1.17 Kanes and Abel's

Written by: Carolyn Murray
Directed by: Nick Marck

Original Air Date: 5 April, 2005
Transcribed by Inigo

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars…

Keith stands over Lilly’s body and Veronica runs up to see in 101 Pilot.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It’s been a year and a half since my best friend Lilly Kane was murdered.

Weevil opens up in Rebecca’s office in 112 Clash of the Tritons.

WEEVIL: I never would have hurt her.

Veronica listens in the car.


Veronica searches through Dr Levine’s medical records in 114 Mars vs Mars.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So what is the mystery condition that’s causing your ex-boyfriend and possible half-brother to black out.

Duncan stands over Veronica at her computer. Veronica tells Leo what she knows. Wiedman walks to his office in 111 Silence of the Lamb.

VERONICA: Did you know that Clarence Wiedman, Head of Security at Kane Software, was the one that made the tip call that got Abel Koontz arrested?

Veronica talks to Leo in 114 Mars vs Mars. Veronica talks to Koontz in prison.

VERONICA: You’re dying, Abel.

Veronica talks to Leo.

VERONICA: Did you know that there’s a traffic ticket that proves that Lilly’s time of death is three hours off?

Veronica and Duncan, who is standing behind her, watch Jake and Celeste in 110 An Echolls Family Christmas.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Jake and Celeste. Either of them could have gone home on their own and killed Lilly.

JAKE: What did you do?

End previously.


The scene opens from where it left off in 116 Betty and Veronica, with Veronica looking at the Neptune Register obituary for Stella Koontz.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So Abel Koontz has a daughter. And now Clarence Wiedman knows that I know. But what do I really know? That Jake Kane bought a dying man’s confession? That the Kane family needed a fall guy?
Amelia DeLongpre.

Veronica opens “Private Eyez” and searches for Amelia. She finds an entry that gives her date of birth as 17 March, 1984 and her most recent address as Loyola Marymount University, 1 LMU Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: She’s the one person who can prove my theory. I have to track her down before Clarence Wiedman finds her and…Loyola Marymount? What do you know? She lives in LA.

Veronica grabs her keys, bag and coat and races out of her room.


A student works on her bed, books spread about her. There is a firm knock at the door. She responds without looking up.


The knocking continues. With a hint of frustration she goes to the door.

WIEDMAN: Hello. Ms DeLongpre?

COLLEGE STUDENT: Uh, who are you?

WIEDMAN: I’m looking for Amelia DeLongpre.

COLLEGE STUDENT: I’m-I’m sorry. She left about five minutes ago with some friend of hers.

WIEDMAN: Could you describe this friend?

COLLEGE STUDENT: Tiny, blonde, cute as a bug.


In the college parking lot, Veronica leads Amelia towards her car.

AMELIA: I’m sorry. I don’t think I can do this. I don’t even know you.

VERONICA: Your father’s attorney, Clif-Mr McCormack sent me to get you. We found some new evidence, evidence that may prove your father is innocent.


Veronica opens the car door.

VERONICA: Amelia, get in the car. If you don’t get in the car, you’re putting yourself in danger.

AMELIA: I haven’t spoken to my father in years. I don’t understand.

VERONICA: You’re a threat to the Kane family now that you know about the payoff.

AMELIA: What payoff?

VERONICA: You just told me you’re receiving millions in Kane Software stock.

AMELIA: But mom said that was an out of court settlement.

VERONICA: [urgently] It’s not a settlement. It’s a payoff. For pleading guilty to the murder of Lilly Kane. Your father is innocent.


Veronica’s car pulls up at what is more motel than hotel.


Veronica and Amelia enter one of the rooms.

VERONICA: Not exactly the Ritz but hopefully you’ll only be here for a couple of days.

Amelia looks around.

AMELIA: Exams are next week. One dank room is as good as the next. You know, I think this might actually be perfect.

VERONICA: Before you dive in, you need to call your mother and have her overnight the Kane settlement documents right away. Tell her to pay in cash and make sure she uses a fake name.

AMELIA: What will those prove?

VERONICA: They’ll prove your father’s being paid to take the fall. And don’t use your cell phone. Use this.

Veronica hands her a cell.

VERONICA: It’s not traceable.

AMELIA: Okay. But I have to be able to take calls from my boyfriend. Unless you also want the police, marines and the National Guard out looking for me. I’ll check the caller ID. Only him. No one else.

VERONICA: No one else. And Amelia? He can’t know your location.

Veronica heads for the door.

AMELIA: Veronica?

Veronica pauses at the door.


AMELIA: Have you…have you seen him? You know, in prison?


AMELIA: How…how is he?

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Dying. But if you know that, it’s doubtful you’ll help me.

VERONICA: He’s doing fine.

Opening credits.


A teacher hands out test papers and closes the classroom door, bearing a notice: Testing In Progress – Quiet Please.


Veronica passes the door as she walks down the hallway.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: As if I didn’t have enough stress in my life, today marks that orgy of tension known as midterms.

Veronica pauses on hearing and seeing a student kicking her locker in frustration.

STUDENT: [screeches] Damn!

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Some handle it better than others.


Cut to a part of the classified ads in a newspaper. The focus is on a phone sex ad: I’m Miss Sabrina. The only thing I won’t do…is say no.

SABRINA: Top right. Yes, that’s my face that you see on a phone sex ad.

The camera pulls back to show the girl who was kicking her locker. She now stands at the front of a classroom, speaking to a teacher who is holding the newspaper. She is covered in grime.

SABRINA: I was getting phone calls for this all night long.

The teacher hands the newspaper back to her.

SABRINA: I got zero sleep and my dad’s a doctor, we can’t just unplug the phone.

DICK: [coughing his words] I’ve been bad.

There are titters and smirks in the classroom. The teacher throws Dick a warning glance.

SABRINA: And this morning, someone let the air out of my tire. It’s not fair.

TEACHER: Of course, Sabrina. We’ll find a time for you to take the test la-

HAMILTON: Oh, wait. What happened to you’re late, too bad, no exceptions.

TEACHER: Mr Cho? When someone personally attacks you, we’ll talk. Go to the library, we’ll reschedule.

SABRINA: Thanks.

As Sabrina leaves, Hamilton Cho gives her a dirty look and then leans forward in his seat to whisper to Dick, sitting in front of him.

HAMILTON: How ‘bout, when my mom’s elected school board president, we’ll talk.

Dick laughs.


Veronica is washing her hands. Sabrina marches in.

SABRINA: Veronica?

She casts a quick glance to see the stalls are empty.

SABRINA: I heard this was kind of like your office.

Veronica raises her eyebrows as she observes Sabrina in the mirror.

SABRINA: I need your help.

VERONICA: A little club soda on the sleeves?

SABRINA: This is because I had a flat. I had to change it myself and there was no hole, somebody just let the air out. Do you know Caz Truman?

Veronica finishes washing her hands and grabs a paper towel as Sabrina comes to the sink to wash her hands.

VERONICA: Basketball player, drives a Yukon?

SABRINA: Yeah. I broke up with him two months ago and since then he’s been harassing me. This is just the latest of these so-called pranks. I hear that you do things. I need you to make him stop.

VERONICA: Gee, I’d love to help, Sabrina, but I have midterms of my own.

SABRINA: This is important. I’ll pay you.

Veronica’s interest is piqued.

SABRINA: Every night when I’m trying to study there’s some new catastrophe.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I am broke and Amelia’s hotel room is seventy bucks a day.

VERONICA: Are you sure it’s Caz?

SABRINA: Oh, this is so Caz, totally immature. Here.

She hands Veronica cash.

SABRINA: I can give you a hundred now and four more when you prove that it’s him. And the sooner the better because I already have to reschedule my AP history test.

Sabrina stalks out of the restroom. Veronica counts the money.


Music: Breakin' by the Music.

LYRICS: Going away there's nothing to stay for
Everything we do is some disease
Love is hidden by your fear
So don't make the mistake
Can't sit down
And I can't stand up
Cos if I do I know I'm gonna break

Veronica is perched on the window frame of her car. She looks around until she sees Caz, whereupon she hops down and keeps pace next to him.

CAZ: Veronica Mars.

He chuckles.

CAZ: What do you want?

VERONICA: [rapidly] Caz, I’m kind of busy so let’s play this at fast forward. I ask you to stop harassing Sabrina Fuller. You deny it. I eventually catch you. You’re suspended, dropped from basketball and made the subject of a news blurb that everyone chuckles at in the papers. So stop harassing Sabrina, okay?

CAZ: Look, I’m not harassing Sabrina.

They’ve reached Caz’s Yukon and he opens the back before turning to her. He loads his stuff in.

VERONICA: Caz! Did you listen? The flat tires, the escort ad, the midnight crank calls-

CAZ: Wa-wa-wait. She said I did this? We-we’ve had problems but no way. I would leap off the roof of that school if she asked me, you know.

VERONICA: Very caring gesture but-

CAZ: I swear it wasn’t me.

He closes up the car]

CAZ: Now, I’m late for the gym but when you catch whoever did this, you tell me, okay, ‘cause I will smash his face in. I mean, seriously.

Caz gets into the car.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Why is it that the Caz’s of the world are forever in transit between romantic failure and the gym?

End music: Breakin' by the Music


Cut to Veronica’s laptop screen. It is headed: Lilly Kane Murder Investigation. The desktop is a picture of Lilly and Veronica taken at the Kanes on the night of the limo party. There is a choice of four folders: crime scene, interview transcripts, suspects and timeline. Veronica hits the file for suspects. That brings up further folders in the names of Abel Koontz, Jake Kane, Duncan Kane, Celeste Kane, Logan Echolls, Eli ‘Weevil’ Navarro and Clarence Wiedman.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Sabrina says Caz strikes only at night. That gives me a couple hours before I need to get over there. Time enough to prepare my case for Amelia, prove to her that her father is allowing himself to be executed in order to make her wealthy.

Veronica is working seated on the small couch. The phone on her desk rings and she rises to answer, leaving her laptop open on the table in front of the couch.

VERONICA: Mars Investigations.

MR WILSON: Is Keith Mars available?

VERONICA: No, he’s in a meeting.

In his office, Keith is sitting back in his chair.

KEITH: You want me to find a call girl for your husband?

Keith’s client is a middle-aged red-head, Mrs Drake.

MRS DRAKE: Yes. He likes blondes.

She tosses some papers on his desk, in front of him.

KEITH: Look, I don’t know if you were looking for pimp in the phonebook and just stopped at PI-

MRS DRAKE: I want her to take him to a motel and when he’s in a compromising position, you get the...what’s it called? The, um-

KEITH: Money shot?

MRS DRAKE: Exactly. Prenup violated. Settlement for me. Bonus for you.

KEITH: Sounds sweet. But if we go by the letter of the law, it’s entrapment.

Mrs Drake huffs. Veronica knocks softly then opens the door.

VERONICA: Dad, Mr Wilson is asking about-

MRS DRAKE: The law? Look, if you don’t want to do it, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

She stands.

MRS DRAKE: Perhaps Mr Vincent Vanlowe isn’t as interested in the letter of the law.

Keith rises.

KEITH: Yeah, well, just know if you go with Mr Vanlowe there’s every chance you’ll get the Vinnie classic.

MRS DRAKE: And what does that mean?

KEITH: That means, Vinnie goes to bust your husband, gets his proof then goes back to him and says for double her money, I’ll tell the wife you’re a choir boy.

Keith hands the unhappy Mrs Drake her papers back and she leaves. He and Veronica share a look which includes Veronica rolling her eyes. She goes back into the main office. Logan is sitting on the couch, looking intently at the laptop.

LOGAN: What is it with the Mars’ family?

Veronica races to the laptop, slams it shut, grabs it and takes it to her desk.

LOGAN: God, Veronica, and you really believe Lilly’s murder was some sort of vast conspiracy?

VERONICA: I don’t know what you saw.

LOGAN: A file on Duncan.

He laughs.

VERONICA: [seriously] There’s a file on everyone.

LOGAN: Yeah. It’s thorough.

Logan stands.

LOGAN: And I’m glad my alibi held up.

VERONICA: Out of the country. Two eye witnesses, it’s airtight.

Logan moves to stand in front of Veronica’s desk.

LOGAN: Hey, what do you think Lilly would make of you investigating all the people who loved her?

She points to her chest.

VERONICA: [sombrely] I loved Lilly. Maybe if I didn’t I’d be able to drop this.

Veronica sinks into her chair. Logan watches for a moment then takes something out of his pocket.

LOGAN: Okay, I just came to give you this.

He holds out a folded cheque. She makes no move to take it.

LOGAN: Here, thanks. For, uh, you know, looking for my mother.

Veronica takes the cheque and gazes at it.

VERONICA: Your mom was always nice to me.

Veronica folds the cheque and carefully tears it up. Logan is surprised then gives a half smile. He turns and leaves the office.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Way to think it through, Veronica. Ripping up Logan’s check was a noble gesture but who’s going to pay for Amelia DeLongpre’s motel room?


Amelia sits on the bed looking through some papers. Veronica crouches by the television which is showing Harry Hamlin aka Aaron Echolls in “Clash of the Titans” as he puts a beast to the sword.

VERONICA: Is this movie pay-per-view?

AMELIA: I don’t understand. These shoes.

Veronica joins Amelia on the bed.

VERONICA: These shoes were photographed in Lilly’s room a couple hours after the murder. The same shoes were found two months later on your father’s houseboat. Someone had to plant them there.

AMELIA: And you’re sure that it was the Kanes who framed him?

VERONICA: Who else had the money and influence to pull it off?

Amelia moves to the window.

AMELIA: I just can’t imagine someone murdering their own family.

VERONICA: All three of the Kanes falsified their alibis.

AMELIA: When I was really young, my dad…he was a normal dad. But when Jake Kane cheated him out of his streaming video patent, it just, it changed him. He’d lock himself in his office for weeks, not even speak to me or my mom. Said he was gonna create a program that would put Kane out of business but of course, nothing ever came of that. One day my mom brings him a cup of coffee and…she spills it all over his work. He backhanded her. We left the next day. Mom divorced him.

She returns to sit on the bed.

AMELIA: Can I ask you something?


AMELIA: Why do you think the money’s coming to me?

VERONICA: I think i-…it’s his way of saying, you know, that he’s sorry.

Amelia sobs.


Veronica heads up the path to the house. She pauses to note a pickup truck slowly passing the house. She knocks on the door which is answered by a child. It's hard to tell if it is a little girl or a little boy.

VERONICA: Hi. Uh, I’m looking for Sabrina?


Jessica Fuller, last seen in 114 Mars vs Mars, quizzes her daughter, Sabrina.

SABRINA: Order, genus, species.

JESSICA: And the kingdoms are?

SABRINA: Fungi, plantae, animalia, uh, monera…

Veronica arrives at the doorway.

JESSICA: Oh, hello.

SABRINA: It’s Veronica. I said that I would tutor her.

Veronica is a little offended.

JESSICA: Just don’t forget about your own studies.

SABRINA: Don’t worry, mom. Se mi trattiene la chiudo nella la cantina. [Translation: "If she stays too long I will lock her in the basement."]

JESSICA: Ma potrebbe stappare il buon vino. Meglio tentare per la soffita. [Translation: "But she could open the good wine. It better be the attic."]

They laugh.

JESSICA: I’m late to meet your father. Lynn is sleeping so keep it down.

Jessica exits leaving Veronica to take her seat opposite Sabrina.

VERONICA: You forgot protista.

SABRINA: I didn’t forget, you interrupted. What do you have?

VERONICA: Caz Truman denies it. I put a tracker on his car just in case. Otherwise, we just wait to see if something happens.

SABRINA: There is no if. Something happens every night.

VERONICA: Well, that’s why I’m here.

Cut to later. It’s 10:45. Veronica looks at her computer screen which is in tracking mode.

VERONICA: Yukon’s still in the garage.

Veronica gets up and goes to the window. The pickup truck, which runs nosily, passes again. The phone rings and Veronica hurries back to answer it, getting the caller ID number as she goes.

VERONICA: Hello? Yes, this is Miss Sabrina.

She taps the number into the Prying Eyez site.

VERONICA: Bad boy, well…

Veronica consults the screen.

VERONICA: Nestor Greeley of Encinitas. Twenty grand on credit cards, two divorces and a repo’d Sebring. You have been a bad boy. Miss Sabrina commands you.

Veronica holds the phone away from her to speak firmly.

VERONICA: Put your pants back on and get a job.

Veronica ends the call. She hears the truck again and goes back to the window.

VERONICA: Do you know anyone with a yellow truck?


Veronica sees a pram.

VERONICA: Is that yours?


Music: Dangle by the Daylight Titans.

LYRICS: … I’m flying.
As soon as I catch your eye,
You and I, light the sky.

The driver of the pickup truck brakes hard when the pram rolls in front of him. Veronica runs up to the window and shines a torch in the driver’s face. It’s Caz.

VERONICA: [a la Seinfeld] Hello, Truman.

He is chagrined. End music: Dangle by the Daylight Titans .


SABRINA: Caz, it’s over. Why can’t you just act like a mature adult instead of-

CAZ: Baby, it’s not me. I’m innocent.

VERONICA: Caz, you were lurking. The innocent rarely lurk.

CAZ: No, I wasn’t lurking. The-the thought of somebody messing with you made me nuts. I-I was watching the house figuring I could catch the guy, be the hero, get you back.

SABRINA: What is with the junkie old truck?

CAZ: It’s the gardener’s. S-so Sabrina, I would never hurt you. You know, if you asked, I would jump off the roof.

SABRINA: Can I get you to stop that?

VERONICA: [impassively] Ask him to jump.

There is a knock at the door. Everyone gets up to answer it.

SABRINA: The door? Who’s knocking on my door at eleven o’clock?

There is a small group of ravers at the door, including one in a “Cat in the Hat” red-striped hat.

RAVER: [in party mode] Let’s get this party started, whooo.

VERONICA: You’re in the wrong place.

RAVER: Have you considered that maybe you’re in the wrong place?

He has a flyer in his hand. Veronica reaches forward and grabs it. She reads.

VERONICA: “Keep it rolling all night. 23 Emperor Court.”

CAZ: W-where did you get that?

RAVER: Sultans of Acid. The guy was handing them out. Said we’d all be rocking and rolling.

The door slams in his face.


Veronica is laden with two grocery bags. She knocks on the door to Amelia’s room.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Sultans of Acid yielded nothing but hundreds of spaced-out weirdoes who couldn’t answer a simple question. Complete dead end.

Amelia calls out from inside.

AMELIA: Who is it?

VERONICA: It’s me.

Amelia opens the door with the chain still on and checks. On seeing it is Veronica, she opens the door.

VERONICA: I brought some brain food.

Amelia gasps with delight.

AMELIA: Sno Balls!

Cut to the room. Veronica and Amelia sit on the bed.

AMELIA: Oh, I talked to my mom. Sorry I freaked out. She was just visiting her sister in Squirrel Point. She says she’s gonna mail that stuff tomorrow.


AMELIA: Veronica? Could you arrange a visitation with my dad? For the first time I can remember, I really want to talk to him.

VERONICA: [nervously] Yeah. Sure, uh, it may take a few days.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Just long enough to get the proof of the Kane payoff.


Keith walks back from the kitchenette with a cup in his hand. Veronica is holding on the telephone.

KEITH: Shouldn’t you be getting ready for your Achiever Dinner?

VERONICA: Scholastic Excellence, I will.

Keith goes into his office. Veronica gives up on her call and replaces the telephone receiver to its holder. As she does so, a man leans into the office from the stairs leading up to it.

VINNIE: Miss Mars.

Vinnie Vanlowe enters. He is overly jolly and sleazy.

VERONICA: Mr Vanlowe.

VINNIE: I, uh, hope you’re not thinking of dying that hair because when you come work for me, you’ll find that straying husbands are most likely to chase skinny blondes.

He arrives at her desk and points at her. He laughs on Veronica’s lack of appreciation.

VINNIE: No, I’m kidding, of course. They’ll chase anything. But seriously, don’t dye that hair.

Keith comes out of his office.

KEITH: No hair advice for me, Vinnie?

VINNIE: Actually Keith I was just coming by to say thanks. You know, uh, once you set up shop here, I got a little nervous, um, a former detective, sheriff, uh, law enforcement machine, hitting the Neptune PI scene, working the whole B-movie, back alley vibe. Clients love that. I thought I was toast but here we are sending each other referrals.

Vinnie grins.

KEITH: Referrals? Did I send you a-

VINNIE: Red-head, with the husband problem.

KEITH: Ahh, right. I wasn’t actually referring so much as warning.

Vinnie makes himself comfortable by sitting on Veronica’s desk.

VINNIE: I was thinking, uh, we might work together, you know, juggle some cases, maximise the market.

KEITH: Actually, Vinnie, we’re not-

Veronica gives her father a quizzical look.

VINNIE: Ah, you’re on the fence, okay, okay, okay but I have ten cases, five hundred a day, I can’t handle them all. I’ll farm them to you for three, and I’m talking no-brainers, free of major ethical issues. Easy money. Win-win. Just saying. Think it over.

Vinnie shows off a pack of his business cards and throws them on Veronica’s desk. He leaves. Veronica examines the cards. Vinnie’s name (Vincent Vanlowe, PI) is written on the outline of a gun with a comic femme fatale gazing out from the side.

KEITH: Get ready for your dinner.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I’ve been dreading it for weeks. Two hours at the Kane estate…


Veronica approaches.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: …with the top five ranking juniors and seniors trying not to gag as they talk about the scholarship they’re offering in Lilly’s name.

She rings the bell and waits.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It’s been a year and a half since I stood outside this door and watched my best friend’s body carried away. A year and a half’s worth of questions only I know and only someone in this house can answer.

Jake and Celeste are smiling as they come to the door. Their smiles fade.

JAKE: Veronica, I didn’t, uh…

He gives a cautious smile.

JAKE: Welcome.

VERONICA: Thank you, Mr Kane.

CELESTE: Come in. The others are already here.

Celeste walks off as Veronica enters, Jake holding the door for her.


Veronica and Jake enter the party, Jake then veering off. There are a number of students there, including Duncan, Sabrina and Hamilton Cho. Veronica looks around and turns down a drink from a waiter. She sees Jake and Celeste in another room. They appear to be arguing.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It’s hard to be back knowing what I know now and not wonder. Celeste Kane has plenty of reasons to hate me.


The camera cuts in the way it does for flashbacks but the lighting is such to show that this isn’t one – it is a scenario that Veronica is imagining.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And before Lilly died I got the distinct impression she’d learned one of her mother’s reasons.

Lilly lies on a sunlounger, reading a magazine. She is in her pep squad outfit. Celeste heads purposefully towards her.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Maybe Celeste over reacted.

CELESTE: Lilly, she cannot come back here, ever.

LILLY: Chill out, Mommie dearest. That’s no way to treat your stepdaughter.

Celeste turns away in disgust. Lilly appears behind her, taunting.

LILLY: I think Duncan might have already slipped Veronica a bit too much of the old Kane hospitality.

Celeste turns and slaps Lilly hard. Lilly retaliates with an even harder slap, spinning Celeste, who picks up a glass ashtray from a small garden table as she turns. She hits Lilly with it and Lilly lies dead. Celeste is horrified.

JAKE: [offscreen] I am proud to announce an annual award in the name of our daughter.



Celeste, smiling broadly, stands at Jake’s side as he speaks to the assembled guests.

JAKE: Starting this year, Neptune High’s Valedictorian will receive a full-time scholarship to the university lucky enough to have him or her. So, best of luck to this year’s seniors. May the best scholar win.

Jake and Celeste raise their glasses. There is a smattering of applause.

JAKE: And, for next year’s seniors, I only hope that this adds to your fantastic motivation, although, uh, I might add that we’ll be paying for one of this year’s junior honourees either way.

Duncan is seated in an armchair in front of his parents. Jake pats his shoulder and laughs. Duncan drops his head in embarrassment

VERONICA VOICEOVER: He doesn’t look like a killer but you don’t get to run a Fortune 500 company without a killer instinct.


Jake marches down the poolside.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And what if Lilly finally succeeded at getting her parents’ attention?

A shirtless Weevil is lying on the sunlounger with Lilly on top of him, rocking back and forth. They are kissing passionately.

LILLY: You’re blocking my sun.

JAKE: Who the hell are you?

Lilly gets off Weevil and the sunlounger.

WEEVIL: Me, I’m-I’m no one, I-I was just going.

Weevil gets up. Jake puts a hand on his shoulder.

JAKE: You were having sex with my daughter?

WEEVIL: Not right now.

Jake grabs Weevil by his head.

JAKE: [raging] You think you can make a fool out of me?

LILLY: Daddy, stop it.

Lilly tries to intervene and Jake thrusts her away, hard. She flies into the hard table, hitting her head. Lilly lies dead. Jake turns back to Weevil, holding him by the ear.

JAKE: Breathe a word and I promise you, you’ll take the fall.



Jake shepherds everyone to the table.

JAKE: Come on over here, let’s chow down. It’s rack of lamb tonight.

Veronica joins the slow gather towards the table, but pauses on hearing a familiar voice.

LILLY: Veronica.

Veronica looks around.

LILLY: Come on, dorkus.

Veronica sees ghost Lilly, in her pep squad uniform, run past the door towards the pool. Veronica follows. Music: Dragonfly by M Craft.

LYRICS: I can see it all tonight, underneath the perfect sky,
How the universe revolves around the pupil of an eye
And infinities stretch out from infinities within.
I’m a part of everything. I’m a part of everything.
Am I falling asleep, is it all just a dream
When the cars are like water and the road is like a stream?
Rolling down to the city, throwing out to the sea,
Going nowhere like me. Going nowhere like me.

She finds Lilly, complete with blood and gore on the side of her head, on one of the sunloungers.

LILLY: My god, worse party ever. What are you doing at Nerdfest?

VERONICA: I had to come back. Something’s wrong, they’re hiding something.

LILLY: Please. Veronica. They have their faults but they are hardly murderers. Wow, you’ve got some imagination.

VERONICA: Then who did it?

Lilly just smiles. Veronica is startled by a voice behind her.

DUNCAN: You okay?

She swings around. Duncan, hands in pockets, joins her, gazing at the spot where Lilly died.

DUNCAN: So, who are you hiding from?

VERONICA: No, really, I was just…

DUNCAN: Relax. I come here sometimes too. To think about her. At first I begged my parents to sell the house. Couldn’t even walk by this spot, imagining the last thoughts that went through her head. But now, it’s kind of nice. Peaceful. When I’m here, I feel like she’s still with me. Come on inside. We don’t bite.

Duncan gives her a big smile and a chuckle. Veronica follows after a look back. End music: Dragonfly by M Craft


Sabrina is crying. Veronica joins her at her table.

VERONICA: What’s wrong, Sabrina?

SABRINA: I…was just exhausted. All of this crap. I got an 86 on the AP Bio exam.

VERONICA: AP Bio is a killer, a B isn’t-

SABRINA: I lost it, the top GPA, the Valedictorian spot.

VERONICA: Because of one test?

SABRINA: I had a hundredth of a point lead and now I’m a hundredth behind. [nearly hysterical] Why haven’t you gotten him to stop?

VERONICA: Sabrina, it’s not Caz, I’m sure. Wait, who’s in first place now?

SABRINA: Um, [pointing] him.

VERONICA: Hamilton Cho?



Music: Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin.

LYRICS: How lucky can one guy be;
I kissed her and she kissed me.
Like the fella once said,
Ain't that a kick in the head?
The room was completely black
I hugged her and she hugged back.
Like the sailor said, quote,
"Ain't that a hole in the boat?"
My head keeps spinning;
I go to sleep and keep grinning;
If this is just the beginning,
My life's gonna be beautiful.
I've sun- shine enough to spread;
It's just like the fella said,
"Tell me quick
Ain't love like a kick in the head?"
Like the fella once said,
Ain't that a kick in the…

The LeBaron is parked outside the “Fine Italian Food” restaurant, since 1967, which is the home of the Peking Duck Pizza.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Since I’m checking on Neptune’s new GPA champ, Hamilton Cho, I might as well expand my gastronomical horizons.


Hamilton is working behind the counter, cleaning up. Veronica, ignoring the temptation of the “Wonton WeD…” soup of the day, stands in front of the counter. Amongst other offerings are sake, vino (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay) and chicken with artichokes.

HAMILTON: I'm actually a little hurt this is your first Cho's pizza, Veronica.

VERONICA: What can I say? I lack pizza imagination. So…hear you got into Oxford. Congrats.

HAMILTON: Yeah, sweet. If I can come up with about a billion dollars or so.

VERONICA: Well. I hear you’ve edged into the lead for Valedictorian now. If you don’t blow it in the next nine weeks, that Kane scholarship will pay for Oxford entirely. So, Sabrina…

HAMILTON: Ah, the teenage witch.

VERONICA: You don’t like her.

HAMILTON: Do you? Does anyone?

VERONICA: She’s had it pretty tough this week.

HAMILTON: Boo hoo. You know how many breaks she’s had? She got AP credit for a school sponsored trip to Rome. Her mom is the School Board President. I mean, how can I compete with that? I work twenty hours a week, no tutors, it’s just the way it is here.

He hands Veronica her pizza.

HAMILTON: Money talks, etcetera, etcetera. You know what I’m talking about.

Hamilton’s father hands him a delivery order.

JIM CHO: Hamilton. This order’s ready.

HAMILTON: Gotta run.

He dons his delivery cap.

HAMILTON: Pop, I’ll be back in ten.

Veronica turns away from the counter.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Of course I agree, Hamilton. The world is unfair. That’s why I don’t feel good about putting a tracker on your car.

End music: Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin


Someone is trying the door handle. Keith, coming out of the bathroom and in his dressing gown, sees and jerks the door open. It’s Wiedman.

KEITH: Can I help you?


KEITH: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you knock. I must have been in the shower.


KEITH: Well, come on in, I’ll fix you a cup of coffee.

Keith moves towards the kitchen as Wiedman slowly enters, closing the door behind him.

KEITH: It’s been a while.

WIEDMAN: It has.

KEITH: What brings you to my door?

WIEDMAN: Looking for someone.

Wiedman looks around before he hands Keith a picture of Amelia.

WIEDMAN: Her name is Amelia DeLongpre.

KEITH: Geez. You mean the head of a corporate security team came to a little old PI like me? I’m flattered. I’m two fifty a day.

Keith hands the picture back.

WIEDMAN: I had thought maybe you knew already where she was. The company has some important information for her. We thought perhaps…she might even be staying with you.

KEITH: In my two room apartment. Well take a look around, Clarence. God’s honest truth, I don’t know who that woman is or why I’d have her stashed here, but knock yourself out.

The men stare at each other.

KEITH: Are we done here, then?

Keith walks to and opens the door.

WIEDMAN: Thanks for your hospitality.

Wiedman leaves. Cut to the door later as Veronica enters with Backup. Keith is sitting in the armchair.

KEITH: Guess who stopped by today?

VERONICA: If you say Josh Hartnett, I’m gonna be so bummed.

KEITH: Clarence Wiedman. He’s the head of security for Kane Software. And for an hour after he left, I sat here wondering; what did I stumble on that has them so rattled that they’d send over their top guy?

Veronica sinks onto the sofa.

KEITH: I wasn’t sure what it was but I was proud. Clearly, I was making them nervous. Then it occurred to me. I didn’t stumble on anything. I haven’t touched the case in months. Nope, I’m not scaring the Kanes. My seventeen year old daughter is.

VERONICA: I know who he is. He’s looking for Abel Koontz’s daughter.

KEITH: Of course, she changed her name. She’s the one getting the payoff. And you know where Amelia is.

Veronica nods her head slowly.

KEITH: [angry] Do you have any idea how dangerous it is, what you’re doing?

VERONICA: [desperately] I’m protecting her so that the Kanes can’t get to her and cover up the money trail.

KEITH: Well who’s going to protect you, Veronica? Understand me. That family will do anything to make that evidence go away.

VERONICA: She’s willing to help us, Dad. She’s already agreed to turn over the phoney patent documents, that’s as much of a smoking gun as we’re gonna find.

KEITH: That girl must really love her old man if she’s trading three million bucks for three months of his life.

VERONICA: You know about Abel’s-

KEITH: Stomach cancer?

Veronica is surprised.

KEITH: All right Veronica. New game, new rules.

Keith moves over to sit next to her on the couch.

KEITH: I told you a long time ago to drop this case-

VERONICA: Dad, I won’t-

KEITH: I know. Just listen. You have to promise me that you’ll be more careful. That means no more surprise visits from Clarence Wiedman. I just can’t make myself more clear.

VERONICA: I’ll promise.

KEITH: All right. I found a cell phone record showing that Jake Kane called Clarence five minutes before he arrived home the night of the murder. So when Jake’s alibi went all to pieces and I started to question the coroner’s time of death, the core body temperature just didn’t match the rest of the timeline.

VERONICA: You think Jake called Clarence Wiedman after he discovered Lilly’s body?

Keith nods.

VERONICA: To do what?

KEITH: Whatever needed to be done.


Veronica is in her car. Backup is sitting in the seat next to her.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Clarence Wiedman. Ex-army intelligence, ex-FBI, ex-god knows what else. Probably a good man in a bad situation.


Lilly is already dead and Jake sobs over her. He is on his cell phone.

JAKE: C-Clarence. I need your help.

Within the same scenario, Clarence arrives at the Kane’s front door with a large bag of ice thrown over his shoulder. Jake and Celeste meet him.

WIEDMAN: [coldly] Mr Kane, listen to me. I need you to go to the trunk and get the rest of it. And then we need to decide which one of you found her. Now show me the body.



Cut back to Veronica in the car. Her cell rings.



Sabrina lies in bed with a pillow over her head. A car alarm can be heard.

SABRINA: Veronica? Now it’s this car alarm. It’s been going off outside of my window for the last two hours. We called the police twice. It just stops right before they get here.


Veronica looks over at the restaurant. Hamilton can be seen inside, through the window, studying.

VERONICA: Well, it can’t be Hamilton. He’s been at Cho’s all night.


SABRINA: [screaming] Veronica. I can’t take this anymore. Are you gonna help me or what?


VERONICA: Get out. Go find the car and take down the licence plate. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

Veronica ends the call.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: In the meantime, I need to find out…


Veronica pulls Logan into the empty classroom.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: …when a certain ticking time bomb is set to go off.

VERONICA: [defensively] I’d like to know when you plan on telling Duncan and everyone how I’m psycho or, at least, unhealthily obsessed. I’d like to be prepared.

LOGAN: You know, something’s been bothering me. About Duncan having whatever he has, that weird kind of epilepsy. Are you sure?

VERONICA: About that?

LOGAN: Yeah.


LOGAN: I’ve know him since kindergarten, why didn’t he ever mention it to me?

Logan sags against a desk.

VERONICA: I don’t think he or his parents wanted anyone to know. I think they still want him to be president some day.

LOGAN: Does that mean that he has, like, fits or something?

VERONICA: Possibly. Other times the attacks might manifest themselves as hysterical laughter or uncontrollable crying. Or a blind rage.

Veronica can see this in particular has an impact on Logan.

VERONICA: Does any of that sound familiar to you?

Logan, still perched on the desk, slides closer to Veronica.

LOGAN: [softly] I’m only telling you, okay.

Veronica nods.

LOGAN: Last year when…

He looks heavenward and sighs heavily.

LOGAN: …I was over at their place, I heard s-screaming from the next room. I heard Duncan’s voice and thought someone had broken into the house and when I got there, I found him on the floor and he-he had his hands around his dad’s throat. And I tried to pull him off. An-and all of a sudden he went limp and he was Duncan again.

VERONICA: What did Jake say to you?

LOGAN: Nothing. We helped Duncan to his room and it was over. I tried talking to Duncan the next day at school but…he acted like he didn’t remember a thing.

VERONICA: When Lilly died?


He stands up slowly and looks down at her.

LOGAN: It was the week you guys broke up. [pause] It’s weird, huh?

Logan leaves, sparing her a brief glance back when he reaches the door. He exits and Veronica ponders.


Veronica is at her desk. She checks out information on her computer.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Despite serious sleep deprivation, Sabrina remembered to get the plate on the offending car. An ’83 K-car registered to Debra Villareal who’s touring Europe as Jasmine in “Aladdin on Ice”.

Debra, whose current address is 564-A Dewy Lane, Omaha, NE 41032 was born on 15 July, 1972. She is engaged “Disney’s Aladdin On Ice” for the period 23 October, 2004 to 20 August, 2005. (Note “Europe” is a glitch as the screen says the production is on nationwide tour and currently in Omaha, NE.)

VERONICA VOICEOVER: So what’s her K-car doing parked outside the Fuller residence? I doubt it’s coincidence that Debra Villareal was once married to Vinnie Vanlowe, private eye.

Veronica picks up the telephone.


VERONICA: Sabrina, hi. I need to borrow some of your spirit week stuff.


Vinnie’s logo is two handguns in the shape of a V, around two letter V’s, one inside the other.


Veronica enters the office. She looks around.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I’m not an expert on the male mind so maybe someday someone can tell me what it is about chrome, glass and fake black leather that are supposed to represent masculinity.

A woman in her fifties or sixties is manning the front office desk. She replaces the phone held to her ear and gives her attention to Veronica.

MRS VANLOWE: Ah, can I help you?

VERONICA: [brightly] Yes! You can help me by asking if Mr Vanlowe has a second to see Veronica Mars and you can help Neptune High by buying cookies for our spirit week.

MRS VANLOWE: Oh, Vinnie loves these mints. I’ll take one.

VERONICA: If you buy two, you get a spirit pin.

MRS VANLOWE: Oh, I have to have a pin, here. That’s ten.

She hands over the money and fusses with the pin.

MRS VANLOWE: Go Pirates.

Vinnie calls from the inner office.

VINNIE: Ma, I told you a million times, if you don’t order extra mayo on the tuna it gets all cr-

Vinnie, wearing a false moustache, comes to the door of the inner office, holding a submarine sandwich. He sees Veronica.

VINNIE: Why Ms Mars.

Vinnie extends his hand to invite her into the office.

VINNIE: So, uh, what can I do for you?

They go into the office and sit.

VERONICA: Couple of things, actually.

Vinnie has to step over debris to get to the chair behind his desk. Veronica sits.

VINNIE: Shoot.

VERONICA: First, my dad just wanted me to come by and say he is unable to take you up on your offer. He says thanks anyway and in the spirit of mutual co-operation, he wanted to give you this.

Veronica hands Vinnie a pen. On it is the name and address of Mars Investigations: 1721 Harper Blvd, Neptune, CA 98081, Ph – 555-0121.

VINNIE: Mars Investigation address and phone right there on the pen. Class.

Vinnie tosses it onto his desk. Veronica looks a little put out.

VINNIE: So what’s the number two thing?

VERONICA: I was hoping maybe you could tell me who hired you to harass Sabrina Fuller.

VINNIE: Sabrina Fuller. Doesn’t ring a bell. I don’t believe I know such a person.

VERONICA: See, I think that you do. Either that or your ex-wife really hates academic achievers.

VINNIE: My ex-wife, Brenda?


VINNIE: Masako!

VERONICA: [impatiently] Debra. Guess she’s been having some trouble with her K-car?

Vinnie rolls his head.

VINNIE: Uh, well I don’t know anything about that, I mean, I wish I can help you but I can’t. As you can see, I’m in the middle of a…

He holds up his submarine sandwich.

VINNIE: …job here, so if you don’t mind.


Veronica stands.

VERONICA: Just trying to help a friend out at school. No big deal.

Vinnie climbs back over the debris and walks her to the door of the inner office.

VINNIE: Well, tell your dad, thanks for the pen.

VERONICA: Sure. And you-you’ve a little something on your face.

VINNIE: What? Potato chip?

Veronica grasps one end of the moustache and pulls, ripping it off. She leaves.

VINNIE: That is not cool.


Sabrina is waiting in Veronica’s car as Veronica climbs in.

SABRINA: So what did you find out?

VERONICA: Nothing, but I sold two boxes of cookies.

Veronica hands over the envelope with the money in it. Sabrina, displeased, takes it.

SABRINA: You found out nothing. So, what is the point of us even doing this?

Veronica uses the keyboard on the laptop. Vinnie’s voice rings out.

VINNIE: [offscreen] Why didn’t you tell me you got thin mints? Come in here.

VERONICA: That’s the point. Just wait.

VINNIE: [offscreen] Yeah, uh-huh, cute. Hey, ma, whose that band I like, ooh, yeah, Hall and Oates. John Hall and Daryl Oates. That-that one song. [singing] Private Eyes, are watching you…

Sabrina and Veronica look up at his window. Vinnie is performing for them, using the pen as a microphone.

VINNIE: [singing] …and they see your every move. Yeah, Veronica Mars, I’m watching you, Private Eyes.

He points to his eyes and then at her.

VINNIE: I’m watching you. Hall and Oates, Veronica. They wrote the song and now you’re living it. How’s it feel?

He laughs.

VINNIE: [singing] Private Eyes, watching you…

He turns and sticks his butt out of the window, slapping it.

VINNIE: …watching your every move, baby. Private eyes, Veronica Mars.

Vinnie holds the pen out of the window and pretends to be struggling to hang on to it, before tossing it out of the window.


Vinnie waves and disappears back into his office.

SABRINA: Now what are we supposed to do?

Veronica is busy on the keyboard.

VERONICA: Sabrina, give me a little more credit.

She has activated the camera in the Pirate pin.

MRS VANLOWE: Vinnie, did you get that- What are you doing?

VINNIE: Did you bring the mints? We need to get rid of that K-car. Call Gary and have him tow it. Get Jim on the horn.

MRS VANLOWE: You wanna pizza? You just ate.

VINNIE: Ma, it’s j-it’s business.


VERONICA: Sabrina, I know who did it.


Veronica sits on a large couch with Hamilton and his father. Jessica and Sabrina sit on another couch and in chairs facing them all are Jake and Celeste Kane and Mr Clemmons.

JIM CHO: My son never had a fair chance. I didn’t give him the same advantages as the kids he has to compete with.

JESSICA: You want us to believe getting a private eye to harass my daughter is acceptable just because we happen to have money?

JIM CHO: But my son didn’t have anything to do with this. He’s worked so hard and he deserves-

JAKE: All right, look. Well, it just seems like a mess. But, uh, under the circumstances, assuming that, uh, Hamilton and Sabrina finish the year one-two, we are willing to split the scholarship this year. I mean, if that’s acceptable to the two of you.

Hamilton looks hopeful.

JESSICA: No. The honour of Valedictorian belongs to my daughter. And so does that scholarship.

JIM CHO: Mrs Fuller, please.

JESSICA: There’s one agreement I’m prepared to make. This young man will remove himself from the Valedictorian race and we won’t press charges.

CLEMMONS: Mrs Fuller, is that the only solution that you would consider? Can we-

HAMILTON: Naw, I’ll do it.

He stands.

HAMILTON: What the hell?

JIM CHO: Hamilton, no.

VERONICA: Hamilton, this is ridiculous. They can’t force you to do this.

HAMILTON: They just did. Come on, Dad.


Veronica runs to catch up with Hamilton.

VERONICA: Hamilton? I’m so sorry.

HAMILTON: Ah, it’s not your fault.

VERONICA: What are you going to do now?

HAMILTON: You know, work two jobs, take out loans. State school. Twenty years from now, she’ll be working for me.

VERONICA: And Oxford?

He shrugs.

HAMILTON: Proust is still Proust. Even at UCLA.

Hamilton gets in the car with his father and they drive away. Veronica watches them go.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Life is fundamentally unfair. It takes real talent to make unfair seem cool. Hamilton Cho. Proof that kids love their dads, no matter how badly they screw up. It’s the exact kind of love I’m banking on from Amelia DeLongpre.


A male student walks along. Wiedman exits his parked car to approach him.

WIEDMAN: Excuse me. Listen, do you happen to have a cell phone on you? I gotta call Triple A.


Veronica is on her cell phone.


AMELIA: Veronica.

VERONICA: Hey, Amelia.

AMELIA: The papers came.

VERONICA: Oh, thank god. I-I’ll be right by to make copies. How are you holding up?


Amelia sits on the bed at the hotel.

AMELIA: Tired of trying to concentrate on Plato and…all I can think about is what I’m gonna say to my dad when I finally see him.

Her other cell phone rings.

AMELIA: Oh, it’s my boyfriend. See you soon.

Amelia answers the call.

AMELIA: Hey, sweetie.

WIEDMAN: Miss DeLongpre? Don’t hang up. My name is Clarence Wiedman. The woman you’re dealing with isn’t who she says she is.

Amelia looks shocked and doesn’t hang up.


Veronica is at her desk, Keith is in his office.

VERONICA: Dad, we’ve got it. Amelia has the settlement papers at her hotel.

KEITH: Good work, honey. Let’s go.

Veronica and Keith leave the office.


The LeBaron pulls up at the motel.


Veronica and Keith arrive at the door to Amelia’s room. Veronica knocks. Getting no response, she uses key to enter. Clarence Wiedman is in the room, putting some papers in a briefcase. There is no sign of Amelia. Veronica is devastated.

WIEDMAN: As it turns out, I won’t be needing your services, Keith.

VERONICA: Where is she?


VERONICA: You took her?

WIEDMAN: She took herself. Miss DeLongpre was particularly upset with you, Miss Mars, for failing to mention her father’s declining health.

KEITH: [softly] Let’s go, honey, come on.


WIEDMAN: Where would you go if you had your own Swiss bank account? Thank you for bringing Amelia to Neptune, Miss Mars. She just finalised her father’s settlement with Kane Software.

Upset, Veronica spins round and rushes out. Keith follows more slowly.


Veronica sits on the floor, back against the wall, in Keith’s office by the door to the safe. It is dark, with no lights on.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: What do you do when the best chance you’ve had at cracking the case, packs up her suitcase and heads to Biarritz or St Tropez or wherever rich people disappear to?

Keith enters and turns on the lights.

KEITH: Oh, hey honey, what are you doing on the floor in the corner?


KEITH: Well, don’t sit on the floor.

He grabs her hand and pulls her up.

KEITH: Take the chair.

He couches down in front of the safe door as Veronica sinks into his desk chair.

KEITH: I changed the combination on this thing, you know.

He tumbles the combination.

KEITH: 41-54-17.

Keith opens the safe and gets the Lilly Kane murder file.

VERONICA: Random numbers? Just like you said.

KEITH: 415 and 417. Flight numbers. Our honeymoon, your mom and I. I never can remember the random ones.

Keith plonks the file on the desk and stares at Veronica. Cut to later as they discuss the case.

VERONICA: Obviously, Jake and Celeste lied about their alibis but what made you think they were involved in covering up Lilly’s death?

KEITH: When the call came in that Lilly had been found, I was the first one at the scene.


It is the night of the murder. Keith is questioning Jake and Celeste. Duncan is sitting in the front hall, rocking.

KEITH: How long had you two been home before you discovered her body.

JAKE: Five minutes, um, ten…maybe. I-I-I knew the kids were home so I decided to check for them out at the pool and that’s, um, that’s when I found…and that’s when I, uh, that’s when I found…oh.

Jakes breaks down with his hands covering his face. Keith glances at Duncan.

KEITH: And where was Duncan at that moment?

CELESTE: He was-he was showering. He, uh, beat us home but he hadn’t gone out to the pool.

Keith hears the buzzer of a clothes drier finishing.

KEITH: You doing some laundry?

Neither of the Kanes has an answer.

KEITH: [offscreen, present day] The Kanes had two full-time housekeepers. My guess, they hadn’t done their own laundry in a very long time so give me one good reason why they would start a load of laundry the night they found their daughter bludgeoned to death.

Jake and Celeste are uncomfortable.



Keith looks sympathetically at his daughter.

KEITH: Honey, it was a soccer uniform I found in the dryer.

Veronica pales.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Duncan and Lilly were so different. They didn’t always like each other, but they always loved each other. He never would have hurt her.


Lilly lies on her stomach on the sunlounger.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: But what if emotional turmoil, the same kind that drove him to attack his father, turned Duncan into someone else entirely.

A shadow falls over Lilly.

LILLY: You’re blocking my sun.

Lilly looks up just as Duncan goes to strike her. She screams. End. Executive producer: Rob Thomas (who is a god).