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1.20 M.A.D.

Written by: Phil Klemmer and John Enbom
Directed by: John T Kretchmer

Original Air Date: 26.04.05
Transcribed by Inigo

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars…

Duncan and Veronica in the journalism classroom (from 118 “Weapons of Class Destruction”).

DUNCAN: You think I killed Lilly.

VERONICA: Duncan, calm down.

DUNCAN: Why, do you think I’m going to have another episode and kill you too?

Outside the journalism classroom later, in the hallway from the same episode.

MEG: You haven’t seen Duncan, tonight, have you? He’s missing. His parents think he may have run away.

Keith and Alicia cuddle on the couch at the Mars apartment watching an old movie from the same episode.

VERONICA: [Offscreen] You didn’t want them dating…

Veronica and Wallace in Veronica’s bedroom from the same episode.


WALLACE: Yeah, I probably wish Mom would’ve found a guy who wasn’t my best friend’s dad.

Veronica and Logan outside the Echolls house (from 119 “Hot Dogs”).

VERONICA: I know Lilly loved you.

LOGAN: Well, it’s just not like I loved her. I-I don’t know, I don’t have to feel guilty anymore.

VERONICA: Feel guilty about what?

Veronica and Logan kissing.

VERONICA: What are we doing?

LOGAN: [Softly] No idea.

End previously. Open on a stuffed Garfied, stuck on the inside windscreen of a car. Car horns are blaring and people are shouting. Cars are queued in the Neptune High car park. The music is “Gold Rush” by Kissinger.

SONG: Fever, fever, high school bell
But the pageants never panned out well
Until doctor, doctor build your best
Now a rainbow ends on both your breasts
And there’s a gold rush, gold rush baby
You’re the gold rush, you’re a gold rush girl
And there’s a gold brush, gold rush baby
You’re the gold rush girl, gold rush girl, yeah.
Now I could leave these years behind
And spend my life down in the mines
Where pick and I’ll get one by one
They all melt when the work is done
But it’s a gold rush, gold brush baby
I’m a gold…

One of the basketball players heads up the queue of cars to see what the problem is.


He passes by the souce. The LeBaron has died and Veronica is trying to pull a rubber tube stuck to part of the engine. She is stuggling. Dick and his friend Beaver, accompanied by Logan, who is cutting into an apple with a small knife, walk up to her.

DICK: Uh-oh, someone’s got her eye on that Miss White Trash title.

BEAVER: Yeah, you know you got a solid effort in the talent competition, but I’d like to see that car up on some cinder blocks.

LOGAN: Guys, come on, huh.

Covering for Logan’s failure to respond appropriately, Veronica takes over.

VERONICA: I know. Guys, come on, the talent is making a grilled cheese sandwich on the engine block. [Grabs knife out of Logan’s hand] Guys, come on, you can’t put your car up on blocks in the yard if you don’t have a yard. [Cuts the free part of the tube away and attaches it to another part of the engine] You know, I think I can do both sides of this little act now. [Starts the car] So, how ‘bout next time, you don’t bother. I got it covered.

She throws the knife back at Logan, who catches it and smirks. They exchange a look before the boys wander off and she closes the bonnet. Cut to a skateboarder as he barrels down a path by the school. He passes a couple in deep conversation. This is Tad and Carmen.

TAD: So that’s it? I mean just like that you flush a two year relationship down the toilet?

CARMEN: No, Tad, it’s…We’ve been going out since I was a freshman an-and I just feel like-

TAD: What did I do wrong?

CARMEN: Nothing. It’s just…you’re graduating in a month and...

TAD: And what? What, you don’t trust me? What with college and all that?

CARMEN: Tad, I just can’t imagine doing the whole long distance thing.

TAD: But it’s only for a year.

CARMEN: No, it’s four years at the Academy and then four years of the Navy and I don’t know.

Tad pulls a cd out of his pocket.

TAD: Look. Look, just listen to this, please?

CARMEN: I don’t want another mix.

He slides it between the books she is holding, pressed against her chest.

TAD: It’s something I wrote for you on my guitar.

CARMEN: Look, a song isn’t going to make it better, Tad. It’s over.

She turns and starts to walk away.

TAD: Before you go, [she pauses] there’s something you should see.

She turns back as Tad gets out his cell phone.

CARMEN: You’re not gonna change my mind.

Tad punches some buttons and the sound of Carmen laughing and moaning can be heard. He holds up the phone so she can see the small screen. She is horrified. Cut to Veronica’s bathroom office. Carmen is staring in mirror, wiping tears away. Veronica is standing next to her.

CARMEN: I don’t even remember doing it. I must have been wasted. I-I would never do something like that. It’s totally disgusting.

VERONICA: You mean, you two having sex?

CARMEN: Worse. I’m skinny-dipping in some hot tub and…I have this…popsicle and I…

VERONICA: Do you think he’s serious?

CARMEN: I don’t know. When I said I wanted to break up, he was just…but I can’t take the chance. I need you to get me that phone, Veronica. You can do that, can’t you?

VERONICA: Oh, yeah. Bank on it.

Opening credits. Veronica’s bathroom office. She and Logan are kissing passionately. They do a standing roll from one side of the sink area to the other, never breaking apart and Logan lifts Veronica onto the counter. He pulls back and drops his head with a heavy sigh.

VERONICA: What? I blockaded the door. I hung an “Out of Order” sign.

Logan has a huge grin on his face. He shakes his head.

LOGAN: No, this is wrong. [He looks around] I mean a boy in a girl’s bathroom, it’s just-

VERONICA: So wrong, it’s right?

LOGAN: [Whispers] Yes.

They kiss again until Logan pulls back and sighs again, this time more serious.

LOGAN: I’m sorry about Dick and those guys.

VERONICA: Dick and those guys don’t bother me.

Veronica grabs Logan’s shirt as he laughs softly..

VERONICA: Besides, you and I have to keep up appearances because Duncan is gonna come home some day…and [resting her hands on his shoulders] I don’t want him to hear about us, this, from someone else.

Logan nods then looks at his watch. He expels another heavy breath.

LOGAN: I am beyond tardy for my physics class.

Logan leans forward to kiss her quickly, then grabs his books from the other sink counter.

LOGAN: If I remember right, time travel is not yet possible.

Logan performs a silly little skip and heads for the door. Veronica jumps down from the counter and follows him.

VERONICA: So try petty corruption.

Logan peers out of the bathroom as Veronica, now behind him, reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a pad of slips.


VERONICA: Tardy excuse slips. Date-stamped. Untraceable. I know people.

Veronica pulls the bathroom door open slighty and peers out. Logan moves behind her to look. Veronica puts on an OMG face but then drops it as she turns to face Logan and leans back against the wall next to the door.

VERONICA: It’s clear.

Logan stands over her, hand on the door.

VERONICA: Good luck in physics.

LOGAN: Thank you.

Veronica grabs his shirt and pulls him in for a kiss but then, just as they are about to, starts speaking again.

VERONICA: Remember, [Logan laughs as does Veronica, then they complete the kiss] force equals mass times acceleration…

LOGAN: [Kissing her again] Mmm.

VERONICA: …light is a particle that can exhibit properties of a wave…

Logan kisses her a couple more times before straightening up and looking down on her.

LOGAN: I’d learn more staying here with you.

He moves in to continue the ‘lesson’ and is again within millimetres of her mouth when she pushes him away.

VERONICA: I have things to do.

Logan laughs again. He kisses her cheek, then opens the door and strides off, tapping the “Out of Order” sign as he goes. Veronica sighs.


She heads over to her bag on the counter and pulls out a cell phone.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I made a promise to Carmen. Thank god for disposable cell phones.

Cut to the school hallway. Veronica and Wallace walk along together.

VERONICA: No offence but you look odd.

WALLACE: I just watched our parents cuddle on the couch last night. My eyes…they burn.

VERONICA: Any idea what our parents do Mondays and Wednesdays from six to ten that requires an overnight bag?

WALLACE: As far as I’m concerned, they play bingo at the VFW. That’s my story, I’m sticking with it.

VERONICA: Best way to deal with things like this? Pretend they don’t exist. [Handing him a slip of paper] Do you mind calling this number halfway through sixth period?

WALLACE: Sure, all right. They don’t exist?


They pause and Veronica spots Tad.

VERONICA: Hey, you mind helping me with a bump and bait here?

Wallace nods as Veronica hands him a cell phone. She starts talking loudly and walking backwards towards the oncoming Tad.

VERONICA: [A la Valley girl] So I was all no way and he was like, yeah, way and-

Tad walks into Veronica as he passes her. He turns to face her.

VERONICA: I’m so sorry.

Wallace drops the phone into his backpack.

TAD: Watch what you’re doing.

VERONICA: Okely-dokely.

Wallace and Veronica smile. Cut to Veronica entering a classroom. She has a cell phone to her ear and is in Valley girl mode again.

VERONICA: [Excitedly] He did not say that. Uh-uh. Uh-uh. [Gasps] Uh-uh.

Tad is sitting at one of the desks. The teacher at the front of the class is unimpressed with Veronica’s entrance as she puts her bag down on one of the empty desks.

MR WU: Excuse me! What do you think you’re doing?

VERONICA: [Into the phone] Okay, ciao for now. [To Mr Wu] This is like study hall, right? I was excused from gym class for, um, personal reasons.

MR WU: Are you not familiar with the school’s cell phone policy?

He holds his hand out for the phone. Veronica gives it to him.

VERONICA: [Testily] All right, all right, take a pill.

MR WU: You can pick this up after school.

Veronica returns to and sits at her desk and holds out her hands in a “whatever” gesture. Cut to Wallace in a different, darkened classroom, where some dull educational film is playing..

FILM AUDIO: We can it symbiosis. That literally means living together.

Wallace has his phone in his hand under his desk and is punching in a number. Back in study hall, a cell rings.

MR WU: Tad, I believe your bag is ringing.

Some of the class giggle while Tad picks up his bag from the floor beside him and retrieves his phone. He finds it and opens it. Mr Wu holds out his hand for it.

TAD: What? Give me a break, it’s not even on.

MR WU: I know you know the policy Mr Wilson, because you just saw a demonstration. I’m an equal opportunity confiscator.

Tad, pissed off, takes the phone to Mr Wu as Veronica observes with a look of satisfaction. Mr Wu places Tad’s phone in a drawer. Cut to a different classroom, a lab. Veronica collects her paper and approaches the teacher.

VERONICA: Ms Dunne? I volunteered to separate the recycling from the cafeteria trash this afternoon. Can I be excused from class early?

The clueless Miss Dunne nods and takes Veronica’s paper. Cut to the hallway. The bell rings and Veronica runs to study hall. Mr Wu is still at the teacher’s desk of the now empty room.

VERONICA: Hi! I’m here to get my phone back.

He opens the drawer. Veronica grabs Tad’s phone.

MR WU: Consider this a warning. Next time, I’m keeping it and you’ll just have to gossip with your friends with two cans and string.

VERONICA: I’m not sure what that means but I’m totally warned, I swear.

Veronica runs out of the room, bumping into Tad coming in. She flies. He approaches Mr Wu who looks up.

MR WU: Ah, yep.

Mr Wu opens his drawer. Tad puts his hand in the drawer, reaching for his phone and realises that it is not there.

TAD: Wait, this isn’t mine.

Mr Wu, disinterested, does that “I don’t know” hum and returns to his papers. Tad thinks for a moment, then clues in.

TAD: Veronica Mars.

Cut to Mars Investigations. Veronica puts her stuff on her desk as Keith, feet on his desk, viewing his computer screen, calls out to her.

KEITH: Hey, honey, how’s school?

VERONICA: You know. Mean kids and different teachers. Crumbling infrastructure. [Heading into his office] So, why are you smiling?

KEITH: ‘Cause I’m savouring the irony. Imagine the Mars family sending our heir, Veronica, to an Ivy League college with money from the bounty on the Kane heir.

Veronica looks over his reclined body at the screen. It is a “Missing Persons Links” page setting out details of missing persons and rewards. Duncan Kane is top of the list. Details listed include age (looks like 18), date of birth (looks like 19 February 1987), hair (brown), eyes (blue), height (looks like 5”11’) and some further details. There is a picture of him and under it, the amount of $50,000.00. Also on the list id Eckwood Solomon 111 (reward $10,000.00) and Aaron Garrison Jr.

VERONICA: [Reads] For information on the whereabouts of Duncan Kane. [Amazed] Fifty grand? Not bad.

KEITH: Money for nothing. That’s your first two years right there.

VERONICA: It might not be as easy as you think.

KEITH: Come on, honey, Duncan Kane? A sheltered rich kid who has maids fold his underwear? I think I’ll be able to track him down. I’m only worried about beating the other pros. Yeah, he’s a big fish in a very small barrel.

Keith looks up at his daughter and catches the doubt in her face.

KEITH: What is it?

VERONICA: You know that entertainment lawyer you’ve been looking for all year?

KEITH: Yeah.

VERONICA: Well, I was telling Meg about how hard the guy’s been to find and all the tricks you use if you want to disappear and Duncan was sitting right there, listening. But, looking on the bright side, all those other professionals probably won’t find him first.

KEITH: What did you tell him?

VERONICA: Use cash, don’t use a credit card, don’t use your own car, you know.

KEITH: The basics.

VERONICA: I might have mentioned something about recycling passports on eBay.

Keith looks resigned.

VERONICA: [Enthusiastically] But, come on, Dad, with your expertise and my can-do spirit, we can do it. Family project.

The door to Mars Investigations can be heard opening.

VERONICA: I have a friend who can play the eBay angle, might be able-

Veronica finally hears the humming of “Our Love Is Here to Stay” coming from the outer office and pauses, looking up. A contented and happy Alicia appears at the door of Keith’s office.

ALICIA: [Lovingly] Hello, Mr Mars. [To Veronica, friendly] Hey, Veronica. How’s school?

VERONICA: [Embarrassed] Hi, Miss Fennel, it’s fine.

Keith, sporting a grin, stands and moves to the door, grabbing a bag on the way. He kisses Alicia on the cheek.

KEITH: We’ll be back around eight or so.

VERONICA: Where you going?

KEITH: Out. Why don’t you get started on that passport thing?

Keith and Alicia leave and Veronica sighs. Cut to later. Veronica is working on her computer when Carmen enters.

CARMEN: So. Did it work?

VERONICA: Success.

Veronica hands her Tad’s phone.

CARMEN: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. You didn’t watch it, did you?

Veronica shakes her head and Carmen sinks into the chair in relief.

CARMEN: You saved my life, Veronica.

VERONICA: Look, Carmen, just because we got the phone, doesn’t mean the video’s dead. You gotta know it’s impossible to destroy a digital file with any kind of certainty.

CARMEN: Tad isn’t really a think ahead kind of guy.

Carmen looks down at the phone then grabs a heavy based sculpture on Veronica’s desk and smashes the phone. Veronica smiles broadly.

CARMEN: That felt good.

VERONICA: Justice is served.

On her computer screen, Veronica has the PryingEyez screen in the background but was actually doing an email to Wallace entitled: History Project Due. As she glances at her screen again, she receives an email. The message is: Nice try.

VERONICA: It’s just a message from Top Gun.

CARMEN: That’s Tad.

Carmen comes around to Veronica’s side of the desk and looks over her shoulder as a video file loads. It is Carmen and the popsicle. Carmen turns off the screen.

CARMEN: Oh my god.

Cut to Neptune High School, outside. Veronica and Mac walk along.

VERONICA: So the thing is figuring out if any passports were sold on any of these auction sites and shipped anywhere near Neptune.

MAC: Man, Veronica. Have you ever asked for help for anything normal?

VERONICA: What fun would that be?

MAC: All right, well, I’ll get back to you.

VERONICA: Thanks a zillion, Mac.

Mac goes into the school as Veronica pauses outside, seeing Carmen wrapped in Tad’s arms.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So Carmen’s back with Tad. It’s either that or he sends the video to the whole school.

Weevil, Felix and a few of the other bikers pass Veronica.

WEEVIL: Now that’s a shame. Neighbourhood girl like that, wasting her assets on a white boy.

FELIX: Isn’t that that chick you had a crush on in eighth grade? Too bad you ain’t rich. And white. ‘Cause damn is she fine.

In another area, there is a poster for: Get Marooned, Junior/Senior Prom, $75/ticket, $150/couple. Seth gazes up at it then turns to speak to a fat girl.

SETH: Get marooned. Great. Another island-centric prom theme. Another year of double digit IQed jocks laughing at their own jokes about getting laid as freshman hula girls put flowers around their necks.

Tad, Carmen and Tad’s friend overhear.

TAD: I don’t see anybody forcing you to buy tickets, queer-bait.

SETH: I’m sorry, am I giving away your best material, uh?

TAD’S FRIEND: Isn't the, uh, gay prom next Friday in the Dog Beach men's room?

Approaching Tad and slapping his arm.

SETH: So I guess I'll see you there, sailor.

A crowd is starting to form and they laugh. Tad gets in Seth’s face.

TAD: What'd you just say to me, Boy George?

SETH: Come on. The Navy? “Cover my back, wingman!” “The rear admiral wants us to pound away with the ten-inch gun!” I mean, isn’t just joining the Navy alone gay enough to get you thrown out of the Navy.

More laughter. Tad has no answer.

TAD: The prom is supposed to be for traditional couples, man.

TAD’S FRIEND: Oh, come on. What’s more traditional than fairies and fat chicks?

That hits Seth a bit and the crowd laughs. Someone gives a “ooo” as in suggesting a knockout punch.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Now why would Carmen want to dump such a charmer?

Cut to later. Carmen and Veronia walk along in the school grounds.

CARMEN: One day and I already feel like I need a long hot shower. I don’t know how long I can keep this up.

VERONICA: What you need is an exit strategy.

CARMEN: You know what’s going to happen, Veronica? I gonna end up a downloadable national joke. You know, right up there with Paris Hilton or that “Star Wars” kid. I-I’ll be the video that everyone emails their friends, you know, just google popsicle girl and there I’ll be for the rest of human history. And I can’t stop him.

VERONICA: Unless you had something that would ruin Tad back. You know, get your own A-bomb and it prevents him from launching a first strike. Mutually Assured Destruction.

CARMEN: You’re not gonna find any dirt on Tad, if that’s what you mean.

VERONICA: Beyond his penchant for amateur underage pornography? Leave that to me. I just need to know that you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty. If it makes you feel any better, he didn’t really leave you much of a choice.

They pause.

CARMEN: Tad used to be different. I mean, he was the first boyfriend I ever had. He was the first guy I ever slept with.

VERONICA: First guy who got you drunk and took dirty pictures of you. You still want to date him? Then let’s get this over with.

CARMEN: What do I do?

VERONICA: You invite Tad for a romantic afternoon on the Neptune boardwalk.

Cut to the LeBaron pulling into Weevil’s uncle’s yard. Weevil walks up as Veronica gets out of the car.

WEEVIL: What are you doin' here? You miss me?

VERONICA: Alternator trouble. Think your uncle can return the LeBaron to all its original glory?

WEEVIL: He could get it ready for Daytona if you pay him enough.

VERONICA: That won't be necessary.

Weevil pulls her aside.

WEEVIL: Come ‘ere. The word is the Kanes are offering a nice little reward to find Duncan.

VERONICA: You pick up some leads when you broke into the Kane house or were you just covering your tracks? You used me.

WEEVIL: Yeah, well. We’re always owing each other favours, aren’t we? Don't give me that look. If you really thought I'd hurt Lilly you'd have a homing device on my ass already. I just heard something I thought might be worth, say, uh, 10% of your finder’s fee.

VERONICA: Ten per cent? Depends on what that something it.

WEEVIL: How ‘bout a certain spoiled white boy bought a crapped out Impala from my uncle’s friend a few weeks back.

VERONICA: Eight per cent, if it pans out and you throw in that alternator.

WEEVIL: All right.

Veronica walks out of the yard just as Logan’s SUV pulls up outside. She is on the phone.

VERONICA: Hey, Dad, you got a pen? [Pause] A ’69 Impala. California license plate 6GU C788. [Veronica, wedging the phone between her ear and her shoulder, lets herself into Logan’s car]] And he bought it for eight hundred cash a couple weeks ago. Right. Bye.

LOGAN: It’s always business with you.

Cut to the Echolls house as Veronica and Logan, wrapped in a kiss, burst in. Still kissing, Logan swirls Veronica around and into the room. She laughs, they kiss a little more, then break.

LOGAN: So the place is ours. Dad’s at class [kissing her forehead] and Trina’s at an extremely important purse store opening in Beverley Hills[kisses her cheeck].

VERONICA: Your Dad is taking classes?

Logan pulls away.

LOGAN: Yeah, [gestures] exploring the world outside himself. [Heading for the mantelpiece] All part of the [he combines a throw and a kick to emphasise] new Aaron Echolls. Spanish, ceramics, Tae Kwan Doe and today, [reaches and leans against the mantelpiece] glass blowing with Silvio Pirelli, [looking at a glass piece on the mantelpiece] master of Old World crystal. [Veronica has followed him and reaches the mantelpiece, staring at the glassware] Nice, huh? Just two lessons.

VERONICA: And he made a bong?

LOGAN: An urn for my mom. You know since there was no body and thus no ashes, he filled it with sea water, ‘cause she jumped into the ocean, get it? [Moving forward to put his hands on Veronica’s waist.] At least it gets him out of the house.

They kiss and spin again, this time into the middle of the room. Veronica laughs and they move towards the couch. They pause.

VERONICA: Hey, do you think this thing…will ever get more normal?

Logan kisses her cheek then leads her to the couch. Veronica drops her bag and they both sink onto the sofa, facing each other.

LOGAN: What, like will we ever hang at the mall and hold hands and buy each other teddy bears with hearts that say "I wuv you bear-y much"?

VERONICA: Yes, exactly that. Except I want my bear won through some sort of demonstration of ring tossing ability.

LOGAN: [Softly] Well, secrets are kinda hot, too.

Logan leans in to kiss her, pauses, then darts forward for her lips as he bends her down into the couch, Veronica’s arms going around Logan. A few seconds of heavy making out is interrupted by the sound of Aaron clearing his throat. They both look up, gasp and Logan stumbles off the couch as Veronica sits up. Aaron is bringing in a bag of groceries.

AARON: Oh, I’m sorry. Well, I didn’t realise you had company. Hello, Veronica.

Veronica gives an embarrassed little wave.

LOGAN: I thought you were out.

AARON: Yeah, well, Silvio cancelled so I, [takes parcel from grocery bag] I grabbed some swordfish, I thought I’d try that Lime Tequila Marinade. [Puts parcel in fridge] You know, uh, I think I’ll get out of your guy’s hair, uh, there’s chips if you’re hungry. Blue corn, really good.

Aaron backs out. Logan, leaning over the back of one of a pair of armchairs, puts his head in his hands.

LOGAN: Oh my God. Did I just get caught by my dad making out on the couch?

VERONICA: Yeah, you got caught by your dad. I got caught by the star of “Breaking Point” and “Beyond the Breaking Point”. That's weird. [Feeling her teeth with her lips] Um, and I have lipstick on my teeth.

Veronica stands and heads for the bathroom. Logan watches her go and expels his breath. In the bathroom, Veronica checks her face and exits, just as the doorbell ring. She pauses when she hears Aaron’s voice. Aaron enters with Dick and Beaver.

AARON: Logan! Look who showed up. Dick and, um…

BEAVER: Ah, Cassidy.

DICK: Beaver.

LOGAN: [Standing] Beav!

DICK: This is why you couldn’t surf? You had something to do on the couch?

Dick and Beaver sit in the armchairs as Veronica backs away.

LOGAN: I’m sorry, dude, [gazes in Veronica’s direction] I just…

Dick spots Veronica’s bag.

DICK: Dude, you got a chick here?

LOGAN: No, that's Trina's. She's without her lip gloss. It's possible she's suffering out there.

Aaron, who can see Veronica, sees her slip out another way and grasps the situation quickly. He reaches for the bag.

AARON: Oh, right, and, uh, I’m supposed to take that to her.

A look of understanding passes.

LOGAN: Yeah. Actually I was-I was going to go with you.

DICK: Dude, no way! You already blew us off in the water. [Logan stares longingly at the direction his father is walking] We got business to discuss. This weekend. Mexico. Annual surf and chick fest. [Veronica, now in another room, listens uncomfortably] Beav talked to these cheerleaders…

BEAVER: Yeah, it turns out they have a retreat outside Rosarito and they just got second in this regional contest.

DICK: Beers, waves and weak-willed cheerleaders right next door.

LOGAN: [Softly and without enthusiasm] Sweet.

Aaron reaches Veronica, holding her bag.

AARON: Looks like Logan is gonna be stuck for a while. [Offers up the bag] Ride home?

Veronica nods. Cut to Aaron’s car. The music is Lobo’s “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo”.

SONG: Me and you and a dog named Boo,
Travellin' and livin' off the land.
Me and you and a dog named Boo,
How I love bein' a free man.
Now, I can still recall the wheat fields of Saint Paul,
And the mornin' we got caught robbin' from an old hen.
Old MacDonald made us work, but then he paid us for what it was worth,
Another tank of gas and back on the road again.
Me and you and a dog named Boo,
Travellin' and livin' off the land.
Me and you and a dog named Boo,
How I love bein' a free man.
Now, I'll never forget that day we motored stately into big L.A.
The lights of the city put settlin' down in my brain.
Though it's only been a month or so…

Veronica sits in embarrassed silence as Aaron drives.

AARON: So, how are you Veronica?

VERONICA: Embarrassed. [Gives a little laugh] Uncomfortable.

AARON: Ohh, don’t be. I was a teenager once. Th-the thing I really want to ask…how’s Logan.

VERONICA: I think he’s…coming to terms.

AARON: He was such a good kid. When Lilly died, he became…

VERONICA: Difficult?

AARON: [Laughs] Well, maybe it’s in the genes. I can be difficult from time to time. But whatever, I don’t know if you guys are serious or, um, casual or, or just talking but [touching the side of his nose] your secret’s safe with me, you know? Look, I just appreciate whatever you’re doing to help him through it.


The car pulls up at the side of the road.


AARON: Veronica.

She pauses.

AARON: I’m glad you two are together. I like what I see in him when he’s with you.

Veronica smiles and gets out of the car and Aaron drives off.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The talk with Dad. I guess that means my relationship with Logan is officially off the ground. Just in time for Tad and Carmen’s relationship to crash and burn on the boardwalk.

Cut to Tad and Carmen on the boardwalk. The music is “Finding Out True Love Is Blind” by Louis XIV.

SONG: Ah chocolate girl, you're looking like something I want
Ah and your little Asian friend well she can come if she wants
I want all the self conscious girls who try to hide who they are with makeup
You know it's the girl with a frown with the tight pants I really want to shake up
Hey, carrot juice, I wanna squeeze you away until you bleed
(finding out true love is blind)
And your vanilla friend, well she looks like something I need
(finding out true love is blind)
Wind me up and make you crawl to me
Tie me up until you call to me
Wind you up and make you crawl to me
Tie you up until you call to me
Wind you up and make you crawl to me
Tie you up until you call to me
Ah brown girl with those with the hot pants shaking that thing on the street
(finding out true love is blind)
Yeah and the short girls with the way they crawl knocks me off my feet
(finding out true love is blind)
And all the tough girls who never want me to see them cry
(finding out true love is blind)
(finding out true love is blind)

Tad hands Carmen some cotton candy. He sips from a straw in a plastic cup he holds.

TAD: Jeez! How much vodka did you put in this thing?

They pick out some headgear and take them up to the Viking-helmeted vendor.


They pay and head for a photo booth. Tad, in a bee hat and Carmen with flower face pose in the booth as the camera clicks. Later, along the boardwalk, Carmen stops outside a tattoo parlour.

CARMEN: How much do you love me?

Cut to later. Tad’s shirt is tied round his waist, leaving him in his wifebeater. He has a square of gauze taped to the back of his shoulder.

TAD: I don’t know what it is about you Carmen that makes me feel plumb loco.

CARMEN: Do you wanna try something really crazy? I want you to go talk with Seth.

Carmen looks over his shoulder and Tad turns to see Seth walking along the boardwalk.

TAD: Why do you need fashion advice?

CARMEN: I heard from that drama chick, Gina that he has the best X in school. I don’t know, I thought, maybe on prom night, you’d wanna experiment with me after the dance?

TAD: This is why I love you. [Kisses her] Be right back.

Carmen’s smile drops when Tad leaves her. Cut to Tad walking across an area free of other people. Tad runs to catch him.

TAD: Hey, Seth, hey…ah…

Tad grasps Seth’s hand in a handshake. Veronica, complete with a baseball cap pulled low, takes photos of the encounter from the car. Cut to her bedroom. The photos are on her screen.

VERONICA: All we need now is a soundtrack. [To Carmen, nervously standing] Be natural. Be intimate and let Tad do the talking, [hands her a phone which is attached to the computer] he will tie his own noose, guaranteed. [Carmen punches in the number] Home stretch, girlfriend.

CARMEN: Hey, Tad. I had such a great time today.

Cut to Tad, still in wifebeater, sitting up on his bed.

TAD: Me too, baby. I wish I had you here right now though in my bed. I can’t wait until after prom for our little, ah, erotic experiment.

Cut back to Carmen.

CARMEN: I had no idea that you’d be so into dropping X together.

TAD: [Offscreen] Are you kidding me?

Cut back to Tad.

TAD: I’ve always been curious. Yeah, I was just always worried about my parents, you know, or the Naval Academy. They’d kick me out if they ever found out.

Cut back to Carmen.

CARMEN: Well you sure you’re ready for me?

Cut back to Tad.

TAD: Big time.

Cut back to Carmen.

CARMEN: Nighty night.

She turns off the phone and turns to Veronica.

CARMEN: So how was that?

VERONICA: That was a little scary. So remember, we’ll meet for lunch tomorrow? And don’t forget Tad.

Cut to Veronica in the kitchen as Keith briskly enters their apartment.

KEITH: Hi honey.

VERONICA: Good news, it’s Chicken Kiev night and this time-

KEITH: Next time. [Carrying his bag] I gotta run.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The mystery bag. On a Tuesday? My own dad has lost total libidinal control.

VERONICA: Are you sure? There are some important teen issues we could discuss.

KEITH: Ooh, the car Duncan bought? Just got a tip. It was spotted outside Tijuana. Yale, baby.

Keith exits as Veronica stares after him. Cut to Tijuana, with various street scenes.

KEITH: [Offscreen] He’s in room what? In the middle?

Cut to Keith handing cash to a man.


KEITH: Gracias.


The man walks away and Keith heads towards some small houses, outside of which is parked a beat up Impala. Cut inside one of the houses as Keith knocks from outside.

KEITH: [Offsceen and in hokey Mexican accent] Room service. [Entering] It’s about time you came home, Dunc-

The naked woman in the bed gasps and tightens the covers around her.

KEITH: Duncan, what are you…

A man comes out of another room, putting on his shirt. It is the shirt of a policeman. The man looks at Keith quizzically.

KEITH: The, uh, car out front, the Impala?

MEXICAN POLICEMAN: Eh, Impala, si. Is yours?

Cut to Keith driving back, speaking to Veronica on the cell phone.

KEITH: It’s a bust, sweetie. The car was abandoned outside the bus station, a case of beer in the seat and a sign in Spanish saying: Free Car. A decoy. Maybe Duncan’s smarter than I was giving credit.

Cut to Veronica in the hallway at Neptune High.

VERONICA: Well he did ace his PSATs. So I’ll see you at home for dinner?

KEITH: [Offscreen] Raincheck, honey. Alicia and I-

VERONICA: Are going out, right. I’ll see ya when I see ya.

Veronica closes the phone and enters a classroom.

VERONICA: You busy?

Mac is alone in the room, gazing at a computer screen.

MAC: Still working on that passport thing. Check it out. I just found Mr Heinrich’s posting on the Neptune Swingles site.

Veronica leans forward to see.

VERONICA: Ooo, Larry, bowm-chicka-bow-bow.

Mac laughs.

MAC: What do you need?

VERONICA: Ah, along the same lines. How long does it take you to create a highly incriminating, thoroughly libellous, sexually explicit website?

MAC: Uh... forty-five minutes, give or take? I’ll get started on it as I’m done reading about how Mr Heinrich’s interests include [reading] horseback riding on the beach, hot tubbing with special friends and [air quotes with her fingers, replicating what’s onscreen] “sensual” charades.

VERONICA: Oh, thanks Mac. That’s a mental image I’ll carry with me to the grave.

Seth comes up behind Veronica and glances at the screen.

SETH: Is that my math teacher?

VERONICA: [Handing her an envelope] Here’s the ammo. Seth here will help you with the rest.

Seth and Mac smile at each other and return their attention to the screen as Veronica exits. Cut to later. Tad approaches Veronica and Carmen, sitting on a bench, waiting for him.

TAD: What are you doing here?

VERONICA: I’m here to offer you a deal.

TAD: I want my cell phone back.


Veronica takes the smashed phone, kept together in a plastic bag, out of her bag and tosses it to Tad.

VERONICA: Next order of business, you and Carmen are broken up, effective immediately.

TAD: Whoa, what about yesterday? The boardwalk? My tattoo?

CARMEN: It’s called pretending. I don’t love you anymore. And you can’t blackmail me into it.

TAD: Look Carmen, I swear, I never wanted to hurt you. You made me do it. And look, if you make me do it again-

VERONICA: She’ll hurt you worse.

Veronica opens her laptop and sets it on the bench. Tad’s awful singing sounds out from a webpage, “Our Precious Secret”.

SONG: Our mothers and fathers just can’t understand.
So we follow the rainbow, to an uncharted land.
Then you’d be my sunshine on a rainy afternoon-

Two photos of Tad and Seth predominate. The filmstrip taken at the photo booth has been doctored to replace Carmen’s head with Seth’s.

TAD: What’s that?

VERONICA: It’s Seth’S web page devoted to your forbidden love. Beautiful song you wrote for him.

TAD: It’s a bunch of crap. You guys just faked that with Photoshop. No one’s gonna believe this.

VERONICA: Huh? Oooh.

Veronica teases the pointer down to the symbol.

SETH: [From the computer screen] Hey, Tad.

TAD: [From the computer screen] I can’t wait until after prom for our little, ah, erotic experiment.

SETH: [From the computer screen] Why didn’t you tell me you were into guys?

TAD: [From the computer screen] Are you kidding me? I’ve always been curious. Yeah, I was just always worried about my parents, you know, or the Naval Academy. They’d kick me out if they ever found out.

Veronica switches off the screen.

CARMEN: Seen enough?

TAD: Whatever, who cares about what this school thinks about me. I’m gone in a month.

VERONICA: Actually, I was able to get the email addresses of every Plebe at Annapolis. On press of a button and each of your new classmates will have the link to this very special website. The navy’s got that don’t ask, don’t tell thing. If we tell, they’re gonna ask. Mutually assured destruction. Think hard, Tad.

Veronica stands and passes Tad.

TAD: Look, Carmen.

CARMEN: I don’t ever want to speak to you again.

Carmen walks past him as he stares after her. Cut to Veronica, standing in a queue for the school bus.

LOGAN: [Offscreen] Ah, mass transit.

Veronica looks up to see Logan, sitting on the bonnet of the LeBaron, swinging its keys in his hand.

LOGAN: But why take the bus when you can drive your very own rustbucket? I had my dad's driver pick it up. [Knocks on the bonnet] Full of fresh stolen parts, ready to go.

He throws her the keys and she catches them. She joins him on the bonnet.

VERONICA: Wow, I'll just try to keep this little gesture in mind this weekend when you and Dick and the Beaver are off getting blasted and scamming cheerleaders.

LOGAN: Yeah...yeah. Actually, I had to tell Dick I'm not available, 'cause I have other plans.

VERONICA: There are cheerleaders with low self-esteem available domestically?

LOGAN: Are you free Friday? Maybe we could go out.

VERONICA: Here? In Neptune? What about our little secret?

LOGAN: Well, [sliding off the car] I thought we’d try a practice run in Catalina Island. So what do you think about us skipping school on Friday for a little ride on Dad’s boat? Dinner and a movie?

VERONICA: I'll pencil you in.

LOGAN: So it's, uh...what is the word? A date?

VERONICA: Nice of your dad to let us use his boat.

LOGAN: Yeah, yeah, I think he actually likes you. When he heard that stuff about your parents, I think he felt-

VERONICA: What? What stuff?

DICK: [Offscreen] Logan!

Logan and Veronica look over towards Logan’s parked car where Dick and Beaver are waiting.

DICK: What the hell, man?

LOGAN: Just, uh, there was something in the paper he saw, I don’t know.

Logan heads for his car. Turning and walking backwards, he holds his hand out to indicate the number five, smiling.

LOGAN: So tennish, Albacore Club, slip five.

He walks away as Veronica smiles. Cut to her desk at Mars Investigations. She is searching through papers. She eventually finds a legal notice: Notice of Service. Seeking Lianne Mars. Please contact this number immediately, legal proceedings have begun in your name. 555-0166.

VERONICA: Oh my god.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Seeking Lianne Mars. Please contact this number immediately. Legal proceedings have begun in your name.

Veronica picks up the phone and dials. Cut to Loretta Cancun at the Sheriff’s Department. She is not happy and letting Cliff know it.

LORETTA: I know what entrapment is.

CLIFF: Actually, Loretta, I don’t think you do. [His cell rings and he answers] Yeah, it’s Cliff. Yes, I’m always available for you.

LORETTA: This is entrapment. Oh, and if that’s Tamara, tell that bitch she can beg all she wants, I’m testifying.

CLIFF: Miss Cancun, please, you’re not helping yourself.

Cut to a worried looking Veronica.

CLIFF: [Offscreen] Veronica, what do you need?

VERONICA: Why would someone place a notice of legal proceedings in the classified section?

Cut back to Cliff.

CLIFF: Well, it could be anything. Could you be more specific?

Cut back to Veronica.

VERONICA: Like, say, a man seeking the whereabouts of a woman.

Cut back to Cliff.

CLIFF: Could be child support, uh, civil suit, divorce. [To Loretta regarding paperwork he has glanced through] You just sign right here dear.

Cut back to Veronica, distraught..

VERONICA: Divorce?

Cut back to Cliff. He reads what Loretta has put on the form.

CLIFF: "Screw you, pig." Nice. Okay, like a big girl now?

Loretta casts him a filthy look.

CLIFF: [To Veronica] Yeah, California law, you have to run a notice for…

Cut to Veronica, now wide-eyed with panic.

CLIFF: [Offscreen] …seven days before you can file for divorce on grounds…

Cut back to Cliff. Loretta starts throwing things.

CLIFF: …of abandonment-

Cliff sighs heavily.

CLIFF: I gotta run, V.

Cliff puts down the phone and stares balefully at Loretta. Cut back to Veronica. She pulls up the Neptune Register on her screen and counts the number of ads. They appear from 21 to 26 April.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: One, two, three, four, five, six. One more day before whatever is happening happens and Lianne Mars returns clean and sober to a home that no longer has a place for her.

Veronica picks up the phone again.

TELEPHONE: Classifieds.

VERONICA: Hi. This is Veronica, Keith Mars’ assistant who placed a legal notice at the start of the week. Well, Mr Mars’ legal situation has changed and he won’t be needing to run the ad tomorrow.

TELEPHONE: Good thing you called, we’re an hour from deadline. Uh, if you could just confirm Mr Mars’ address, credit information and Mr Mars’ account password, we’ll take care of that for you.

VERONICA: [Whispers] Account password.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Of course, they have to have something sensible like a password to prevent people like me from doing what I’m trying to do.


Veronica hangs up. She thinks for a moment, then races out. Cut to Veronica in the car. The tracker is working.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I might feel a little uncomfortable about tracking my dad’s cell phone if he hadn’t done it to me first.

It leads her to the Hotel Dunes.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: A hotel. Great. Suddenly I’m feeling a little queasy.

Cut to the hotel receptionist dealing with Veronica’s enquiry.

HOTEL RECEPTIONIST: I’m sorry. We have no one under Mars or Fennel staying with us.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And trying all the Mr and Mrs Smiths is out of the question?

VERONICA: Thanks anyway.

Veronica turns away, dejected. As she leaves, she hears Louis Armstrong singing “Our Love Is Here to Stay” from one of the function rooms and goes to the door. A number of couples are ballroom dancing, including Keith and Alicia, who are enjoying themselves immensely.

SONG: In time the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble
They’re only made of clay. But our love is here to stay.

Ella Fitzgerald picks up in the duet as Veronica, upset, stares at Keith and Alicia.

SONG: It’s very clear, our love is here to stay.
Not for a year but ever and a day…

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Okay, Dad, I get it. You’re happy.

Veronica turns and walks away. Cut to Neptune High. Veronica joins Carmen.

VERONICA: Good morning.

CARMEN: It is good, isn’t it.

As they pass a group of guys, one of them calls out.

JERK: Hey, Carmen!

Carmen and Veronica stop and face the group.


JERK: I was wondering if you were hungry.


He pulls a popsicle out from behind him.

JERK: ‘Cause I thought you might want to suck on my popsicle.

The guys laugh. Carmen and Veronica are both horrified.

VERONICA: Tad pressed the button.

Cut to Weevil, Felix and some of the bikers walking along the hall inside the school. Felix is watching Carmen’s video on his cell phone.

CARMEN AUDIO: What if somebody catches us?

TAD AUDIO: No one is gonna catch us.

FELIX: No way! Man you really did miss out. That Carmen is freaky.

Weevil grabs the phone out of Felix’s hand.

WEEVIL: [Angry] Hey, what’s wrong with you, man, where’d this come from.

Cut to Veronica walking into a nearly deserted classroom. Carmen is crying, her head buried in her arms on one of the desks. Veronica sits next to her.

VERONICA: Hey. I saw your car was still in the lot.

CARMEN: I was waiting for the rest of school to leave so that I could…sneak home without being assailed with any frozen desserts. Although, I’m sure my parents have already seen the video by now, so I’m not exactly sure where I’m planning to hide. Somewhere they don’t have computers.

VERONICA: I can’t believe he did it.

CARMEN: Imagine my surprise. You know what? Screw it. I’m still glad that I dumped that idiot loser…crapface. I’d rather the whole world think I’m trashy than have a guy like Tad think he can push me around. At least now it’s over. No more waiting for the bomb to drop.

VERONICA: That’s right. No more waiting. Time to strike back.

Veronica unfolds her laptop on the desk. It is set up to send emails to 1032 recipients.

CARMEN: Mutually assured destruction.

VERONICA: The honour’s yours.

Carmen uses the pad to move the cursor to the forward button. She shakes her head and moves it to delete. She deletes the em

CARMEN: Thanks anyway.

VERONICA: You can’t let him get away with it.

CARMEN: Tearing Tad down isn’t gonna make me feel any better.

Carmen stands and goes to leave.

VERONICA: Carmen, I can’t stress enough-

She looks back at Veronica.

CARMEN: Sorry, Veronica, I guess revenge just isn’t my thing.

Veronica stares after her as she departs. She closes her laptop then hears Carmen’s audio coming from the other side of the room.

CARMEN AUDIO: What if somebody catches us?

Two young kids are watching and giggling over the video.

TAD AUDIO: No one is gonna catch us.

Veronica marches over to them and leans down behind them.

VERONICA: It's all fun and games until one of you gets my foot up your ass.

The kids are scared and scramble.

KID: [Whispers] Come on, let’s go.

Veronica sits down in front of the screen as Carmen laughs and moans. She watches a little and is shocked by what she see.

VERONICA: Oh my god.

Behind Carmen and her popsicle can be seen a string of outdoor lights.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I remember those stars and Chinese lamps. In fact, they’re about the only things I remember from that night. A year and a half ago. Shelly Pomeroy had a party.

Flashback to Veronica, drugged, passing the hot tub as she makes her way to the sun lounger. Cut back to Veronica.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Could it be the night Carmen gave her boyfriend a sex show in the hot tub that she can’t remember was the same night that I was drugged and raped in a guest bedroom?

Cut to Mars Investigations. Veronica enters and sees Keith, sitting at her desk. The paper is still opened at the classifieds as she left it the night before.

KEITH: I know I should have told you.

VERONICA: No. Your life is your business.

KEITH: I just felt after a year of not knowing I wanted options. If I ever decided to move on, serving notice is just a first step and if I think I might take another…no more surprises, I promise.

VERONICA: I just want you to be happy, Dad, and I realise that may involve surprises.

Keith smiles and heads into his office. Veronica lets out a deep breath. From behind her, Mac enters the office.

MAC: Roberto Nalbandion.

VERONICA: Who’s Roberto Nalbandion?

MAC: I have no idea.

VERONICA: Okay, forgive me if as of yet, I’m unimpressed.

MAC: I don’t know who he is but I do know that someone purchased his Argentinean passport off of eBay and had it shipped to the airport at Marriott.

Keith, interested, wanders back into the main office.

VERONICA: Dad, this is Mac. She knows her way around a computer. Mac, my dad.

MAC: Hi.

KEITH: Hi, so. Argentina. [With South American flair] Roberto Nalbandion. [To the sound of a flamenco guitar, Keith tangos back into his office] It’s great.

Mac and Veronica laugh. Veronica heads round to her side of the desk.

MAC: So, the bounty on Duncan, what’s my share? Eight, ten.

Veronica holds out a $10 bill.

VERONICA: Ten, but you drive a hard bargain.

MAC: I meant percent.

VERONICA: You’ll get your cut. New question. Is there anyway to figure out when a video was recorded on someone’s cell phone?

MAC: Sure, every MPEG has an embedded time stamp.

VERONICA: Okay. Carmen’s video. I’ve got it up on the screen.

MAC: Sure. No problem.

Mac joins Veronica on her side of the desk and sits at the screen. She punches a few keys and pull up the details of the video: Kind – Quick Time Movie, Size – 7MB on disk (7,427,697 bytes), Where – Desktop, Cases Carmen, Created: Sunday, December 7, 2003 3:23 AM, Modified – Sunday, April 24, 2005 8:33 PM.

MAC: It says the image was captured at 3:23am, December 7th 2003. I can’t believe that butthead sent it out. [Looking up, noticing the shock on Veronica’s face] What, does that date mean something?

VERONICA: [Lying] Nothing.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Only that Carmen and I don’t remember the same night.

Cut to Alicia at Kane Software. She is talking to Keith on her cell as she walks.

ALICIA: No, I just have a meeting. [Checks her watch] Well, you have until 5:30 to decide chicken or fish otherwise you lose your right to complain. Bye Keith.

She switches off the phone and enters a conference room. The room is dark.

ALICIA: You wanted to see me, Mr…

Wiedman is sitting at the top of a large table, in the shadows.

WIEDMAN: Clarence Wiedman. I’m with security here, Mrs Fennel. I wanted to talk to you about Keith Mars.


WIEDMAN: I know you’ve been seeing Mr Mars for the past couple months. What you may not know; he is a man with a known grudge against the Kane family and this company. I’m gonna have to ask you to stop seeing him if you wanna avoid problems with your job here.

ALICIA: Look, Mr Weed, or wh-whatever your name is. I have been a perfect employee since the moment I stepped through that door and I have never done anything to raise questions as to my dedication to my job. The idea that you can tell me what I can and can’t do with my personal life…well, Clarence…

He holds up something.

WIEDMAN: Mrs Fennel. You know what this is? This is an electronic eavesdropping device. A bug. I found it in that houseplant [points behind him] which has been in my office for the last several weeks. You know who delivered it? [Alicia shakes her head] Your son, Wallace. Like I said. You really might want to reconsider your relationship with Mr Mars.

Cut to early morning at Neptune High. Veronica is in jeans, ready for her day on the boat with Logan. She walks across the deserted outside area.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: An hour early to school is pretty brown-nosey, but even at Neptune yachting is not a recognized excuse for a late English report.

She slows when she spots Tad, naked, duct taped to the flagpole as Wallace was in the pilot. He has the word “Scum” across his chest.

VERONICA: How's it hangin', Tad? Let me guess: uncomfortable?

TAD: I guess you and Carmen got those bikers to put me up here.

VERONICA: I had nothing to do with putting you up here. But [reaches into her back pocket and pulls out her knife] I might be convinced to help you get down.

TAD: What do you want from me, bitch? You destroyed my life. You took away the only person that I ever loved.

VERONICA: I don’t recall forcing you to send that video.

TAD: No, she did. She left me.

VERONICA: And what good did sending it do?

TAD: Who’s gonna wanna touch her now? You know, if I can’t have her, no one can.

VERONICA: You are so lucky she has a better soul than I do because I would have taken you down with me.

TAD: So what are you gonna cut me down if I apologise, is that it?

VERONICA: Nope. [Getting up on the plinth] I just want a simple answer to a simple question. Who gave you the rohypnol the night of Shelly Pomeroy’s party. Yeah, I know. You roofied your girlfriend. "Class" with a capital "K".

TAD: I-I don’t remember.

VERONICA: In about five minutes, people are gonna start showing up for school and unless you want your [points with her knife hand at his genitals] little business to be the first thing they see, you’re gonna tell me who gave you the roofies.

TAD: There weren’t any roofies. It was GHB. It was Logan Echolls. He gave it to me.

Veronica is shocked and temporarily frozen. After a moment, she walks behind Tad.

TAD: Oh, thank you.

VERONICA: This might sting a bit.

Veronica pulls the gauze from the back of Tad’s shoulder. Tad groans. Veronica, leaving him duct taped to the flagpole, leaves.

TAD: Look, Veronica. Come back here. [Shouts] Veronica, please! Don’t do this. Oh, this isn’t over, Veronica Mars!

The camera closes in on the tattoo, a large heart with the name Seth across it. Cut to Logan on the boat at the Albacore. “Crimson and Clover” by Tommy James and the Shondells plaintively sounds.

SONG: Ahh, and I don't hardly know her
But I think I could love her
Crimson and clover
Yeah, my mind's such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feeling
Crimson and clover
Over and over

Logan is watching out for Veronica. He checks his watch and lets out a deep breath of frustration. He goes to the back of the boat where he has set up champagne and some food. He opens the champagne, anger showing in his face and takes a large swig once the fizz that covers his hand dies back. He sets the bottle on the table and sits back on the seat. The camera pulls back. Logan is very alone. End.

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