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1.21 A Trip to the Dentist

Written by: Diane Ruggiero
Directed by: Marcos Siega

Original Air Date: 03.05.05
Transcribed by Inigo

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars…

The morning after Shelly Pomroy’s party, Veronica lifts off the covers and sits up, picking her knickers up off the floor (from 101 Pilot).

VERONICA: [Offscreen] I need to report…

Veronica and Inga from the same episode.

VERONICA: …a crime.

LAMB: [Offscreen] Is there…

Cut to a new scene of Veronica walking from Shelly Pomroy’s the morning after. She passes her car. Written on the windscreen, on the passenger’s side, is the word “SLUT” with an arrow pointing to a large circle over the driver’s side. On the back window: ABEL IT Should’ve BEEN HER

LAMB: …anyone in particular you’d like me to arrest or should I just round up the sons…

Cut to Lamb’s office (from 101 Pilot).

LAMB: …of the most important families in town?

Cut to Clarence Wiedman holding up a bug for Alicia to see (from 120 “MAD”).

WIEDMAN: You know what this is? [Alicia shakes her head] A bug. I found it in that houseplant. You know who delivered it? Your son.

Cut to Mars Investigations from the same episode.

VERONICA: Fifty grand? Not bad.

KEITH: Money for nothing.

VERONICA: It might not be as easy as you think.

KEITH: Duncan Kane? I think I’ll be able to track him down.

Cut to Logan and Veronica outside the Echolls house (from 119 “Hot Dogs”).

LOGAN: I loved Lilly and Lilly loved guys. It’s okay. I don’t have to feel guilty anymore.

VERONICA: Feel guilty about what?

Cut to them kissing from the same episode.

VERONICA: What are we doing?

Logan laughs. Cut to Veronica questioning Tad as he’s taped to the flagpole (from 120 “MAD”).

VERONICA: Who gave you the rohypnol the night of Shelly Pomeroy’s party.

TAD: It was Logan Echolls.

Cut to Logan, waiting in vain for Veronica from the same episode. End previouslies. Open with caption: Havana, Cuba. Varoius scenes of life in Cuba narrow to a café and a waiter who passes a man whose face is obscured by a broadsheet newspaper, “The Globe and Mail”. As he folds the paper down, it is revealed to be Duncan, with a beard. He hears a voice.

KEITH: Buenos dias

Duncan is surprised to see him sitting at his table.

KEITH: I know. Of all the countries under military dictatorship in all the world.

DUNCAN: So did they give you the jet to take me back home? Or am I supposed to click my heels?

KEITH: It’s a hell of a job you did with the fake passport, by the way.

DUNCAN: Do you think I killed Lilly?

KEITH: I don’t know who killed your sister, Duncan. I only know it wasn’t Abel Koontz.

DUNCAN: I know it wasn’t me.

Cut to a painted surfboard, being lovingly stroked, in the back of a pickup.

DICK: Randy just finished shaping it for me. Double concave bottom with the sweetest little rocker through the tail.

Dick is showing off the board to Logan..

LOGAN: Ooh and you dinged it your first time out?

DICK: [Horrified] What? [Not amused at Logan’s joke] Dude, so not laughing. This is my child.

LOGAN: Okay, dude, the thought of you breeding…ahh. [Spots Veronica] Mazel tov.

Logan runs and skips to catch up with her. She ignores him and hurries away.

LOGAN: Hey, Veronica. Hey, will you stop for two seconds?

Weevil steps in Logan’s path, preventing his from following her.

WEEVIL: You see when they run away like that, it's kind of a hint they're not interested.

LOGAN: Look, you do not want to start with me today, paco.

WEEVIL: Are you sure? It was in my day planner under goals.

LOGAN: How is this your business?

WEEVIL: Well I'm just looking out for Veronica. So if you think you're going to lay a hand on her the way you did Lilly...

LOGAN: Don't you even say her name.

WEEVIL: Actually, she kind of liked it when I said her name.

Logan pushes Weevil in the chest. He stumbles back, smiling and not phased at all.

LOGAN: You think she had any real interest in you? You're a pork rind. You're what people grab when they're stoned and just want garbage.

WEEVIL: What makes it worse? Thinking she had feelings for me, or that she was using me for sex?

Logan grabs Weevil’s leather jacket and pulls him close.

LOGAN: [Softly, dangerously] You stay away from Veronica.

WEEVIL: I'm not the one she's running away from.

The pissing contest is interrupted by the coach.

COACH: Gentlemen...

Logan turns his hold on Weevil to adjusting his jacket.

WEEVIL: Thanks.

Cut to Veronica having a shower. She hears Backup barking. Cut to her in her bathrobe, comforting Backup.

VERONICA: What is it, buddy? Hey, what is it?

She checks the door, looking behind the blind over the window in the door. Logan is outside. She gasps and pulls back, not sure what to do.

LOGAN: I'm not leaving.

She takes a deep breath and opens the door.

VERONICA: It's kind of a bad time.

LOGAN: Okay. So I should come back when, never? That work for you?

She stares at him.

LOGAN: What did I do, Veronica? Can you just tell me so that I can a-a-apologise or explain?!

VERONICA: Explain. Okay. Explain to me why you were the one with GHB the night of Shelly Pomeroy's party when someone drugged and raped me.

VERONICA: Explanation? Apology?

LOGAN: You were raped?

Logan leans forward as if to hold her.

VERONICA: Okay, don't! Seriously!

He holds back.

LOGAN: What happened to you?

VERONICA: You tell me.

LOGAN: Wait. Wait a second, you think-

VERONICA: I was told you were the one with the drugs.

LOGAN: Yeah. I got some Liquid X when I was in Tijuana with Luke and Sean. We were just gonna have some fun.

VERONICA: Fun? Like sex with unconscious people fun?

LOGAN: No, fun like go to a rave fun.

VERONICA: Oh. Okay. You've convinced me. Bygones.

LOGAN: What can I do? What can I do to make it better?

VERONICA: I'm going to find out who did this to me and I'm going to make them pay. Even if it was you.

Logan, upset, stares at her.

VERONICA: Sorry. I have to go throw up now.

Veronica shuts the door in his face. Opening credits. Open on Neptune High. Veronica slowly walks up the school hallway, then pauses.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: As a rule, people that hate you aren’t that helpful. There were about a hundred people at Shelly’s party. Ninety-eight of them would walk over my corpse for free gum. [Walks forward] My 09er resources are limited but I do have a few people I can count on.

She approaches Meg, standing at her open locker.

MEG: Um, can we skip English today? I have some sort of Hemingway related narcolepsy. You start talking about “The Sun Also Rises” and I start falling asleep.

VERONICA: Don’t blame Papa, blame Mrs Murphy’s monotone. Hey, you were at Shelly Pomroy’s end of the year party, right?

Meg is wary.

MEG: Uh, yeah, yeah for a little while.

VERONICA: Did you see me there?

MEG: Why?

VERONICA: I just want to know, my memories a little fuzzy about that night.

MEG: Yep, maybe that’s a good thing.

VERONICA: So you did see me.

MEG: For like a second. I was with Cole and we were just leaving.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Meg approaches Cole.

MEG: I didn’t even say goodbye to Shelly.

COLE: You talk to her like fifty times a day, come on.

They look over at the sound of a crowd, whooping it up.

COLE: Unless you want to stick around for some body shots.

Veronica is on the sun lounger, a crowd gathered round her. Logan has poured salt on her chest and put a piece of lime in her mouth. Another boy is leaning over her, licking off the salt.

MEG: Someone should help her.

COLE: Come on, let’s go. I’m not ending the night with Veronica Mars puking in my car.

MEG: We can’t leave her like that.

Cole looks over at the scene and sees someone push the boy off Veronica.

COLE: Look, someone’s got her.

Meg looks back. Veronica’s rescuer has got her off the sun lounger. Logan complains.

LOGAN: Hey, dude, you can’t be the cavalry and the martyr...

Meg shrugs and leaves with Cole. Cut to the present as Meg walks away from her locker.

VERONICA: You don’t know who helped me?

Meg shakes her head.

MEG: No, so that’s your big high school related embarrassing moment. Everyone’s got one, right? You got to let it go. You’ll make yourself crazy.

Meg wanders off as Veronica, with furrowed brow, ponders. Cut to an airport. A small private jet is being met by Celeste Kane and Clarence Wiedman. Duncan exits and walks towards his mother as Wiedman heads towards the plane.

PILOT: Watch your step sir.

As Duncan is greeted by his mother with a kiss, Keith disembarks and is met by Wiedman.

WIEDMAN: Mr Mars, well done.

KEITH: Thanks.

WIEDMAN: Well done. Maybe your daughter has a future in travel planning.

KEITH: And if she gets a discount and I travel the world, I’ll be sure to send you a postcard. You can hang it in your cell.

Keith pats Wiedman on the arm then walks towards Celeste.

CELESTE: Keith, thank you. I don’t know what we would have done.

KEITH: I’m happy everything worked out. I know you’re anxious to get home so just stop by the office when it’s convenient and we’ll finish up.

CELESTE: Finish up?

KEITH: I’m referring to the reward.

CELESTE: You might want to speak to your daughter about that. Veronica and I had an arrangement. You just met her end of the bargain.

Celeste half-smiles and turns, getting into the car. She closes the door.

CELESTE: You have no idea what the past few weeks have been like. [Handing Duncan a bottle of water] Next time you run away, take your medication with you.

Celeste hands Duncan a bottle of pills. He takes them unenthusiastically and stares at them for a moment. He looks out of the window.

DUNCAN: Empty stomach.

Celeste sighs. Cut to Neptune High, the outdoor area. Veronica approaches Luke, sitting at one of the tables.

VERONICA: Remember when I saved you from drug dealers and I said I may call upon you for a favour someday.

LUKE: You didn’t say that.

VERONICA: It was implied.

Veronica sits opposite Luke.

LUKE: [Laughing] Okay, what can I do you for.

VERONICA: Nice. Uh, I heard you went to TJ with Sean and Logan and scored some GHB.

LUKE: Wow, that was like, ah, that was like a year ago. I don’t have any now.

VERONICA: I was gonna spike your juice box and have my way with you.

Luke laughs again.

VERONICA: What’d you do with it?

LUKE: [Quickly] Nothing. Honestly, I-I didn’t do anything, I gave it away.

VERONICA: Who’d you give it to?

LUKE: Um, Dick Casablancas.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Luke, Sean, Dick and Casey are toasting with shots. They look over and see Beaver, talking initimately with a girl.

DICK: Look at that. Beaver’s getting all the lovin’, Dick’s flapping out in the breeze.

LUKE: Please, you have like the hottest girlfriend ever.

DICK: Much like fake boobs, you know. Great to look at but they don’t do as much as you’d like them to.

SEAN: Wait’ll you get a couple of drinks in her.

DICK: She’s on fricking Atkins. Did you guys get some stuff in TJ?

SEAN: I’m saving it for a special occasion. And this isn’t it.

Dick looks over at Luke who just laughs. Madison appears in the middle of them.

MADISON: [Crossly] Who invited Veronica Mars? Huh?

Dick starts to rub her shoulders.

DICK: Why do you let this stuff get to you? Look at you, you’re all tense.

She grabs his hand and thrusts it away.

MADISON: Can you not be all over me for five seconds?

She eye rolls, turns and stalks off. The other guys laugh. Dick holds out his hand to Luke.

LUKE: All right.

Luke hands Dick his GHB. Return to the present.

VERONICA: So Dick drugged Madison?

LUKE: Well, he-he asked for two doses and I, so I just, I figured he was gonna take one and ask her to take the other one but, um, I’m pretty sure she didn’t.

VERONICA: How do you know that?

LUKE: You’re not gonna like this part.

Flashback to the street outside Shelly Pomroy’s party. Luke, still drinking is past Veronica’s parked LeBaron when another car pulls up in front of it. Madison, now in jeans, jumps out of the car and races to the LeBaron with an aerosol can in her hand.

MADISON: Stringy haired white trash.

She starts to spray the LeBaron’s windscreen.

LUKE: [Offscreen] As I understand it, GHB is supposed to make you nicer.

Cut to the present.

VERONICA: Why would Madison do that?

LUKE: Uh, I don’t know. ‘Cause she’s a horrible human being?

Cut to a girls’ bathroom. Madison, now a brunette, is preening in front of the mirror. Veronica appears in the mirror, standing behind her.

VERONICA: You can keep asking, but you're not the fairest, trust me.

MADISON: I can tell you who the pastiest is. What's the deal, can't buy bronzer with food stamps?

VERONICA: You wrote slut on my car last year at Shelly’s party. Why?

Madison turns and faces Veronica.

MADISON: Because whore had too many letters.

VERONICA: I have never done anything to you, up ‘til now.

MADISON: Whatever, Veronica.

VERONICA: Oh, like what?

MADISON: How ‘bout making out with my boyfriend in front of an entire party. [Off Veronica’s disbelieving look] I guess I shouldn’t take that personally, though, huh? You pretty much made out with everyone.

VERONICA: I don’t believe you.

MADISON: Are you kidding?

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Casey is on a couch, Dick leaning over him, shaking hands. Playing in the background is Saucy Monky’s cover of “I Touch Myself”. Veronica, in party animal mood, races up behind Dick.

CASEY: What’s up Dick? How’s it going?

VERONICA: [Singing] …anybody else…

She grabs Dick, spins him round and dances up close and personal.

VERONICA: …When I think about you I touch myself.

She pushes him down onto the couch, falling on top of him, She runs her fingers through his hair.

VERONICA: You have the best hair.

DICK: You like that, huh?

Veronica kisses Dick. Madison watches in horror. Dick spots Madison when he comes up for air.

DICK: Come on, that’s not cool.

He pushes her away and Veronica crawls over him to land on top of Casey.

VERONICA: You think that’s cool though don’t you, Case?

She kisses Casey. Cut to the present. Veronica cannot believe what she is hearing.

VERONICA: I made out with Dick and Casey?

MADISON: Please. You made out with the garage door. And don’t even start with the “I was so wasted”.

VERONICA: I wasn’t drunk, I was drugged. Someone put GHB in my drink.

Madison is momentarily stunned, then sceptical.


Cut to Veronica arriving outside the door to the Mars’ apartment. She pauses when she hears Alicia’s raised voice.

ALICIA: [Offscreen] She could have gotten me fired, Keith. How is that not a big deal to you.

In the apartment, Alicia is facing Keith over the kitchen counter.

KEITH: I didn’t say it wasn’t.

ALICIA: She put a listening device in a plant, had my son deliver it to my place of business!

KEITH: And she has her reasons.

ALICIA: Her reasons? She's seventeen!

KEITH: She's not your average seventeen year-old.

ALICIA: Well, how can she be when you treat her like she forty.

Veronica enters the apartment.

VERONICA: Mrs Fennel. I-I’m so sorry but Clarence Wiedman knew that I would-

KEITH: Veronica.

VERONICA: Just let me explain.

KEITH: No, you just give us a minute.

VERONICA: Dad, if I could just explain.

KEITH: [Sharply] Veronica, go to your room, now.

Veronica stares at her father in surprise. He doesn’t back down and she complies, heading for her room.

VERONICA: Fine. But he bugged me first.

Veronica goes to her room and Alicia looks at Keith.

ALICIA: He bugged her first?

Cut to later. Veronica is lying on her bed, listening to music. There’s a soft knock at the door. She takes out the earplugs as Keith enters.

KEITH: Duncan’s okay, he’s back home. [Sitting on the bed] His parents are gonna keep him home a couple of days, let him rest.

VERONICA: I’m so sorry, Dad.

KEITH: Stop, it’s okay.

VERONICA: It’s my fault. I’m the one who gave Wallace a bugged plant.

KEITH: Veronica. Did you make some kind of deal with Celeste Kane that I don’t know about?

VERONICA: I…told her I’d look for Duncan if she released Weevil.

KEITH: Well, she said she wouldn’t pay the reward. She said that we’re even now. It’s ridiculous of course, they’ll pay. She’s just enjoying the moment.

VERONICA: She’s a witch.

KEITH: Veronica. What if you started looking for another job? Selling clothes or something.


KEITH: I just can’t help think that…your life would be better if you weren’t working for me.

VERONICA: [Sits up] Are you kidding me? You’re the best father in the world. I mean, come on, look at me. I’m healthy, happy, good grades, all my own teeth, [gnashes her teeth to illustrate, then leans back slightly to raise up one foot, rotating at the ankle] fancy shoes.

She drops her foot back on the bed

VERONICA: [Sincerely] I never would have gotten through this past year if it wasn’t for you.

KEITH: If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have to.

Veronica furrows her brow. Keith leans forward and kisses it, then leaves. Cut to Neptune High. Casey is walking through the car park. Veronica joins him.

VERONICA: Hey, stranger.

CASEY: What’s up Veronica?

VERONICA: Kind of an awkward question. Do you remember Shelly’s end of the year party? I know it was a while ago.

CASEY: Not really. Look, I’ve gotta get some stuff done before class. See you around, okay.

Blowing her off, Casey speeds ahead.

VERONICA: Oh yeah. I was just wondering how you’ve been, you know, without your grandmother.

Casey turns back and walks back to her.

CASEY: I’ve been good. Got my priorities in check. No more throwing my family’s money at strangers so I can eat S’Mores and listen to bad folk music. What was the awkward question?

VERONICA: Did I hit on you at Shelly’s party?

CASEY: [Thinks] No.

VERONICA: Did it get ugly at Shelly’s?

CASEY: [Smiles] Oh, yeah.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Dick is dancing to the Saucy Monky track. Veronica, out of it, stumbles into him. He grabs her.

DICK: [Singing] I don’t want anybody else. When I think about you, I touch myself.

Dick, gripping Veronica’s hands, runs them over his chest. He then pulls her down on top of him onto the couch. Veronica tries to get up, her hand in his hair for leverage.

DICK: You like grabbing hair, huh? That’s nice, huh.

Dick kisses her. Madison stares at them with horror. Dick spots her and breaks off the kiss. He pushes her onto Casey.

DICK: Why don’t you go see Uncle Casey.

CASEY: Oh, no thanks. I like mine to be able to stand on their own power.

Casey pushes her off and to a standing position. Cut to present.

VERONICA: Well, I’m gonna go drink some bleach now.

CASEY: You know, just a thought. If you don’t remember much about that party, maybe you should leave it that way.

VERONICA: Can I guess that means you saw something else?

Casey’s expression is affirmative. Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Dick is feeding Veronica a shot.”I Like That” by Houston with Chingy and Nate Dogg is playing in the background.

VERONICA: I have to go home.

DICK: You are home.

SEAN: See there’s your pool and your hot tub and your big mansion.

Veronica is on the couch again with Dick next to her. Beaver and Sean are behind and Shelly is sitting facing her.

SEAN: And here’s a hot foreign exchange student who’s been living with your family. Now, [pouring another shot down her] I know you’ve had your eye on her and that’s okay, it’s perfectly natural.

Shelly is all up for kissing Veronica.

CASEY: [Present day, offscreen] Some of the guys thought it would be cool to see you make out with Shelly.

Cut to present day.

VERONICA: They were feeding me shots?

CASEY: Guess they were afraid you were sobering up.

Casey walks off. Veronica takes a shuddering breath. Cut to Veronica at her locker. Everything from it is on the floor and she is wiping down the inside. Wallace passes her, glancing at the pile on the floor and heads for his own locker. Veronica withdraws her hand, holding a very dirty cloth, from her locker and turns to Wallace, nose wrinkled.

VERONICA: Ugh. This is why I need to keep my walkie-talkies in my car. Muck.

WALLACE: Really? The dirt? See, I find I hardly need my walkie-talkies at school at all. But that's me.

VERONICA: Wallace. I’m so sorry I had you bug Kane Software. I honestly thought no one would find out and if I knew that your mom was gonna get in trouble-

WALLACE: Stop! I’m not stupid. I know I wasn’t just delivering a plant. I could’ve said no.

Wallace opens his locker, with something on his mind.

WALLACE: You know, I do these things for you and I never ask you why.


WALLACE: You know why? Because I know you would never tell me.

VERONICA: I’d do the same for you.

WALLACE: Logan Echolls used one of the absence slips I took for you.

VERONICA: You checked the absence slips?

WALLACE: You, I do favours for. My friends, I put my butt on the line for. That guy doesn’t even know my name. You wanna tell me why I’m helping him out?

VERONICA: You’re not.

WALLACE: You sure about that?

VERONICA: I needed him for something with his mother’s case. I-it was just loose ends and stuff. That’s it.

Wallace knows she’s lying.

WALLACE: Thanks. Now that I have all the details, I don’t feel like such a chump.

He snaps his locker shut and walks away. Veronica gazes after him guiltily. Cut to a classroom. Sean is seated the wrong way astride a chair, hugging the back. Another student is standing in front of them and they are talking. Veronica hurries in, grabs a chair and swings it to abut it to Sean’s at the same time physically pushing the other student away. She sits astride the chair, arms folded on the back of it, nose to nose with Sean.

SEAN: What?

VERONICA: I'm just thinking of all the ways I can destroy you.

SEAN: Well you sitting there grinning is kind of torturous.

VERONICA: So Shelly Pomroy and I were thinking of getting together later for a little girl-on-girl, you wanna come with?

Sean is distinctly uncomfortable.

VERONICA: Wow. You know, when you're about to soil yourself, you get a little twitch right in your eye.

SEAN: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

VERONICA: Sure you do. And unless you want me to tell one of my favourite local deputies that you were the one with GHB the night of Shelly’s party, I know you were feeding me drinks.

SEAN: Look, I wasn’t feeding you drinks. It was Dick. He’s the one that you should be talking to.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Dick is carrying Veronica into a bedroom. He drops her onto the bed. Sean and Beaver are behind him.

DICK: Dum-dum-de-dum.


DICK: What?

Dick sits next to the unconscious Veronica.

BEAVER: You're gonna hurt her or something, man.

DICK: Oh, I'd hurt her. You, she might not even notice.

BEAVER: It-this is-this is so not even funny.

DICK: What’s the problem?

BEAVER: Like you’re-like you’re serious? I mean this is you trying to get me to do something stupid that you can laugh at me.

DICK: She’s actually kinda hot. When she’s quiet. Perfectly cute piece of ass. Ready and willing.

Dick pats the bed. Beaver heads towards the bed.

BEAVER: She's not willing, Dick, she's unconscious.

Dick stands as Beaver sits on the bed.

DICK: It's kinda the best you're gonna do, bro'. You're not real big with the sober chicks.

BEAVER: Fine, just go, all right?

DICK: That’s my boy.

Dick gives Beaver a hard head pat. He holds out some condoms.

DICK: Make sure you suit up. You don’t know where she’s been.

Dick throws the condoms onto the bed. Beaver reaches for them as Dick and Sean leave the room. Cut to the present.

SEAN: Your issues with Dick and Beaver, not me. They were horrible to you.

VERONICA: Well, I’m just sorry you had to witness it. That must have been awful for you.

Cut to Dick’s surfboard, resting just in front of the LeBaron’s offside front wheel. The engine is idling, Veronica at the wheel. Dick approaches.

VERONICA: Hiya, Dick. How’s it going?

DICK: Angry[] What the hell are you doing?

VERONICA: Um, trying to get your attention.

Dick makes to move to rescue his board. Veronica stops him by revving the engine. He sees that the board is leaning against the curb.

DICK: Got a couple questions for ya.

DICK: You're frickin' nuts, you know that?

VERONICA: Insulting me right now seems like a good plan, how?

DICK: [Holding his hands up in resignation, casting a glance at his board] What do you want?

VERONICA: Answers, and quickly. Did you give me GHB the night of Shelly’s party?

DICK: What? No. I’m not even the one who had it.

Veronica revs the engine again.

DICK: I mean, I got some, but I didn't give any to you. I swear on my life.

VERONICA: See, when you say that, it makes me hope you're lying. I know you brought me into the guest bedroom for Beaver.

DICK: More like, I found you in the guest bedroom.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Veronica crawls towards Beaver, sat at the edge of the bed.

VERONICA: Beaver, don’t go, you said you were gonna stay here with me.

Dick pauses as he walks past the open bedroom door.

BEAVER: Yeah, well, I’m here, I’m staying…Veronica, I’m here…

VERONICA: Well why don’t you come back here? It’s an awfully big bed.

Veronica, holding his hand, lies down on the bed, pulling Beaver towards her. She gives him a “come hither” finger. Cut to present.

VERONICA: Are you freaking kidding me? How ‘bout reality, Dick.

DICK: What? I’m just telling you what I saw. I didn’t drug you. Don’t go blaming me because you got all wasted and slutty.

With a look that could kill at Dick first, Veronica puts both hands on the wheel and surges forward. The surfboard is smashed to smithereens. Dick is not happy. Cut to Beaver closing his locker to find Veronica leaning against the next door locker. Beaver looks heavenward and like a frightened rabbit.

VERONICA: Beaver. Damn, you don’t look happy to see me.

BEAVER: How’s it going, Veronica?

VERONICA: Really well! I just found out that the dream I had where I was locked all alone in a bedroom with you was reality. Care to share some details, lover?

BEAVER: Nothing happened.

Beaver tries to move away but Veronica stops him.

VERONICA: Actually, something did happen. And I might not remember the details, but I sure as hell remember the morning after.

BEAVER: Look, I swear to god, I didn’t touch you, Veronica. Okay, I mean, Dick, he was, he was all on me to and there was, there was this girl, this, this freshman, her name’s Cindy and she’s kind of…well, she’s easy, you know and me and her, we were, we were supposed to…I don’t know, Dick, Dick, he set something up okay and then, and then she was all over Logan and then she left early with him.

Veronica seems both relieved and disturbed at this.

VERONICA: Yeah, it sucks to be you. And?

BEAVER: And then Dick, he brought me to the guest room with you. I just wanted him to leave me alone.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Veronica lies unconscious on the bed, Beaver sitting near her head, Dick near her legs. Sean stands watching. Dick’s hand is on Veronica’s leg, pushing up her dress.

DICK: You need me to get you started?

SEAN: Hey, I can draw you a diagram.

BEAVER: That’s cool.

Beaver puts his hand over Dick’s, stopping his progress.

BEAVER: You just, you just go, all right? I, I got it.

DICK: That’s my boy.

Dick leans over and tousles Beaver’s head, getting off the bed.


SEAN: Make sure you suit up.

Sean holds out the condoms and throws them on the bed.

SEAN: You don’t know where she’s been.

Dick and Sean leave. Beaver pulls Veronica’s dress back down.

BEAVER: Veronica, you okay?

Beaver looks at her for a moment, then, holding his hand to his mouth, he rushes out of the room, throwing up outside in front of Carrie Bishop and another girl. Cut to the present.

BEAVER: It was my big night. I don’t know, I supposed to lose my virginity, instead I…hurl on Carrie Bishop’s shoes. Nothing happened. Really, I mean, I-I swear on my life that the last time that I saw you, you were passed out on that bed.

VERONICA: Well, hey. Thanks for leaving me there.

Veronica punches him on the arm, hard. Cut to Mars Investigations. Veronica has emptied her desk all over the floor and is cleaning one of the drawers.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The whole ritual cleaning thing is textbook for a reason. For a couple of minutes, you’re in control and everything’s the way it should be, at least on the surface.

Keith observes her silently for a moment.

KEITH: You see another special on dust mites?

VERONICA: They're disgusting, they're everywhere, and they must be destroyed.

KEITH: I have any messages, or did you boil them?

VERONICA: Just a fax. [Hands him a fax] Apparently that package you've been waiting for is in Vegas. Is it a white Bengal tiger?

KEITH: No, it's the entertainment lawyer I've been tracking for the past year. My source in Vegas spotted him. I'm gonna have to leave as soon as possible. Maybe you want to stay with a friend or something?

VERONICA: [Standing and facing him] And miss an opportunity to have the apartment to myself so that I can raid the liquor cabinet and watch Skinemax? No, wait, I'm a girl. I'm gonna do my homework, secure all the locks, brush, floss, and crawl into bed with an overly protective pit bull. [Kisses his cheek] You don’t have to worry about me.

Keith is not convinced. Cut to the Echolls home as Logan enters. Aaron is in light mood, cooking in the kitchen.

AARON: [In French accent] Ah! Especially for you tonight, I am making what will be known from now on as "Aaron's Extra Special Crab Cakes." Ha ha!

LOGAN: I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy them. Right up until my oesophagus closes up, cuts off my air supply, and I shuffle off this mortal coil.

Aaron pauses, confused.

LOGAN: Perhaps my last words will be "Great crab, Papa." [Off Aaron’s blank look] I'm allergic to shellfish.

AARON: Of course. I forgot.

LOGAN: You didn’t forget. You never knew.

AARON: I did, I-I-I just got you confused with Trina, that’s all.

LOGAN: I’m the one allergic to shellfish. Trina’s the one allergic to work.

AARON: You know, somehow you got it in your head that I don't know a thing about you. Well, I got news for you: I'm your father. I raised you. I know plenty.

LOGAN: Well, then, round one of "How well do you know your son?" When is my birthday?

Aaron huffs derisively but has to guess.

AARON: February.

LOGAN: Wow. Well, you got a vowel right.

Disappointed, despite the expectation that he wouldn’t know, Logan moves off. Aaron, now angry, follows him, grabs him and spins him round to face him.

AARON: You know, I have been pretty tolerant of your wiseass remarks but you are pushing it.

Logan looks down at Aaron’s grip. Aaron releases him and puts a hand on is shoulder.

AARON: Look, does it matter…that I’m trying? I mean, does that count for anything at all?

LOGAN: Yeah, You're accumulating points. You've almost won the wet vac

AARON: I’m committed to this family, Logan. I’m committed to you. You’ll see that.

LOGAN: Well, you’ve got limited time ‘cause let’s face it, my eighteenth birthday, whenever that is, Mom’s inheritance comes through and it’s bon voyage.

Logan leaves Aaron thinking about that. Cut to a coffee shop. Veronica is sitting at the counter and Carrie, serving behind the counter, walks over.

CARRIE: What can I get for you?

VERONICA: I’ll have a hot chocolate, crème brulee and some answers if you can give me about two minutes.

CARRIE: I’m kind of in the weeds.

VERONICA: Here’s the thing. Do you remember Shelly’s party last year?


VERONICA: I don’t. At least, not between passing out in the back yard and waking up the next morning in the guest room. I think you probably saw me.

CARRIE: I saw you.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Veronica is in the guest room on the bed. Someone is on top of her. She is pulling off his wifebeater and he is reaching under her dress and pulling off her knickers. Carrie passes the open door.

CARRIE: Oh, god. Shut the door next time.

She shuts the door as the two continue to make love. Cut back to Veronica’s shocked face in the present. Cut to the Kanes’ front door. Veronica, upset and hugging herself, rings the bell. Duncan, still with his beard, opens the door.

VERONICA: [Voice trembling] Welcome back. So Carrie Bishop said that you and I were in bed together the night of Shelly Pomroy’s party last year. Care to elaborate?

Duncan is taken aback.

DUNCAN: What? What are you talking about?

VERONICA: I wanna know what happened.

DUNCAN: Do you know how wasted I was at Shelly’ party? I-I barely even remember it. The whole night’s a blur.

VERONICA: That’s kind of a thing with you, huh? Carrie said she walked into the guest bedroom and you were naked and on top of me.

DUNCAN: I can’t believe this.

VERONICA: You were the one that raped me.

DUNCAN: I raped you!

Veronica starts to cry.

DUNCAN: So…I’m a murderer and a rapist now.

Veronica is sobbing heavily now. Duncan comes out from the doorway to confront her.

DUNCAN: What are you doing? Why are you acting like this? Why are you acting like you weren’t there?

VERONICA: [Incredulous] What?

DUNCAN: You were there too, you know. I-I thought we had some unspoken rule, like we’re never gonna talk about it but now I raped you.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Duncan wanders into the guest room and sees Veronica. He collapses onto the bed, sitting next to her. He starts to stroke her face. She rouses.

VERONICA: Hmm, you’re here.

She sits up, smiling.

DUNCAN: [Softly] Hi, baby.

VERONICA: Miss you.

Veronica puts her arms around him and they fall back on the bed together. Cut to present day.

DUNCAN: You don’t remember. It’s kind of a bad feeling, huh.

VERONICA: [Distraught] Then why did you leave me there? If it was so tender, and loving, why did I wake up by myself searching for my underwear?

DUNCAN: Because I had to get out of there!

VERONICA: You had to?

DUNCAN: Yes! I woke up, I, I saw you there, I realized what I did...

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. It is morning and Veronica is asleep in the bed. Duncan raises up from the other side of the bed on one elbow and sees her. He gets out of bed quietly.

VERONICA: [Offscreen] What did you realize was so bad? What did you do?

DUNCAN: [Offscreen] I slept with you!

VERONICA: [Offscreen] But it was consensual, right?

DUNCAN: [Offscreen] Yes.

Cut to present.

VERONICA: Then what about that is so wrong?

DUNCAN: [Screaming] Because you're my sister, and I knew it! E-even after my mother told me, I tried to just cut you out of my life. I loved you! I tried not to, I tried not to, but it won't go away!

Veronica is sobbing uncontrollably. She looks around and sees Celeste close by, watching them. Veronica looks back at Duncan, then turns and then runs as Duncan sinks down to his knees. Cut to Veronica sitting outside Wallace’s house in the LeBaron. She is still upset, though not crying, or moving. Wallace comes out, runs to the car and leans in on the passenger.

WALLACE: I was about to call the police on you, stalker.

As he talks, she starts to break down. Wallace shows tremendous concern. Cut to later and to the two of them sitting on Wallace’s bed.

VERONICA: This is so not an "I told you so," but do you see why I kinda keep things to myself? I think I can go home now.

WALLACE: Maybe you should just stay here.

VERONICA: No, I feel better. Of course, you feel worse.

WALLACE: No, I don't care about me. I just wish I could do something. Or say something.

VERONICA: You don't have to say anything. That's kind of the good part.

Veronica reaches for and opens her laptop.

VERONICA: You say I never tell you anything when I ask for favours?

WALLACE: Yeah. You so don’t need to worry about that right now.

VERONICA: I’m not worried. Here’s everything there is to know.

Veronica puts the computer on his lap. It is set on her “Lilly Kane Murder Investigation” screen, with the files on show: Crime Scene, Interrogation Transcripts, Suspects and Timeline. Wallace looks at her and smiles. Cut to later as Veronica leaves Wallace’s bedroom. She pauses at the entrance to the kitchen where Alicia is making a sandwich.

VERONICA: Don’t tell me Wallace still has you cutting his crusts off?

ALICIA: How are you, Veronica.

VERONICA: Sorry. I’m really hoping you won’t hold my dad responsible for my boneheadedness. He’s the best guy ever, you see that, right? You guys are really good together.

ALICIA: I know.

VERONICA: You make him so happy.

ALICIA: I’m afraid I didn’t make him too happy before he left for Vegas. I think I might have ruined things.

VERONICA: Trust me; I know how he feels about you. He’s not going anywhere.

Cut to the Vegas skyline. A phone rings and a woman answers.

TELEPHONE: Hello, who am I talking to?

Keith responds from his hotel room.

KEITH: Hi. Is this Cheyenne?

CHEYENNE: You know it, baby.

Keith has a magazine open on his lap advertising her services: Cheyenne. Not An Agency. (702) 555-0161. Las Vegas’ Only ‘Double-Duty’ Escort. Private Shows. Parties. Special Occasions. Experienced Escort. Mastercard. VASI. Lic. #2012872213

KEITH: I’d like to set up an, um, an appointment.

Cut to the Mars’ apartment. Veronica and Logan are on the couch, facing each other.

VERONICA: I’m so sorry. I know now it wasn’t you and I’m sorry I accused you.

LOGAN: It’s fine. You okay?

VERONICA: It’s not fine. I’m really sorry.

LOGAN: Veronica. All I care about is you. Okay? Did you find something out?


LOGAN: Well, do you want to tell me about it? I mean, you-you don’t have, you don’t have to tell me anything. I’m just here for whatever you need, okay.

VERONICA: I was drugged but I wasn’t…

LOGAN: Yeah.

VERONICA: I was with Duncan.

Logan is stricken by this.

VERONICA: Apparently we ended up in the guest room together and he was wasted and I was…out of it…and I guess our feelings and nature…

LOGAN: [Whispers] I’m sorry.

VERONICA: I’m just glad you’re here.

Cut to Las Vegas. Keith opens his hotel room door to Cheyenne.

CHEYENNE: Well, hello to you.

KEITH: Come in, come in, please.

She sashays in and Keith closes the door.

KEITH: Look, can I get you anything to drink? Are you hungry or anything?

CHEYENNE: I think not having to buy me dinner first is kind of the point. [Sits on the bed] Why don’t you come sit over here with me and relax, okay?

KEITH: Well, maybe we could go sit out on the balcony.

CHEYENNE: You’re still gonna be married on the balcony. [Walking over to him and stroking his chest] Now. I want you to tell me exactly what you want. That one thing you can never get the little woman to do. And we’ll start there.

She pulls him towards the bed and they sit.

KEITH: Actually, I’d like to start by talking about Abel Koontz.

Cheyenne is not happy.

KEITH: Miss Collins, my name is Keith Mars. I’m a private investigator from California. I’ve been looking for you for a year. I know you were with Abel Koontz at the time he supposedly murdered Lilly Kane.

CHEYENNE: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

KEITH: I think you do. There’s a phone record, Cheyenne. Abel called the same number at the same time every week, it was a standing appointment and by the time I traced that number back to you, you’d moved on to Seattle, San Francisco, Aspen and I bet I know why.

CHEYENNE: I packed up my whole life to get away from this and you have to come find me.

KEITH: An innocent man’s life is at stake.

CHEYENNE: [Standing] He confessed. For whatever reason. If I come forward, I’ll be the most famous working girl on the planet. I have a five year old son who thinks I’m a stewardess.

KEITH: A girl was murdered. Don’t you think the person who killed her should be the one in jail.

Cut to the Echoll’s front door. It’s night and the house is in darkness. Logan and Veronica can be seen approaching through the glass.

LOGAN: My dad thinks he’s a gourmet. Humour him. Ah, so now he’s going to make us eat to candlelight tonight.

They pause at the door.

LOGAN: Okay, showtime.

They kiss and then back into the door, still kissing. The light comes on.

AARON: [Joyously] Surprise.

The room is decorated for a party. It is full of stunned and silent 09ers. Logan and Veronica are shocked. Soft noises of disapproval and surprise go round the room. Dick whispers to Beaver

BEAVER: [Loud whisper] Wow.

Duncan is in the room, leaning against a pillar, with Meg. He and Veronica, who is still in Logan’s arms, stare at each other. Aaron breaks the ice by approaching the frozen couple.

LOGAN: So is this party nine months early or three months late?

AARON: I got a lot of lost years I gotta make up for. This is my way of getting started.

LOGAN: It’s a good call.

Logan walks in front of Veronica to the other side of her. He holds out his hand to her. She takes it. Duncan watches as Meg watches him, her face showing her concern. Logan and Veronica walk further into the room. Dick approaches Logan to whisper in his ear.

DICK: Dude, what the hell are you doing? Please tell me this is like, some new reality show called “My Skank”.

Veronica hears and looks down.

LOGAN: Goodbye, Dick.

DICK: What?

LOGAN: Get out of my house. You have a problem with Veronica, you leave. Actually, you have a problem with Veronica, you're pretty much dead to me, so just, like, evaporate or something, I dunno.

Dick, surprised, backs away as a buzz goes round the room.

LOGAN: That’s kind of a general invitation. If you don’t like my girlfriend then…

Duncan reacts and Veronica gasps and looks back at him.

LOGAN: …just start heading toward the rectangle with the knob.

MEG: [To Duncan] Are you okay?

Duncan pushes himself off the pillar with a heavy breath and walks to the door. Logan tries to talk to him.

LOGAN: Look, Duncan, listen, I wanna…

Duncan doesn’t stop and goes out the door. Logan sighs heavily and leans against the door. Veronica moves into the room and comes across Madison, holding two drinks.

MADISON: So. Are you like dating Logan now?

VERONICA: Yes, Madison.

MADISON: Do you think his dad’s gonna do another movie soon or what? He’s way too cute to become a has-been. [Offering her one of the drinks] You want one. They said it was sugar-free but, I don’t know.

Veronica takes it cautiously, smiles and heads over towards Meg, standing by the pillar. Meg moves forward to warn her.

MEG: You don’t want to drink that.


MEG: I’m betting Madison gave you a trip to the dentist. It’s her thing. She does it to people who she doesn’t like. She spits in the cocktail and calls it a trip to the dentist, 'cause we're in eighth grade.

Cut to Veronica grabbing Madison’s arm.

MADISON: Ow. What are you doing?

VERONICA: Did you give me a trip to the dentist the night of Shelly’s party?

MADISON: What? Hello, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

VERONICA: Did you spit in your drink and give it to me at Shelly’s?

MADISON: Like I was the only person’s spit you had in your mouth that night.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Dick walks over to Madison with a drink for her. He kisses her and hands her the drink. She gets it to her lips and pauses.

MADISON: Regular soda? Why didn’t you just fill the cup with lard?

She starts to put the drink down but then sees Veronica. She spits in the drink and holds it out in Veronica’s path. Cut to the present.

VERONICA: You have no idea what you did to me.

MADISON: Oh my god! I spit in your drink. You are like so scarred for life.

Madison walks off, completely unrepentant and without a clue. Outside, Duncan walks slowly to his car. He opens the driver’s door but it is locked. He looks for his keys but doesn’t have them. He tries the door again with increasing agitation and starts punching and kicking it. He picks up a shovel from a wheelbarrow behind him and with a cry, smashes the window. He beats the door some more, this time with the shovel. Meg comes running out.

MEG: Duncan! Duncan, what are you doing? Stop that.

Duncan pays no attention and keep hammering away at the door.

MEG: This is about Veronica, isn’t it? You’re still in love with her, right? Answer me.

Duncan doesn’t hear her and having dropped the shovel, he continues to kick the door. Cut to the rather sombre party. Aaron is showing a couple out.

AARON: Thanks for coming guys. I hope you got something to eat.

Behind him, Veronica stands alone, her face in her hands. Logan walks to her and holds out his hands. They exit out the back, hand in hand. They head towards the pool house. Logan skips down a step and turns back to swing Veronica down off it. Logan does a little skip as the walk on. They enter either another part of the pool house or a guest house or bedroom. The room is dark. There are curtains on the glass doors with the faces of the Echolls family.

LOGAN: Now, see, why can’t it just be like this? [Kisses her] Why do there have to be all those other people in this world?

Logan kisses her again and pulls her towards the bed.

VERONICA: What are you doing?

Logan sits back onto the bed, pulling her with him.

LOGAN: You’re too short.

She moves to sit on his lap.

LOGAN: I need to level the playing field.

They kiss and Logan slips Veronica’s jacket off her shoulders.

VERONICA: Is this where you take all your conquests?

Logan laughs and falls onto the bed.

LOGAN: Nope, only the short ones.

Veronica leans over to continue kissing him. After a moment, Logan calls a halt..

LOGAN: Hey, I have to tell you something.

Veronica isn’t interested and kisses and teases him..

VERONICA: I'm sorry, we're past the confessional portion of this program. We're on to the make out.

LOGAN: Listen, Veronica, stop,

She stops and looks down at him.

LOGAN: I gotta…I have to tell you something about Shelly’s party.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. . “Kingdom of Chemicals” by Sean Dailey plays. Logan is the one orchestrating the body shots. He sprinkles salt over her and puts the lime in her mouth for another guy to enjoy.

LOGAN: [Laughing] There you go, go for it.

GUY: Here you go, sweet pea.

Logan whoops as the guy takes his time getting the lime from her mouth. Cut to present.

VERONICA: I know about the salt lick. I gonna choose to think of it as one of those not real things.

LOGAN: There’s more.

Flashback to Shelly Pomroy’s party. Duncan arrives and pushes the guy off Veronica.

DUNCAN: What the hell are you doing? She can barely sit up, you freak!

LOGAN: Wait dude, you can’t be the cavalry and a martyr, man. Pick a side.

DUNCAN: Leave her alone.

Logan opens a capsule of GHB and puts it in a drink. He walks over to Duncan and the completely-out-of-it Veronica.

LOGAN: [Repentant] Hey, I’m sorry, dude. You know, man, you’re, I mean, you’re totally right. It’s no way to have fun, huh?

He hands Duncan the laced drink.

LOGAN: Cheers.

Duncan stares at Logan and the drink for a moment then smiles and accepts it, taking a drink. Logan walks away. Cut to the present. Logan is propped uo on his elbows and Veronica is still sitting upright across his lap.

LOGAN: I just wanted Duncan to have some fun. You know, he barely even smiled since Lilly…

VERONICA: You didn’t know what would happen.

LOGAN: I’m the one who’s responsible for what happened to you. And I can’t take that I hurt you like that. I can’t take that I hurt you when all I want to do is protect you.

Veronica’s response is force him back to a prone position with her kiss. After a moment with her on top of him, he holds her away.

LOGAN: I want you to trust me.

VERONICA: [Softly] I do.

They kiss some more.

LOGAN: Okay. I don’t know about you, but I could use a refreshment about now.


Veronica rolls off him onto the bed. Logan gives her a quick kiss and rolls off the bed. He gets a small screwdriver from a drawer and proceed to unscrew a small vent from the wall. Veronica recognises something.

VERONICA: You learned that from Lilly.

LOGAN: No, Lilly learned that from me.

He removes the vent and takes something from behind it.

LOGAN: It’s almost endearing that I need a key to the liquor cabinet, don’t you think?

Veronica smiles. Logan uses the key but it snaps off in the lock.

LOGAN: Wow, suave, huh?

Veronica nods. Logan walks around the back of the bed and holds his hands out for her. Kneeling on the bed, she scoots over and they kiss.

LOGAN: I’ll be right back. Two minutes?


LOGAN: Okay.

He pushes her flat down onto the pillows with another kiss. She playfully pushes him off and he exits. Veronica lies back on the pillows, looking up at the ceiling fan. She notices the fan has a line running from the ceiling to a bookcase. She looks more closely at the fan and sees an aperture. She investigates bookcase, which slides apart to reveal a video recorder and two screens, both trained on different views of the bed. She looks back at the bed, then goes over to it to check what the screens show. She is horrified. Cut to Weevil as Veronica runs up to him.

WEEVIL: You okay.

VERONICA: Thanks for coming to get me.

He gives her a helmet and she climbs on the back of his bike. Cut to Veronica outside the Mars’ apartment. She enters.

VERONICA: Honey, I’m home.

Veronica is stunned to see Lianne, sitting with Keith.

LIANNE: So am I, honey, so am I.


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