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2.16 The Rapes of Graff

Written by: John Enbom
Directed by: Michael Fields

Original Air Date: 29 March, 2006
Transcribed by Inigo and funky donut.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars

Veronica follows Danny Boyd through the back door into the River Stix in 208 "Ahoy, Mateys!"

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I’ve walked right in to the River Styx, home base for the Fighting Fitzpatricks.

There are flashes of Danny, Liam Fitzpatrick, and Liam throwing Veronica onto the pool table. Cut to Griffith at the sheriff's department in 206 "Rat Saw God."

GRIFFITH: I have information about that Mexican kid who got killed.

Cut to Logan and Hannah in an empty classroom in 214 "Versatile Toppings."

LOGAN: Your dad is in deep to the Fitzpatrick family.

Cut to Veronica chastising Logan in 215 "The Quick and the Wed."

VERONICA: Toying with a sweet little girl’s heart just to screw with her dad.

Cut to Veronica heading for and opening the metal cupboard in the hangar in 214 "Versatile Toppings."

VERONICA: [offscreen] Jackie and I borrowed one of Terrence’s cars tonight. I was digging around where he keeps them...

Cut to Veronica telling Keith.

VERONICA: ...and I found some sort of explosive.

Cut to Keith at the hangar in 215 "The Quick and the Wed."

KEITH: Is that C-4?

LAMB: You’ll have to wait for the press conference.

Cut to Troy approaching Veronica as she deals with her flat tyre in the car park at Neptune High in 102 "Credit Where Credit's Due."

TROY: Flat?

VERONICA: Just as god made me.

TROY: I’m Troy, by the way.

VERONICA: I’m Veronica.

Cut to Troy and Veronica making out outside the door to the Mars' apartment in 104 "The Wrath of Con." Cut to Veronica and Troy at his locker in 105 "You Think You Know Somebody."

VERONICA: I’m just glad we weren’t dating when you were kicked out of those two schools for drug possession and trafficking.

End previouslies.


Mrs. Murphy walks through the room passing out papers to the students. Logan, in the back, giggles with the boy sitting next to him.

DICK: County Supervisor’s office?

MRS. MURPHY: Well read, Dick. You’ve made great strides. So, good news.

Mrs. Murphy lays one of the papers on Veronica's desk. Veronica picks it up and starts to read. It's a letter from Woodrow Goodman, County Supervisor, as declared by the heading. Dated February 15, 2006, the letter, addressed to Neptune High School, 3530 Ocean Street, Neptune, CA. 90909, reads as follows: Dear Student, Greetings, my name is Woody Goodman and I am your County Supervisor. I am proud of our students and education system here in Balboa. That's why I am inviting you to participate in my first essay contest as Supervisor. The theme of the contest will revolve around Freedom . In 500 words or less, I'd like you to write an essay about what freedom means to you. Please, feel free to draw from personal experiences, things you've learned in class or read on your own. Creativity counts, so think long, hard and don't be afraid to tackle tough issues. As with all contests, there's no incentive to participate without a prize and it has to be a good one, right? Well, the lucky winner gets a week long internship with me, Woody Goodman, as my apprentice. You'll have an opportunity to learn about civic affairs, political manipulation and corruption aversion tactics. But wait. There's more! My apprentice will also get the historic opportunity to push the plunger for the demolition of old Shark Stadium! So, sharpen your pencils, boot your computers and let your mind explore what freedom means to you. Good luck, Woody Goodman, Balboa County Supervisor.

MRS. MURPHY: You are no longer writing about the use of mythic archetype in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

DICK: All right.

Logan, pen cap in his mouth, grins at Dick's enthusiasm.

MRS. MURPHY: You are all instead entering our Mayor Woody Goodman’s county-wide essay contest on the subject of...

On a board that sets out the day's poems of William Blake, "London," The Tyger," and "The Lamb," she writes the word as she says it.

MRS. MURPHY: Freedom.

Logan lifts his head. The students all turn to look at him, giving him whistles, cheers and congratulations, including the guy next to him who calls for a high-five.

GUY: Logan!

Logan does, then casts a cautious look at Veronica who glances back at him but is less celebratory.

MRS. MURPHY: The winner gets a week’s internship as Woody’s apprentice, which means an opportunity to learn about civic affairs, a plum entry on your college applications, and – this might interest you, Dick – a chance to stand beside Woody Goodman on TV and push the plunger for the demolition of old Sharks Stadium.

DICK: Nuke the stadium? Damn, now I totally wish I could write good.


The students file out of the classroom, Logan preceding Veronica.

VERONICA: So, you should be able to write quite an essay on Freedom. How does it feel to have your case dismissed?

LOGAN: Well, freedom feels liberating.

They walk together up the hallway.

VERONICA: I’ve see you’ve got your title. And did Hannah understand why you wouldn’t be seeing her anymore?

Logan drops his head and doesn't respond.

VERONICA: You didn’t tell her, did you.

Wallace, coming down the hallway reading a Hearst College brochure, pauses as he sees them.

VERONICA: [offscreen] You owe her an explanation.

LOGAN: [offscreen] What exactly am I supposed to say?

Wallace starts walking towards them as Veronica and Logan stare at each other. Logan walks off and Veronica scoffs in disbelief. Wallace joins her.

WALLACE: Man, you believe it about Logan? That guy’s like a cat.

VERONICA: You mean useless and selfish?

WALLACE: [scoffs] I mean like nine lives.

They start walking together.

WALLACE: Just wish I knew how he does it.

VERONICA: That’s funny. I do know how he does it, and I wish I didn’t.
What you got?

WALLACE: The pamphlet? From the Hearst packet that we both got. In the envelope that we both got that you didn’t open.

Veronica plays with her hair, pulling a thick strand over her face to form a moustache.

VERONICA: Oh, that.

WALLACE: You know the average SAT score for a Hearst freshman? 1280.

VERONICA: And you got an 1140, so you’re doomed, and we can kiss this [makes air quotes] “Get to Know Hearst” weekend goodbye.

WALLACE: Not so fast. Now, if you average in my points, assists, and free-throw percentage, it all balances out. Now that coach says it’s down to me and one other guy for that scholarship, so we are going. Come on. You’ll like it. It’s a good school.

VERONICA: And if it were in, say, Maine, I’d be excited. But it’s in Neptune, so I’m not excited. I’ll go, but just to skip school, which excites me.


Logan receives high-fives and pats as he exits the school. As he turns into the direction of the car park, Hannah appears before him, trying to give him her own high-five to which Logan does not respond, instead carrying on towards the car park. Hannah keeps pace.

HANNAH: Don’t leave me hanging. Okay, forget five. Give me two.

Hannah kisses him on the cheek. Logan still can't look at her.

HANNAH: Where have you been all day?

Hannah wipes her lip gloss off of Logan's cheek. He wipes his cheek himself as Hannah takes his unresponsive hand.

HANNAH: I wanted to congratulate you on your big news, but I couldn’t find you. I ended up telling the janitor that your locker was mine and I forgot my combination so he’d open it up and I could leave you a little surprise. But I made it before I heard they dropped the charges, so keep that in mind.

LOGAN: You lied to a janitor?

HANNAH: I’ve resigned myself to burning in hell. You know, all the girls on track are jealous of me.

LOGAN: I’m sure they could burn in hell, too, if they’d just, uh, put in the effort.

HANNAH: No. They’re jealous because after the meet on Sunday, they’re going to Wrestler’s Ranch and I’m going sailing with this totally hot senior.

Logan finally screws up his resolve and brings them to a halt, facing her.

LOGAN: We can’t see each other any more.

Hannah's smile fades.


Logan shakes his head. He tries to get some words out but fails.

HANNAH: So, what, is this some kind of weird joke that’s going over my head?

LOGAN: I mean you’re a really sweet girl, but…

HANNAH: But what?

LOGAN: But I’m not a sweet guy.

Hannah just stares at him. He turns and walks away from her.

HANNAH: Look, if this is really some kind of joke...

Logan pauses and looks back at her standing where he left her.

HANNAH: ...please tell me the punch line soon.

Logan backs away, then turns, nearly running away.

HANNAH: ‘Cause I could really use the laugh about now.

Hannah's voice breaks as she watches him go.


Students mill over the grounds. One in a blue sweater heads purposefully towards one group.

DEAN: All right, hey, is this the tour? All right, everyone gather round.

Veronica and Wallace are sitting on the grass. They get up to join the group, staying at the back.

DEAN: Um, welcome to the little slice of liberal-arts paradise known as Hearst College. Um, my name is Dean. I’m going to be your tour guide. So, as you know, this is going to be a three-day tour, and it’s important that we all get to know each other. So, right now, we’re gonna play a little get-to-know-you game. So everyone-everyone pair up.

Veronica and Wallace, wearing name tags, grin at each other. Pairs of students start to form.

DEAN: Um, make sure it’s someone that you don’t already know.

Veronica groans. Wallace looks over to his left and sees a pair of girls in the same predicament. One of them wanders towards the bulk of the group, leaving a pretty black girl who smiles at Wallace. Wallace looks back at Veronica.

WALLACE: Sorry. I don’t know her.

Wallace joins the girl, leaving Veronica alone.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And so it turns out college is very much like high school.

DEAN: Okay, so, we’re gonna play a game called “Two Truths and a Lie.” Does everyone have a buddy?

Veronica reluctantly raises her hand. Dean walks forward to join her.

DEAN: All alone?

VERONICA: It’s all right. I prefer it.

DEAN: Lie. See, that’s how the game works. [to the group] You have to tell your partner two facts and one lie and they have to guess which one is the lie, all right?

Dean returns his attention to Veronica.

DEAN: Okay, so, um, go ahead.

VERONICA: Okay, I’m Veronica, I’m from Neptune, and I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

DEAN: Oh, how’d that go?

VERONICA: It was a bit of a letdown.

DEAN: Hmm. Well, uh, I don’t believe that you’re from Neptune.

VERONICA: Wrong. Is that the end?

DEAN: Um, okay, well, uh, my name is Dean, I’m from Wheaton, Illinois, uh, my father owns a Ford dealership, and I also shot a man in Reno, but it was not to watch him die. It was for other issues.

VERONICA: Your father doesn’t sell Fords.

DEAN: That’s right. Toyotas. How did you know?

VERONICA: It’s all in the eyes.

DEAN: All right, well, I guess I’ll have to watch out for you next year.

VERONICA: Oh, I won’t be attending.

DEAN: All right. Enough lies.

Dean spots something over her shoulder.

DEAN: Oh, I think I’ve got you a new partner. [to the newcomer] Are you with the tour?

VOICE: Yeah, that’s right.

DEAN: Okay, come meet potential new classmate Veronica. Veronica, meet…

It's Troy. He stumbles a little as he sees her.

VERONICA: Troy Vandegraff.

DEAN: Uh, do you two know each other? ‘Cause you’re not supposed to be with someone that you know.

VERONICA: Nope. I don’t know him at all.

Opening credits.


DEAN: Okay.

Dean pats Troy on the back and leaves him and Veronica to continue the game.

TROY: Uh, so, this is weird. Um. How you been, Veronica?

VERONICA: Lie. I don’t believe you’re really interested. Next statement.

TROY: Yeah, okay, I-I can understand that after what I did, but I’m sor--

VERONICA: I don’t think you understand the rules of this game. You only get one lie.

TROY: Okay. Uh, let me start over. Three statements, one false. Uh, my name is Troy. I was a bad boy when we dated, but after a year of private school, therapy, quitting drugs, and dumping my loose-cannon ex-girlfriend, I’ve changed into a more or less good boy. And I communicate telepathically with all denizens of the sea.

Veronica smiles tightly.

VERONICA: Right. So, how long before I catch you talking to a manatee?

TROY: And you have changed not at all.

VERONICA: You know me. Same-old, same-old.

DEAN: All right, everyone. Follow me, please. Uh, we’re gonna get the tour started, so just come this way. Stay in a group.

Veronica picks up her bag and heads towards Dean.

TROY: I’m not lying to you, Veronica. I just wanted you to know that.

She turns back to face him.

VERONICA: Do I care? Really, Troy, you’re just water under the bridge.

Veronica turns around and carries on. Troy follows slowly behind her.

VERONICA: [to herself] Duplicitous, evil water.

They follow the group as it is led on by Dean.


A locker opens. It's Logan's and he pauses when he sees a large pink box on top of his books. He pulls it out. On the top is written "Just in case." The dot on the letter I of "in" is in the form of a heart. Logan opens the box. It's a large square cake decorated with a plaque of icing that features an escaping convict and the words "Get out of jail free" on it. Logan smiles, then closes the box quickly as Dick bears down on him.

DICK: Dude, so, we hanging this weekend, or that chick still have your sac locked up in her Easy Bake Oven?

Logan puts the box back in his locker and closes it before Dick reaches him.

LOGAN: Actually, I am now a free man.

Logan spins away from his locker and starts to walk with Dick down the hallway.

DICK: The way we should be, man.

They do an extended high-five.

LOGAN: We? What happened to Madison?

DICK: Bailed. According to her friend, she met someone more mature.

LOGAN: Where, at Lego Land?

Dick scoffs.

DICK: Whatever, man. Maturity’s like one of the two most over-rated things on the planet.

LOGAN: The other being?

DICK: Chicks.

LOGAN: Oh, so this worked out great for you.

DICK: Dude, why do you think I’m in such a good mood?

Logan laughs.

DICK: Screw it. This weekend, you and me, partying like Ozzie.

Logan laughs again.


Music: "I Hate It That I Got What I Wanted" by Clearlake.

LYRICS: I know, I know I can't complain
And it doesn't help when you've only got yourself to blame
I don't know what got into me
But I don't expect that I'll get any sympathy
'Cause I hate it that I got what I wanted
I don't want it anymore
And I hate to say you told me
But you told me once before
I hate it that I got what I wanted
'Cause I don't want it anymore
And I hate to say you told me
But you told me once before
You know, it's never quite enough
And I don't know what it was that I was thinking of
You know, no matter what I try
It just doesn't ever really seem to satisfy
I hate it that I got what I wanted
'Cause I don't want it anymore
And I hate to say you told me
But you told me once before
I hate it that I got what I wanted
'Cause I don't want it anymore
And I hate to say you told me
But you told me once before
I hate it that I got what I wanted
'Cause I don't want it anymore
And I hate to say you told me
But you told me once before
I hate it that I got what I wanted
'Cause I don't want it anymore
And I hate to say you told me
But you told me once before
You told me once before
You told me once before
You told me once before

There's a party going on. Veronica and Wallace weave their way into it.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So it seems Hearst College pretty much has it all: a campus combining modern facilities with the best traditions of learning, check.

Stacy, standing in front of a "Blame Adam" poster, is talking to a long-haired guy in a Phi Sigma Sigma sweatshirt.

STACY: No, Heidegger’s fine if you’re a Nazi.

The guy, Gordon, chuckles. Dean also makes his way down the outer hallway to enter the main room.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: A student body composed of diverse, interesting, smart people? Check.

The camera scans the party before it finds Veronica, looking bored to tears as one of the students, Drew, hits on her.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And drunken doofuses who corner you to tally your points? Check.

DREW: So, you’re blonde – thirty points. And a natural, too, another twenty. You are super-cute, fifty points. And you’re kind of, like, sassy.

VERONICA: So, sassy’s good?

DREW: More like a degree of difficulty thing. Thirty points. And, you’re a pro-fro, eighty points.

VERONICA: So, if someone were to have sex with me, they’d walk away with 210 points?

DREW: That’s high. You should be psyched.

VERONICA: I am. Inside.

DREW: So, what do you think, then? About us getting busy?

VERONICA: Can I have your beer?

DREW: Sure.

He hands Veronica her beer which Veronica then throws in his face.

DREW: Damn! Grow a sense of humor, you crazy bitch!

Veronica shrugs.

VERONICA: I would, if something funny would ever happen.

Drew picks up another large plastic cup of beer, ready to reciprocate.

DREW: Yeah, tell me how you like it.

Veronica anticipates and pushes the cup so the contents spill over him.


VERONICA: It’s fun, but it’s getting kind of old.

Veronica turns to walk away but Drew grabs her arm and pulls himself in front of her, much to Veronica annoyance.

DREW: You do that again--

TROY: Hey!

Drew looks up as Troy joins them.

TROY: You’ll what? Let her go, or I’ll make sure you regret it.

DREW: What?

TROY: I think the implication is clear. You’re gonna let her go of your own initiative, or uh, do I have to--

Drew pulls back his fist and punches Troy in the face. Troy goes down. Veronica is exasperated as Drew mocks the supine Troy.

DREW: [grunt-speak] Initiative.

Veronica helps Troy up as he clutches his jaw.

VERONICA: As much as I appreciate that display of chivalry, uh, I had it covered.

Drew joins a friend who congratulates him. Troy faces Veronica.

TROY: Well maybe I wanted to demonstrate that I really had changed.

VERONICA: So, you’re no longer evil. You’re stupid. Congratulations.

Stacy hurries up to Troy.

STACY: God, that guy is such a tool. Can I get you a beer or something?

TROY: Uh, how about if I get you one?

STACY: So, chivalry isn’t dead. Just can’t fight. Yeah, let’s go.

She grabs Troy's hand and starts to pull him away.


TROY: Hey, some things I can’t change.

End music: "I Hate It That I Got What I Wanted" by Clearlake. Music: "Crank It Out" by Ari Shine. Elsewhere at the party, Wallace bids farewell to a girl he has been talking to as Veronica joins him.

GIRL: Bye.

WALLACE: Yeah, all right then.

Veronica gives him a knowing glance at his ability to attract the ladies.

WALLACE: Ooh. I’m gonna like it here.

Wallace laughs.

WALLACE: How you doing? You weirded out Troy’s here?

VERONICA: Nah. Water under the bridge.

She nods vigorously, assuring him that she means it. Dean joins them.

DEAN: Hey, my pro-fros. Fun party, huh?

WALLACE: Not bad. I actually talked to a cute girl about Kierkegaard.

Wallace peers down the hallway, trying to spot the girl.

WALLACE: Made me wish I knew something about Kierkegaard.

DEAN: Yeah. Isn’t that cool? I mean, in high school, you know, parties are just guys getting drunk and scamming on chicks. But here, you have intellectual conversations.


DEAN: [to Veronica] Like I saw you talking to that guy. What’d you talk about?

VERONICA: Jane Austen. But he dissed Pride and Prejudice, so I had to throw a beer on him.

Dean smiles, not having a clue as to what she's talking about. (She's talking about fans on TWoP whose burning hatred for Jackie Cook on her introduction was frequently explained as a response to her utter temerity in dissing P&P in 203 "Cheatty, Cheatty, Bang, Bang," a reaction that surprised the show's writers.) Wallace laughs.

VERONICA: I’m kind of colleged out.

Wallace nods.

DEAN: Yeah, all right. Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Veronica and Wallace take their leave. Dean sets out back up the hallway, calling out to them in farewell...

DEAN: Go Hearst!

Veronica and Wallace thread their way through the room. Wallace notes something to which he draws Veronica's attention.

WALLACE: There goes your water.

Veronica turns to see. Troy is leaving the party with Stacy. Troy and Stacy pause and start making out. Stacy pushes them both, still kissing, past a turn in the corridor. Wallace checks Veronica. She's amused and shakes her head. Veronica follows Wallace up another hallway, passing Drew who is scoring another girl.

DREW: I mean, whoo, your body? Slamming. That’s like fifty points right there.

Veronica passes without comment but halts a bit further on, unable to stomach Drew objectifying and scoring another girl. She turns and walks back to him.

DREW: And this might sound like a weird question, but you’re not an orphan, are you?

Veronica zaps him with a stun gun.


He shakes, pours his beer all over himself and drops. The girl he was talking to laughs and glances at Veronica in gratitude. Veronica strides away. End music: "Crank It Out" by Ari Shine.


The camera pans up the front of the building.

KEITH: [offscreen] Yeah, twelfth floor. Just got off...


Keith, cell phone to his ear, appears in the hallway from the lift.

KEITH: ...the elevator, got the keycard, but it took some smooth talking. I don’t see why you couldn’t just open the door.

Keith opens the door of one of the rooms and comes to an abrupt stop. Cliff, dresses only in socks and with only a crumpled sheet protecting his modesty, lies on the room's bed, handcuffed to the ornate headboard.

CLIFF: It’s a funny story, actually. Just, please, don’t judge. You can laugh privately, later.

Keith closes up his phone and shuts the door of the room.

KEITH: I don’t suppose you, uh, have a key?

He moves to the bedside table and puts the receiver on the hook, cutting off the dial tone emitting from it on the loudspeaker. Cliff groans loudly. Keith gets a small tool out of his wallet.

KEITH: So, can I ask you a question?

He rests on one knee on the bed at he picks the lock of the handcuffs.

CLIFF: Well, she said her name was Daphne.

KEITH: No, no, no. How did you call me?

CLIFF: Acrobatically. I might have pulled a hamstring.

KEITH: Okay, then. Next question…

Cliff is released. He sits up in the bed with another groan and immediately reaches for the open bottle of wine on the bedside table. He takes a long swig. He sighs as he begins to dress.

CLIFF: Last night was the convention of the South Coast OB-GYN Society, the most-sued medical specialty. So I make it a point to swing by every year and spread my card around.

KEITH: And you met a hell of a lady doc?

CLIFF: Hell of a lady, yes. Doctor? We met at the bar. I was extremely charming, and an hour later, I’m invited up to her room. Champagne is ordered. One thing leads to another…

KEITH: Why don’t you think she was an OB-GYN?

CLIFF: Well, one, she appeared to know less about medicine than I do.

Cliff looks around the room.

CLIFF: And, two, she seems to have stolen my briefcase.

Keith nods and throw Cliff his pants.

KEITH: Mm-hmm.

They land on Cliff's head and slide down his face. Cliff sighs loudly again.

CLIFF: Thanks.


A phone rings. A possibly hung-over, or at least very tired, Veronica wrestles with the bedclothes.

VERONICA: Dad, the phone is ringing.

Veronica pulls the pillow up on each side of her face to try and block out the sound.

VERONICA: [groaning] Loudly.

In the front room, there's a note in front of the phone which reads, "Gone on puzzling errand. Back later. Dad." The answer machine has picked up the call just as Veronica shuffles to it.

TROY: [on phone] Veronica, it’s, uh, it’s Troy. If you’re there, please pick up, okay?

Veronica doesn't, instead reading Keith's note.

TROY: [on phone] Please pick up.

Veronica picks up and answers the phone.

VERONICA: Troy, how was your evening?

TROY: [on phone] Not so good. I'm, uh, at the police station.

VERONICA: You’re where?


Veronica rounds the corner into the busy department. She checks one of the offices. She then sees Troy sitting by the desk of one of the deputies. Veronica walks towards him. Lamb, at the opposite wall, notices Veronica's arrival as he talks to a deputy.

VERONICA: What are you doing here?

Troy smiles humourlessly.

TROY: The usual. Hair and blood samples, cheek swab. You remember that girl from the party last night, Stacy? Well, I guess she got date-raped.

LAMB: Actually, no.

Lamb approaches from behind a shocked Veronica.

LAMB: When they use roofies to knock 'em out, then shave their head afterward, we drop the date part.

Lamb walks off, leaving Veronica staring hard at Troy.

TROY: Don’t look at me like that, Veronica. I swear to god, I didn’t do it. You got to help me.

Cut to a little later. Veronica and Troy are standing out in the corridor, leading to the other County offices. They talk in urgent whispers.

TROY: God, Veronica, roofie and rape someone? Shave their head? What kind of sick head do you think I am?

VERONICA: I don’t really know much about the inside of your head, do I.

Troy sits in one of the chairs.

VERONICA: Why do they think you did it?

TROY: I was the last thing that Stacy remembered before she passed out. Everyone saw us go upstairs together. There’s hair and fibers of mine on her. And when they tested my clothes from last night…

VERONICA: What did they find?

TROY: That they’d just been washed.

Veronica scoffs in disbelief.

VERONICA: You did laundry at three in the morning?

Veronica pauses as a woman passes between them in the narrow hallway.

VERONICA: Why would the cops be suspicious of that? God, Troy.

TROY: Look, yes, we went upstairs and fooled around. Strictly PG13. And then she pukes all over me. But, being the chivalrous guy I now am…

Veronica shakes her head. Troy sighs.

TROY: I cleaned up. I took off her shoes. I tucked her in, and then I went to wash my only change of clothes at the all-night laundry. That is the truth, I swear.

VERONICA: [sharply] If...

Veronica sinks into the chair next to him, wagging her finger.

VERONICA: ...I decide you’re guilty, I’ll help hold the hammer while they nail you to the wall.

Troy nods.

VERONICA: Do you remember anything else about last night? Anyone hanging around her?

TROY: I remember getting the stink-eye from this guy who was hitting on her earlier.

VERONICA: What guy?

TROY: Long, dark hair, blue sweatshirt with like, uh, pi sign.


Keith and Cliff are in Keith's office, in front of the TV. Cliff is sitting on a chair, trying to get a bottle of aspirin open.

KEITH: So, Daphne registered under a false name and credit card.

Keith slips a video into the machine on top of the television.

KEITH: Dead end there, so I got the elevator security tape from last night.

Keith perches on his desk and pushes the button on the remote. Cliff finally gets his aspirin.

CLIFF: Well, you must be on good terms with the Neptune Grand security people.

Cliff chews the aspirin, his face twisting in displeasure.

KEITH: When my daughter dated a billionaire’s kid living alone in the president’s suite, me and the security guys got pretty tight.


On the TV is footage from the lift. Keith sets it on fast forward.

KEITH: So what was in the briefcase that anyone might want to swipe?

CLIFF: Just case files. A drunken assault, a lewd conduct, a fraud, a divorce – aha! Hello, Daphne.

As Cliff points at the screen, Keith pauses the video. A woman stands alone in the lift. Across the bottom is the label 05:53:12+11 PM. Keith runs the video forward again.

KEITH: 5:53, she checks in. You actually believed she was a gynaecologist?

Keith looks down at Cliff who refuses to be embarrassed and ignores him. Keith giggles.

CLIFF: So, other than the files, it’s an address book, receipts, some keys, I believe a copy of Elle magazine, but I forget why. Oh, and the murder case files.

KEITH: Logan Echolls? Which ones?

CLIFF: Everything. What wasn’t in the briefcase is in their storage locker, which…is one of the keys. But that case was dismissed, so it’s…

Keith slows the tape again when he reaches the footage of Cliff and the woman making out in the lift.

KEITH: At 10:15 you’re on your way up.

On the tape, Cliff is enthusiastic.

KEITH: My god, Cliff, you’re like a wild animal. Is that what the kids call motorboatin’?

CLIFF: I have a zest for life. So sue me.

Keith laughs.

KEITH: Look.

Timed at 02:01:02+03 AM, Lamb enters the lift, joining a woman. He looks behind him warily.

CLIFF: Lamb?

Lamb and the woman make out for seven minutes before they are interrupted. They appear to be interrupted again a few minutes later by Cliff's honey trap bait, carrying a briefcase. Lamb is seen to speak to her.

KEITH: It appears Lamb has a bit of a zest for life himself. 2:11, there’s your briefcase. Lamb appears to know your gynaecologist.

Veronica thumps about in the main office.

VERONICA: Don’t mind me. Just keep doing whatever that is.

KEITH: Uh, just work. I thought you had that Hearst thing.

VERONICA: On my way. I just need an address.

Veronica is on her laptop. She PlanetZowies for "pi fraternity hearst." She pulls up: "Pi Sigma Sigma Fraternity - Hearst College Chapter. Welcome to the Hearst College Chapter of Pi Sigma Sigma Fratern...itself in charitable work... 11240 Gull Way Neptune, CA 90909 ... - 190k." She also gets: "Fraternity Directory. The Fraternity and Sorority system has been around since...Pi Sigma Si...fraternity row ... Hearst students are encouraged to participate in this tra... - 72k." Veronica walks into Keith's office and looks at the screen that Keith and Cliff are viewing. It's Lamb and his squeeze making out again but this time her face can be seen. Veronica leans forward towards the screen.

VERONICA: Oh. My. God. I know her. She goes to my school. Her name is Madison Sinclair.


The fraternity house is a small two storey house and a little shabby. There is a sofa on the front lawn and a young man lounges on it, reading. Another is sitting on the porch and another on the steps as Veronica approaches. They watch Veronica enter the house.


The inside is even less impressive and is messy.


The surfaces are covered with rubbish and old pizza boxes. A young man carries a beer into another room, not noticing Veronica. Another is asleep in an armchair. In the far room, one looks to be playing a video game.

VERONICA VOICEOVER : A little more vomit and a dead donkey and you’ve got a cover spread in Modern Squalor magazine.

Veronica notices and moves towards a framed collection of pictures of the Pi Sigma Sigma brothers for 2004-2005, of which there are thirty-nine. Some of the names can be read: Lorne Van Mea, Tripp Duverre, Andrew Barndale (the jerk Veronica stunned), Preston Boone, Rhett Joulet, Mr. Ogletree, Edward O'Sava, Chanter Legris, Jason Pecannie, David White, Gordon Peters (the guy Stacy was talking to before she was taken with Troy), Marvin Edisto.

VERONICA VOICEOVER : And doesn’t it make sense this is the home of Mr. Points himself? Andrew Barndale.

As Veronica studies the pictures, one of the fraternity brothers finally notices her.

VERONICA VOICEOVER : And of our Pi Sig brother of the long dark hair, Gordon Peters.

CHIP: Hi. Uh, Chip. Sorry, brothers only past the entryway without invitation.

VERONICA: Hi, Chip. Is Gordon here? Gordon Peters?

CHIP: You might check the hospital.

VERONICA: The hospital?

CHIP: Had to have his stomach pumped last night. Eighteen shots of vodka: not a good idea. Who knew?

VERONICA: Kind of a wuss, huh? Legacy?

CHIP: Well, it’s only gonna get worse for Gordon when he gets back here. You can leave a message for him on the board if you want.


The group is gathered together again.

DEAN: So, do we have any English Lit or Humanities geeks with us here? No, is that you? English or, uh, maybe a double with Pre-Med? Anyway…

Troy is sitting on a bench nearby, away from the group. Veronica walks over to him.

TROY: So, did you find him?

VERONICA: The Pi Sig who was hitting on Stacy spent the night in the hospital getting his stomach pumped. I double-checked. So what are you doing over here? Looks like Dean’s got a great story about the front of that building.

TROY: I kind of bailed on the tour. I got tired of the looks, you know?

VERONICA: So you figured creepy skulking was a better use of your time?

Veronica takes the seat next to him.

VERONICA: That won’t make you seem guilty.

Two girls look at Troy as one whispers to the other.

TROY: See? Looks.

The girls looks disgusted and turn away.

VERONICA: If you can’t give me anything more to go on, you might need to get used to it.

TROY: My name and number. I left my name and number on her message board. I mean, would I really do that if I had just raped her and shaved off all her hair?

VERONICA: So I could go check and your name and number would be there?

Troy nods.

TROY: Or maybe you could just believe me.

VERONICA: I’ll check.


Dick and Logan are playing a video game. Two characters, one called Scorpion, fight on the screen.

DICK: Dude, you know what I’m gonna do to you?


DICK: First I’m gonna kick your ass, then I’m gonna grab your head and yank out your spine. What do you think about that? Sound okay?

Logan is not in the spirit as Dick beats frantically on the controller's buttons.

DICK: Boom. Oh!

On screen, Dick's character smashes his fist into the other's neck and blood pours out.

DICK: Oh, look, look. I’m doing it. I’m doing it. Yoink!

Logan's character loses his head as the other pulls out his spine through his neck.

DICK: Say hello to your spine. It’s me, your spine.

GAME: Win.

Dick, standing in celebration in his "Screw With My Head" T-shirt, looks around at the desultory Logan who is picking up his bottle of beer from a small table.

DICK: What?

LOGAN: I’m just imagining what Ozzy would think of your concept of partying like Ozzy.

Logan moves behind the sofa for some popcorn.

DICK: You want to snort a line of ants? I’m in. Come on. We’re free men who reject the rule of women. Get into the spirit. I mean, exhibit A.

Dick indicates the table next to his seat which bears seven empty beer bottles, and then the other table, which is bare.

DICK: Exhibit B. My suspicion is you’re afraid to embrace your true nature.

LOGAN: Yeah, which is?

DICK: We are lone wolves, dude. High-plains drifters, life takers, and heart breakers.

LOGAN: Who play video games all day.

Logan flicks a beer bottle cap at him. Dick puts the controller down and goes to the front unit, which contains a small fridge.

DICK: We don’t give a damn about what other people say, ‘cause we don’t give a rat’s ass.

Dick opens the door and pulls out the pink box. Logan joins him and gets another beer from the fridge as Dick opens the top and sees Hannah's cake.

DICK: Dude. You got cake.

Dick starts to cut into it.

DICK: What the hell, man?

Logan looks over his shoulder as Dick pulls out a file.

DICK: What is this?

Logan smiles slightly.

LOGAN: It’s nothing. It’s a file. It’s a joke.

Dick slides the cake off of the file and into his mouth, laughing.

LOGAN: But you’re right. Life-takers and heart breakers. To not giving the ass of a rat.

Logan taps his bottle against the file and chugs his beer.


Veronica strides up the hall, heading for Stacy's door which is at the end.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Would Troy actually lie about his name and number?

On the wall next to Stacy's door is a white board with various messages written on it, including one that says "We got ur back girlfriend."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Despite my deep reserves of ill will, do I really believe he could be that horrible?

In the bottom right corner, is Troy's name and number, partially rubbed off, above the letters CCC in a circle.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So, it’s half there, and he’s only half horrible.

Stacy's door opens. She's wearing a hat.

STACY: Do you need something?

VERONICA: Uh, no. I was just…

Veronica starts to walk away but reconsiders and looks back.


She walks back to Stacy.

VERONICA: I’m Veronica. I was at the party last night.

STACY: That was, like, the best party ever, right? How was your rape?


STACY: So, what, are you like dropping off some pamphlets or something?

VERONICA: No. Um…a pamphlet’s not gonna cover it. It’s just gonna suck. And then it’ll suck less. I’m sorry to bother you.

Veronica turns and walks away until halted by Stacy's question.

STACY: Did they catch the guy from the party?

Veronica isn't sure how to answer.

VERONICA: It was kind of complicated. I don’t really know what happened. I think they’re just trying to get all the facts straight.

STACY: The facts are straight. I know who it was. I just want some biblical justice.

Stacy rips off the hat, showing her patchy scalp.

STACY: He shaved my head!

Veronica really doesn't know what to say but walks back towards Stacy, sympathetic. Before she reaches her, Stacy notices something on the floor.

STACY: What’s that?

VERONICA: I don’t know. It was here.

Stacy bends down and picks up a shoe box placed on the floor under the white board. She opens it then drops it immediately with a gasp. It is full of hair.

VERONICA: [shocked] Oh, god. That is just…

Stacy picks up the box again and peers inside.

STACY: But that’s not my hair.

Veronica is stunned as a thought occurs to her.

VERONICA: It’s not yours?

A girl comes out of the room and heads for them.

JEN: Stacy? Are you okay?

She brushes past Veronica to stand with Stacy, casting Veronica an accusatory look.

VERONICA: Did you see who delivered that box?

JEN: [to Stacy] What is she doing here?

STACY: Nothing. She was at the party.

JEN: Yeah, I know. She was there with him, Stacy.

STACY: What?

They both stare at Veronica.

JEN: She’s here trying to help him get off the hook.

Veronica sighs.


Veronica walks past shelves of bewigged plastic heads towards a counter where two women are teasing another couple of wigs.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So, if someone sent Stacy a box of hair that wasn’t hers, there’s a chance she’s not the only victim and there’s another girl at Hearst forced to wear a wig. And so it’s now time for me to clinch that Emmy nomination.

Veronica targets the woman working on a bright pink wig.

VERONICA: Hi. I’m looking for someone. She would have come in for a wig during the past couple of months.

TORI: Can you narrow it down, hon? We get a lot of--

VERONICA: Her head would have been completely shaved.

TORI: Oh, chemo.

Veronica nods sadly.

VERONICA: She decided to give up on treatment and run away from home.

TORI: Oh. There was a girl a month ago.

The woman stops teasing the wig and heads for the cash register counter where she starts leafing though a sales record book.

VERONICA: Do you have a name?

The woman looks up from her perusal, suspicious.

TORI: You don’t know her name? Because we don’t just give out custom--

VERONICA: Ma’am, she’s run away.

Veronica turns on the angst and the tears as melodramatic music starts to play.

VERONICA: She’s scared and she’s alone. We don’t even want to know how she’s making her money. She’s given up on life. And she thinks she’s sparing us the pain, but not knowing where she is or what name she’s using or whether she’s safe, it’s torture. Please, ma’am, she’s my sister.

The woman, whose face has softened with sympathy, suddenly shuts the book.

TORI: I’m sorry. This girl was Hawaiian.

Veronica instantly returns to normal.


She turns and strides out of the store.


Veronica knocks on Dean's open door.

DEAN: Oh, hey. Um, you know the tour doesn’t start until noon?

VERONICA: If I wanted to find a Hawaiian girl, where would I start?

DEAN: In Hawaii? I’m so-- I don’t understand what you...

VERONICA: Hawaiian students at Hearst.

DEAN: Oh, the Pacific Islander kids. Um, well, some of them have, like, a lunch group thing at Student Union on weekends.


Veronica leaves but as she passes another door, she spots something that pulls her up. She walks back to the door and the white board on it. It bears the Roman numerals CL in a circle.


DEAN: Yeah?

She points to the Roman numerals.

VERONICA: What does this mean, CL?

Dean comes out of his room and joins her in front of the white board.

DEAN: Oh, uh, that’s a score. It’s 150 in roman numerals. It’s a Pi Sig thing. They have, like, a, you know, a contest for scoring girls or something.

VERONICA: Fifty points for a blonde. Thirty points for sassy.

DEAN: Well, yeah, I mean, I don’t know if you get points for being sassy, but yeah. I think the rumor is that they have a board in the basement that they keep score on, and if the pledges don’t score high enough, then they’re punished.

VERONICA: Punished?

DEAN: They shave your head. Um, the contest ended at midnight. It’s stupid anyway, you know.

VERONICA: Good ole Pi Sigs. Thanks, Dean.

DEAN: Sure.

Veronica, who has pulled out her phone, starts to make a call as she walks away.


Cliff and Keith, both holding large brown envelopes, are seated in two of the waiting area chairs. Keith is grinning broadly. Cliff jerks his finger, indicating Lamb's arrival into the department. A deputy leaves as Lamb enters.

DEPUTY: Sheriff.

Lamb glances down at Keith but keeps going, ignoring him. Keith stands.

KEITH: Don, would you have time for a question?

Lamb, halfway to his office, turns back and sighs.

LAMB: For the two of you? Always.

KEITH: We’re just looking for a little help here.

Keith slides a photo of Cliff's false paramour out of the envelope and shows it to Lamb.

KEITH: Do you know this woman?

LAMB: No. We got to do this again some time.

Lamb turns and starts walking away again.

KEITH: You sure?

Keith pulls out another photo and holds it up for Lamb to see. Lamb walks impatiently back towards him to look. It shows Lamb talking to the woman. He snorts and holds up his hands.

LAMB: You got me. I rode an elevator with her. She asked the time, and I tell her.

Again Lamb strides away, only to be pulled back.

CLIFF: Uh, Sheriff? Just a couple more shots.

Cliff jerks his head, indicating the desire for privacy. Keith watches, a beatific look on his face, enjoying what's to come.

CLIFF: I want to emphasize, this should not be construed as coercion. We’re just showing you a picture.

From his envelope, Cliff pulls out a picture of Lamb with Madison in a compromising position.

KEITH: That’s Madison Sinclair, who I believe takes World History with my daughter.

Lamb holds the picture close to his chest and glances around.

LAMB: So, what, this isn't blackmail? She’s 18. That’s legal.

KEITH: Sounds like a swell campaign slogan for the next election.

This triggers Cliff to pull out his second picture. It's a mock up of a flyer. Over a picture of Lamb and Madison in an even more compromising position is written "18-It's Legal" at the top and "Re-Elect Don Lamb" at the bottom, together with the video's time stamp. This one finally knocks the arrogance out of Lamb as he grabs it and hides it behind the other. Keith shows him the first picture again.

KEITH: We just want to know who this first woman is.

LAMB: She’s an escort. I’ve busted her a few times. She hires out as a Sugar Jones.

KEITH: Great. Thanks, Don.

LAMB: Mmm.

Keith exits. Cliff points to the flyer.

CLIFF: I’d vote for you.

He then follows Cliff as Lamb tears up the flyer and photo in his hands.


Wallace is getting the tour.

DREW: If you get that scholarship, you got to join. When I got here, I was like, I totally want to be a Pi.

WALLACE: Uh, yeah, yeah. Once when I was little, I wanted to be ice cream.

DREW: Dude, Pi Sig Sig. You’re hilarious. You’ll totally fit in. So, that’s members only down there. The kitchen is through here.

As Drew rounds the corner towards the kitchen, Wallace holds back long enough to unlock a window before following. Veronica is waiting on the other side. She climbs in and sneaks towards the basement door, amidst distant shouts of the unseen brothers.

FRAT CHATTER: I’m putting it back, all right? Check this out, man. This is great.

In the basement, there's a foosball table, a dartboard, an old couch and posters on the walls. Veronica makes her way to a board, switching on a light to see it. The board has four sections, each divided into three columns. The first column has a nickname, the second a Roman numeral and the third space to add mementos or proofs like pictures, panties and bras. The nicknames include Mr. Task Master, Ice Man, Drill Man, Big Dave, Big Boy, Tha Doctor, Dan #2, Tiny #2, Psycho, Moon, Bird Dawg, Ratse, Shredder, Scumbo, Jumbo, The Trickster, Scrote, Freako, Corky, Mr. Roofie, Goat Boy, Bombero, Cow Poke, El Suave, Nut Case, Bone Head, The Reveler, Smalls, The Bomb, Mustard Man, The Funster. Veronica stares at the board in distaste.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: C in roman numerals is 100, so the big question is, did any of these delightful people score the three Cs I saw circled on Stacy’s door?

Veronica studies the board before starting to take pictures. She then sees a picture of herself in one of the memento columns.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And someone with the handle Bird Dawg says he scored me? That is wrong both factually and ontologically. There, 300 points. And the hero of the hour? Of course his name is Iceman.


Veronica is interrupted as Gordon arrives in the basement.

GORDON: You can’t be down here.

Gordon, wearing a cap, shouts up the stairs.

GORDON: Ice! Hey, Iceman?


Chip races down the stairs.

GORDON: There’s some chick in the sanctum.

They both stare and Veronica, looming ever closer.

CHIP: What the hell are you doing here? [shouting] This is off-limits!

A commercial break moment later, Chip is calmer.

CHIP: Look, you’re clearing out. Pronto. Okay?

Veronica points to his entry on the board.

VERONICA: 300 points? Nice work.

Chip takes Veronica's arm, starting to lead her away from the board.

CHIP: Look. This is our business. I don’t have to apologize.

Veronica holds her ground.

VERONICA: For being a rapist? Nice. I admire a principled stand.

CHIP: What are you talking about?

VERONICA: I’m talking about 300 points, exactly the score you goons wrote on Stacy’s door the night she was roofied and raped.

Chip and Gordon glance at each other.

VERONICA: But the jury will understand. After all, you had to do it or your frat brothers would shave off your awesome Ryan Seacrest hairdo.

CHIP: I didn’t get those 300 points for Stacy Wells.

GORDON: Yeah, he nailed the Dean’s wife.

CHIP: Zip it, Gordo. Look, no one here ever touched Stacy.

Veronica stares at Gordon.

VERONICA: You’re Gordon? What happened to the rock-star locks? You mean, Pi Sigs don’t give points for rape? Stacy’s gonna hate hearing that no good came out of Friday night.

GORDON: I don’t give a flying nun what she thinks. All right, she’s a total tease. She’s coming on to me all night, then she blew me off for some other dude who called her bluff. Boo hoo.

Drew arrives from upstairs.

CHIP: Bird Dawg. Do you want to show this young lady out?

VERONICA: Thanks, I know the way. Oh, and you might want to get your clippers, because unless being electrocuted counts, Bird Dawg here never scored these 240 points.

Veronica rips her picture off of the board.

DREW: It was 210.

VERONICA: You undercounted the sassy.

Veronica crumples the picture and throws it at him as she leaves.


Veronica approaches a table of students.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And this looks like it must be the Pacific Islander lunch group. Now, who might be wearing a wig.

A girl at the table has very bright pink hair.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I think I’ll follow a hunch.

Veronica walks up to the table and smiles.

VERONICA: Excuse me. Hi, I’m working on a play for the theater department, and I need to find a place that does custom wigs. Did you get yours recently, and did you get it around here?

The girl is offended.

PINK-HAIR: My what, wig? This is my hair.

VERONICA: Oh. I…I’m sorry. I thought…Thanks anyway.

Veronica slinks away.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Great. A dead end and embarrassing to boot.

As she goes, another girl, one who was standing by the table, quietly calls out to her.

DAWN: Um, excuse me. You might try Tori’s on Pacific.


Veronica walks on. Cut to a little later. The girl departs from the group.

DAWN: Okay, guys, bye.

Veronica has been watching and scurries to catch up to her.

VERONICA: Hi. Can I talk to you for a second? It’s about a girl who was raped and had her head shaved the other night.

The girl, Dawn, slows to a halt.


As the room empties, Stacy hurries to the front.

DEAN HARLOW: Oh, Miss Wells.

STACY: Hey, Dean Harlow, I got a message from someone saying you had some information for me. Like about that guy?

Dean Harlow is puzzled. She pulls her cell phone out of her bag to check it.

DEAN HARLOW: I’m still waiting to hear from the sheriff. I haven’t heard anything.

Walking towards them is Veronica and Dawn.

VERONICA: I left the message. And I do have information.

STACY: Troy’s being drawn and quartered and I get to kick the pieces?


STACY: Then I’m not interested.

VERONICA: Stacy, it wasn’t Troy. He didn’t rape you, and he didn’t leave the box of hair.

STACY: Because good old Troy’s a decent, stand-up guy simply not capable of doing something so horrible, right?

DAWN: Because it happened to me, too.

Dawn removes the long dark wig she wears to show her very short hair.

DAWN: A month ago.

VERONICA: Whoever did this to you did the same thing to Dawn when Troy was on the other side of the country. I’m not saying it wasn’t horrible or you don’t deserve justice. I’m just saying someone else did it, and that someone is still out there.

STACY: The same thing? Did he send you a box with…

VERONICA: No. That was a nasty little gift from a Pi Sig named Gordon Peters. He was bitter because you didn’t fall for his charm, and not scoring with the ladies meant getting his head shaved. I think you’ll find that hair is his. [to Dean Harlow] And since you’re the dean of student affairs, I thought you might be interested.

Veronica pulls out the photos she took of the score board in Pi Sigma Sigma and passes them to Dean Harwell.

VERONICA: These are some student affairs going on in the basement of the Pi Sig house. Don’t think you want that getting into the Hearst brochure.

The dean stares at the pictures and then at Veronica.


The provisional freshman group is gathered together one last time.

DEAN: Well, that’s it. That’s the last you’re gonna see me. Um, final event now is Donuts with the Dean in Michael Hall. If I’ve done my job, you don’t have to ask me where that is. Um, so I hope to see you guys next year.

The group clap politely. Wallace turns and walks back to Veronica, who is standing a little apart from the rest.

WALLACE: I hope so too. Admit it. Hearst ain’t half bad.

VERONICA: It is. That means half of it might be good.

Troy joins them.

TROY: Talking about me again? So, they dropped the charges. Thanks, Veronica. Really, I’m not sure that I deserve it, but you’re a real friend.

VERONICA: How about we just call me an acquaintance with reservations?

Troy laughs.

TROY: Right. Then, until next time, go Hearst.

WALLACE: That’s right. Yeah.

Troy pats Wallace on the arm and departs. Dean approaches them from another direction.

DEAN: Hey. Did you guys hear about the Pi Sigs?


DEAN: They got a semester probation.

VERONICA: If it’s double-secret probation, there’s a serious leak.

DEAN: No mixers, no parties, no sports. And it was your photo that nailed them. You don’t mess around, do you.

Wallace puts his arm around Veronica proudly.

WALLACE: That’s Veronica Mars. Making friends and influencing people wherever she goes. See, if you come here next year, you’ve already got enemies. Just feel right at home.

Veronica smiles broadly.

DEAN: See you.


Stacy stands at the picture board showing the fraternity brothers. Gordon sheepishly enters from one of the other rooms.

GORDON: Heard you wanted to see me.

STACY: I did.

Stacy, holding the lead of a small dog, reaches into her bag and pulls out a plastic bag full of hair.

STACY: I thought you might want your hair back.

GORDON: [taken aback] Uh, I don’t want that.

STACY: Fair enough.

Stacy throws the bag up at the ceiling fan. The blades tear apart the bag and scatter the hair everywhere.

GORDON: Oh my god! What are you, are you crazy? What are you doing? What?

Stacy smiles as she leaps away and leaves Gordon being showered in hair.


Hannah and other girls of the school's track team are walking through the car park, chatting. Hannah sees Logan, propped against the back of the Xterra. She ignores him and carries on walking. Logan pushes himself off and races up behind her.

LOGAN: Your dad dropped his testimony so I’d quit seeing you.

Hannah slows and turns to face him. The girl next to her pauses too, carrying on when Hannah gestures that it is all right.

HANNAH: I figured. So did you ask me out so he’d do it?


HANNAH: And you want me to forgive you.

Logan pauses for a moment, then sighs heavily.


Hannah's face softens and she starts to smile. Logan can't believe his good fortune as he rolls his eyes heavenward in thanks before stepping forward and leaning his forehead onto hers. He gently puts his hands on each side of her face.


Keith is on the sofa, expectant. He senses movement outside the apartment, puts down his magazine and goes to the door. It opens before he reaches it. It's Veronica.

KEITH: [surprised] You’re back early.

VERONICA: Yeah, I ditched the goodbye hugging. Can you believe it?

Veronica divests herself of the bags she is carrying.

KEITH: You? Miss hug? So, you must be tired. Why don’t you lie in your…

There's a knock at the door. Veronica goes to answer but notes Keith's unusual efforts to get there first. She pauses, gives him a suspicious look and then opens the door. Sugar Jones stands on the other side in a skimpy red dress and fur coat.

SUGAR: Is Keith here?

Veronica turns to her father, hidden from Sugar's view behind the door.

VERONICA: Dad. Your hooker’s here.

Keith leans forward to pop his head around the door.

KEITH: Escort, honey. So, why don’t you go to your room and do your, uh, blog, whatever you kids do.

With a smile, Veronica heads for her room. Keith opens the door wide and turns to Sugar.

KEITH: Sorry about that.

Sugar saunters in, pausing to stroke Keith's bald head. Veronica takes a look back as she closes the door to her room, rolling her eyes.

SUGAR: So, what do you got in mind?

Keith takes Sugar's coat. Cliff appears from Keith's room.

CLIFF: A few questions, to start off.

Sugar looks from one man to the other, caught.

KEITH: The briefcase. Tell us why you took it and where it went.

Sugar sighs and sits down on the couch.

SUGAR: Well, I got the call. I show up. The guy offers me triple rate if I pick him up and swipe his briefcase.

KEITH: So who’s the guy?

Sugar starts to look in her bag.

SUGAR: Let me see…you know, I think I’ve got his birth certificate in here somewhere…No. He didn’t say.

CLIFF: What happened to my briefcase?

SUGAR: I gave it to him in the garage. I split. What he did with it, I have no idea. So, is that it?

She stands and grabs her coat.

CLIFF: I guess so. But, hey, nice work. I really thought…it was all real.

Keith opens the door for Sugar who turns back to Cliff.

SUGAR: Just the welts, honey.

She spins around and leaves a deflated Cliff and amused Keith.


Music: "I Know I Know I Know" by Tegan and Sara

LYRICS: From hundreds of miles you cry like a baby
You plead with me, shout, scream
Tell me I'm staying
I know, I know, I know
I'm still your love
Back from the last place that I wanted to fake
You laugh with me, shout, scream
Now tell me you're staying
I know, I know, I know
You're still my love
The same as I love you
You'll always love me too
This love isn't good unless
It's me and you
Box after box and you're still by my side
The weather is changing
And breaking my stride
I know, I know, I know
It's just this day
The same as I love you
You'll always love me too
This love isn't good unless
It's me and you

The lighting in the suite is low. Logan looks up, staring into Hannah's eyes as her head descends towards his. They kiss. Logan is sitting on the end of the sofa. Hannah, who was standing in front of him, put her knees on either side of him and settles onto his lap as they continue kissing. Logan holds her face in his hands, looking deeply into her eyes. He slips her shirt off one of her shoulders. Hannah smiles and they kiss again. She reaches down and Logan lifts his arms over his head so she can pull off his T-shirt. They kiss again.


The lights on the lift floor indicator ping in time with the music as the lift travels through floors nine, ten, eleven and reach PH. The door opens on two pairs of male feet. They walk forward in slowed and threatening motion.


Hannah, her shirt now off leaving her in a thin pink vest, is lying underneath the bare-chested Logan as they continue to kiss tenderly. They break and Logan leans down to kiss the side of her neck.


The torso of one of the men can be seen. It's someone in the hotel's uniform and he pulls a keycard out of a pocket in his waistcoat.


Logan is further down Hannah's body now, his hand on the zipper of her jeans. He kisses her bare stomach as she strokes his head and arms. Hannah is writhing. Logan pauses and looks up at her face. She smiles and he undoes the button on her jeans.


The keycard is slipped into the lock of the suite.


Hannah raises her hips to Logan's mouth as he kisses her below the waistband of her jeans. Both jerk at the sound to the suite door slamming open. An enraged Tom Griffith pushes in behind the hotel employee.


Hannah scrambles up from under Logan, holding her jeans in place and grabbing her shirt from the floor to hold in front of her. Logan sits back on the couch.

HANNAH: Dad? What are you doing here?

GRIFFITH: Just get dressed.

Griffith grabs her jacket from the ottoman and throws it at her.

GRIFFITH: Get dressed!

Hannah is frantically trying to do up her jeans.


Griffith turns his attention to Logan, taking a step towards him.

GRIFFITH: I told you to stay away from her. You’re lucky I don’t kill you.

HANNAH: Daddy!

GRIFFITH: Hannah, get your things.

Logan shoots up to face Griffith.

LOGAN: Don’t speak to her like that.

GRIFFITH: We had a deal.

LOGAN: Yes, “had.” Now we don’t. But there’s nothing you can do that’ll stop me from seeing her.

Logan glances at Hannah. Griffith leans his face right into Logan's.

GRIFFITH: You want to bet?

He spins around and grabs Hannah hard by the arm.

GRIFFITH: Let’s go.

Griffith physically pulls Hannah out of the suite. Distressed, she looks back at Logan, as the camera slows. She and Griffith exit the suite. Logan is upset and falls back down onto the sofa. He has his T-shirt crumpled in a ball in his hand. He sinks his face into it, distraught.


Veronica and Keith are eating at the kitchen counter.

KEITH: So, you know if you go to Hearst, you could come home and do your laundry on weekends, and we can talk about Nietzsche, the French Revolution, boys, whatever.

VERONICA: I told you, Dad, I am going far, far away. It’s a deal breaker.

KEITH: Hearst is ten whole exits.

Veronica is not convinced. She smiles indulgently and leaves the table. Keith grins. Veronica picks up a pile of schoolwork from the coffee table and pulls out Woody's letter on the essay competition. Previously unseen, at the end of the letter in bold is "Winner Pushes the Plunger at Old Shark Stadium!" and the address of the Office of Balboa County Supervisor, 1214 Conch Drive, Neptune, CA 90911.

VERONICA: What do you know about plastic explosives?

KEITH: Well, that’s what I like: a good segue.

Keith gets up and starts to clear the dishes away.

VERONICA: I mean, where you get them. What they’re used for.

KEITH: Well, if you’re licensed, legitimate uses include, uh, construction, mining, demolition.

VERONICA: Demolition?


Veronica is eating when she hears a happy Wallace approaching.

WALLACE: [reading] Dear Mister Fennel, it is with great pleasure…

VERONICA: You got the scholarship?

They high-five.

WALLACE: Two times.

They do it again. Veronica grabs the letter and starts to read.

WALLACE: Hearst College, baby, here I come. I am so over this place already.

VERONICA: Right there with ya.

Elsewhere, Logan is looking for Hannah. He sees some of her friends.

LOGAN: Hey, did Hannah miss school today?

GIRL: You didn’t hear?


GIRL: Her parents sent her to boarding school in Vermont. She’s gone.

Logan is devastated and doesn't even hear the muttered accusation.

GIRL: Nice going.


Veronica, in pink with a short denim skirt and boots, is interviewing the foreman. Both are in hard hats.

VERONICA: So, the contest winner gets to push that thing, you know, that thing like Bugs Bunny always pushes, and the stadium explodes?

FOREMAN: A plunger, right, but if we did our work right, the stadium implodes.

VERONICA: Cool. Using dynamite?

FOREMAN: Some, but C-4 mostly.

VERONICA: What’s C-4?

He leads her to a large, unsecured box and opens the lid. It is filled with bars of C-4 and he pulls out one.

FOREMAN: Not much to look at, actually, but it does the job.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And it’s the exact same stuff I saw in the airplane hangar.

As Veronica stares into the box, the foreman notices something beyond them, not to his liking.

FOREMAN: [shouting] Danny! I told you to take that crate to section eleven.

Veronica looks over to see the source of the foreman's irritation. She recognises Danny Boyd and he recognises her. He smiles slightly. Veronica continues to stare as he carries on with his work.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: One more question: is it just a coincidence that Danny Boyd works here, or do I now have to add the Fitzpatricks to the list of people who could have framed Terrence Cook…or even crashed the bus.

End. Executive producer Rob Thomas (who is a god).

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