2.14 Versatile Toppings

Written by: Phil Klemmer
Directed by: Sarah Pia Anderson

Original Air Date: 15 March, 2006
Transcribed by Inigo and Black Lebaron.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars

At his desk, Keith takes the picture Veronica passes to him in 212 "Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle."

KEITH: That’s Terrence Cook and, uh…

VERONICA: Miss Dumas, the journalism teacher.

KEITH: Who died in the bus crash.

VERONICA: He also has some gambling issues.

Dr. Griffith approaches Lamb on election night in 206 "Rat Saw God."

GRIFFITH: I have information about that Mexican kid who got killed.

Veronica brings Logan up to speed in 207 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner."

VERONICA: Your 9-1-1 caller, a.k.a. Tom Griffith, is Dr. Tom Griffith.

Veronica continues her briefing at her locker in 208 "Ahoy, Mateys!"

VERONICA: Our favorite plastic surgeon...

Cut to Logan kissing Hannah in 213 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough."

VERONICA: [offscreen] ...seems to be owned by the Fighting Fitzpatricks.

Hannah pulls away from Logan and climbs into the waiting car.

HANNAH: Hey, Daddy.

Veronica questions Ryan in 208 "Ahoy, Mateys!"

VERONICA: So you guys were, like, a couple, or...?

RYAN: I was madly in love and a hundred percent gay.

Dick backs away from the transvestite, pointing at the beauty's crotch.

DICK: What is that!

MILF: What do you call yours?

End previously.


Music: "On the 54" by the Dandelions.

LYRICS: Yeah,yeah, check it out now
Check it out now, come on, check it out, yeah
Check it out now, check it out now,
Come on, check it out, yeah
Check it out now, check it out now,
Come on, check it out, yeah
Check it out now, check it out now,
Come on, check it out, yeah

A battered car pulls up three feet away from the side of the street. Corny exits, grooving to the tune on his iPod, dressed in the red shirt and cap of Cho's Pizzas and carrying three large pizza boxes. He spins in time to the music, before carrying along the side of a house. Movement can be seen behind him. A taser is shoved onto the back of his neck. He grunts and falls, unconscious. End music: "On the 54" by the Dandelions.


The LeBaron, top down, pulls into a space. A red sports car, its top also down, pulls into the space next to the LeBaron as Veronica climbs out of the car. It's Dick who manages to ding the LeBaron with his car door as he jumps out.

VERONICA: Dick, you totally nailed me.

DICK: Oh, man, so you're the fingernails chick from my New Year's party.

Veronica grimaces at her poor choice of words.

DICK: I did nail you. That's funny, I remember you taller and less uppity.

VERONICA: My car, just now.

Dick glances back, unperturbed.

DICK: Oh, jeez. Maybe we should get the highway patrol down here and take some pictures or something.

Veronica marches to the spot.

DICK: Gimme a break, I barely even touched your stupid door.

VERONICA: You left some paint. Look.

DICK: That's only like the most valuable thing on your car.

Unseen by both, a couple of lettered jocks stop to observe them. The first is the same guy who was so keen to dump Jackie in the water in 213 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough" because one of his friends died on the bus. The second, Kelly, is the wanna score boy who tried to buy coke off Weevil in 208 "Ahoy, Mateys!"

BASEBALL PLAYER: You might want to frisk her before you get in the back seat.

KELLY: She could be smuggling junk.

DICK: You're ones to talk. Baseball players, right? Remind me, which one of you pitches and which one catches?

KELLY: Relax, Dick, we're not saying that you're gay. I mean, just because you make out with a dude here and there.

Kelly laughs. Veronica curls her lip in disdain and walks away.


Tucked away in a corner, Logan watches a student get a drink from a machine. The kid stops to open it as Logan fixes him with a stare.

LOGAN: Strawberry soda, fine choice.

GUY: Mmm-hmm.

Logan continues to stare until the kid gets the message and walks away. Logan returns to the side of the snack dispenser next to the drinks machine to where Hannah is waiting for him.

LOGAN: So where were we?

She grins.

LOGAN: Oh yes, I remember.

They start kissing.

HANNAH: You sure you don't want to take this somewhere else more private? Like...the trunk of your car?

LOGAN: Mmm. It's called a stolen moment because we're sneaky about it.

HANNAH: Ever consider that you're not as notorious as you think you are?

LOGAN: Oh, come on, admit it, your dad went off on you for getting cuddly with me at the carnival, right?

HANNAH: My dad didn't say a thing.

This surprises Logan, though he hides it from Hannah. He shrugs.

LOGAN: Hmm. Well maybe it's just that I really want to be alone with you.

HANNAH: So when do you want to be alone with me again?

LOGAN: I don't know. Saturday?

HANNAH: I'm staying at my dad's this weekend. You can come by and watch a movie if you want.

He kisses her nose.

LOGAN: I want.


Terrence Cook is pacing in Keith's office.

TERRENCE: I got Lamb turning my house upside-down. I got the paparazzi following me day and night, just waiting for me to fall apart and make a run for it in my Bronco. I swear, there's a news chopper following me around.

KEITH: If Lamb doesn't press charges, if you're not indicted, this media frenzy will be gone before you know it.

Keith gets up from his desk and walks over to where Terrence has settled, perched on the cupboard under Keith's "This Is Your God" poster.

KEITH: Let's concern ourselves more with keeping you out of jail.

TERRENCE: How? I mean, you said it yourself, if all it took was a phone call to blow up that bus, then anybody could've done it from anywhere. So, why not me? A gambler, a cheater, a deadbeat. Who's gonna--

KEITH: Stop. You had me at "gambler." Terrence, relax. Just tell me what you can remember from the day of the crash.

TERRENCE: I-uh met those kids out at the park. And like I said, I talked with Woody. Signed some stuff...I was out of there around five, I guess.

KEITH: The bus went over at 7:03.

TERRENCE: The next thing I can remember was around eleven, maybe, when I turned on the TV and heard the news.

KEITH: You don't remember anything you did in between five and eleven?


Keith stares at him.

TERRENCE: [petulant] You got something to say?

KEITH: You remember nothing?

TERRENCE: Where were you at 7:03 that day?

Keith thinks for a moment.

KEITH: I suppose I don't know.

TERRENCE: Well maybe you blew up the bus.


Veronica walks down the hallway as the students around her are laughing and gossiping over a flyer that many of them have.


MALE STUDENT: Way to go, Marlena.

Veronica glances at a couple of students and rounds the corner. She sees Madison march towards a student, Marlena, who is tentatively reaching for one of the flyers, contained in a file taped to her locker and marked "Marlena's Out Box" under a rainbow. Madison grabs the flyer, the last one, before Marlena can take it. She starts to read the poem contained thereon as they are joined by another couple of girls following Madison.

MADISON: [reading] Who will spot the impostor
Cheering in the second row?

Veronica watches as Marlena wraps her arms around herself.

MADISON: [reading] How long can my pep squad smile
Hide the me I cannot show?

Madison looks up.

MADISON: Wow, that is so precious, Marlena, and you even made it rhyme! Just like an Indigo Girls song.

MARLENA: [desperately] I didn't write that.

MADISON: Got it. Must be some other pep squad lez who has her gym locker next to mine.

Veronica's disgust is clear on her face as she starts to walk on.

MADISON: [offscreen] Oh, wait, here's my favorite part.

Veronica puts her head down to walk past, sparing Madison a disdainful glance.

MADISON: [reading] Taking off our clothes
I put on my disguise
But when we're in the shower,
Can Madison feel my eyes?

Marlena, upset, grabs the file and pulls it off of her locker before turning and scurrying away. She passes another group of girls who giggle as she passes. Elsewhere in the hall, Ryan hurries towards Veronica. Veronica, head still down, is pulled to a sudden halt as he stops right in front of her.

RYAN: I've got a problem.


Ryan leads Veronica into the middle of the room, away from the doors. He glances around furtively before speaking.

RYAN: You heard about the pizza-boy muggings?

VERONICA: I heard about Corny.

RYAN: Yeah, Corny was victim number five. I was number four. Look...I need you to find the guy who ripped me off.

VERONICA: Sounds like a police matter to me.

RYAN: I had something in my wallet...a list that wasn't supposed to get out. Ever. That whole Marlena thing, it was my fault.

VERONICA: I don't get it.

RYAN: W- M-Marlena's name w-was on a list, with nine other gay students. That poem everyone was making fun of, Marlena posted it onto a website that I set up.

VERONICA: You set up a poetry website?

RYAN: A chat room. It's called "The Pirate's S.H.I.P.," you know, S-Student Homosexual Internet Posting. I was in charge of maintaining user names and passwords, only the list--

VERONICA: I follow. But why would a mugger want to out sweet little Marlena?

RYAN: Because she didn't have the five thousand dollars he demanded from her to stay in.

Veronica groans.

VERONICA: Why can't the evil just get jobs like the rest of us?

RYAN: Look, we're willing to pay you.

VERONICA: Who's "we" and what are you offering?

RYAN: I-I can't give you names, but w-we're each good for a hundred dollars. Find out who's doing the blackmailing, all right?

Opening credits.


Music: "This Machine Alone" by the Fighting Brothers McCarthy.

LYRICS: There's no shame in this and I can reason it
I believe in this, you know it might be sane
Could've been my name
There isn't' seats at home (?)
Nobody sleep's alone, you know it might be sane
Could've been my name
You've been around me long enough to find
You get to know the only (?)
I wouldn't leave without you, I wouldn't leave without you
I wouldn't leave this place without you
This machine alone was made for great ideas
(?) and cellular phones, you know it might be sane
Could've been my name
I didn't know what I had home to find
I wouldn't say what I feel, would you read my mind
Could've been my name
You've me around me long enough to find...

The restaurant continues to offer menus combining east and west as notices for Ginger-Black-Bean Paella and Szechwan Italiano can be seen. Ryan and Corny are working. Veronica hovers near them.

VERONICA: So what'd they get off you, Corny?

CORNY: Oh, all the cash, my tunes, oh, and the pizza, you know. It was pepperoni, thick crust; it was a real nice pie.

The three of them sit down at one of the tables.

CORNY: Sound like the guy who mugged you?

RYAN: Yeah, same part of town even. I got hit in South Neptune, down on Alvarado.

VERONICA: Do you think they were real orders, or--

RYAN: No, bogus. Mr Cho called both places back after the muggings. The people there hadn't ordered pizzas.

VERONICA: Either of you remember the names that went with the fake orders?

CORNY: Yeah, man, I do. You know Amy Esparza from gym class?

Veronica nods.

CORNY: That's whose house I was headed to. I remember distinctly because I was like, "Damn, what if Amy answers the door in her unmentionables?" That would've been sweet.

Veronica sighs at Corny's focus.

VERONICA: Can you give me a list of the names and addresses the mugger used, Ryan?

Ryan nods. End music: "This Machine Alone" by the Fighting Brothers McCarthy.


Logan and Dick are walking towards the auditorium. There is a desk set up in front of the doors to the auditorium. Hannah and another girl are hawking Pirate Pride stuff.

DICK: First of all, I'm not letting her learn to surf on one of my boards. I'd sooner let her paddle out on my mother.

LOGAN: Well, of course you would.

Hannah sees Logan as he and Dick turn the corner in front of her, continuing to walk. She grabs a box and chases after them.

DICK: Right? So, I'm thinking she can come with us to Cabo.


Logan grimaces before he turns around to face her.

HANNAH: You two look like you're in the market for some spirit paraphernalia. I recommend the button.

She points to the large, yellow "Go Pirates" button pinned to her chest.

DICK: They're awful tempting.

HANNAH: Well, they're for a really good cause. That was sarcasm, by the way.

Logan throws a bill into the box and takes a button but totally ignores Hannah.

LOGAN: Dude, you know where we gotta go? We gotta go to Scorpion Bay again.

He spares her the briefest of glances.

LOGAN: Thanks.

He addresses Dick again, refusing to acknowledge Hannah.

LOGAN: Camping on the beach, endless right-point break. That's our place, man.

He rough-houses Dick and leads him away. Hannah stares after him, unhappy.


Veronica enters and starts to wash her hands. Another girl, in her cheerleading outfit, comes in behind her.

KYLIE: I need your help, Veronica.

VERONICA: Sorry, Kylie, I'm working at capacity right now.

Kylie checks the stalls.

KYLIE: You don't understand. I'm being blackmailed. It's just...Ryan told me I could talk to you.

VERONICA: Really? You're being blackmailed.

KYLIE: Sorry to blow your mind, but I'm a lesbian, Veronica.

VERONICA: Oh...well...that's cool.

KYLIE: Only when you're in college.

VERONICA: Did you bring the blackmail note?

Kylie hands Veronica a folded piece of paper. Veronica unfolds and reads it.

KYLIE: I don't have that kind of money. I'm dead!

VERONICA: Respond to the e-mail. Ask for another twenty-four hours. I'll handle the cash and drop-off, okay?

KYLIE: Thanks, Veronica.

She grins ruefully and leaves as Veronica, more sobre, ponders.


Veronica enters the office as the phone is ringing.


She hurries to her desk and grabs the phone.

VERONICA: Mars Investigations.

VOICE ON PHONE: Is Keith Mars there?


VOICE ON PHONE: Can you just let him know I'm faxing him Terrence Cook's credit card statement?

VERONICA: Thanks, I'll let him know.

Veronica hangs up the phone thoughtfully. She looks over towards her father's office. She approaches it.

VERONICA: They're gonna fax through that credit card statement you asked for.

She stops at the door. Keith is engrossed in his work and barely looks up.

KEITH: Good. Thanks, honey.

VERONICA: [slowly] Terrence Cook's credit card statement.

Keith pays attention.

VERONICA: So...are we working for accused mass murderers now?

Keith smiles.

KEITH: That's right.

VERONICA: You sure you're not clouded by your years of being his biggest fan?

Keith shrugs.

KEITH: I don't know, maybe. Let's just call it a gut thing. Besides, I thought you'd be excited.

VERONICA: By what? If Terrence is guilty, that means I'm off the hook, everyone didn't die because of me.

Keith gets up from the desk and walks towards her, arms outspread.

KEITH: Excited that I'm helping your friend's dad.

VERONICA: Where are you getting your intel? Jackie and I aren't exactly the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She's not what you'd call "huggable."

KEITH: Whereas you warm right up to people? Hmm?

Keith pulls a goofy face. Veronica takes the point and matches his expression.



VERONICA: I wanna help. And your gut's good enough for me.

KEITH: Mm-hmm.

VERONICA: I need to feel like I'm doing something right now.

Keith grabs a sheet of paper from his desk.

KEITH: Terrence'll be by in a bit. You mind making a couple calls for me?

VERONICA: No sweat.

He hands it to Veronica. She smiles and walks to her desk. Cut to a little later. Veronica is on the phone, waiting for it to be answered, as Terrence Cook walks in. She looks up at him.

VERONICA: You can head right in.

Terrence nods briefly and heads into Keith's office as Veronica returns her attention to the phone call.


VERONICA: Hi, ah-this is Veronica Mars calling from Mars Investigations?

In his office, Keith updates Terrence.

KEITH: I've got calls made to your agent, your brother, your assistant, on and on. No one seems to know where you were when you made them.

Terrence sighs. Veronica taps on the edge of the office door and enters. She hands a piece of paper to Keith.

VERONICA: Got something.

KEITH: My daughter.

TERRENCE: Yeah, we've met.

KEITH: You know the name, Hank Melton?


VERONICA: He works for Mint Condition Car Detailing off the interstate.

TERRENCE: Crazy Hank? Yeah, I know that guy. He works on my car whenever--

Terrence stops as he realises what he is about to say. Keith picks up his reluctance to speak in front of Veronica.

KEITH: Veronica, can you give us a minute?

Veronica nods, retrieves the sheet of paper from Keith and walks back to her desk, closing the door behind her.

KEITH: Terrence?

TERRENCE: I call Hank whenever I hit the Seven Rivers Casino.

KEITH: So you were in the casino that day? Possibly when the bus crashed?

TERRENCE: Yeah, I say it's likely.

KEITH: That's great news. Casinos happen to be the most photographed places on earth.

TERRENCE: Well, good luck getting that surveillance footage, Keith. You know who Leonard Lobo is?

KEITH: The guy who runs Seven Rivers?

TERRENCE: Actually, several of the Indian casinos.

KEITH: What's Lobo got against you?

TERRENCE: Millions of dollars' worth of outstanding debt. You know those guys the sheriff caught loitering outside of my house?

KEITH: Fitzpatricks?

TERRENCE: Delivering a message for Leonard Lobo. His way of saying that my payments are overdue.

Keith nods.


The students are watching Navigator TV. A news broadcast is underway, with John as anchor.

JOHN: Mr Pleacher and the Neptune High Science Department would like to invite you all to the annual Physics Olympics.

Ryan hurries into the room and slides into the empty seat next to Veronica, who is ignoring the broadcast and reading a book.

JOHN: [offscreen] The competition will be held in the gym following seventh period this afternoon.

RYAN: Last night was a bust?

VERONICA: What? Two hours spent tracking a dummy email address?

RYAN: Maybe this'll help.

He pulls out a piece of paper from the small pile of books he is carrying.

RYAN: All the names and addresses when he ordered pizzas. You gotta do something, Veronica. I'm getting like a hundred emails a day from my Pirate SHIP peeps. They're really starting to freak.

JOHN: [offscreen] In other news, a Neptune student was involved...

RYAN: What? You know one of them?

JOHN: [offscreen]...in the latest...assault.


JOHN: [offscreen] Let's go to Kylie Marker for the story.

This catches Veronica's attention and she looks up at the screen.

JOHN: She out in the parking lot, live.

Ryan picks up Veronica's focus and watches as well.

KYLIE: [offscreen] The Pizza-Boy Mugger added to his repertoire.

On the TV screen, Kylie is walking in the car park. The banner at the bottom of the screen reads "Kylie Marker / Reporting."

KYLIE: Although the MO was the same, a taser to the neck, this time he chose a seemingly random victim, baseball player, Kelly Kuzzio.

The whole class is paying attention now.

KELLY: [offscreen] After last night's game, I stopped at Sac-N-Pac to grab a drink.

On the TV, Kylie has stopped by Kelly and holds the microphone towards him. The banner has changed to "Kelly Kuzzio / Senior."

KELLY: Got out of my car, and bam, lights out. He took my watch, my wallet, but what really sucked? He stole my rims.

The camera moves to Veronica, watching intently and to Ryan, looking sad.

KELLY: [offscreen] Six grand those cost me.

KYLIE: [offscreen] Before I send it back...

On the live broadcast TV screen, Kylie walks towards the camera

KYLIE: I'd like to add a personal message: I'm gay.

There are gasps around the room, swiftly followed by giggles.

KYLIE: Marlena Nichols is my girlfriend. So, Pizza-Boy Mugger, you can forget about collecting from me. John?

Kylie grins jauntily into the camera. They switch back to John at the Navigator's anchor desk. John is stunned and catching flies. In the classroom, the chatter is getting louder.

VERONICA: Well it looks like Kylie won't be needing my help anymore.

Veronica looks over at Ryan who appears a little shocked himself.


The camera is on two hands held tightly as a couple walks down the hallway. There are comments and gasps from all around for it is Kylie and Marlena. Kylie is confident and happy. Marlena is frightened, but gives Kylie a nervous smile. They near Dick and another 09er who watch them.

DICK'S FRIEND: Hey dude, check it out.

DICK: That. Totally. Rocks.


They slap hands as the girls pass. They turn to watch them go.

DICK: Dude, why are lesbians like so pissed-off all the time?

DICK'S FRIEND: I don't know, man.

Dick shouts out after the girls.

DICK: Let your freak flag fly, ladies!

The boys giggle at Dick's wit. Veronica approaches.

VERONICA: How progressive of you, Dick.

DICK: Damn, what is it with you? Do you follow me around for fun, or what?

Dick's mate holds up his hands and backs away, not wanting to tangle with Veronica.


VERONICA: Would it help if I started making out with my girlfriend in the hall.

DICK: Yeah, obviously. But look, I'll fix your car, whatever. You gotta learn to leave me alone.

VERONICA: And here, I thought we were getting to be pals.

DICK: Please. You date Logan, he's nailed for murder. You date Duncan, he's wanted for kidnapping. You get put on Robbie and Hunter's jury, they get sent to Chino. You're like rich-dude kryptonite, Veronica. This rich dude wants no part of it.

Dick walks away, leaving an irritated Veronica. She thinks for a moment and swallows before looking around. She heads over to some lockers.

VERONICA: Hey, Carmen.

Carmen Ruiz, last seen in 120 "M.A.D." is working the combination on her locker.

VERONICA: Heard from our favorite videographer lately?

CARMEN: He called over Christmas to try to apologize for that whole popsicle thing, like people even remember my scandal anymore. Pleasuring inanimate objects was so 2005.

VERONICA: Yeah, this year's all about pulling kids out of the closet.

CARMEN: So I've a feeling we're not just catching up here.

Veronica pauses, nailed, then sighs.

VERONICA: Any idea why the pizza mugger used your name?


VERONICA: You mind looking at something?

Veronica pulls the list Ryan gave her out of her bag and hands it to Carmen.

VERONICA: Obviously you, John Ramos, and Amy are all students who live relatively close, but is there anything else that would tie you together in the mugger's mind?

CARMEN: We're all coconuts. That's what you get called in Neptune when you're Latino and date white people or join Honor Society. Get it? Like Twinkies and Oreos, except that we're brown on the outside and---

VERONICA: No, I-I get it. I-I'm sorry.

CARMEN: Hey, you didn't make the rules. I hope you get your bad guy, Veronica.

Carmen starts to move away. Veronica puts out a hand.

VERONICA: Actually, um, you could help. Can you make me a list of everyone you can think of who gets made fun of for, you know, being a coconut?


Kelly walks towards his rimless car. Veronica approaches.

VERONICA: Sorry about your car, Kelly.

KELLY: Yeah, thanks.

VERONICA: Did you get a look at the guy who zapped you?

KELLY: No. Nothing. I was getting in my car at the Sac-N-Pac. Next thing I knew, I was waking up and my car was up on blocks.

VERONICA: You must have been out a long time. I can't believe no one called the cops. I mean, how long would it take to get the rims off a car?

KELLY: How should I know?

VERONICA: I mean, did they bring their own jack, or--

KELLY: Look, I-I already told all this stuff to the cops. Why do I need to say it again to you?

Kelly gets in his car and drives away as Veronica stares after him.


A doorbell rings. Through the window of the house, Hannah can be seen coming down the stairs to the door. Logan is waiting outside on the porch. Hannah opens the door and just looks at him curiously.

LOGAN: You gonna let me in?

HANNAH: Well I'm trying to act like I don't know you, but...

Logan looks sheepish. Hannah shrugs.

HANNAH: I don't know how you do it. You've got some serious skill.

LOGAN: It's more of an innate ability to compartmentalize.

Hannah doesn’t respond, turning her head away sceptically.

LOGAN: Look, I feel like I'm waiting for a tip or sometime. Can you let me in?

Hannah shrugs again but makes no move to allow him in. Logan takes a step towards her.

LOGAN: My first girlfriend was murdered. My last girlfriend nearly got shotgunned by a PCHer drive-by. I mean, color me crazy, but I see a pattern. I'm trying to protect you.

After a moment's hesitation, this proves persuasive and Hannah backs away from the door, inviting him in. Logan raises his eyebrows in celebration of his success before walking inside and closing the door.


Cut to later. Hannah is leaning back against Logan on the couch as they watch a film. Logan feeds her popcorn.

LOGAN: So when did your folks split up?

HANNAH: Mm. Just a year ago.

LOGAN: Hmm. They tell you why?

HANNAH: The official answer: they grew apart. Unofficially, I kept hearing them scream at each other about money.

Griffith comes down the stairs.


Hannah sits up and both she and Logan turn to look at the doctor.

HANNAH: Hi, Dad. This is Logan

Griffith stares at Logan and nods shortly.


Logan replicates the hand wave he gave Dr. Griffith in 213 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough." Griffith stares hard at him, then spins around and returns upstairs.

HANNAH: And there's the Griffith charm. Sorry, that's about the most you'll get out of Dad.

Hannah grabs Logan's arm and pulls it around her as she settles back against him. Cut to later again. The sound of a flushed toilet precedes a door opening upstairs and Logan exits into a small hall. Griffith is waiting for him.

GRIFFITH: What are you doing with my daughter?

Logan pauses at the top of the stairs.

LOGAN: You want the complete play-by-play?

He moves towards the doctor.

LOGAN: That's kind of twisted.

They face off, both keeping their voices low.

GRIFFITH: I want you to get out of my house and never speak to her again.

LOGAN: You really want that to happen? You'd better rethink what you saw on the bridge. Scratch that. What the Fitzpatricks told you you saw.

GRIFFITH: You can't threaten me, you little punk.

LOGAN: Wouldn't be here if you couldn't be threatened.

GRIFFITH: So do you want to be the one to explain to Hannah why you're really here? Try and bully me?

Logan shrugs.

LOGAN: Well why don't you tell her? Sounds like you guys already are so close. I'm sure she'll see things your way.

Logan smirks.

GRIFFITH: Please don't do this.

LOGAN: While you're at it, try explaining why you never mentioned how you're the mystery witness in my murder case. That'll be good.


LOGAN: I guess that never came up in your drive home from the carnival. I'm thinking we're done here. I don't want to keep Hannah waiting.

Logan waggles his eyebrows suggestively. He heads for the stairs, still watching Griffith who is furious.


The casino is doing good business as a man escorts Keith towards a private room.

LOBO: You're joking. Terrence Cook wants another favor. Frankly, I'm not sure he wants to owe me any more than he already does.

They enter an unused gaming room, peopled only by a barman and a couple of goons.

KEITH: Well, he thinks you might have security footage of him from September thirteenth of last year, the day of the bus crash.

LOBO: And what's he paying you, Mr Mars?

KEITH: Four hundred dollars a day.

LOBO: That's four hundred dollars a day he should be paying me.

KEITH: Terrence Cook's gonna get charged with murder any day now.

LOBO: Terrence Cook owes me a significant amount of money. That's where my interest in him begins and ends. They can swing him from the rafters for all I care.

KEITH: Well maybe all that swinging will drop some change from his pockets. It might be a little hard to get paid by an incarcerated man.

Lobo gets the point.

LOBO: [to one of the goons] Reggie...check the tapes. See what you come up with.

Reggie nods and walks off to do the job.

LOBO: You like to gamble, Mr Mars? Perhaps I could interest you in a line of credit.

KEITH: No thanks.

LOBO: Good man. Here's a couple of bucks on the house, then. Have some fun while you're waiting.

Keith takes the chips.


Logan and Hannah kiss on the porch.

HANNAH: See. Wasn't this better than champagne and ocean views?

Logan strokes her hair and makes an okay sign with his fingers.


He kisses her again and then spins out of her arms and down the porch steps.

LOGAN: Until tomorrow.

Hannah smiles as she watches Logan get into the Xterra and drive away. Griffith comes out of the house and joins her on the porch.

GRIFFITH: I need to talk to you, Hannah.

Hannah looks back at him. She turns and walks slowly into the house.


Keith is at the blackjack table. The cards are dealt and Keith is in a quandary.


The dealer looks at him expectantly. The guy sitting next to him becomes impatient.

GAMBLER: It's two bucks, buddy.

Keith reluctantly makes a decision, silently mouthing for the dealer to give him another card just as Reggie taps him on the shoulder. Keith turns around as the card is dealt and he is bust.

DEALER: And king makes twenty-two.

Keith leaves the table and follows Reggie.


Lemon Grass Linguine at $7.50 and Taleggio Croquette spicy $3.95 are on offer behind the counter. The place is busy and Corny is packing pizza. An unidentified song is playing. Veronica is reading at the counter.

CORNY: Oh, man, Cho's is going off tonight.

VERONICA: That what happens when the chains stop delivering to South Neptune.

Corny answers the phone.

CORNY: Cho's 'Za. Yeah, no problemo. Mm, can I get your name and number, please?

Veronica gets out a list, presumably supplied by Carmen, ready to check the name.

CORNY: Mm-hm.

She waits as Corny takes down the address in writing. He rips it off the pad and hands it to Veronica. He finishes the call as she checks the list.

VERONICA: Jorge Zadia was a ringer. His name's on Carmen's list. So are you ready to be the bait, Corny?

CORNY: Hell, yeah. No one's better. I'm what you'd call a "master bait."

Corny clicks his fingers and poses (in an alleged copy of Drew Carey's flourish in The Aristocrats) before a bemused Veronica.


A lift door opens and Lobo exits with some goons, one of whom holds a file. Lobo takes it and hands it to the waiting Keith.

LOBO: There you go. Straight off the surveillance hard drive.

Keith looks through the file. There are two pictures. The first, timed at 7:01, shows Terrence entering a room next to a slot machine. The second, timed at 7:06, shows him at the blackjack table.

KEITH: There's five minutes missing.

LOBO: Maybe he was in the john...or the elevator. I don't know. That Terrence Cook is a mighty slippery fellow.

Lobo glances at Reggie.

KEITH: I need a picture of him at exactly 7:03; these aren't going to help.

Lobo just smiles and walks away. Reggie and the goons follow him, leaving a frustrated Keith. Keith makes his way across the busy casino floor. He pulls his cell out of his pocket. He punches a number and puts it to his ear but nothing is happening. He checks his phone as he rounds a corner past a slot machine. The pit boss sees him checking his phone.

PIT BOSS: You gotta take it outside.

Keith turns to him, not understanding.

PIT BOSS: Your cell phone. We jam all the signals in a hundred-yard radius. Card cheaters, you know.

Keith nods.

KEITH: Thanks.


Keith closes up the phone and walks away, a huge grin on his face.


Corny's car pulls up at, or rather within the vicinity of, the curb. He gets out, carrying three pizza boxes. As he walks offscreen, a dark figure can be seen, running up behind him. Veronica is lying in wait and jerks on something. A wire tautens across the path at ankle height and brings the figure down. Backup growls and barks viciously as the figure starts to rise.

ARTURO: Tell-tell him to chill.

Veronica and Corny are standing behind Backup, Veronica holding the leash of the straining dog.

VERONICA: Lose the mask.

The boy pulls down the front of the scarf he is wearing and slowly rises. Backup continues to growl at him menacingly.

VERONICA: Down, boy. What's your name, kid?

The boy doesn't answer and Veronica gets impatient.

VERONICA: Do you want to deal with me or do you want to deal with Mr. Chompers?

On cue, Backup barks again.

ARTURO: Arturo.

VERONICA: Who are you working with, Arturo?

ARTURO: I'm not working with no one.

VERONICA: You're telling me you took down a varsity jock, jacked his car, stole his rims, all by your scrawny self?

ARTURO: No, that wasn't me. The others was. I-I heard about it. Man, I figured I had me my own copy-cat. Cool, huh?

CORNY: Oh, give me a break, man! You're some punk freshman. So give me back my tunes before I kick your ass.

ARTURO: Oh yeah? Just wait till I'm a PCHer, Shaggy. Then I'll find your ass and you're gonna get yours.

VERONICA: Thumper tell you to rob pizza boys?

ARTURO: No, I'm proving myself, so he'll let me in. PCH is back in charge, lady.

VERONICA: Did you just call me "Lady"?

Veronica holds up the taser and lets it spark. Arturo backs away a little.


VERONICA: So, the blackmailing, is that another way you're out proving yourself, cholito?

ARTURO: Man, w-what are you talking about? Black-whatting?

Veronica lets out a disbelieving sigh and shakes her head.

VERONICA: Thanks for your cooperation. Looks like we're done here, Arturo.

Veronica fiddles with something in her hand.

ARTURO: Cool. Can I go home then?


She holds up a small cassette tape. Arturo knows he is toast. Cut to a little later. A sheriff's department car pulls up at the side of the street. Deputy Sacks climbs out and shines his torch ahead. Arturo is duct taped to a street lamp which has a "Slow - Children" traffic sign on it from which dangles an envelope. Sacks walks forward to the post and grabs the envelope on which is written "Confession Inside." He tears open the envelope and gets the tape. He looks back up at the lamppost and chuckles.


Veronica checks from the door and hurried forward, happy to find Mac on her own. She leans over next to her station.

VERONICA: I need you to get me into a restricted website.

MAC: Sure, what's the address?

VERONICA: I don't know.

Mac looks at her curiously.

MAC: What's it for?

VERONICA: It's a Neptune High gay chatroom.

Mac's brow furrows as she struggles to voice her thought.

MAC: Veronica, you're not...

VERONICA: No. I'm just curious.

Mac continues to gaze at her speculatively. Veronica rolls her eyes as she realises the meaning her words could have had. She laughs.

VERONICA: Curious as to what's posted on the website, more accurately.

Mac doesn’t move.

VERONICA: Here we go. Work your funky magic.

Mac just continues to look at her.

VERONICA: And nothing. What's the problem?

She has a revelation.

VERONICA: You set it up, didn't you?

MAC: Some ass-face got onto their message board and wrote some pretty awful stuff. So Ryan asked me to beef up their security.

VERONICA: Yeah? I work for Ryan too now, so if you could just--

MAC: So then why wouldn't he have let you on it himself?

Veronica frowns.

VERONICA: Damn you and your valid questions.

Veronica thinks for a moment.

VERONICA: Look, it's still private if I only see the usernames, right?

MAC: A savvy detective such as yourself might deduce who the Pirate SHIPpers are.

Veronica sighs long and hard.

VERONICA: Mac, the only way I can stop the Marlenas and Kylies of this school from being tormented is if I get on that message board.

MAC: All right, stop it. You're embarrassing me.

Mac turns to her computer and starts typing on the keyboard. She pulls up the page for Pirate's S.H.I.P. Against a rainbow background, there is the face of a eye-patched pirate, with the two words on either side. Underneath, is the address, www.NeptunePirateShip.com and the words tudent omosexual nternet osting, the first letters of which are the S.H.I.P. Hard to see, but at the top, under the buttons for back, etc, both TWOP and MI.Net can be made out as links, in a shout out from graphic designer Rick Pickett, whose initials stand between the two. Mac proceeds to bring up a small window which says "To board the Pirate's S.H.I.P. please log in." There are boxes for the username and password. Three buttons beneath hold the options "Request to Join," "Reset" and "Submit." Mac logs on as administrator, using a eight letter/number password. She brings up the posting board of the Pirate S.H.I.P. forum, entitled "The Slow Out." There are forty-seven pages in the forum. The topics on display are as follows: "how can i tell my parents?" posted by ClosetLand which has had one view and no replies although the last post is noted to be today at 02:49 PM by FeistyFairy; "Does he have to know? Posted by FeistyFairy which has twenty views and three replies, the last from RockerPocker today, also at 02:49 PM; "gay, or just open? By GrrlLover has been viewed thirty-three times and generated five posts, the last from KIZZNKUZN at 02:47 PM; "I can't take it anymore" was posted by KISSNKUZN and the thirteen replies from twenty-seven views fill two pages, the last from trank at 01:43 PM; "Your first 'special' moment" was a poll by LeonyPony which garnered twenty-eight responses from sixty-one views, the last response from FeeSpirited at 07:51 AM; "I am circumcised, have my been violated or infringed upon" a poll one would love to read, is started by ParaVISION and generated fifteen long responses, spread over more than three pages and last commented upon by GoalHole69 at 05:57 AM; "Who's gay/lez/bi/? here" is the last poll that can be seen, commented upon at 04:29 AM.

MAC: Okay, I'll make you a hard copy but you have to burn it when you're done.

Veronica nods. Cut to later. Veronica has copied off some of the posts which she is removing from the printer. She continues reading them as she moves the sheets to the desk. She circles the name of KISSNKUZN, a senior member who joined in October 2005 and has made 42 posts. Above his, parts of another post, made by a poster who joined in September and has 64 posts, reads: ClosetLand, when I first started out...some blatant homophobia that didn't...I'd see some of the PCHers, and even...using derogatory terms for kids they like...from them regarding the harassment. I'm...tell if it was staring them straight in the fa...Keep us posted about your poetry slam, I...Never let the hand you hold, hold you down. KISSNKUZN, who probably is also KIZZNKUZN, also responds to ClosetLand: "Quote originally posted by GrrlLOVER I wouldn't take too much from them regarding...You and I both now that ignoring them only gets you...when they tire of using verbal assaults against you...happens when our ignoring response generates...thick-headed people? ClosetLand, I think you...reates, intimid...." Veronica's research is interrupted by Coach Prepernau, part-time computer teacher, who enters the classroom.

VERONICA: Excuse me, Coach? Think I could ride with the team tonight? My car is in the shop and I promised your star point guard I'd be there.

His face gives away that he is not going to respond positively.

VERONICA: Did I mention all the action shots I'll take for the Navigator?

Jackie enters the room, going to the small bookcase.

COACH: I'm sorry, Veronica, we have a strict rule against girls on the team bus. I want 'em focussed.

JACKIE: You can ride with me if you want.

The coach walks back out of the room as Jackie steps closer.

JACKIE: I-I realize it's no bus filled with rowdy, towel-snapping jocks, but it'll smell better.

VERONICA: I don't know. Um... do you have room for my giant foam finger?

JACKIE: I do, and I can even drop you off around the block if you're worried being seen together.

VERONICA: Yes. Please, by all means, protect my reputation.

They smile at each other and Jackie leaves. Veronica goes back to her posts. She adds KISSNKUZN to a handwritten list she has started with MIZZ P and GrlLover. Ryan comes up behind and gasps when he sees what she has. Veronica rushes to the defence.

VERONICA: Don't blame Mac. I-I made her print it out. I don't care who's gay.

RYAN: It's fine. I just didn't want to let you onto the site myself. I've let those guys down enough.

VERONICA: Ryan, we caught the mugger. He doesn't have the cranial resources to spell blackmail, let alone perform it. The list getting out isn't your fault, never was. I think the blackmailer is one of your own posters.

RYAN: What? You're serious? W--

VERONICA: I was looking through some old chats. Um, here, back in July, this guy who calls himself, "MIZZ P," went off about the "outing of all outings in Neptune" and then he vanished. A tad ominous, don't you think?

RYAN: MIZZ P ain't the bad guy, Veronica. His name was Peter Ferrer and...he died in the bus crash.


RYAN: And there's been another blackmailing letter.

VERONICA: Who are they after now?

Ryan opens and closes his mouth, indicating that he can't tell her.

VERONICA: [exasperated] Oh, you can't be serious.

RYAN: I told the victim they could come to you for help, but...I wouldn't hold your breath on this one.

VERONICA: Great. I'll just head out into the hall and look out for the guy in the black hat twirling his moustache.

Ryan makes a sympathetic sigh.


Hannah is in a full classroom, concentrating on her work. Unnoticed by her, Logan enters the classroom and glances at her before walking to the teacher's desk and handing him a note. The teacher, sitting in front of a board too dark to read, but which indicates that he is Mr. Lang and that the class is studying F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby takes the note and Logan leaves. The teacher glances at Hannah.


Hannah, note in hand, is striding along the hallway. From the door of another classroom, Logan snatches her and pulls her into the classroom.


Logan has pulled Hannah into a lab. He turns to shut the door as she swings around to confront him.

HANNAH: What are you doing?

LOGAN: That depends, what are you gonna let me do?

He walks her against the high desk and makes a move to kiss her. She pushes him away.

HANNAH: Uh, I know you stabbed that kid on the bridge, my dad told me everything.

Hannah moves to walk around him and out of the room. Logan grabs her arm and pulls her back in front of him.

LOGAN: No, your dad is a liar. I didn't kill anyone, Hannah. Your dad wasn't even there.

HANNAH: I was worried you were embarrassed of me, and you were just using me.

LOGAN: When I met you at the carnival, I had no idea who you were, I swear.

Hannah scoffs.

LOGAN: Look, the reason your parents were fighting about money all the time, it's because your dad was blowing it on coke.

HANNAH: My dad's a cokehead? Please, he's a doctor, Logan.

LOGAN: And that's why a jury's gonna buy it when he tells them I killed Felix. Your dad is in deep to the Fitzpatrick family, the ones who really wanted Felix dead.

Logan finally takes a few steps back.

HANNAH: And I'm supposed to believe you.

LOGAN: You do believe me. What I'm saying makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

He steps forward again, getting close. He moves to touch her. She holds her arms up to stop him.

HANNAH: Let me go, Logan, please?

LOGAN: [whispers] Yeah. Well, just think about it. Check around the house, keep an open mind.

Hannah stares at him before sliding past.


Keith walks into his office, followed by Terrence. Keith goes to his desk and finds the photos.

KEITH: I found our silver bullet, Terrence. You couldn't have made the call that blew up the bus. Surveillance shots. Ta-da!

He lays them open on the desk for Terrence to see.

KEITH: No cell signal anywhere in the Seven Rivers Casino.

TERRENCE: What you got is proof that I was in a private meeting with Leonard Lobo.

KEITH: You were in a legal gambling venue placing legal bets.

TERRENCE: Lobo's name is on the League unsavory characters list. He was charged, but never convicted of fixing a college basketball game back in the eighties. If I admit that I was in his office, I make myself the next Pete Rose.

KEITH: We'll take these photos to the sheriff...and I'll make sure they don't get out. All you need is a little leverage.


Veronica watches a car pull out. The licence plate is KUZZIKAN. She smiles and moves to the next row to stand in front of the car as it threads through. Cut to inside the car with Kelly.


KELLY: It's my brother's car, brother's plates.

VERONICA: Whereas your personalized plates might read...

Veronica pulls out her copy of the posts.


Kelly's mouth drops open.

VERONICA: You didn't get mugged, did you?

Kelly ponders for a moment before responding.


VERONICA: You needed to make some fast cash, isn't that right?


VERONICA: You're gay, aren't you?

He looks at her suspiciously.

KELLY: What do you want from me?

VERONICA: I want to know why you act like you do. The other day, when you and your pal were making fun of Dick--

KELLY: When underneath I was really just bashing myself? Very insightful. You wanna know why I do it? Because I wanna survive high school, okay?

VERONICA: So you hock your own rims for cash to pay the blackmailer, use the pizza-boy muggings as a cover, then buy new rims with the insurance money.

KELLY: It sounds bad when you say it. Veronica, you realize, people here find out I'm...queer, and I'm dead.

VERONICA: I'm not out to out you.

KELLY: I just wanna pay the damn money and be done with the whole nightmare.

Veronica thinks for a moment.

VERONICA: The note, let me look at it.

Kelly pulls it out of his pocket.

KELLY: It was just an email from some guy named Rick Santorum. He says he wants me to just mail it to him. He gave a local address.

He hands it to a surprised Veronica.

VERONICA: He gave you an address?


Hannah picks up the phone. The window displays recent calls. The first is "555-0123" and the next "River Stix." As she scrolls through, the following appear: Fitzpatrick, Sarro, Davenport, 555-0168, Fitzpatrick, 555-0182, River Stix, Landon, River Stix, and Fitzpatrick. She puts down the phone. Cut to her in the bathroom. She opens the medicine cabinet. She looks through and pulls out a box of what look like plasters. She opens it and looks inside, eventually emptying the contents onto the counter. Amongst the plasters is a small bag of white powder. She picks it up and stares first at it and then into the distance.


Veronica leads Ryan into the office.

VERONICA: Rick Santorum's address is a fake, no surprise there. Kelly mailed his blackmail payoff but it's been stalled at the post office. It's been like waiting for a toaster to pop these last seven hours.

Veronica sets her laptop down on the desk and opens it. They both bend down to view the screen.

RYAN: Well, I'll watch it if you don't have the time. I'll call you if I see anything.

VERONICA: No need.

The tracking map is on screen.

VERONICA: It finally moved. Let's see where the package ended up.

Veronica clicks on the flashing red dot. An address comes up: 7079 Hubbell Street, Neptune, CA 98081.

RYAN: Hubbell Street? I know who lives there.

Veronica smiles.


Kylie is at her locker.

VERONICA: Hey, blackmailer.

Kylie smiles, gets her book, closes her locker, turns around and faces Veronica.

KYLIE: I figured I'd be seeing you sometime today. Looking for this?

She holds out a bug. Veronica takes it.

VERONICA: Most people just get pissed and smash it into a million pieces, but they're kind of expensive, so thanks.

Kylie starts walking down the hallway. Veronica joins her.

KYLIE: I thought I was being so clever with the whole dead-letter-office thing.

VERONICA: Pretty clever. You knew the money would make its way to the post office. How'd you ever get in to retrieve the package?

KYLIE: My mom works there.

VERONICA: Oh, nice.

KYLIE: Yeah.


KYLIE: So, I'm assuming Kelly wants his money back.

Kylie puts a folder in one of the pigeon-holes.

VERONICA: Safe assumption. Why'd you do it?

KYLIE: I wanted to get out of Neptune after graduation. There goes that plan. Community college, here I come. Besides, I didn't care much about self-hating KISSNKUZN. I would have slept just fine knowing that Kelly Kuzzio was driving around rimless.

VERONICA: Why'd you out Marlena?

KYLIE: Because I'm a horrible, crazy bitch.

She starts to walk again. Veronica follows.


KYLIE: You wanna know what's worse? I told her the blackmailer was bluffing; I told her not to pay.

VERONICA: I don't get it.

KYLIE: I wanted to be out but I wanted Marlena out with me. I wanted to be able to walk down the halls with her, like a real couple.

VERONICA: So, she didn't want to come out and you did?

KYLIE: Something like that.

Kylie brings them to a stop and faces Veronica.

KYLIE: I wanna tell Marlena myself, if that's okay.


Veronica nods and watches Kylie as she goes. Elsewhere, Logan waits outside the art class. The students start to come out into the hallway. He looks into the room then steps back to watch their exit. Eventually, Hannah comes out. Music: "I Don't Know" by Starsailor.

LYRICS: Woke up reeling, lost all feeling
Heart on the floor, my eyes to the ceiling
Tried to stop me but I was not listening
One more drink and I won't miss them
I don't know what love is
I don't know what love is
I don't know what love is
But I think I had it
See them wasting it all away
For the sake of a thrill and a game away

Hannah hesitates on seeing Logan, then walks towards him, stopping in front of him. Her head is down and she doesn't look up as she addresses him.

HANNAH: You were right about my dad.

She turns and walks away. Logan watches her for a moment, apparently genuinely sympathetic. He hurries forward to catch up with her. He takes her books, and then her hand, as the students in the hall start to notice. They look at each other and carry on down the hall, ignoring the reactions around them. They pass Veronica and Mac going in the opposite direction.

VERONICA: Who's that?

MAC: Hannah something, I think. I'd be a willowy blonde too if my dad was a plastic surgeon.

Veronica spins around, horrified, and sighs.


The Cook family Bronco drives alongside a hanger the door of which is slowly opening.

VERONICA: Wait a minute. This isn't the way to the regional finals.

JACKIE: If my dad expects me to drive seventy-five miles in this bouncy old Bronco, then he really is a murderer.

Jackie drives into the hangar.


A number of expensive foreign cars are parked in the hanger as is a helicopter.

VERONICA: Okay, which one is Monday?

JACKIE: You laugh, but he pretty much used to have one for every day of the month.

End music: "I Don't Know" by Starsailor.

VERONICA: Our lives are so similar. The Mars family hangar is a spitting image of this one.

JACKIE: Flying's not his thing. Woody Goodman lets Dad use the hangar for his toys.

They climb out of the Bronco.

JACKIE: So, what are you in the mood for? Hot-blooded Italian or cool and Teutonic?

VERONICA: How about privileged and upper-crusty?

They head for a black Bentley Azure.


An irritated Lamb leads Keith and Terrence into his office. He collapses casually into his chair as Terrence shuts the door behind them. Lamb lets out a big sigh.

KEITH: I want you to announce that Terrence Cook has been cleared of suspicion in the bus crash.

LAMB: [scoffs] What?

He crosses his fingers at Keith as if warding off evil.

LAMB: Is this some kind of Jedi mind trick? Why would I want to do that?

Keith passes over the file with the photos. Lamb looks at the first and back at Keith.

LAMB: Exactly what am I supposed to be looking at?

KEITH: His alibi.

LAMB: You caught Terrence at a casino, huh? [sarcastically] There's a surprise.

KEITH: Those time stamps say that he was at the Seven Rivers Casino at the time of the explosion.

LAMB: At 7:01 and 7:06. Could've been off and made a call between then.

KEITH: The casino blocks cell reception.

LAMB: Pay phones.

KEITH: You really think someone would make a phone call on a land line that would kill a bus full of people? From a location that has four thousand cameras and three hundred security personnel? Subpoena the phone records. Check the calls.

Lamb grimaces.

LAMB: Ahh, sounds like a lot of work.

TERRENCE: What's your beef with me, Sheriff?

LAMB: My "beef"? I suppose it's that you...killed a bus-load of kids just to tidy up your love-life. Crazy girlfriend who knew about your betting on baseball. That's a liability you could not afford. I suggest you go home and enjoy your last few days of freedom.

KEITH: You're not gonna press charges, Lamb.

Keith reaches into his pocket as Lamb rolls his eyes, unimpressed.

LAMB: Whatever you say, Boss.

Keith lays a cd on Lamb's desk.

LAMB: [whispers in faux-anticipation] What's this?

KEITH: Play it.

Lamb reaches forward to grab it. He gazes it at it for a moment then crosses his fingers and closes his eyes.

LAMB: [whispers loudly] I really hope this is the new Big & Rich.

He glances up at the other men, in total disdain and then loads the disk onto his computer. He drums on the desk, unconcerned as he waits for it to complete, then pushes play.

RECORDED LAMB: I got a guy in a holding cell back there, says you did favors for gentlemen who bet extensively on baseball. He wants to make a deal. Me, I would much rather deal with you.

Lamb loses some of his cockiness as he turns it off.

LAMB: All right, what's this? Where'd you get it?

TERRENCE: I don't think a grand jury will have a hard time figuring it out. You don't back off, Sheriff, and that recording is going straight to Woody Goodman, the newspapers, your grandmama.

Lamb takes out the cd.

LAMB: Right.

He puts the cd back on the desk and regains his confidence.

LAMB: Here's how it's gonna play out, slugger. Release the tape, I lose my fifty K civil servant job.

Lamb uses his fingers to count them off.

LAMB: You, you lose your Hall of Fame induction, your color commentating gig...

Lamb deliberately uses the three count to give Terrence the finger.

LAMB: ...your endorsements. Now where's the trade in that, Terrence?


Veronica and Jackie are on their way back from the game. Veronica is driving.

VERONICA: The boy can play ball.

JACKIE: [laughing] Did you see his running teardrop in the lane?

VERONICA: I saw it. It was Jordanesque.

Jackie laughs.

VERONICA: But tomorrow, we both gotta promise: say nothing to him. We cannot feed that ego. I like my Wallace humble.

JACKIE: My dad told me that you're helping out with his case. That means a lot. Especially since he's already been convicted by half the people in Neptune.

VERONICA: Well, luckily it's the half I don't like. So, it works out.

The car speeds along the road.


Veronica pulls into the hangar and parks the car. She turns off the engine then flicks the switch to put the top back up. Nothing happens.

JACKIE: This is not good. The top is broken.

VERONICA: Ah, it's probably just a blown fuse.

JACKIE: Okay, and you sound like you know how to fix it?

Veronica gets out of the car.

VERONICA: Well, if she's anything like my LeBaron under the bonnet. I'm gonna need a Phillips head.

Jackie, remaining in the car, is clueless.

VERONICA: Screwdriver.


Jackie laughs at her ignorance. Veronica heads over to the side where there is a bench and a large metal cupboard. Veronica tries the drawers which are locked. She then tries the cupboard, which isn't. She looks inside for the screwdriver but turns pale at something she does see. Jackie opens the car door to get out, calling out to Veronica.

JACKIE: Did you find it?

Veronica is still stunned and doesn't respond.


Keith is in bed, asleep.


Veronica's voice is sharp, frightened. Keith reacts immediately, rolling himself over and sitting up.

KEITH: Honey, what is it? What's wrong?

Veronica steps forward into the room.

VERONICA: Jackie and I borrowed one of Terrence's cars tonight. I was digging around in the hangar where he keeps them and I found...I don't know...but I'm pretty sure it was some sort of explosive and detonators.

Keith lets out a heart-felt sigh.

KEITH: So much for my gut.

They stare at each other. End. Executive producer Rob Thomas (who is a god).