blinded window between, Logan examines it. It is a signature stamp which Logan tests on a piece of blank paper. The stamp replicates Woody's signature. Glancing up, Logan spots something that makes him tear the piece of yellow paper off the pad, crumple it and hold it behind him with the stamp, just as Woody arrives at the door, knocking cheerfully.

WOODY: Hey there. Bet I know what you need right about now. Come on. Follow me.

Woody chuckles and disappears. Paper and stamp still in hand, Logan follows Woody out of the office.


Woody is in Lamb's makeshift gym, flat on his back on a bench lifting a barbell.

WOODY: Mind giving me a spot?

Logan watches Woody as he strains with the barbell, ready to grab it should the need arise.

WOODY: So, are you excited about the demolition ceremony?

LOGAN: Um, nervous, actually. Someone's gonna have to walk me through it step by step. Now, uh, push down, right?

Logan makes the movements of pushing down the plunger. Woody laughs and gasps at the same time, struggling with the weight. Logan puts his hands under it as he encourages Woody.

LOGAN: Get up.

Woody makes a last effort and straightens his shaking arms. He laughs as Logan lifts it into the holder.

WOODY: Thank you.

Woody gets up and walks around the stored barbell, stopping next to Logan.

WOODY: You know, looking at you, reminds me of the good old days, when I was young and ripped.

Woody reaches out to Logan's arm, kneading his biceps.

WOODY: Betcha have some fun with the ladies, huh?

Taken aback by the action and/or the question, Logan considers Woody for a moment.

LOGAN: Uh, the ones that survive.

Woodys laughs and walks away. Logan hesitates to follow.


Music: "If I Were a Storm" by the Wild Seeds.

LYRICS: If I were your eyes, saw what you'd seen
I'd do the same thing that you do to me
But I love you, see yours in mine
If I were your eyes I'd surely be crying
You want a perfect girl, she'd say
You won't let me leave it behind
Perhaps you'll think of her but me instead
What's it going to take to make you change your mind?
What's it going to take to make you change your mind?
'Cause if you were lost, as you sometimes are
I'd know where to find you, in some hotel bar

Molly is behind the bar. She listlessly rolls the yellow toy truck along the bar. Liam and Danny are playing pool. Danny is lining up his shot.

LIAM: Molly, get me a beer.

Liam walks around the table, watching Danny.

LIAM: Okay. Oookay, you ready to lose all that legitimate paycheck?

DANNY: If I was you, Liam, I'd save that snot 'til I was behind the eight ball.

Danny takes his shot and puts a ball into the corner pocket.

DANNY: [gloating] Oooh, damn that's gotta hurt.

LIAM: [shouting] Molly! You hear me, girl? Bring me another beer. The hell's wrong with you tonight?

Molly walks around from the bar with a bottle and hands it to him.

MOLLY: Sorry, Uncle Liam. Just...had a crap day.

Danny puts his arm around her.

DANNY: Aw. Come tell Cousin Danny all about it.

MOLLY: Just pissed off about Logan Echolls. He's supposed to be in jail for murder. What happened with Doctor Griffith's testimony? Why did he lie?

LIAM: Since when do you give a rat's ass about Doctor Griffith or some dead biker?

Liam's tone is angry and Danny steps away from Molly.

MOLLY: Just...Doctor Griffith, I...never trusted him.

LIAM: You sure that's it? You sure you're not pinin' over that half-breed cholo?

MOLLY: Don't call him that.

LIAM: [angry] Why? It's the truth. Don't you dare cry for him. After all the things he said he did to you? You were his whore! He did not care about you! You were just the dumb blonde piece o' tail he shot his mouth off about to all his buddies. How he plugged the good ship Molly-pop.

Danny giggles.

LIAM: Shut up! Shut your mouth!

Danny can't control himself and bursts into laughter. On the bar, the yellow truck is abandoned. End music: "If I Were a Storm" by the Wild Seeds.


The conversation in the River Stix is being relayed to Veronica's laptop as she and Weevil listen in her room.

LIAM: [offscreen] You should be glad he's dead. If your dad wasn't in prison, he'd of done it himself.

Cut to a little later. Veronica leads Weevil out of her bedroom.

VERONICA: We take this to the sheriff, Thumper might decide he wants to show off his phone video of you dispensing justice.

WEEVIL: I'll risk it. It'll be worth it to me. See him go down for killing Felix.

Veronica stops but Weevil carries on, walking to and standing by the front door.

VERONICA: So after all this, it looks like Felix got himself killed bragging about his sex life.

WEEVIL: Thumper made it up, okay? You wanna make a guy like Liam lose his mind. Call a girl in his family...

Keith enters the apartment behind Weevil in time to catch....

WEEVIL: ...a whore, say that she'll let you do it any--

Weevil cuts off at the sight of Keith. Veronica stiffens to attention at the look from her father.

KEITH: Eli. Veronica. Don't tell me: lab report.

VERONICA: History exam. Roman history. Man, that Caligula...whoo.

Veronica whistles and Weevil nods at the disbelieving Keith.


Sacks shows Veronica and Weevil into Lamb's office.

SACKS: Sheriff'll be in in a minute. Just running a little bit--

LAMB: [shouting offscreen] Sacks!

SACKS: Guess he's here.

Lamb strides in, heading straight for his desk.

LAMB: [irritated] Someone took my parking space, again.

SACKS: Uh, yeah, we got a letter. The new Deputy Commissioner needs it. I guess he's handicapped.

Lamb glares as Sacks and then notices Veronica sitting in his visitor's chair, and Weevil sitting in the chair in the corner behind her.

LAMB: [to Sacks] You, out. Look up Eli Navarro. There's gotta be something outstanding we can book him on.

WEEVIL: Well, if I did it, it's outstanding.

Lamb walks back around to the front of his desk and sits on it.

LAMB: Still pickin' winners, huh Veronica?

He accompanies this with a sarcastic thumb's up.

VERONICA: I told you: when I start picking losers, it's all you. We were just in the neighborhood, thought we'd drop by, solve a murder case for you.

LAMB: Well, bonus points for bringing the perp along.

Weevil snorts.

LAMB: So who's the deceased?

VERONICA: Eduardo Orozco killed Felix.

LAMB: Thumper.

Lamb rests his chin on his hand and simpers.

LAMB: But he's got such a cute nickname.

WEEVIL: He's dealing on campus for the Fitzpatricks now.

Veronica reaches down and pulls out a tape player.

VERONICA: Here's proof that they're working together. Liam Fitzpatrick practically confesses to orchestrating Felix's death on this tape.

Veronica plays the tape.

LIAM: he plugged the good ship Molly-pop. You should be glad he's dead. If your dad wasn't in prison, he'd a done it himself.

Veronica switches it off.

LAMB: Imagine how helpful that recording would be if was obtained legally. Not to mention an actual confession.

Veronica holds out her hand, flat with the player resting on it.

VERONICA: Note the absence of a silver platter. This was more to steer you in the right direction than to, say, do your job for you. Actually, it was doing your job for you. Getting admissible evidence seems like the least you can do.

She puts the player on his desk and slides it towards him. He slides it back towards her.

LAMB: There's less I can do. Trust me.

Lamb, smug, gets up and heads back around his desk. Veronica looks shocked at his apathy whereas Weevils seems resigned and shakes his head. Cut to moments later as they exit into the main area.

WEEVIL: You know, an 09er could come in here with tea leaves and a ouija board and they'd send out a SWAT team. It's time for Plan B.

VERONICA: Not just yet, Dirty Harry.

WEEVIL: In case you haven't noticed, I ain't no mick cop.

VERONICA: Uh...okay. Dirty Sanchez? Just give me a few more hours, there's a woman I can talk to, and luck might be a lady tonight.

WEEVIL: Patience ain't one of my virtues, Veronica.

Weevil storms off. Veronica watches him for a moment and then goes in the opposite direction.


Keith knocks on the open door.

WOODY: You got something for me already, huh?

KEITH: I might. I need to get your input.

Keith joins Woody at his desk, slipping the DVD into Woody's computer. It plays again.

KEITH: So you'll notice here when the camera passes by your living room window that it's dark outside.

WOODY: Okay.

Keith runs it forward a little and then pauses it.

KEITH: And then here, our mystery videographer happened to get a shot of your clock. It was approximately 5:30 in the evening.

WOODY: All right. So what does that mean?

KEITH: It means that this video had to be shot in November or December, when the days were short, long before you went public with the incorporation initiative.


KEITH: I think we've been barking up the wrong tree. And I guess my next question is, got another tree?

Woody laughs.

KEITH: Can you think of another reason someone might have for wanting to rattle you?

Woody stand and sighs.

WOODY: Let me think about this.

He stuffs his cigar into his mouth.

WOODY: I'll get back to you.

KEITH: Take your time. Sometimes these things aren't easy to recall.

Keith retrieves the DVD. Music: "Lost Art" by Mere Mortals.

LYRICS: Thoughts so heavy, slouch like royalty
You joke-we smoke
On the night of a new sensation
You sold out to the daydream nation
You breathe in and you hold it hard
Baby, you're a lost art
Ride your wagon
Paint your dragons blue
Stick the glue
Can't you see me


The Sadie Hawkins dance is on. Couples fill the dancefloor. Jackie is standing behind and watching Veronica, next to the sign displaying Veronica's services: "Spring Fling $5 Dance Photo. Sponsored by FBLA." She looks around and sees Charlie with his mother. They spot her and Jackie waves.

CHARLIE'S MOM: It's really sweet of you to do this.

JACKIE: It's my pleasure.

Jackie takes Charlie's arm and heads for Veronica.

JACKIE: Veronica, uh, this is my friend Charlie and, uh, his mom.

VERONICA: Hey. Hey Charlie, how'd you snag the sexiest girl in school?

CHARLIE: She asked me and I said yes.

VERONICA: Ah. Well, we always want the bad boys. Okay, say "cheeky monkey."

JACKIE: Cheeky monkey.

Charlie and Jackie smile as Veronica trains the camera on them. Elsewhere at the dance, Logan and Gia are manning the entrance table. A couple arrive.

GIA: Hi, welcome to the Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling. Enjoy!

Gina takes the money.

LOGAN: Don't worry, gang, if she's a two at ten, she'll be a ten at two.

Logan grins and hands them their tickets.

GIA: This is cool, huh? It would've been cooler to have, like, a date, but, actually, I'm kind of proud of myself that I came alone. It's kinda huge for me, don't you think? It's like I'm evolving. Hi!

Logan stares off into the distance, not enjoying the company of his companion. End music: "Lost Art" by Mere Mortals.


Thumper pulls up outside the church, parking in front of a large white minibus. He walks along the minibus, looking over at the church. As he gets to the end, a hand shoots out from behind it, holding a cloth and covers Thumper's mouth and nose. Thumper struggles as he is pulled back behind the minibus and goes down. The light of a passing car shines on the back window of the bus. There are two small boys watching what is happening outside. The mugger is Weevil. He searches the unconscious Thumper and pulls out a bag. He checks inside and smiles in satisfaction.

WEEVIL: Enjoy confession.

Weevil turns and walks away.


Back at the dance, Beaver and Mac are dancing.

BEAVER: All the crepe paper in the world cannot turn this gym into a garden paradise.

MAC: Hey, I'm having a moment here. Use your imagination.

Also on the floor is Wallace and Jane.

JANE: I'm seventeen years old and my mom decides that last night was the perfect opportunity to give me the sex talk.

Wallace's attention is not on Jane. It's on Jackie, dancing and laughing with Charlie.

JANE: Wallace?

WALLACE: Yeah, uh, my lecture was one word: don't.

They laugh. Back at the entrance, Logan is staying sane by counting the cash.

GIA: So my dad likes having you at work. He says you've got potential. I think that was the word.

LOGAN: Well "potential" was the word, but "underachiever" is the sentiment.

GIA: Ha ha. The demolition ceremony's gonna be fun. Are you nervous? What if you push the plunger and nothing happens?

LOGAN: You mean like if there were total silence? Let's try to imagine it.

Veronica passes behind them, picking up on Logan's irritation. She shrugs it off and takes a picture of the dancing couples. Jackie and Charlie are interrupted by the arrival of Charlie's mother.

CHARLIE'S MOM: I'm so sorry, it's time to get Charlie home. Come on, Charlie, it's time to say goodnight.

CHARLIE: Goodnight.

JACKIE: Goodnight, Charlie.

Jackie gives Charlie a kiss on the cheek. His mother takes his hand and pulls him away and out of the dance. After a moment's hesitation, Jackie follows them out. Still dancing with Jane, Wallace notices her going.

WALLACE: I'm getting thirsty. You want something to drink?

JANE: Sure.

WALLACE: All right.

Jane turns and heads back to their wall spot. Wallace sighs and follows Jackie.


Wallace runs to catch up with Jackie.

WALLACE: Jackie! Wait up! Hey. You all right?

JACKIE: Yeah. I'm fine, why?

WALLACE: Well, you blew out of there so fast, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

JACKIE: Wow, that was really sweet of you to--

Wallace grabs her by the back of the neck and kisses her. She pulls away.

JACKIE: Easy, boy, don't you have a date? I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.

WALLACE: So are you saying you don't have feelings for me?

JACKIE: Wallace, the girl you're trying to make me right now is the girl that I'm trying really hard not to be. So...knock it off.

Jackie turns and walks away. Wallace wipes his mouth as he watches her go.


Wallace makes his way back to the auditorium only to meet Jane storming past him in the opposite direction.

JANE: I'm riding home with Kate.

WALLACE: Hold up. What are you--

JANE: You were kissing her! Kate saw you.

Jane sets off again.

WALLACE: Jane, wait. Please?

She turns back to him.

WALLACE: Look, I'm sorry. I was messed up.

JANE: She's always around you, always hanging on you. You couldn't resist?

WALLACE: It was a weak moment. I'm so sorry. Really.

Jane hesitates. Wallace holds out his hands. Jane softens and gives in, taking his hands. They go back into the dance.


Music: "Sway" by the Perishers.

LYRICS: I talk to you as to a friend
I hope that’s what you’ve come to be
It feels as though we’ve made amends
Like we found a way eventually
It was you who picked the pieces up
When I was a broken soul
And then glued me back together
Returned to me what others stole
I don’t wanna hurt you
I don’t wanna make you sway
Like I know I’ve done before
I will not do it anymore
I’ve always been a dreamer
I've had my head among the clouds
Now that I’m coming down
Won’t you be my solid ground?
I look at you and see a friend
I hope that’s what you wanna be
Are we back now where it all began?
Have you finally forgiven me?
You gathered my dreams in
When they all blew away...

Beaver and Mac have left the dance and are walking towards the car park.

BEAVER: That was positively sucktastic.

MAC: Well, the night is still young. We could always go back to your place. No parents to worry about.

BEAVER: Yeah, Dick's there.

MAC: So? Dick's always there.

BEAVER: Yeah, it's just, you know, I-I don't feel like dealin' with him tonight.

Mac puts a hand on his arm to bring him to a stop.

MAC: Well, if we stay in your room, then we won't have to deal with him.

Beaver is clearly unenthusiastic. Mac smiles nervously and then leans forward to kiss him. At his lack of response, she puts her arms around his shoulders and hugs him. Realising her efforts are getting nowhere, she pulls back and puts a smile on her face.

MAC: Of course, we still have eight stops left on Pizza Quest '06.

BEAVER: I-It's know, if...with Dick there...

Beaver walks on. Mac gazes at his back, upset. She eventually follows.


"Sway" is still playing in the auditorium. Gia is in full flow.

GIA: For a friendship to work, you have to be completely honest, which is something I have absolutely no problem with. But run from the truth.

LOGAN: Only when it's chasin' me.

GIA: Do you know what I think?

Logan looks up to the heavens.

GIA: I think you use sarcasm and anger as a way to keep people from getting too close to you.

LOGAN: You know, I do. But it doesn't always work.

Veronica has arrived at the desk with her photo money. She immediately picks up on Logan's hostility and sarcasm to which Gia is blind.

GIA: Tell me what you think about me. Seriously. Be completely honest.

Veronica watches as Logan prepares to let rip. Logan does a hand flourish and takes a deep breath but before he can get a word out, Veronica grabs his arm and his hand.

VERONICA: Dance with me.

Logan lets her pull him off the chair.


Gia is disappointed. Logan follows Veronica into the thick of the dancers. Veronica stops and turns to face him.

LOGAN: When I dreamed of this moment, "I've Had the Time of My Life" was always playing. Well, what can you do.

Veronica is not so confident now, looking uncomfortable as he looks down at her. She pulls his hand to her waist, an action that gets his attention, and puts her arms around his neck, looking to want to be anywhere but where she is. They start to dance slowly.

LYRICS: ...And then tricked them back into me
You saved me I was almost dead

Veronica glances up at him and then quickly away as he looks down at her. Neither are sure where to look but increasing gaze at each other, uncomfortable and yet drawn by the heat between them.

LYRICS: I don’t wanna hurt you
I don’t wanna make you sway
Like I know I’ve done before
I will not do it anymore
I’ve always been a dreamer
I've had my head among the clouds
Now that I’m coming down
Won’t you be my solid ground?

End music: "Sway" by the Perishers.


Thumper is facing Liam Fitzpatrick and a couple of his boys.

THUMPER: [desperately] I was goin' into Saint Mary's to make the drop. Next thing I knew, somebody grabbed me and I was out. When I woke up, the cash was gone.

Thumper is backing away from Liam who is creeping closer to him.

LIAM: That baby face looks real pretty for someone who got jumped. So what, you get hit in the head?

THUMPER: No, some kind of a...

LIAM: Used the Vulcan death grip?

A door closes as Danny comes in, holding a paper bag.

DANNY: Hey, Liam. Take a look what I found behind the little bunny's gas tank.

Danny throws the bag to Liam. Liam opens it and pulls out cash.

LIAM: Hm hm. Well would ya look at that.

He looks at Thumper who is sweating profusely. Thumper's eyes dart around the room.


Jackie is walking down the hallway. She slows when she sees Jane ahead, walking in the opposite direction. They pass but Jane slows and turns.

JANE: You know Jackie.

Jackie stops and turns to face her.

JANE: I used to think everyone was wrong about you.

Jane walks away. Jackie bears it with a sigh.


Liam and Danny have handcuffed Thumper to a urinal.

THUMPER: It's Weevil, I'm telling you, man! He set me up! He musta found out about the church somehow.

DANNY: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on, Thumper.

Danny beats his chest.

DANNY: Rrrr! You gotta man up!

THUMPER: You'll get yours. Both of you! And I got something on you--

Whatever that might be is swallowed when Liam stuffs a rag in Thumper's mouth. Danny laughs heartily as Liam quickly secures the rag with a piece of duct tape.

LIAM: Oh, duct tape. Is there anything it ain't good for?

Liam and Danny leave as a klaxon sounds. Thumper tries to free himself to no avail.


Keith is at his desk, typing on his laptop. There's a knock on his door. Woody enters.

WOODY: Good news, Keith. You can take that stalker video off your plate. Turns out it was my gardener. Rather, my former gardener.

KEITH: How'd you figure it out?

WOODY: He confessed. Crisis of conscience, I guess. My wife fired him a few months back for killing the hydrangeas. My wife is...tough.

Woody chuckles, as does Keith.

WOODY: Gardener's not a bad guy, I promised him I'd get the DVD back. He wants it destroyed.

KEITH: You seem pretty understanding about all this.

WOODY: Well...

KEITH: So that's it then?

WOODY: I got bigger fish. I guess you'd be out of business if they all went this way, huh? So Keith, you got that DVD?

Keith lets him hang a moment.

KEITH: Oh, sure.

Keith pulls the DVD out of his desk, holds it up and rises to walk Woody out of his office, handing him the disc. Veronica is working at her desk in the outer office.

WOODY: Thanks. Now you can get back to important business like clearing Terrence's name.

KEITH: Right.

They shake hands.

WOODY: Thanks, Keith. Veronica. Such a good kid, comin' in on your lunch period and helping your dad.

(Note: The Mars Investigations clock is wrong, showing the time of 15:25. Cock up or clue?)

WOODY: Bye everybody!

KEITH: See you, Woody.

Keith watches him go, a thoughtful look on his face. He grabs the knob of his office door, starting to close it.

KEITH: Can you hold my calls for a while?

Back in his office, Keith returns to his computer. He has a file "Woody Living Room," which he clicks on. He has a copy of the DVD. He watches it carefully. Back in the outer office, Veronica looks up at the sound of a voice.

LUIS: Okay, you win. Smart move, talkin' to my wife.


Veronica and Luis are in Lamb's office.

LAMB: Just so I've got this straight, you saw one PCHer stab another PCHer, then put the knife in the Echolls kid's hand?

LUIS: Yeah. That's what I saw.

LAMB: Could you identify the guy if you saw him again?

LUIS: I couldn't make out faces. But the one that did the stabbing took off on a red motorcycle with some kind of black spider on the side.

LAMB: I know the bike.

Lamb leans forward and presses the intercom button on his phone.

LAMB: Sacks, issue a warrant for Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco. I want him tracked down now.


Wallace is sitting at a table by himself staring at Jackie who is sitting at another table, also by herself. Jane joins him. She follows his line of sight.

JANE: She brings it on herself. She'd have friends if she didn't act like she's the most important person wherever she is.

WALLACE: Jane, Jackie didn't kiss me last night. I kissed her.

JANE: Well, she must've been coming on to you.

WALLACE: She wasn't. I just kissed her. Outta nowhere. I'm sorry. I don't wanna hurt you, but, I gotta be honest. I still have feelings for her.

Jane, who glances back at Jackie, looks devastated. Cut to moments later. Jackie looks up as she senses Wallace standing by her table.

WALLACE: I broke up with Jane. So...are you gonna ask me to sit down?


Wallace is a little pissed.

JACKIE: You can't sit here, Wallace. Do you not see that?

WALLACE: Why not? I'm free now. You know I like you. There's nothing stopping us.

JACKIE: If you sit here, it proves that I'm the man-eating bitch who snatched you from one of the sweetest girls in school. I won't have that. Now go.

Wallace takes a breath to argue.

JACKIE: Please, Wallace. Leave.

Wallace walks away. Things aren't going much better for Mac and Beaver, sitting on the low wall around the flagpole. Mac screws up her resolve, pulling her tray off her lap before tackling her concerns.

MAC: Is it me?

BEAVER: No, it's the tater tots.

MAC: Are you not attracted to me?

BEAVER: Wait, what?

MAC: Why don't you know, stuff?

Beaver is not comfortable.

BEAVER: Can we please not talk about this here?

MAC: We have to talk about it sometime. I get nervous too. Like when we're just hanging out, it's totally comfortable and cool, but then it feels like there's all this pressure, and...I don't know what I'm doing either.

BEAVER: Look, I know what I'm doing.

MAC: I'm not saying you don't.

BEAVER: Well, yeah, uh, it sounded like you were.

MAC: I'm saying I don't. So if-if you don't either, or, or you feel nervous, or...

BEAVER: We have to stop talking about this.

MAC: Veronica says all guys move at different speeds, and that this could just be--

BEAVER: Wait, you talked to Veronica about me?

MAC: No, I mean--

BEAVER: [urgently] What did you say to her?

MAC: Nothing. It was more about me, I just, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something wrong.

BEAVER: Well, you weren't. But you are now.

Beaver stands and looks down at her.

BEAVER: Good luck getting laid.

He walks off, leaving her heartbroken. Music: "Gravity/Falling Down Again" by Alejandro Escovedo.

LYRICS: You pay your money
Take your chances
Wheels spinning going round and round
No angels hanging from the ceiling can save you
No, no, Saint Jude can't pull you out
Falling down again
Pay a little girl
Falling down again
Don't ask me if it hurts


The foreman is in the bowels of the building, checking with a flashlight. He finds a red motorcycle with a black spider on the side chained up. He studies it for a moment, then rushes out.


With the stadium in the background, Woody is on a small stage, shaking hands with a man. All those on the stage, including the man, Woody, Logan and Gia are wearing hard hats. In front of the stage is a small set of tiered benches accommodating the guests. Woody and the man are being photographed.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mr. Mayor, over here.

The foreman mounts the stage from the stadium side and taps Woody on the back.

FOREMAN: Hey, Woody? Woody?

WOODY: Yeah.

Woody excuses himself.

WOODY: Will you pardon me?

Woody and the foreman move off a little.

FOREMAN: There's a motorcycle chained up inside the stadium. It's gonna get turned into dust.

WOODY: Is everyone out?

FOREMAN: We've blown the horn a-a dozen times, I had the boys do a walkthrough.

WOODY: How long would it take to unlock it and get it out of there?

FOREMAN: Uh, twenty, thirty minutes?

WOODY: Then someone's losin' a motorcycle.


Veronica is watching Woody address the cameras from the Shark Field Demolition Ceremony on 5 Action News.

WOODY: This field has been a long and storied history.


WOODY: ...always remember where we were when the Sharks...

VERONICA: Hurry up, they're about to blow up Shark Field!

Keith comes out of his bedroom and sits on the arm of the armchair that Veronica is occupying. They watch intently.

WOODY: a nine-game victory before a packed house of fifty thousand fans.


Logan tips his hard hat, smirking for the cameras. He looks over his shoulder at the stadium. The man Woody was shaking hands with is right behind him. Logan puts his hands on the plunger and pushes.


Thumper, still pulling at the handcuffs freezes as he hears the sounds of explosions.


On the TV, the stadium implodes, falling in on itself, burying everything (and everyone) in it under tons of rubble. Veronica and Keith enjoy the spectacle.


WEEVIL: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been a long, long time since my last confession.

The camera pulls back through the confessional screen, the face of the listening priest in shadow. End. Executive producer: Rob Thomas (who is a god.) End music: Gravity/ Falling Down Again by Alejandro Escovedo (which ends with the laughter of children).

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