1.04 The Wrath of Con

Written by: Diane Ruggiero
Directed by: Michael Fields

Original Air Date: 19 October, 2004
Transcribed by Inigo Montoya
Last edited: 8 November, 2006

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars

Lilly and Veronica are in the car in 102 "Credit Where Credit's Due."

VERONICA: Why does she hate me?

LILLY: She'd hate anyone she thought that Duncan might love as much as her.

Celeste and Duncan stand in the Kane kitchen in 103 "Meet John Smith."

LILLY: [offscreen] Friendly advice. Watch her.

Cut back to Lilly and Veronica in the car in 102 "Credit Where Credit's Due."

LILLY: She'll break the two of you up if she can.

There are various shots of Duncan from the pilot.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Duncan Kane. He used to be my boyfriend.

Veronica races out to the murder scene in the pilot.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: It's been a year since my best friend Lilly Kane was murdered.

LOGAN: [offscreen] That's my girlfriend.

Logan confronts Veronica in the library.

LOGAN: Your friend. Duncan's sister.

There's a shot of Lilly's body. Cut to the Kanes at dinner in 103 "Meet John Smith."

CELESTE: I think we could be a little more patient, Jake.

JAKE: We all lost Lilly and we all miss her. But that doesn't mean we stop living our lives.

Ghost Lilly appears to a shocked Duncan.

LILLY: The truth is gonna come out. It doesn't add up. You know that deep down inside.

Troy approaches Veronica in the school car park.

TROY: Flat?

VERONICA: Just as God made me

TROY: [looped in] Do you need some help? [from original scene] I'm Troy.

VERONICA: I'm Veronica.

End previously.


[104/0034.jpg]Veronica and Troy are kissing at the door.

TROY: [softly] Okay. I'm, uh, I'm really leaving now.


She kisses him again.

TROY: Seriously.

VERONICA: [whispers] See you.

She kisses him again.

TROY: Okay. Good night, all right, no more.

He plants a final kiss.

TROY: Good night.

Troy backs away from her slowly.

TROY: You know, uh, if we were the type of people who attended school functions, this would probably be the time that I'd ask you to Homecoming Dance.

Veronica smiles and lets herself into the apartment. Troy lets out a deep breath and shakes his head.

TROY: [whispers] Oh boy.


Veronica, smiling broadly, turns into the room and sees Keith on the couch.

VERONICA: So, what did you think of him?

KEITH: [innocently] Oh, hey, you're home early.

VERONICA: Oh hey, did you run his license plate? Or did you get fingerprints?

KEITH: Sorry, honey, what?

VERONICA: You know you're not fooling me.

KEITH: Okay.

Keith returns his attention to his book. Veronica stares. He looks up.

KEITH: Veronica, I have no idea what you're talking about.

[104/0148.jpg] Veronica huffs in disbelief and heads for her room.

KEITH: Oh, hey, I forgot to tell ya. If he's gonna be kissing my daughter on my porch for eight and a half minutes, I'll need to meet him. Sweet dreams, honey.

VERONICA: Is that really necessary?

KEITH: He's taking up a lot of daddy/daughter time. I hardly get to see you.

VERONICA: I see you constantly.

KEITH: Oh sure. You see me but we don't do anything.

Veronica sighs and goes to her room. Music: "Supernatural Supergirl" by Josh Kramon. The broad smile is back as she sits, then lies back on her bed, enjoying the moment.

LILLY: [offscreen] You buy your Homecoming dress without me?


Veronica is standing before an open closet, holding up a long pink dress.


The camera pans round to show Lilly, sitting on Veronica's bed, as she jumps up to join Veronica at the closet.

LILLY: Why do you insist on suppressing your hotness? The world is ready for you, Veronica Mars. You don't have to blend in.

VERONICA: I'm not trying to blend in.

Lilly rifles through the clothes in the closet and Veronica hangs the pink dress on the closet door.

LILLY: I mean, wha-, none of this reflects your personality at all. I'm-

Lilly pulls out a dress, disgusted.

LILLY: Why, why do you even have this? You are not a yellow cotton dress.

VERONICA: [breathlessly] What am I?

LILLY: You're like-, you're…

Lilly hangs the yellow dress back up and pulls out a red shirt.

LILLY: You're red satin.

Lilly pushes Veronica to the mirror.

LILLY: You are strapless red satin. Look at this.

Lilly holds the shirt against Veronica as Veronica looks in the mirror.

VERONICA: But there's no time for red satin, Lilly, the dance is tomorrow.

LILLY: Oh, God, you, wait a minute.

[104/0319.jpg] Lilly laughs, throwing the shirt back in the closet.

LILLY: You know that we're not really going to the dance, right?

VERONICA: Wait, what are you talking about?

LILLY: The dance is just a lame excuse for a new dress and a limo party. Logan has got all the refreshments taken care of so it's going to be amazing.

VERONICA: No, I can't do that. You know my dad, he will find out and I'll get crushed.

LILLY: You'll get grounded.

VERONICA: Severely.

LILLY: Oh, whoop-de-frigging-doo, Veronica, I mean, grounding lasts what, a week? You are gonna remember this fun we have for the rest of your life. Trust me.

Lilly leaps onto Veronica's bed.



Veronica takes a deep breath.


End music: "Supernatural Supergirl" by Josh Kramon. Wallace is sitting on the floor in front of a pile of files. He twists round to see a girl trying to lift a large stack of files behind him. He jumps up.

[104/0342.jpg]WALLACE: Let me help you with that.

GEORGIA: You have to let me do something, Wallace. Oo-oo

Just as Wallace reaches her, the files slide out of her arms. Wallace rescues some of the pile but the rest drop all over the floor.

GEORGIA: Okay, that was the pile you just got finished alphabetizing, wasn't it?

WALLACE: Actually, it was two piles.

They bend down to collect the papers.

GEORGIA: Oh, could I be a bigger spaz, seriously?

WALLACE: Yes, you could have knocked over three piles.

GEORGIA: I'm so sorry. You would have been out of here two hours ago if it wasn't for me.

WALLACE: Really not a problem.

GEORGIA: Okay, you can stop being nice. I know I ruined your whole night.

Wallace stops collecting papers to reassure her firmly.

WALLACE: Georgia! Trust me. You haven't.

Georgia still looks upset. She reaches out and throws her arms around Wallace's neck.

GEORGIA: I think I did something really stupid.

Wallace is grinning ear to ear at being hugged. Georgia pulls back.

GEORGIA: See, I got this email…


[104/0425.jpg]Georgia is telling her story to Veronica as Wallace watches.

GEORGIA: This guy Karl is super-rich. A trust fund kid. And I guess he has a gambling problem and he got into trouble, so he sent an email to a friend asking for help, and…

The noise from the hallway suddenly gets louder as someone attempts to enter. Wallace races to the door and pushes back a girl trying to come in.

WALLACE: Overflowing toilets. Use the faculty restroom.

Wallace maintains door watch. Georgia hands Veronica a copy of the email.

VERONICA: Well, okay, first of all, a trust fund kid doesn't send a message from grantastic tech dot com domain. That's pure nerd.

Veronica reads the email out loud.

VERONICA: "Hey buddy, I know we've not been in contact for a while but I'm hoping you can help."

GEORGIA: He was offering a 200% interest. And I only had to loan him the money for two weeks. Until his 21st birthday when he gets his trust fund.

VERONICA: So you called and told him you'd front him the cash.

GEORGIA: Yeah, and everything would've been fine if he would've paid me two weeks ago, like he said.

Veronica is searching for words that don't involve calling Georgia an idiot.

WALLACE: Everything's gonna be fine, okay Georgia?

Wallace winks at Georgia.

WALLACE: We'll get him.

VERONICA: Will we now?

Wallace grins and rolls his eyes to indicate that he wants to impress Georgia. Veronica already has her cell phone out.

VERONICA: [bouncy] Hi Karl, it's Amber. Um, I got an email from you, I guess by mistake, but I think I can help you. Give me a call. 555-0196.

Veronica closes up the phone just as the school bell rings.

VERONICA: And I'm late for bio, again.

She turns to Georgia.

VERONICA: Ten percent of whatever I recover.

Georgia nods, bemused. Veronica starts to walk out of the bathroom but as she goes, she uses the phone again. She maintains Amber's bounciness.

VERONICA: Hi! You've reached Amber. Leave me a message.

Wallace grins and mouths "Thank you" as Veronica passes him. He looks back at Georgia and points at the departed Veronica.

WALLACE: Did I tell you?

Georgia, not totally sure of what is going on, smiles nervously.

Opening credits.


Some students are watching a broadcast on the school TV.

TV: …last day to buy homecoming tickets. No homecoming tickets for the dance will be sold after that time.

Veronica is at a computer screen at the back of the classroom as Logan sets his bag down on the large central desk.

TV: Kicking off the homecoming festivities, the dedication of the Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain.

[104/0632.JPG] Veronica and Logan both look up at that.

TV: The Kane family would like to invite all students and faculty to attend the tribute and celebrate the memory of one of Neptune High's most beloved students.

Veronica walks forward to watch this part of the broadcast. Logan sees her and they stare at each other for a moment before he drops his head.

TV: And in other news…


Veronica is preoccupied. Troy sidles up beside her and walks with her.

[104/0644.jpg]TROY: You and me, Thursday night, I'm thinking mini-golf. It's what all the kids are doing. [off her sceptical look] But you don't golf.

VERONICA: My dad wants to meet you.

Veronica reaches her locker.

TROY: That's cool. I'll pick you up at the door. I mean I can't do the beep and wait but that's no problem.

VERONICA: My dad's a little intense.

TROY: Don't worry. I give good parent.

Troy kisses her. She smiles tenderly at him as she gets her books.

TROY: And just so I can make the appropriate arrangements. Homecoming is a go, right?

VERONICA VOICEOVER: This should make me happy.

VERONICA: [faking it] Yeah, yeah, it'll be fun.

TROY: Okay.

Troy strokes her arm and backs away. Veronica drops the smile once his back is turned and is more ponderous.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The big dance being a staple of every high school girl's fantasy.


Celeste carries a camera through the house.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I've already lived the dream. Everything else seems like a cheap reminder.


Veronica comes into view. She is in the long pink dress. She points a camcorder at Logan, who is posing in his tuxedo and fancy waistcoat.

CELESTE: Dear! Everyone is waiting.

Duncan is also in a tux. Jake sits in a chair, watching Veronica and Logan fool around.

DUNCAN: What the hell is she doing? How long does it take to put on a dress?

CELESTE: Honey, you know your sister. It's not an entrance if she's on time.

Duncan huffs and groans. He walks back to Veronica who is laughing at Logan, now dodging the camcorder.

DUNCAN: Maybe you should go and help her.

Lilly makes her entrance.

VERONICA: Ah-umm, I think she's got it covered.

Lilly is voluptuous and fabulous in a gold sequined backless dress. She does a slow-mo walk forward towards her audience, twirling as she goes. The front is a low cut, draped halter held together at the breasts by a thin chain. It is split high up one side. Jake stands at her approach and Logan walks up to meet her.

LOGAN: I believe Keanu Reeves said it best, when he said: "Whoa!"

Lilly laughs and proffers her cheek which Logan kisses. She takes his hand.

LILLY: All right, let's, ah, let's make with the pictures before the, um, glitter rubs off.

Lilly twirls under Logan's arm. Logan laughs.

[104/0813.jpg]LOGAN: Okay.

They dance their way over to Veronica and Duncan. Veronica holds the camcorder out to Jake.

VERONICA: Could you…Mr K-

JAKE: Oh, yeah, of course.

The four friends get positioned, the boys behind their respective girlfriends. Jake with the camcorder and Celeste with the camera face them.

CELESTE: You all look very nice. Lilly, could you…

Celeste gestures for Lilly to cover her exposed cleavage with the drape. Lilly is having none of it and adjusts the drape to expose more of her cleavage. Duncan smiles and rolls his eyes, Veronica does an "OMG, but I'm impressed" look and Logan grins.

LILLY: Hey, I'm only young once. How many braless years do I have left?

[104/0826.jpg]Celeste raises the camera and they all start to pose. The camera flashes, Jake videotapes and they have fun until Duncan spots the limo.

DUNCAN: All right. Let's go.

CELESTE: Be careful

JAKE: Be safe out there.

The party heads for the limo.



Veronica is still standing at her open locker, feeling her loss. Wallace, very chirpy, comes up behind her as she closes her locker.

WALLACE: Ladies and gentlemen, Veronica Mars, I've talked to that girl more today than I have in the past four months combined.

Wallace has blown her blues away and Veronica smiles broadly.

VERONICA: Her pain is your pleasure?

WALLACE: Hey, hey, I'm the cavalry. I get to save the day. [off Veronica's look] We are going to save the day? Right?

Veronica reaches for her ringing cell phone.


Veronica puts a "this is it" hand on Wallace's arm and simpers into the phone.

VERONICA: Oh, yeah, this is Amber.

Wallace crosses his fingers and gets increasingly excited as he listens.

VERONICA: Oh, my God, hi! [pauses] Of course I can meet you today, what time?

They walk forward out of shot just as Logan is passing behind them. He heads for Duncan, standing at his open locker with a box of videotapes in his hand.

[104/0908.jpg]LOGAN: What are you doing?

DUNCAN: Ah. My mother thought it would be nice to have a video tribute of Lilly for the dedication ceremony.

LOGAN: What, she wanted you to do it?

DUNCAN: No, my dad did. He wanted someone who knew her.

LOGAN: Do you want me to do it, man? You know I'm awesome at this stuff. Come on, let me do it. I wanna do it.

Duncan nods his head and hands over the videos.

DUNCAN: Thanks, man.

LOGAN: Yeah.


Veronica, hair curly with a flower in it, a short skirt and cleavage exposed in a tight red sweater, is the epitome of the blonde bimbo. She sits on a bench. A man gets out of a car. He is carrying a backpack. Wallace and Georgia watch from behind a Land Rover.

WALLACE: Is that him?

GEORGIA: I don't think so.

Veronica sees the man coming and pulls down her shirt to expose a little more cleavage.

KARL: Amber?


KARL: That's me!

Veronica stands as he approaches.

KARL: You must think I'm the biggest loser…

They shake hands.

KARL: Sending my friends emails, begging for money. I really don't know when this became my life.

VERONICA: Well, gambling is an addiction.

KARL: You know? It is, Amber. Thank you for understanding. You're saving my life. Literally.

Karl drops his backpack and sits down on the bench. Veronica follows suit. Wallace and Georgia continue to observe.

GEORGIA: That's not him. But I think Karl had on the same outfit. He even had the same ugly backpack.

WALLACE: Stay right here.

GEORGIA: Be careful, Wallace.

Wallace beams at her and then walks to Karl's car. He nonchalantly plants a tracking device on it and then heads back to Georgia. Cut to the bench.

[104/1025.jpg]VERONICA: So, just so that we're clear, the deal is I give you $3000 this week and you give me $6000 next week?

KARL: On my 21st birthday. That's the day my trust fund is unlocked.

VERONICA: So, who do I make the cheque out to?

KARL: I'm sorry. Didn't I tell you that it had to be in cash?

VERONICA: Did you?

KARL: Remember? I can't deposit anything at the bank because all my accounts are frozen…until my birthday.

VERONICA: Okay, I'll…it must be the hair.

She points to her head.

VERONICA: Blonde. Should we meet back here tomorrow?

KARL: Tomorrow. Same time?

VERONICA: Perfect. Karl? I can trust you, right?

KARL: You can trust me, Amber.

He raises his right hand.

KARL: Hand to God.

Veronica smiles as Karl gets up and walks away. As soon as his back is turned, she drops the Amber personae, giving him a hard look.


Karl parks and heads for a ramshackle looking building covered in graffiti. Veronica, tracker in hand, spots his car. Cut to her at the building which on closer inspection is a community theatre, currently housing the Circle Theatre Company. Endgame is on the bill. There is a small, glass-fronted display case with pictures of the five players, featuring Kevin Hand as Clove and Jimmy Spain a.k.a. Karl as Hamm.

[104/1133.jpg]VERONICA VOICEOVER: And where do conmen go when they're done conning for the day?

Veronica spots Jimmy Spain's photo.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: To a funky Bohemian theatre for an avant-garde staging of a Beckett play, naturally.

Veronica tries to open the display case but it is locked. She pulls the flower out of her hair. With the pin, she efficiently picks the lock. She grabs Jimmy's picture. Some of Jimmy's credits are typed on the back: Lost In the Midst, Role of David (lead) – Summerland Theatre Group, Neptune CA; "Aquarrena Commercial," Role of Salesman – 5 Mike Dam Productions, Neptune CA; Twelfth Night, Chorus –Shakespeare Group, Neptune CA and On Air, Stand In – Slave Rat Productions, Neptune, CA. Jimmy's details head the sheet (1536 Circle Heights, Neptune, CA 900800, 615-555-1078). Handwritten at the top of the list of roles is "Duped! Role of Karl – Recurring."

VERONICA VOICEOVER: You've gotta be kidding me.

Veronica smiles.


[104/1206.jpg]Jimmy comes out of the theatre to a few admiring fans, indulges in some lovey-ness and then spots Veronica sitting on the hood of her car.

JIMMY: Hey, listen, I'll catch you guys later, okay?

FAN: Hey man, nice job.

JIMMY: Hey, thanks, man.

He reaches Veronica who has slipped off the car. She is holding his picture.

JIMMY: What are you doing here?

VERONICA: I'm a huge Beckett fan. Hand to God!

Veronica mimics the raised right hand Jimmy used earlier at the park.

JIMMY: Wait a minute. This is part of the show, right? Naw, you're not gonna get me like that.

He looks around and shouts.

JIMMY: T.! Liam! You guys can come out, I ain't buying it.

Veronica looks around.

JIMMY: So…is this a part of the same episode or am I getting paid again?

VERONICA: What are you talking about?

JIMMY: Duped!

Veronica glances down at Jimmy's credits on back of the picture.

VERONICA: What, you're telling me that Duped! is a show?

JIMMY: Oh, I thought you were part of this. Yeah, it's one of those reality shows where people get duped into doing stupid things like giving some stranger their car or a bunch of money.

VERONICA: There were no cameras!

JIMMY: You're not supposed to see them! That's the whole point, right?

VERONICA: There's no show, Jimmy!

JIMMY: Wh-wh-what are you talking about there's no show. I auditioned, I got cast!

VERONICA: It's a scam. My friend, Georgia was duped about two weeks ago out of $6000 by some other trust fund Karl.

JIMMY: N-no, no.

VERONICA: How did you find out about this?

JIMMY: [gropes for his words] There was an ad in Backstage West. Open call but, you know, I'm between agents right now. They just called me today to tell me I got the job.

VERONICA: Do you still have the number on your cell phone?

JIMMY: Now wait. You're telling me there's no show? For real? This isn't a dupe?

Veronica shakes her head. Jimmy gets his cell out and checks the phone display. He hands the phone to Veronica.

JIMMY: There it is. Hey, what about my SAG points?


VERONICA: A pay phone that doesn't accept incoming calls. Shocker. From a place called Gameland. I guess it's a cybercafé but I'll check it out.

WALLACE: Naw, it's not a cybercafé, it's a gaming club. It's like a bunch of computer nerds trying to blow each other up. Only girls they see in there are Japanimated. So, you're not going to really blend.

VERONICA: So, I won't blend.


[104/1409.jpg] A screen shows a list of names playing including Liamator, SnakeBite, Coppertop, Grrrantula, Tedster, Psyris, KonArtist, Kelly and Kill_Zone. Veronica arrives wearing a short, black page boy wig and dressed like a schoolgirl (in the style of Sailor Moon. She draws a lot of attention. Veronica approaches the guy in charge and swaps her ID for an ear piece.


He watches her as she moves into the depths of the club. Various gaming chat is going on and a lot of the nerds are still staring at her. She spots two guys sitting on a couch facing a screen, playing a game. She sits down on the couch between them. The one on her left, Liam, is irritated by her arrival but the lad on her right, Ted, is chuffed. They go on with their game.

[104/1447.jpg]LIAM: I have one word. Ownage.

TED: I care.

LIAM: I just fragged you. Aaaand, I just fragged you again.

Veronica watches as the two shoot at each other on the screen. Screen names for the characters come up when they are targeted. (Possible continuity problem – Tedster seems to be Jezebel on screen and Liam is not Liamator but Coppertop).

TED: Ooohh.

She smiles, then turns to Ted.

VERONICA: Can you watch my stuff?

TED: Yeah.

Veronica pulls a piece of paper from her bag. She walks behind the couch to where the names of the people playing are listed on the screen. She looks at the paper. It is a copy of Georgia's email. The email is from karl@grrrantastic-tech.com. She compares it with the screen.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Grrrantula, a gamer. Email from grrrantastic-tech. A coincidence, I think not.

Veronica types "Gamegirl" into the new player login.

VERONICA: Gamegirl.

The screen acknowledges her character and tells her to enter the game. She fixes the earpiece and walks back to the couch. She picks up a controller, takes a sweet offered by Ted and starts to play.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Now let's see if I can't get Grrrantula's attention.

She fires at various characters until she finds Grrrantula. The boy in question, Grant, looks around the room.

LIAM: Stop killing your own team.

Veronica keeps shooting at Grrrantula.

GRANT: Hey, cut the crap.

Veronica has heard the voice but has not placed him. She keeps shooting.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Come on, loser. Show yourself.

GRANT: Hey! I'm on your team, lamer!

Veronica looks around but still hasn't identified him. Veronica turns to Ted.

VERONICA: Wow! I'm really bad at this.

She keeps shooting Grrrantula. She kills him. She jumps to her feet.


Grant jumps up, angry.

GRANT: Hey, it's not ownage. I'm on your team!

Veronica gets a good look at Grant. She falls back down on the couch with a satisfied smile. Cut to a little later. Veronica goes to the counter and hands back the earpiece.


The guy looks in the card index box for the ID but can't find it.

GUY: What was the first name?

Veronica grabs the box.

VERONICA: Here, it'll be faster.

She rummages through as the guy is distracted by another customer. She finds the ID she used and Grant's ID. She takes them both.

VERONICA: It was hiding under the Qs.

She leaves.


VERONICA VOICEOVER: Grrrant's ID indicated he was living in Lannigan Hall at San Diego State; a university known for its liberal arts, its picturesque campus and its parties.

Veronica takes a flyer for "Beer in Bremen Around the World Party Tonight" from a notice board.


Veronica's hair is plaited around her head and she is trying a pair of spectacles on Wallace.

WALLACE: It's not going to work. You can't take the cool out of me. Look, pocket protector, and I'm still full of pimp juice.

Dissatisfied, Veronica removes the glasses.

[104/1720.jpg]VERONICA: Shouldn't you be a little more sombre for your poor scammed girlfriend?

WALLACE: Now you know she's not my girlfriend, so why are you even trying to play it like that?

VERONICA: Like what?

Veronica places a different pair of glasses on Wallace.

WALLACE: Like you wanna have this whole conversation about whether I like her or whatever.

Veronica is still not satisfied and takes them off.

WALLACE: Like we just got out of cheerleading practice. Guys don't do that.

She tries another pair.


She pulls back and is finally satisfied.


WALLACE: If a guy likes someone, he just likes her. He doesn't need to have [air quotes] a five hour talk about it.

Veronica moves to the mirror to apply blusher.

VERONICA: So, you like her, but we're just not talking about it?


Veronica smiles.

VERONICA: Do you like her a lot?

Wallace laughs.

WALLACE: Yes, I like her a lot. Yes, I go two floors out of my way between classes so I can see her. Yes, I volunteered to reorganise an entire filing system of attendance crap, just so I can be in the same room with her. You happy? Veronica finishes at the mirror and starts to collect her things to go.

VERONICA: I still think you're a badass.

WALLACE: And I am. And nobody's gonna buy me as a nerd.

VERONICA: You've already been bought. I called the resident advisor and I told him you were a prospective freshman.

WALLACE: And they believed you because?

VERONICA: Because I do a surprisingly convincing admissions assistant. But, tonight, you lucky boy, I'm all nerd hag.

Wallace rubs his hands together.

WALLACE: Okay, let's get this party started, because I am hungry for gratitude.

Veronica follows Wallace as he exits the room but turns back to get her cell phone. As she picks it up from the table, she sees a picture of Lilly, Logan, Duncan and herself, taken the night of the limo party.


Music: "All That We Perceive" by Thievery Corporation.

LYRICS: We feel endlessly beyond all gravity
Who are we, what we see I can't comprehend
Who are we, what we see I can't comprehend

[104/1856.jpg] Logan and Veronica sit in the back seat. Duncan sits on the seat running along the side of the limo. Lilly is just settling next to him with her champagne.

LILLY: Okay, it's my turn? Logan.

LOGAN: Truth.

LILLY: What did you think of Veronica the first time you saw her?

Logan mumbles with embarrassment.

LOGAN: I don't know, I thought she was hot.

Veronica gasps.

VERONICA: I was twelve when you moved here!

LOGAN: Oh, and, like you weren't working it in your shorts and your knee socks.

VERONICA: That was my soccer uniform!

Veronica punches him in the shoulder.

LOGAN: So, whatever! It totally worked!

Duncan and Lilly laugh.

LOGAN: Okay, Lilly.

LILLY: Dare.

Duncan snorts.

DUNCAN: Shocker.

LOGAN: Okay, kiss someone in this limo.

DUNCAN: [snorts again] Come on, dude.

Lilly takes a swig of champagne and hands her glass to Duncan.

LOGAN: Come on.

As she rises to head for the end of the limo, Logan readies himself to be kissed.

DUNCAN: Here we go.

Logan throws himself against Veronica to give Lilly lots of room. Veronica puts a hand over her eyes so as not to be staring at the kiss taking place right next to her. Lilly goes to kiss Logan and he opens his mouth wide to receive. At the last minute, she swings over and kisses Veronica. Logan screams in delight. Veronica pushes her away, laughing.

DUNCAN: Oh no!

Logan claps.

LOGAN: A little girl-on-girl action in the limo!

DUNCAN: Oh, man! Dude! That's my sister and my girlfriend.

LOGAN: Yeah, dude, like that one's not in the rotation.

Duncan reacts by shaking the bottle of champagne and spraying Logan. Lilly screams and scrunches close to Veronica to avoid the spray.

LOGAN: Dude, this is my dad's tux.

DUNCAN: Didn't know, man.

He shakes the bottle harder and sprays him some more.


LOGAN: I'm soaked!

[104/1957.jpg] Logan lunges for and chases Duncan out of the limo, which is parked at the beach. The chase continues outside. Duncan throws off his jacket as Logan tries to tackle him. They wrestle in the sand. Veronica and Lilly, enjoying the show and laughing, sit back in the limo.

VERONICA: Our boyfriends are all class.

Lilly pats Veronica's hand as she regains her breath.

LILLY: Yeah.



End music: "All That We Perceive" by Thievery Corporation. Veronica still holds the photo as Wallace gets impatient at the door.

WALLACE: Tick-tock! Very cute girl in need of our help right now.

Veronica hurries to join Wallace.


Music: "Diverse City" by Toby Mac.

LYRICS: They call us Diverse City, we're colourful good
It's like a freak show in your neighbourhood
So, if you wanna praise you can come on down
Cause this freak show's leaving the ground
Up, up and away, baby we don't play
Maybe you thought you was done for the day
He said, she said, I said this, that you can't get away from your moment of bliss
Stirring, we'll lure you in and we'll make room for the shade of skin
Short ones, tall ones, skinny ones, bigger
Love is the gun and we pullin' that trigger

People are dressed in various costumes from around the world. The party is spread through several rooms. The resident advisor, wearing a sombrero, comes around the corner. Veronica and Wallace trail after him.

[104/2036.jpg]R.A.: Yeah, so, we're pretty chill around here. I mean there's rules and stuff but it's mostly, like, don't light stuff on fire, don't get caught with drugs, you know?


Veronica spots and points at Grant.

VERONICA: Hey, I think I know that guy.

R.A.: Grant. Yeah, he's pretty famous around here. He's like a genius or something. Him and that bouncer looking dude over there.

He points at Liam.

R.A.: They call them the Silicon Mafia. Basically, around here, these guys are legend.

Cut to later at the party.

MALE STUDENT: [offscreen] This dude.

Camera pans round to Veronica and Wallace talking to a couple of students.

MALE STUDENT: Got caught looking at Grant's laptop screen.

FEMALE STUDENT: The next day he was put on academic probation because his GPA dropped from a 3.8 to a 1.5.

MALE STUDENT: Overnight on the university computer system.

FEMALE STUDENT: And they have a security system like with laser beams.

MALE STUDENT: I think they're building robots or something.

FEMALE STUDENT: I felt the wall in the dorm next to theirs and it was way hot. Do you know how many grow lights they probably have in there?

MALE STUDENT: The walls are so hot, it's because they have a million dollar bank of super computers.

FEMALE STUDENT: That they bought with their weed money.

The students wander off, leaving Veronica and Wallace. End music: "Diverse City" by Toby Mac. Cut to a little later. Veronica runs into the R.A.'s room.

VERONICA: Um, it is okay for people to be shooting Roman Candles down the stairways.

R.A.: Oohh, man, you know?

The R.A. grabs something out of his top desk drawer, pushing it closed as he exits. Veronica slips her purse into the drawer to stop it closing and searches the drawer until she finds the right keys. Music: "Party Crashers" by Radio 4.

LYRICS: The DJ is in from overseas
He's breaking hearts, he's making beats
Your hands are shaking as you hit the pavement
Can't catch a break on Thirteenth Street
These days things seems strange
These days things seems strange
These days things seems strange
They're taking over while we think it over
Can't get a message anyway
They let me down

Back at the party, Wallace is on a chair, surrounded by a number of college kids standing over him, including Grant.

GRANT: So, what do you plan in majoring in?

WALLACE: [uncertainly] Math.

GRANT: Math, wow. So, what are you into? Chaos theory, PDEs, joint methods? What's your thing?

WALLACE: I'm pretty interested in, ah, joint methods.


WALLACE: Right now.

GRANT: For error estimation or duality?

WALLACE: I know this is gonna sound kinda weird but…I'm interested in both.

There are grunts of approval from his audience. Elsewhere Veronica passes a group of party-goers and goes through a door to a quieter part of the hall. She finds the room she is looking for next to which is a notice board. She sticks the picture of Jimmy on it. Despite warning stickers, she opens the door with the keys she took. The room is dark and there is an alarm keypad on the wall. The alarm is beeping. Veronica examines it. Meanwhile, Wallace is still being interrogated.

GRANT: Poincare's conjecture or Fermat's last theorem? Which better defines geometry in three dimensional space?

Wallace looks uncomfortably out of his depth. Back in Grant's room, Veronica has failed to stop the alarm going off. At the party, Grant abruptly checks his cell as it sounds. Veronica goes further into the dorm room. Liam enters.

LIAM: What the hell are you doing?

Liam gets up close to Veronica. Grant races out of the party. Liam escorts Veronica out of the room by her arm and into the hall. She plays drunk and dumb.

VERONICA: They told me this was Sri Lanka. I wanted a coconut toddy.

Grant arrives.

GRANT: What the hell's going on?

LIAM: We had an intruder.

GRANT: How did you open the door?

End music: "Party Crashers" by Radio 4. Veronica shrugs.

VERONICA: I don't know, I just opened it.

GRANT: It's impossible, it's always locked.

Veronica shrugs again as Liam spots and takes down Jimmy's picture from the notice board.

LIAM: Grant.

Liam holds the picture out for Grant to see.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: And the real way the Silicon Mafia finances their empire becomes clear.

[104/2258.jpg] Wallace arrives. Veronica groans and slides along the wall towards him.


VERONICA: I don't feel so good, Papa Bear.

Wallace supports her as she pretends to heave and they exit, leaving Grant and Liam staring after them. Wallace and Veronica stumble and nearly fall through another door, Veronica still leaning on him. Once clear, she drops the act.

WALLACE: Papa Bear?

VERONICA: Never happened.


Veronica and Wallace enter the school.

WALLACE: My first college party. Drinking Piña Coladas with a dude and talking about math.

VERONICA: They've gotta be hiding something big in that dorm room to have that much security. I mean, an-an alarm that sends a message to your cell phone? What's wrong with a deadbolt?

[104/2336.jpg] Wallace falls back to gaze lovingly at Georgia who is at her locker.

VERONICA: Wow! You've got it bad.

WALLACE: Nothing bad about this, my friend.

Wallace heads over to Georgia. Veronica watches fondly for a moment and then goes on her way.


Logan sits alone at the central table, looking at a PC screen. He has a video in his hand. There is a film playing on the screen with some guitar music.


Veronica is passing by in the hall. A voice drifts out from the nearby classroom.

LILLY: [offscreen] Mom, if you don't put the camera down, I won't go out there.

Veronica recognises Lilly's voice. She pauses and then goes into the classroom.


Logan is watching the screen and making notes. He glances over and sees Veronica. He returns to his notes. Veronica slowly walks closer, her eyes fixed on the screen. On the screen is a very young Lilly, maybe two, standing with her arm on a couch. This changes to one of Lilly at a year or two older, flipping the pages of a book in bed, her doll next to her. Logan glances back and sees Veronica is still there. He returns to his notes.

LOGAN: What part of my ignoring you makes you think you're welcome?

VERONICA: What are you doing?

LOGAN: Assembling the world's most boring memorial video.

He snorts in derision and then picks up the videos.

LOGAN: Ballet…

Cut to the computer screen. Lilly, now about six, is riding a horse or pony. She has a red cowboy hat on her head.

LOGAN: [offscreen] Choir recital, debutante crap…

Cut back to Logan and Veronica.

LOGAN: Girl scouts.

He sighs heavily.

[104/2433.jpg]LOGAN: Memories both misty and water-coloured.

Logan flings them down. On the screen, Lilly aged about six drives a Lego car, then Lilly aged about eight sings against a sparkling and colourful backdrop.

VERONICA: It's Lilly as a long-distance commercial.

LOGAN: Well, it isn't really about Lilly, is it?

Logan watches, then laughs.

LOGAN: God, this would piss her off.

Veronica watches.

LILLY: [offscreen] Come on, Veronica, it's your turn. Do not lame out.


[104/2529.jpg] Veronica, Duncan, Lilly and Logan are walking at the edge of the water. They all have their champagne glasses except Duncan who has the bottle. Logan is carrying the camcorder.

VERONICA: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I've never…

As Veronica thinks, holding up her glass, Logan takes a swig of champagne and spits it into the water. He turns and walks backwards to watch.

VERONICA: Gone skinny dipping.

The others express their surprise all at once.

LOGAN: Oh, jeez…

LILLY: Oooo…


Logan and Lilly take swigs. Duncan raises the bottle to his lips.

LILLY: That is just unacceptable. We're gonna have to do something about that, Veronica Mars.

LOGAN: Oh, oh okay.

He holds up the camcorder to record the reaction.

LOGAN: I've never taken matters into my own hand in the boys' locker room after watching the cheerleader tryouts.

Duncan and Veronica both freeze at this. Veronica gasps as Duncan stares at his best friend.

DUNCAN: Dude, you are so dead.

Logan and Lilly laugh as Veronica is open-mouthed.

LILLY: How pervy, Duncan! I am a little impressed though.

LOGAN: You must drink, comrade.

Duncan signs heavily then raises the bottle to his lips. Logan is giggling. Veronica puts a hand on his arm as he does.

VERONICA: Wait! Please tell me that was before we started dating.

Logan's giggle turns into laughter.

DUNCAN: Of course. [quickly moving on] I've never, um, I've-I've never seen my parents having sex.

Logan pushes the bottom of Lilly's glass to her lips and Lilly drinks. Veronica and Duncan gasp.

DUNCAN: No way.

Duncan is horrified, Logan laughs and Lilly nods.

[104/2545.jpg]LILLY: Yeah.

DUNCAN: No way.

LILLY: I went into their room…


LILLY: To borrow Mom's black sweater,


LILLY: Mom was on top of Dad…

DUNCAN: I want you to shut up…

Duncan goes to put a hand over Lilly's mouth.

LILLY: Hold on a second, wait, wait…

Duncan puts his hands over his eyes.

DUNCAN: Oh, my God, I don't want to see this.

LILLY: She was like this, watch…

Veronica indicates that Logan should film Duncan. Logan's laughing too much to keep steady.

DUNCAN: Oh, my God.

LILLY: She was like this...

Duncan is peeking through his fingers as Lilly mimics her mother.

LILLY: [passionless] Oh, oh.

She raises a hand to her mouth to stifle a yawn.


DUNCAN: Lilly, that is so wrong.

LILLY: I promise, but I think Dad probably thought so too. I've got one. I, um, I have never…not had sex.



VERONICA: [confused] Wait, what does that even mean?

Logan trains the camcorder on Veronica and Duncan.

LOGAN: That means, drink if you are a virgin.

Veronica stands still, giggles and drinks. Logan laughs evilly. Duncan shakes his head.

DUNCAN: What the hell.

He raises the bottle and drinks to the whoops of Lilly and Logan.

LILLY: Whoa, Duncan! I'm shocked.

VERONICA: You are so cool.

Veronica leans up, puts her arms around his neck and kisses Duncan.

LOGAN: [mimicking] Oh, so cool, man…

Logan and Lilly laugh then join in a group hug as Veronica and Duncan continue to kiss, Logan filming throughout.

LOGAN: [mockingly] I love you, I love you, I…

The kiss breaks off and they all laugh.

LILLY: Oh, yeah…

LOGAN: Yeah.

Logan stretches his arm up to capture an overhead of the four of them as Duncan whispers in Veronica's ear.

DUNCAN: …you're my girlfriend.



Veronica turns and walks away, leaving Logan at the screen. She looks back at him and the screen. She seems to have an idea.


Veronica has Backup on a lead (note: this is a different dog from the one in the pilot, bigger and all light brown) and walks with Keith.

[104/2650.jpg]KEITH: I don't think this really constitutes quality time.

VERONICA: I've never loved you more.

Keith puts on the jacket he is carrying, a DEA jacket.

VERONICA: It's a good cause. These guys ripped off a friend at school. And there's a World's Greatest Dad trophy in your future.

Keith grabs Backup's lead. He carries on as Veronica halts outside. Keith gives her a backwards wave as he heads into the campus.


Keith and Backup are escorted to Grant and Liam's room by the R.A.

KEITH: We were flying over with the heat seeking scanners. Came across some high intensity discharge lamps. Looks like someone's cultivating a little Mary J.

Keith bangs on the door. Liam answers. Keith shows a badge.

KEITH: Mind if I come in?

Keith doesn't wait for a response. He marches in with Backup. Grant gets up from chair at his desk.

[104/2720.jpg]GRANT: What's going on?

KEITH: What's your name, son?

GRANT: Grant. [off Keith's stare] Winters.

Keith looks around.

KEITH: Any drugs on the premises, Mr. Winters?

GRANT: Caffeine.

Keith sighs and is not amused.

GRANT: No sir.

KEITH: You sure about that?

Keith grabs a chair.

KEITH: Plants, seeds, any cannabis seedlings of any kind?

As he talks, he stands on the chair to inspect a high shelf above a bed.

LIAM: [firmly] No.

Keith continues his inspection but in fact plants a bug on the shelf.

GRANT: Look, we don't have any drugs, okay?

LIAM: And don't you need like a warrant or something?

Keith climbs down.

KEITH: What do I need a warrant for? There's nothing here.

Keith jerks Backup's lead.

KEITH: Come on.

He walks out of the room without a backward glance. Liam stares at Grant.


Veronica sits at a table in a busy outside cafeteria of the campus. She is listening to Grant and Liam via the bug.

LIAM: Why did you let him in?

GRANT: You're the one who let him in. And why wasn't the alarm on? It's supposed to be on even when we're here.

[104/2811.jpg] Some time passes and Veronica continues to listen.

LIAM: I'm heading to the snack bar.

GRANT: Set the alarm.

Veronica hears the tones as the alarm is set. She picks up her cell and duplicates the sound, writing down the number: 0227. Cut to later. Veronica is now the only person seated in the area. Her cell rings. She sees who it is and answers.

VERONICA: [flirty] Yeah?

She listens.

VERONICA: Oh, my God!

She looks at her watch.

VERONICA: I'll be right there.

She hurriedly packs up her things.


Troy is sat bolt upright on the edge of the couch as Keith takes his seat in the armchair.

KEITH: So. Veronica tells me, um… well actually she hasn't told me anything about you.

TROY: Well, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

KEITH: Neither do I.

Keith stares for a moment then laughs. Troy follows suit.

TROY: Well, if you have any questions, or, you know, you want a list of references or anything…

KEITH: So you're going to the homecoming dance.

TROY: Oh, yes, sir, if that's okay with you.

KEITH: Of course. And after the dance?

TROY: Why-I think that, uh, Veronica said that she had to be right home after, so…

KEITH: Yeah, good. And you're gonna stay for the whole dance, I mean, you're not gonna leave early to go to a party or a hotel, and still make it back by curfew?

TROY: No, you-ah, I mean…the whole point of going to the dance...

Troy laughs uncomfortably.

[104/2924.jpg]TROY: Is to go to the dance.

KEITH: Good. So you won't mind then that I cancelled your reservation at the Four Seasons?

Troy is stunned. Keith smiles benignly with steel in his eyes. Veronica arrives.

VERONICA: I'm here, I'm here. So. Who's ready for mini-golf?

Troy and Keith look at each other. Keith grabs Troy on the shoulder and pats him. Troy is not comfortable. Veronica picks up the vibe.


The phone rings.

LIAM: Hello.

TELEPHONE: Hi, Grant Winters, this is admissions calling.

Liam takes the phone from his ear and holds it to his chest.

LIAM: Grant. Someone from admissions wants to talk to you.

Grant takes the phone.

GRANT: Grant Winters.

TELEPHONE: Bill Smith, Admissions. Are you free Thursday night?

GRANT: Sorry, we're really not interested in showing some pro-fro around campus.


Keith is lying back in his chair.

[104/3009.jpg]KEITH: Oh, that's a shame. We wanted to land this student before MIT snatched him up.

Veronica is in the office with him and makes a note on a post-it. She passes it along the desk.

KEITH: And he asked for you and your crew specifically.

VERONICA: [whispers, appalled] Crew?

Keith gives her his "I'm cool" gesture. The camera continue to switch between the two.


GRANT: Yeah, I'm sure he did. Sorry, but-

KEITH: We're providing three tickets to Gamelore to a private screening of a new game, maybe you've heard of it.

Keith takes his cue from Veronica who mouths at him.

KEITH: It's The Matrix online game.

GRANT: Really?

Veronica grins.


Logan is in front of the computer screen again. Lilly as a six or seven year old is frozen on the screen. Veronica enters.

VERONICA: How's it going?

LOGAN: It's very Wonder Years.

Onscreen, Lilly is wearing a fur rimmed crown and cloak.

LOGAN: Celeste will love it.


Veronica sits next to Logan.

[104/3049.jpg]VERONICA: I was going through some of my stuff and I found this.

She pulls out a small mini-cassette. On it is written "Fun With Lilly."

LOGAN: What is it?

VERONICA: It's not a violin recital.

Logan looks at it and then at Veronica. There is, perhaps, a moment of truce before he looks back at the screen.

LOGAN: I've got a lot of work to do.

VERONICA: Yeah. No, me too.

Logan nods and Veronica leaves.


Wallace, in his nerd provisional freshman disguise, is walking along with Grant and Liam. Wallace is text messaging as he walks.

[104/3106.jpg]GRANT: Dude, we're gonna see the new Matrix online game, we're finally gonna see it.

LIAM: Did you see the video posters with their rag doll effects, man, the physics engine is killer.

Grant notices Wallace using his phone.

GRANT: What are you doing?

WALLACE: Just text messaging my girlfriend, tell her how psyched I am.

Cut to Veronica, sitting on a low wall. Her cell rings and she gets Wallace's "All clear" message.


Veronica enters. She uses the code to turn off the alarm.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: In the past 24 hours of surveillance, this is what I've learned. The so-called Silicon Mafia has developed a game that'll make Quake look like Asteroids. They've raised their start-up capital by swindling needy and greedy college and high school students using a variation of the Nigerian scam. With no investors, they stand to make millions. Unless, somehow, someone trips them up along the way.

[104/3202.jpg] During the voiceover, Veronica finds the processors in locked cages. She gets out bolt cutters. Cut to Veronica taking the hard drives. Wallace text messages to see how she's doing. She is almost done. She affixes an envelope to Grant's computer screen, picks up her bag and heads for the door. She remembers the bug and comes back to collect it. She grabs a chair, reaches up and feels for it. While there, she notices wires running along the opposite wall. She follows the wires to a closet. On opening the closet, she finds another computer.


It is in a padlocked safe.

VERONICA: I really hate these guys.

Veronica opens a small fridge in the room. It is full of cans of drink. She grabs one and goes back to the backup computer, sitting before it and pondering.


Wallace, Liam and Grant arrive. The place is deserted except for a person sweeping up.

[104/3335.jpg]LIAM: What the hell?

WALLACE: Wow. I can't believe there's no party. I feel so duped.

Grant and Liam's phone alarms go off. They grab their phones from their pockets.

GRANT: What the hell?

LIAM: It's the alarm on the backup drives.

They look at each other and then race out of the club, ignoring Wallace who smiles.


Grant and Liam hurry back to their room.

LIAM: I set the room alarm.

GRANT: Then why didn't it go off? You can't get to the backups without getting into the room.

LIAM: Oh, the backups are fine. Nobody's getting into that safe.


Grant attends to the alarm as Liam comes in behind him.

LIAM: What the hell?

The camera pulls back into the room to reveal the sabotaged computers on the desk.

[104/3422.jpg]GRANT: Oh, my God.

LIAM: The backup drives.

Liam runs back to the closet to check. Grant spots the envelope and grabs it. He looks back at Liam to ascertain the fate of the backups and walks over to where Liam is crouched down, opening the safe. It is full of cans of drink and a funnel which has been fitted to an opening. Liam lets his eyes trail down. There is liquid leaking out of the bottom of the computer. Grant opens the envelope and read the note.

GRANT: "Hey buddy, I was hoping you could…help me."


Veronica, Georgia and Wallace are waiting.

GRANT: [offscreen, continuing to read] "I'm coming into my trust fund next week and if you give me $7600 tomorrow night, I'll give you your hard drives back."

Grant and Liam are heading towards the group.

VERONICA: Hello boys. Let me guess what you're thinking. Paybacks are a bitch.

GRANT: Yeah, something like that.

Liam hands Veronica the money. She starts to count it before handing it to Wallace.

VERONICA: Well, here, you're the math whiz.

GRANT: It's all there.

GEORGIA: Like we trust you.

WALLACE: Yeah, I think that's all of it.

VERONICA: Our commission's included?

WALLACE: Yee-ope.


GRANT: Can we have our backup drives now?

VERONICA: You need to lay off the caffeine, Grrrant. 'Cause you're downright testy. Your backups are in the garbage can, next to the bench.

GEORGIA: Yeah, you might have to dig a little.

Liam and Grant go to the garbage can. Wallace, Georgia and Veronica head back towards her car.

GEORGIA: This just doesn't seem fair. I keep thinking about all the people who were scammed and how they don't have kick-ass friends.

She laughs.

VERONICA: Did you know there's a whole anti-fraud agency in the FBI? I guess it's a big deal. And I was shocked to see how interested they were in the information I had on Liam and Grant.

WALLACE: Game over.

[104/3539.jpg] Veronica walks on as Wallace stops to give Georgia her money. Wallace turns to wave to Veronica when Georgia grabs his face and kisses him. Veronica looks back and smiles.

LIAM: [offscreen] I got one, I got one.

GRANT: [offscreen] You got one?

Veronica reaches her car. As she pulls out her keys a flyer comes with them. Veronica looks at it. It reads: "The Kane Family invites you to the dedication of the Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain."


[104/3623.jpg] The limo pulls up. Keith, Jake and Celeste can be seen waiting. In the limo, Logan is lying with his head in Lilly's lap. She is pouring drink into his open mouth. He chokes and laughs. Duncan is cradling Veronica in his lap. Her eyes are closed. Duncan looks out the window.

DUNCAN: Oh, my God. They called the cops.

Veronica rouses and looks through the window.

VERONICA: They called my dad.

LILLY: This is like, the best dance EVER.

Logan laughs. The limo pulls to a stop and Duncan gets out, followed by Lilly. Lilly limps, one shoe off. She is beaming. She approaches Keith.

LILLY: What seems to be the problem, officer?


Celeste gestures "come here" with her finger as Duncan and Veronica exchange a look.

CELESTE: Are you drunk?

LILLY: Umm, not so much anymore.

Lilly laughs. Veronica looks sheepishly at Keith. Celeste is furious.

CELESTE: You are absolutely unbelievable. Why do you insist on humiliating me?

LILLY: Um, two kids, both out all night, and one getting screamed at?

CELESTE: 'Cause I know you, Lilly. Any trouble this family has ever had, you've been at the root of it.

DUNCAN: Mom! It's my fault. It was my idea.

JAKE: You listen, both of you. Inside the house. Come on.

Lilly throws her father a defiant look. She goes back to Logan, grabs his face, and gives him a hard, long kiss. Logan glances at the Kanes. Celeste spins around and heads for the house. Jake waits as Lilly ends the kiss and heads for the house. Jake gives a sigh.

VERONICA: Sorry, Dad.

KEITH: We'll talk at home. Jake, Celeste. Thanks for the coffee.

Jake half turns and acknowledges Keith with a wave. Duncan turns and gives Veronica a smile and a little wave. She smiles back as Keith and Logan head for Keith's car. Duncan stands to watch her, but Jake pulls him into the house.



Veronica stares a little longer at the flyer then puts it down.


At the dedication service, an octet is playing "Wind Beneath My Wings." A number of people are gathered, holding candles. On a small raised section, the Kanes are sitting with a few others, including Clemmons, and there is a large photo of Lilly above them. To the right is a video screen on which is the title "Lilly Kane, Always Remembered." Veronica is taking photographs. Logan is in the crowd, his head down, but he looks up when he spots her. The music ends. Celeste takes the stage.

CELESTE: Thank you to the Neptune High Orchestra. I know if Lilly were here, she would have been moved by that rendition. Lilly really loved this place.

Logan looks down at his feet. Duncan looks shell-shocked on the stage, Jake even more so.

CELESTE: So, it's only fitting that as long as this fountain remains here, a part of Lilly will always be here. And you, her peers, will always be reminded what a generous, kind…

Wallace is in the crowd with his arm around Georgia.

CELESTE: Sweet girl she was and how she embodied…

Veronica sees Troy and they exchange a smile.

CELESTE: Pirate pride and the school motto, service, loyalty, honour.

Celeste looks behind her at Duncan. He and Jake rise from their seats. Duncan walks over to a red curtain and pulls the cord. It drops to reveal a wall fountain. Celeste triggers a remote control and water trickles down the fountain. The crowd claps politely. Veronica takes another picture. Logan points the remote to start the video. A classical-like guitar piece accompanies pictures of young Lilly that Logan had earlier. Celeste is more than happy with this representation of her daughter. There are more young Lilly pictures. Veronica watches with a smile. Logan watches then looks down again. Now there is more recent footage. Lilly runs up close to the lens, about fourteen-fifteen. Jake and Duncan are affected by the video. Celeste just looks proud of the impression being made. Unexpectedly, the soft classical guitar gives way to the hammering of an electric guitar. Music: "Now is the Time" by Damone.

LYRICS: I could put your pieces back together
And take the rest of you apart
I didn't think my luck would last forever
So I think right here is where we'll start
When the lines of the past have been blurred
It gets much easier to tell those around to let go
Now is the time, now we find out what's really happening
How was the ride of your life?
Now is the time…

Jake looks at Celeste and Logan looks up impishly. Celeste is not happy as the video moves onto Veronica's footage from the night of the limo party. The camcorder has caught Lilly close up in the back seat.

LILLY: Hello America! You wanted Lilly. You got her. Now sit back and enjoy the ride.

As the music's melody kicks in, the video shows Lilly and Veronica dancing in the back seat. The crowd react positively and some laugh, including Logan. Lilly pops and pours champagne. Wallace and Georgia raise their own glasses to her. Celeste is really unhappy. Duncan can't suppress a grin. Lilly sticks her bottom out of the limo as Logan claps. Veronica, at the dedication, laughs at the memory. Troy lets out an appreciative "Yeah!" On the video, Lilly and Logan cross arms to sip their champagne and Lilly and Veronica dance some more. Then Lilly swigs from the champagne bottle. Jake lets out a laugh and grins. There are some shots of the twelve-fifteen year old Lilly in a wizard hat, showing her biceps, and jumping out of a tree. Celeste now looks deeply embarrassed. There are a series of stills as Lilly kisses Logan. The crowd roars as Logan all but blushes. Celeste is clearly angry. The film moves onto Lilly on the beach, bottle in one hand, glass in the other, running towards the camera. This is intercut with a shot of her with her head out of the open sunroof of the moving limo. Jake is laughing freely now and Duncan is smiling. Jake puts a hand to his mouth in emotion. The video ends on Lilly's head out of the limo through the roof, her hair flying as she looks down into the limo and addresses the camcorder.

[104/4035.jpg]LILLY: You love me don't you?

Jake starts to sob and Duncan comforts him. The crowd cheers. The screen goes black. End music: Now is the Time by Damone. Logan looks over at Veronica. She smiles at him and he smiles back. The crowd starts to disperse. Amongst the crowd are Weevil and, behind him, Felix.

FELIX: Hey, Weev, let's hit it.

Weevil doesn't respond.

FELIX: Weevil!

Weevil turns and looks up at Felix. His face is wet.

WEEVIL: Yeah, yeah.

Weevil wipes the tears from his face.

WEEVIL: Let's ride man, Let's go. The night's young.

Weevil pushes Felix on and, after one look back, Weevil follows him.


Wallace and Georgia are sitting in the back seat of a limo. Wallace puts his arm around Georgia and she smiles. Veronica, in a strapless red dress, and Troy are sitting on the side seat. Veronica spots something outside.

VERONICA: Do you mind if we make a stop? There's something I need to do.

TROY: Well, I don't think that's a good idea, we should probably go right to the dance, right? I told your dad…

Veronica just smiles and takes off her shoes. The limo stops at the beach. Veronica jumps out, then turns back to Troy who is moving to join her.

VERONICA: You have to stay here.

Troy falls back in his seat, confused. Veronica turns and heads for the water. Wallace joins Troy on his seat. Troy looks at Wallace. Wallace holds up a hand.

[104/4157.jpg]WALLACE: Don't ask me, man. Stopped trying to figure her out day one.


Veronica finds the water's edge. She reaches back to unzip her dress. She drops the dress, walks forward naked into the water, and then does a standing dive into its depths. She comes up for air, turns towards the shore and laughs. End. Executive producer: Rob Thomas.