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1.02 Credit Where Credit's Due

Written by: Rob Thomas
Directed by: Mark Piznarski

Original Air Date: 29 September, 2004
Transcribed by Inigo Montoya
Last edited: 24 October, 2006

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Previously on Veronica Mars

All scenes are from the pilot. Veronica watches Duncan’s table at school.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I used to sit there. The only reason I was allowed past the velvet ropes was Duncan Kane. He used to be my boyfriend.

Duncan and a long haired Veronica walk down the school hallway. Lilly washes a car at the pep squad car wash.

LILLY: I’ve got a secret, a good one.

Veronica kneels in front of Duncan at the Kane residence the night of Lilly’s murder.

VERONICA: Duncan, what happened?

Duncan is completely unresponsive. Veronica looks around and then back at Duncan.

VERONICA: Where’s Lilly?

Veronica runs out to the pool and sees Lilly’s body. Keith is there too.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: But you already know how this part of the story ends. The murder of Lilly Kane. And that bungling local sheriff you heard about was my dad.

Cut to Veronica entering Mars Investigations.

CLIFF: [offscreen] Your dad’s out tracking down bail jumpers half the time…

Cut to Veronica and Cliff in the office.

CLIFF: …and yet somehow all the cases that come in here still get handled. How is that?

Quick flashes of: Veronica on the phone, Veronica in her car, working the camcorder and with a long lens camera. Cut back to Veronica at the office.

VERONICA: We’re efficient.

End previously.


Students fast forward about the school grounds.


Veronica is opening her locker as Wallace looks on.

WALLACE: Another big Friday night. You got plans?

VERONICA: I don’t know. I might take Backup for a run or rent a movie maybe.

WALLACE: Congratulations. You’re officially Neptune High’s most boring person.

VERONICA: Did I mention the movie might be PG-13?

WALLACE: Ow! Jump back wild child.

VERONICA: What about you, Wallace? Your life still a non-stop Nelly video?

WALLACE: Hey, at least I want my life to be a non-stop Nelly video.

VERONICA: What do you propose?


[102/0122.jpg]As Veronica closes her locker, Wallace produces a pink sheet of paper with the word “Blowout” on it and a number of symbols. They walk down the hall together.

WALLACE: I found this on the floor in gym.

VERONICA: You want to crash an 09er party?

WALLACE: Maybe. I don’t know what an 09er is.

VERONICA: It’s someone who lives in the prestigious 90909 zip code.

WALLACE: Look. You can’t even tell who’s put on it. You don’t know when it starts, where it is or nothing.

VERONICA: That’s ‘cause it’s all in code. The moon tells you it starts when it gets dark…


VERONICA: …the hourglass indicates sand which means it’s the beach…


They exit the school and head for the car park.

VERONICA: …the Ks and the 9s tell you it’s more specifically Dog Beach.

WALLACE: And the little eggs?

VERONICA: Friday. It’s in code so undesirables, which by the way is you and me, don’t show up.

WALLACE: How do you know all this?

VERONICA: ‘Cause I used to be one of them.


Music: "Word Up" by Korn.

LYRICS: Yo, pretty ladies around the world, gotta a weird thing to show you
So tell all the boys and girls, tell your brother, your sister and your momma too
We're about to go down and you know just what to do
Wave your hands in the air like you don't care, glide by the people as they start to look and stare
Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick, mom
Now c'mon baby tell me what's the word, now, word up (ahh ahh)
Everybody say when you hear the call you got to get it under way
Word up (ahh ahh), it's the call, word
No matter where you say it, you know that you'll be heard
Now while you suck DJs who think you're blind
There's got to be a reason and we know the reason why
You try to put on those airs and act real cool
But you got to realize that you're acting like fools
If there's music, we can use it, be free to dance
We don't have the time for psychological romance
No romance, no romance, no romance for me, mom
C'mon baby tell me what's the word, now, word up (ahh ahh)
Everybody say when you hear the call you got to get it under way
Word up (ahh ahh), it's the call, word
No matter where you say it, you know that you'll be heard (woo!)
Word up (ahh ahh), everybody say
When you hear the call you got to get it under way [102/0153.jpg]Word up (ahh ahh), it's the call, word
No matter where you say it, you know that you'll be heard
Word up (ahh ahh), everybody say
When you hear the call you got to get it under way
Word up (ahh ahh), it's the call, word
No matter where you say it, you know that you'll be heard

The party is centred on a bonfire. Drink flows. Duncan is in his car, surveying the party in the company of Troy Vandegraff.

TROY: What do you say, dog? You ready to get this party started? You ready to burn this mother down. Up, jump… the boogie.

Duncan laughs.

DUNCAN: My plan? And I haven’t worked this out entirely yet so bear with me, was to...

Duncan holds his hands up to the roof of the car.

DUNCAN: Raise the roof.

TROY: See that is so you, man, Mr. Old School.

DUNCAN: Me Old School? You’re the one who wanted to come down and get jiggy wid’ it.

TROY: Yeah.

DUNCAN: So, uh, wanna go meet the locals or what?

TROY: As long as they’re humble, god-fearing, salt of the earth types.

DUNCAN: Every last one.

They get out of the car to head for the party. Logan is already there, sitting on the hood of a car. With him is a vacuous blonde, Caitlin, leaning against the car, between his legs. Logan bends down to coo.

LOGAN: Nah, I think you look great in pink.

Logan spots Duncan as Duncan and Troy get near the bonfire and pick up some drinks.


Duncan and Logan slap hands.

LOGAN: Hey, who’s your date, man?


CAITLIN: It’s Troy Vandegraff. His father’s the architect who built the County Museum.

Logan's impressed.

LOGAN: Oh. Well aren’t you the little social columnist.

DUNCAN: Troy, this is Logan.

Troy and Logan shake hands.

TROY: Hey man.

LOGAN: Wassup?

DUNCAN: I guess you already know Caitlin.

TROY: Yeah, from the marina, right?

CAITLIN: So aren’t you supposed to be going back east for school?

TROY: Change of plans. The parents decided they were going to stay in So. Cal. so I am enrolling here on Monday.


LOGAN: Well, lucky us, huh?

[102/0313.jpg]Logan laughs and kisses the top of Caitlin’s head.

DUNCAN: So how’s the party doing, may I ask?

A commotion starts up behind them. Weevil, Felix and a couple of other bikers are heading through the party towards the fire. Included amongst them is Weevil’s cousin, Chardo. Felix starts messing with some of the girls who are dancing.

FELIX: Whoa, huh. Like this, huh? Just like this.

The girls push him away.

FELIX: What? Time for s’mores?

Weevil grabs a beer. Logan hops down off the hood of the car to go face to face with Weevil as the biker comments on the beer to Felix.

WEEVIL: This is the good stuff. Ymmm.

He turns to Logan.

WEEVIL: Is this imported?

LOGAN: It’s a private party, man.

WEEVIL: Oh, oh, is it? I-I-I’m sorry. I must have been confused. Hey, l-let me ask you something. Have I ever asked if you if I could come play through at Torrey Pines? Have you ever run into me surfing down at Cape Crescent? Bro’? Huh? Have you ever even once come home to find us throwing the kegger in your backyard? No? Then what the hell do you think you are doing on our beach?

LOGAN: Am I supposed to apologise? Am I supposed to shake in my boots?

WEEVIL: Maybe.

LOGAN: Look around you, man. It ain’t fifteen on four tonight. Hey Caitlin. Baby you’ve been to my house a bunch, right?


LOGAN: It’s nice, right? It’s clean, well-kept…


LOGAN: Yeah. You wanna know why? It’s because Weevil’s grandma keeps it that way.

The party crowd woo-hoos at the point scored although Weevil seems to think otherwise and takes it in his stride.

[102/0415.jpg]LOGAN: She-she is a good little worker, your grandma, yeah, spick and span.


Chardo pushes through to the front with a hard laugh.

CHARDO: Yeah. It’s a tough job, you know. Grandma says you go through a box of tissue a day. Your room alone.

LOGAN: [laughing] I know, what can I say? She’s a very sexy lady. Thank you.

The face-off is interrupted by the sound of the siren from the sheriff’s car. He broadcasts.

LAMB: This is the Sheriff’s Department. I want your ID’s out and everyone remain where you are.

Everyone scatters. Lamb puts down the microphone.

DEPUTY SACKS: We…gonna go after them?

LAMB: No. Let’s get out, get the kegs. Tell the guys cook-out at my place tomorrow night.

End music: "Word Up" by Korn.


Weevil and Chardo are playing an American football video game on the TV and two smaller children are running about. The little boy blocks Weevil’s view, giving his cousin an advantage.

CHARDO: Yeah, uh-huh, yeah. Stay right there, stay right there.

WEEVIL: Move your ass little man, come on.

There’s banging at the front door.

LAMB: Sheriff’s Department. Open up.

MRS. NAVARRO: What did you boys do?

CHARDO: Don’t worry about it Grandma, we’ll handle it, all right?

MRS. NAVARRO: Oh dear!

She stands back as Weevil and Chardo get the door. Sheriff Lamb is there with Deputy Sacks.

WEEVIL: I guess you busted all those rich kids already, huh?

Lamb gives Sacks his orders.

LAMB: Go in.

Sacks walks past Weevil and Chardo and enters the house as Lamb addresses them.

LAMB: Boys.

He holds up a warrant so they and Mrs. Navarro can see it.

LAMB: Letitia Navarro, I got a warrant for your arrest. You need to come with us.

Weevil and Chardo complain simultaneously.

WEEVIL: Oh, come on. What’s your problem, officer? If you want me, be a man about it, bro.

CHARDO: You’re crazy. Where you gonna take her, huh? What are the charges?

LAMB: Credit card fraud.

Lamb walks out leaving Sacks to escort a stunned Mrs. Navarro.

MRS. NAVARRO: [breathlessly] Well, I…

WEEVIL: Credit ca-?


Weevil follows Lamb outside. The others follow behind.

WEEVIL: She doesn’t even have any credit cards, man!

LAMB: Not in her own name, no.

Lamb turns back to get in Weevil’s face.

LAMB: But somebody took credit card offers out of the Echolls family trash. They opened up accounts. They rang up charges. You heard anything about that?

Weevil turns to look at Chardo who shakes his head.

LAMB: Hey! Nah, I didn’t think so. ‘Cause it would take a major league loser to let a sweet old lady like that do his time for him.

Lamb slaps the warrant onto Weevil’s chest and turns to get into his vehicle. Weevil looks back at the children, watching from the top of the steps. He addresses Chardo.

WEEVIL: Get them inside, man.


Veronica is at her desk in the main office. The door to Keith’s office is open and Cliff McCormack is with him. Veronica is listening.

CLIFF: Listen to this list of charges to the card – half dozen video games, limo rides, Magic Mountain tickets, motorcycle gear.

Cliff hands the list to Keith.

CLIFF: It goes on like that. I sincerely doubt my client, Mrs. Navarro, suddenly decides to steal from the Echolls after ten years of loyal service just so she can get herself a new piercing from Puddy Tats.

Veronica has in the meantime walked to the door to Keith’s office and is leaning against it.

KEITH: It’s gotta be the kid, Eli Navarro.

[102/0651.jpg]He addresses Veronica.

KEITH: What do they call him?


CLIFF: Oh, clearly it’s Weevil. Lamb doesn’t even believe it’s Mrs. Navarro but the P.O. Box where the merchandise was sent is in her name plus she was wearing a diamond pendant purchased with one of the phoney cards.

VERONICA: Lamb could have set Weevil up, he hates him you know.

KEITH: Honey, I started picking up Eli Navarro when he was twelve.

VERONICA: He just helped me out of a jam recently, that’s all.

CLIFF: Look, I’m sure he’s a real mensch but I’ve got a grandma in jail and I’d really like to get her out.

KEITH: We’ll dive in, thanks Cliff.

They shake hands and Cliff leaves. Keith beckons Veronica into his office.

KEITH: Honey, he goes to your school. You mind taking point on this for a few days at least. I’m working on something.

VERONICA: I’ll see what I can find.

Veronica picks up the list and reads.


Veronica pulls up outside Weevil’s house. As she voiceovers, she gets out of the car and walks over to examine Weevil’s bike, parked in the street.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The trouble with befriending the leader of a motorcycle gang is that at the end of the day, he’s still the leader of a motorcycle gang. And as much as I’d like to believe differently, I doubt it’s his grandmother who’s buying video games and paying for new motorcycle paint jobs.

WEEVIL: [offscreen] I’ve hospitalised people for less than what you’re doing right now.

Veronica looks up to see Weevil coming out of the house.

[102/0811.jpg]VERONICA: What? Admiring your paint job?

WEEVIL: I know what you’re doing and admiring my paint job isn’t it.

VERONICA: I’m just following up on a few things for the lawyer who’s representing your grandma.

WEEVIL: Yeah, I met the guy. He says I should confess.

VERONICA: Do you think you will?

WEEVIL: I’ve got nothing to say to you, man.

VERONICA: Weevil, your grandma’s in jail.

WEEVIL: Oh, ar-are you reminding me ‘cause I almost forgot.

VERONICA: I’m just saying with your reputation, you can’t blame McCormack for thinking that-

WEEVIL: My reputation? Oh, well, then I guess what everybody says about you is true too, huh? That you, you like it a little freaky, don’t you? That you spy on Duncan Kane. That you send him pictures of yourself. Be honest, Veronica. You think you’re this big outsider, but, push comes to shove, you’re still one of them. You still think like one of them. Take off. I don’t want you around here.

Weevil turns his back on her and returns to the house.

Opening credits.


Music: Unknown. Keith and Veronica are sitting in a booth. The counter is behind them and the entrance beyond that. Veronica has a cap on and is writing in a notebook. Keith is eating breakfast and looking at the newspaper.

KEITH: Are you gonna wear that cap inside? At the table?

VERONICA: Do you think I’m offending someone? In here?

KEITH: Simple etiquette, that’s all.

Veronica ruefully removes her cap. Sheriff Lamb and Deputy Sacks enter the diner. Lamb spots the Mars's. He heads for their table for some sport while Sacks stays up at the counter.

LAMB: Well look who’s here.

Lamb invites himself to join them, sitting next to Veronica.

LAMB: Ahhhh. If it isn’t my predecessor and mentor. How’s the dirty picture biz, boss?

Keith slides his newspaper closer to Lamb.

KEITH: Looks like it’s better than being sheriff, actually. Yeah, you got a killer on the loose, Lamb.

Keith reads from the article.

KEITH: "In a daring daylight escape, Ray Lee Hampstead, denied bail earlier this week after his arrest for manslaughter, broke out the back windshield of a Balboa County’s Sheriff’s Department cruiser and fled on foot."

LAMB: Meeks and Johnson lost him. I think those are two guys you hired.

Keith turns to his daughter.

KEITH: You hear that, honey? That’s leadership.

He looks back at the sheriff.

KEITH: Way to stand up on your own two feet, Lamb and say, "hey, the buck stoooops..."

Keith sweeps his hand out, pointing into the distance.

KEITH: "...there."

LAMB: You know what’s coming up? October 3rd. Are you doing anything special to mark the one year anniversary of Lilly Kane’s murder? Got it. Dress like a sheriff and crucify some poor, grieving father, just for old time’s sake, you know?

KEITH: Tell me again how you solved the crime of the century. Now, wait a minute, I remember, I remember. An anonymous tip leads you to the supposed killer’s houseboat. Did anybody show up to collect the $100,000 reward for that information? Do’ya find that strange?

LAMB: No. What about your theory? Jake Kane murders his own daughter. We’ve got an eyewitness and phone records that have him nowhere near the house. And all the Kanes in fact were accounted for at the time of the murder.

[102/1047.jpg]Keith just smiles. Veronica, following the conversation throughout, looks at her father with both concern and interest.

LAMB: Hmm?

Lamb bends his ear forward.

LAMB: What’s that? Nothing to say to that, right?

Keith continues to grin. Lamb calls out to his deputy.

LAMB: Sacks, we got our order ready?

Sacks holds up a bag in an affirmative response and Lamb gets up from the table.

KEITH: Good luck with that fugitive, Don.

VERONICA: Smell ya, later.

Lamb gives her a vaguely irritated look as he exits the diner.

KEITH: Smell ya later?

Veronica packs up her books and puts her cap back on.

VERONICA: I gotta run. The counsellor wants to see me before class.

KEITH: About what?

VERONICA: Uh, my schedule and my attitude, not necessarily in that order. Her words.

Veronica kisses her father and leaves. End music: Unknown.


Veronica leaves the counsellor’s office and heads for the main counter. Troy Vandegraff is also waiting at the counter and checks her out. Veronica glances at him briefly.

TROY: [in fake British accent] Giv’ us a smile, luv.

OFFICE WORKER: [offscreen] Troy Vandegraff.

Troy grins at a smiling Veronica and heads for the counsellor’s office. Veronica collects a slip from the counter and turns to leave, running into Wallace on his way in.

VERONICA: What are you doing in here?

WALLACE: Oh, hey. I signed up for diving but there were only like four people in the class so they cancelled it, stuck me in here. So, don’t you mess with me, all right? I’m an office aide.

VERONICA: That’s great!

WALLACE: Yeah, for who?

VERONICA: For me. I need you to copy all of Weevil’s attendance records from this past month and get them to me.

WALLACE: Do I look like James Bond to you?

VERONICA: Am I asking you to retrieve a nuclear warhead? No. Just copy the attendance records. It’s cake. Facile.

Wallace nods and smiles as Veronica leaves.


Veronica enters. There is a notice on the door: “Student Publications – Ms Dent.” Mallory Dent is bent over a central table, speaking to one of the students.

MALLORY: …why don’t you bring the caption down? See how it looks.


Mallory spots Veronica.

MALLORY: Can I help you with something?

VERONICA: Ah, yeah. The counsellor stuck me in here.

Mallory approaches her. Veronica hands over some papers and the slip she received at the administration office.

VERONICA: She says I’m disconnected and passionless.

In the background, Caitlin is at one of the cubicles that line the walls around the central desk. She looks over at Mallory.

[102/1236.jpg]CAITLIN: Miss Dent?

MALLORY: Caitlin?

CAITLIN: I’m gonna go down to the gym to talk to people for the student poll.

MALLORY: Be back by the end of the period. And remember that we are a multicultural school with a diverse population of students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

CAITLIN: Meaning?

MALLORY: Meaning don’t just interview your friends.

Caitlin sighs loudly and rolls her eyes before departing.

MALLORY: So, Veronica, welcome to newspaper class.

VERONICA: I was thinking maybe I could just take pictures?

MALLORY: Well, I’m not sure if you could just do that but we can start you there. Do you have any experience with a camera?

VERONICA: Yeah. Some.

Cut to moments later. Mallory brings out a camera from one of the cupboards.

MALLORY: This is a 35mm camera. Now, my suggestion as you’re starting out is just to set it on auto and that way you-

VERONICA: I’d really be more comfortable if I could just use my own camera.

Veronica pulls a serious camera out of her bag.

[102/1332.jpg]VERONICA: Um, the swivel LCD really comes in handy when you’re doing overhead shooting or ground level macro-shooting.

MALLORY: [bemused] Right.

VERONICA: The optical zoom actually goes up to 71.2mm and it’s good to have the raw file option because you can mess with the images post-exposure without nearly the loss of image quality you’d get with a JPEG file.

MALLORY: And…when it’s dark outside, you should-you should use a flash.

They both laugh and Mallory puts the simple camera back in the cupboard.

MALLORY: I have your first assignment. Are you free after school tomorrow?

VERONICA: I guess.

MALLORY: We’re doing a feature on Bodie Chang, you know him?

VERONICA: Surfer. Up until 20 minutes ago, I was in study hall with him.

MALLORY: That’s the guy. So he’s winning all these competitions. He’s got another one up at Gold Coast. Let me introduce you to the guy who’s doing the story.

Mallory leads Veronica to the end of the classroom, to another of the cubicles. Mallory leans over partition.

MALLORY: Duncan Kane, this is Veronica.

Mallory is oblivious to the discomfort of each of them.

MALLORY: Veronica’s going to be taking pictures tomorrow and I arranged for you to ride with Bodie’s parents.

DUNCAN: No, I’ll drive.

MALLORY: Great, maybe Veronica can-

VERONICA: I can drive too.

MALLORY: Okay. Oil crisis be damned.

Veronica sees Wallace in the doorway. He indicates that he has the attendance records.


Wallace and Veronica are on their own at one of the tables. Veronica is going through the records.

[102/1428.jpg]VERONICA: Look at this. Half of these credit card purchases are online orders and the ones that were made on school days were made between 11am and 12pm. That’s fourth period.

WALLACE: Yeah, you realise don’t you that this guy you’re trying to help out duct taped me butt naked to a flagpole just last week.

VERONICA: Man, you really hold a grudge.

WALLACE: Yeah, I’m funny that way. [tetchy] Hey you’re welcome for those records.

VERONICA: Wallace, King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on you.

WALLACE: How you know?

Wallace laughs.

VERONICA: But think about this. How can a guy who, according to these records, was in autoshop seven of the eight days these purchases were made, manage to make online orders?

WALLACE: Aren’t you supposed to be trying to prove he did it? So you can get his grandma out of jail.

VERONICA: But it’s impossible. There’s no internet connection in autoshop.

WALLACE: It can’t be hard for him to just slip out of there.

VERONICA: Seven times?

Wallace sees the point.


Veronica enters.

KEITH: [offscreen] Yeah but his arraignment isn’t until Monday.

VERONICA: I don’t think he did it.

Keith and Cliff are standing by the main office desk as Veronica joins them.

KEITH: Who didn’t do what?

Veronica spreads the attendance records out over the desk.

VERONICA: Weevil. Listen, I was looking through the attendance records at school and I just don’t think it’s possible-

KEITH: Veronica.


KEITH: Cliff’s just got back from the courthouse.

CLIFF: They released Letty Navarro a couple hours ago.

VERONICA: That’s great.

CLIFF: They released her because Eli ‘Weevil’ Navarro came in and confessed to the crime.

Veronica is stunned.


Veronica is sitting at a computer screen. Beyond her, Logan is lounging back in his chair, talking to Caitlin, who is sitting on the desk. There is a sense that Logan and Caitlin are performing for Veronica’s benefit.

LOGAN: No, seriously, how difficult is it to find good help these days?

CAITLIN: What are you going to do about your housekeeper situation?

LOGAN: We had to let her go. If you can’t trust your domestics, you don’t feel safe in your own home.

CAITLIN: I won’t miss her. She was totally rude to me every time I was over there.

VERONICA: Did you guys know that 90% of all identity theft is committed by relatives of the victim? That’s an interesting fact. At least I think so.

CAITLIN: But you know what? No one cares what you think Veronica Mars. Not any more. Not since you stabbed all your friends in the back.

VERONICA: You seem to care a bit what I think.

LOGAN: Tell the truth Veronica. Did you just sign up for newspaper so you could be around Duncan?

VERONICA: No. I’m here so I can be closer to you.

[102/1612.jpg]Logan does a smirky “ooo.”

VERONICA: In fact they’re thinking of putting me in your fourth period government class.

CAITLIN: We’ve got computer lab fourth period.

VERONICA: Oh, shoot. My loss.

Caitlin is ignorant that she’s passed information to Veronica although Logan seems more aware. Veronica smiles to herself.


Veronica is looking through papers as Wallace comes to join her.

WALLACE: What’cha got there, V?

VERONICA: I printed out the entire browser history from Logan Echolls’ computer in his fourth period computer lab class.

WALLACE: So, is he guilty?

VERONICA: Well of wanting desperately to see pictures of Alyssa Milano naked, yes. But of making bogus credit card charges, I don’t think so. Wait, the Neptune Grand. Logan visited the Neptune Grand Hotel website. He didn’t make reservations online but…


VERONICA: But there’s a charge on the credit card for the honeymoon suite.

Veronica gives Wallace a significant look.


Music: "Hi Lo" by Under the Influence of Giants.

LYRICS: Aren’t you looking good, don’t you think it’s funny
This is how you make all your money
Ah-oh can you say it, ah-oh dressed for later
Come on, dear, yeah, come on, yeah
I feel like you’re maybe just a sass, girl
The course you shoved on my plate tastes like laughter
Ah-oh can you save it, ah-oh dressed for later
Come on, dear, yeah, come on, yeah
Ah-oh when you see me, ah-oh just believe I said ‘Cause I’m falling on the bed
I’m only saying yeah
I’ll love you when you’re dead
Our love’s so beautiful
I’m falling on the bed
I’m only saying yeah
I’ll love you when you’re dead
Our love’s so beautiful
I’m on the floor, body full of poison
Just a little more time before I’m jumpin’
Ah-oh, well you breathed
I can’t wait to see your reaction, and the fashion
I, I, I feel like a baby, don’t you know it
I won’t be holding you back now you can show it
Ah-oh, watch the city, ah-oh you’re such a pity
Come on, yeah, on and on, yeah.
Ah-oh when you see me, ah-oh just believe that I’m
Falling on the bed
I’m only saying yeah
I’ll love you when you’re dead
Our love’s so beautiful
I’m falling on the bed
I’m trying to use my head
I’ll love you when you’re dead
Our love’s so beautiful

Veronica reaches the LeBaron and notices a flat tyre. Logan is behind her, tossing an apple with another 09er. As he passes the LeBaron, he rolls his apple on the boot lid. He pauses when he sees Veronica bent down examining the flat tyre. She looks up at him.

LOGAN: Bummer.

Logan walks away, making an "okay" gesture with his fingers and tossing his apple to a group of 09ers standing around his car. Veronica watches him join the 09ers, fed up. Moments later, jacket and sunglasses off, she is trying to loosen the nuts when Troy approaches.

[102/1740.jpg]TROY: Flat?

VERONICA: Just as God made me

Troy crouches down next to her.

TROY: Are you always this persnickity?

VERONICA: Sometimes I’m even persnickity-er. I’m supposed to be taking surf competition photos in Gold Coast in thirty minutes and…this is my second mysterious flat since school started.

TROY: Well here, I mean, let me help you.

He reaches out to take the tool she is using and after a moment’s hesitation, she hands it over.

TROY: I’m Troy, by the way.

VERONICA: I’m Veronica.

TROY: Really? Veronica. Okay, yeah, that-that does make a lot more sense.

VERONICA: M-makes more sense how?

TROY: Aah, it’s nothing. I just, uh, should never listen to those guys.

Troy looks over at Logan, who is watching them, and the group surrounding him.

TROY: I mean really, who names a daughter Trampy McBitch?

They laugh and get on with the tyre. Caitlin arrives on a pink scooter and stops by Logan.


LOGAN: Nice ride.

They kiss.

LOGAN: Hey, munch, how ya’ doin’?


LOGAN: You got two miles on there.

CAITLIN: I know. It’s new.

Caitlin spots Veronica and Troy.

LOGAN: It’s cool. Been round school all day?

CAITLIN: What’s Troy doing talking to Veronica?

LOGAN: What do you care?

CAITLIN: I don’t, I just…has anyone told him?

As Duncan heads for Logan’s group, he looks over and sees Veronica and Troy. Duncan approaches them.

[102/1857.jpg]DUNCAN: Hey, Veronica, you need a ride? If we don’t go now, we’ll miss it.

VERONICA: [indecisively] Umm.

TROY: Go ahead. I’ll finish this up and throw the tools in the trunk.

DUNCAN: Chivalry not dead. Good to know. I’m right over here.

Veronica grabs her stuff from the boot, smiles at Troy and heads for Duncan’s car. End music: "Hi Lo" by Under the Influence of Giants.


Music: "Troubled Times" by Fountains of Wayne.

LYRICS: When you think you've found something worth holding on to
But you're reaching for attention
Hoping she would notice you
Collecting bottles and throwin' away cans
Like she was returnable
One day would refill your hands
How she loved you
All you imagined
Fit so well into your plans
Maybe one day soon
It'll all come out
How you dream about each other sometimes
With the memory of
How you once gave up
But you made it through the troubled times
I lie awake every hour in your room
Rollin' with emotion
Waitin' 'til it's opportune
Sittin there watching time fly past you
Why do tomorrow
What you could never do

Veronica and Duncan drive in silence, save for the music playing in the car.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I should have walked to Gold Coast. It’s only thirty miles but with the awkward silence, it feels like 300. In five seconds, I’m just going to do the Charlie’s Angel roll right out of the moving car. Five… four… three-

DUNCAN: Lilly loved this song.



Lilly and Veronica are in the same car and Lilly is driving.

[102/1955.jpg]LILLY: Why’d you join Pep Squad, Veronica?

VERONICA: Umm, the PE credit. You?

LILLY: Veronica, I suffer from too much pep. I needed a pep outlet. Plus Sassy says girls who join the clubs really get the fellas.

VERONICA: ‘Cause you really need a lot of help on that front.

LILLY: Well, you know what my mom says. You have to kiss a few toads…. That’s it. That’s her entire philosophy.

VERONICA: All your mom ever says to me is: “Veronica, shouldn’t you be getting home soon?”

LILLY: That sounds like her.

VERONICA: Why does she hate me?

LILLY: Um, it’s not your fault. She’d hate anyone she thought that Duncan might love as much as her. Friendly advice? Watch her. She’ll break the two of you up if she can.



Veronica sighs and then sees something out of the window.

[102/2023.jpg]VERONICA: Slow down.

It’s Weevil on a work crew, cleaning up the side of the road. Weevil sees her and they exchange a long look. End music: "Troubled Times" by Fountains of Wayne.


Music: "Here It Comes" by Longwave.

LYRICS: Something’s coming over me
I’m so tired I can’t see
But the faces are all the same when you’re wasted
Everything is like the last
That you’re always moving fast
The colours in the end are amazing

Surf’s up, Veronica takes pictures, and Duncan takes notes as he interviews a surfer. They finish up as the daylight starts to fade into dusk.


Fade music: "Here It Comes" by Longwave. The awkward silence is back. A siren sounds and lights flash behind them.

DUNCAN: Wonderful.

Duncan pulls up at the side of the road. A deputy approaches Duncan’s side and shines his flashlight into the car.

DEPUTY: License and registration.

Duncan hands them over and the deputy glances at them.

DEPUTY: Can I have the two of you step out of the car?

DUNCAN: Is there a problem?

DEPUTY: Got an impound notice on this vehicle. Bunch of parking tickets and a moving violation dated October 3rd.

Duncan and Veronica look at each other in some consternation.


Duncan, now out of the car and standing on the driver’s side, speaks into a cell phone.

DUNCAN: They want to impound the car. Guess there were a bunch of tickets.

He pauses while he listens.

DUNCAN: No, not mine. Lilly’s.

Veronica is also on the phone, standing next to the passenger’s side of the car.

VERONICA: Just outside of town on the PCH. About a mile from the Real Inn.

She listens briefly.

VERONICA: It’s a long story. I’ll tell you when you get here.

Both pocket their cell phones. Cut to a little later. The impound vehicle has arrived as has Jake Kane, who heads for the deputy.

DEPUTY: Pull it round the front.

IMPOUND DRIVER: Ready to go.

DEPUTY: Yeah. I’ve already got it in neutral.

JAKE: Officer! Officer, ah, have you called this into the sheriff?

DEPUTY: Aah, no sir. We generally don’t call in routine traffic violations.

JAKE: Well, all right, why don’t you give him a shout?

Jake pats the deputy on the arm and heads towards his son.

[102/2240.jpg]JAKE: Duncan? Did you get everything out of-

He is surprised to see Veronica on the other side of the car.

JAKE: [wary] Hello, Veronica.


Keith has pulled up behind the police car and walks towards Veronica. He puts his arm around his daughter. Jake and Keith look uncomfortably at each other across the top of the car.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The last time my dad and Jake Kane were in the same place at the same time was in a Sheriff’s Department interrogation room.


Jake sits at a small table on a chair. Keith is sitting on the table, facing him.

[102/2312.jpg]JAKE: I told you that I-I was at work…

VERONICA VOICEOVER: When Jake finished his story, Dad told the most powerful man in town that he was sure he was somehow involved in his own daughter’s death.


Jake and Duncan are surrounded by reporters and cameramen.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Jake went to the press, the adoring press, tears in his eyes and told the world how much he missed his baby, and how he was wrongfully accused.


Keith collects his things together. His staff appear sad to see him go, except for Lamb who chews contentedly on an apple.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The fine people of Neptune gathered their pitchforks and torches, stormed the County Commissioner’s office, and ran Dad out of office.

Keith gives Inga a hug.


VERONICA VOICEOVER: My friends got on the bandwagon as well.

There's a Veronica-eye view of the party as people stare at her.


There's another Veronica-eye view, this time of an 09er girl strategically moving her purse across the seat to stop Veronica sitting there.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: They gave me a choice.


VERONICA VOICEOVER: I could stand by my dad…

Caitlin stares at Veronica from her pink scooter.


Logan smashes the LeBaron’s headlight with the crowbar.


Duncan is with another girl at the party.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: …or stand by Duncan and my dead best friend’s family.


Veronica walks up the hallway.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I chose Dad. It’s a decision I live with every day.

Duncan ignores her as she passes. She looks back at him.



VERONICA VOICEOVER: And you want to know the kicker?

Veronica and Keith head back to Keith’s car as Jake has words with his son.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I don’t even know what’s true anymore. Maybe everyone else is right. Maybe Dad screwed up the investigation. Maybe I gave up my circle of friends, my life, over an error in Dad’s judgement.

In the background, the deputy calls out to the impound driver.

DEPUTY: Hold on, we’re not going to move the car, okay.

The deputy turns to Jake Kane, apologetic.

DEPUTY: So sorry Mr Kane, I had no idea.

JAKE: Thank you.

Keith is unimpressed but unsurprised by the deputy’s obsequious acquiescence to Jake.


[102/2420.jpg]Keith and Veronica are on their way home.

KEITH: So? What’s up? You and Duncan starting to hang out again?

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Yeah, I’ll tell you the details of my personal life if you’ll tell me why you went after Jake Kane when, to everyone else, he was a heart-broken father.

KEITH: Honey? Are you and Duncan start-

VERONICA: No. School assignment, that’s all. Can we stop by the Neptune Grand?

KEITH: What for?

VERONICA: The Navarro case. I need a little help.

KEITH: Isn’t that already solved? I thought that they had the confessed criminal in jail.

Veronica gives him a hard look.

KEITH: Oh, all right. Fine. What do you need me to do?

Veronica smiles.


Music: "Lover" by Maureen Davis (instrumental). Keith leads Veronica through the foyer by her wrist, agitated. He spots a bellhop who is about to cut across them and warns him off.

KEITH: Excuse me.

He keeps going until they reach reception.

KEITH: We need to talk to somebody in security right now. [impatiently and loudly] Right now!

The receptionist cringes, intimidated.

VERONICA: [whispering loudly] Dad! Will you just back off and let me handle it?

KEITH: [angrily] You handle it or I handle it but we’re gonna get to the bottom of this, right now.

VERONICA: No! Would you just stand over there? You’re scaring people.

Veronica turns to the quivering receptionist, adopting a friendly tone.

VERONICA: Hi. I’m really hoping you can help me with this.

RECEPTIONIST: What seems to be the problem?

VERONICA: I came in here about a month ago with a guy…long story short, I’m pregnant.



VERONICA: Um, here’s the thing. The next part’s a little embarrassing. I don’t remember the guy’s name.

[102/2547.jpg]Keith growls.

VERONICA: Or what he looks like. Tequila? Never again.

Veronica points back at herself with two thumbs and chuckles.

VERONICA: My dad’s wondering if there’s any sort of surveillance video we could take a look at or…? Here’s the credit card bill. He had me pay for the room.

RECEPTIONIST: Let me go talk to a manager.

The receptionist leaves with the credit card bill. Keith and Veronica pass a congratulatory look.

KEITH: That was good.

They step away from the desk.

KEITH: What?

VERONICA: You were a...

Veronica gestures.

VERONICA: Little bit over the top.

KEITH: You think it worked? A little bit.

Keith does the same gesture and Veronica repeats it again.

KEITH: I can bring it down. You try it. You try being bad cop.

VERONICA: [laughing] Don’t make me laugh.

KEITH: It’s easier being good cop than it is bad cop.

The receptionist returns with a bill. She lays it on the counter.

RECEPTIONIST: I’m sorry but we only keep video surveillance for two weeks…

Veronica brings her hands to her face in a distressed manner while Keith drops his head.

RECEPTIONIST: But I did get your detailed bill summary.

VERONICA: [suddenly chirpy] Oh, thanks.

They walk away, Veronica examining the bill summary as they go.

VERONICA: Guess who signed for room service in a room charged to the Echolls’ family credit card?


VERONICA: Logan’s girlfriend, Caitlin Ford.

Veronica shows Keith the bill summary as they exit. End music: "Lover" by Maureen Davis.


Veronica arrives from one direction just as Logan is coming in from another. He passes her as she puts her bag on the central desk.

[102/2701.jpg]VERONICA: I know it was you.

LOGAN: [laughs] What was me?

VERONICA: You stole your mom’s credit cards, but you made a mistake when you went to the Hotel Neptune Grand ‘cause you let Caitlin sign for the room service tab.

LOGAN: Well that’s great. Prove it.

As Logan walks away from her, his face loses its bravado. Mallory enters the room.

MALLORY: Veronica! I want to show you something. What do you think?

It is the cover of the Neptune High School Navigator. Veronica’s picture of Chang surfing covers the front page with the caption “Chang Ten” and “story by Duncan Kane, photos by Veronica Mars.”


MALLORY: Pretty cool, huh?


Mallory smiles. Veronica stares proudly at her by-line.


Lamb stands with one of his deputies.

KEITH: [offscreen] Wanted man, coming through.

Lamb turns to see Keith leading in Ray Lee Hampstead, the burly escaped prisoner.

KEITH: I believe you misplaced this.

Lamb quietly instructs the deputy.

LAMB: Tommy, go on, get him to holding.

DEPUTY TOMMY: Right, let’s go.

[102/2744.jpg]The deputy leads Ray Lee away.

KEITH: You don’t think we should alert the media, I mean take some pictures. I thought that was standard operating procedure here now.

Lamb just folds his arms and stares down at Keith. On Lamb’s failure to rise to the bait, Keith turns to Inga.

KEITH: Hi, Inga. How are Trixie and Bud?

INGA: Trixie just had puppies. There’s still one left-

LAMB: [interrupting] If that’s all.

Keith turns to Lamb.

KEITH: Now do you plan on cutting the reward cheque personally, or should I talk to Cathy down in accounts payable?

Lamb glares, silently turns and walks back to his office.

KEITH: Should I follow you?

Lamb looks back, but doesn’t respond. Keith grins and heads out.


Veronica and Wallace are sitting at their table and are in the middle of a conversation.

VERONICA: That’s so typical.

WALLACE: Yeah, yeah.

[102/2819.jpg]Troy comes up behind them and sits down next to Veronica.

TROY: How’s that spare tyre holding out?

VERONICA: Aah. There it is: the quid pro quo.

TROY: Hey, this great nation of ours was built on quid pro quo. I am having a party on Saturday and you should come. Well, both of you.


TROY: But, especially you.

VERONICA: Haven’t you heard? I’m not allowed in the first class cabin.

TROY: Look. Uh, I don’t believe in much, but I do believe in this. When sexy, sassy girls can’t come to a shindig of mine, it’s time for all parties involved to stand up and just admit that, hey, maybe I was a little bit wrong or sorry. I mean let bygones be bygones, screw pride. Let’s dance...

Troy grooves in his seat.

TROY: Baby, let’s dance.

WALLACE: That was beautiful, man.

VERONICA: We’ll see.

TROY: An open mind. That’s all I ask.

Troy leaves.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: Is it that easy? Saying maybe I was wrong and get my old life back?

Logan passes and points at Veronica with his index and little finger, then walks on. Veronica packs her bag.

WALLACE: Where you off to, superfly?

VERONICA: I’m gonna nail that sucker.

Logan joins Duncan near another table. They tap their fists in welcome and Logan sits on a low wall, next to Duncan who is sitting on the table’s bench. Logan sees Caitlin talking to Troy.

LOGAN: Hey, this kid Troy, how long have you known him?

DUNCAN: Oh, a few years. His family has the slip next to ours down at the marina. They usually come in August, stay the month. They move around a lot, you know, wherever his dad has a project. Hey, I’m going to get a burrito. Want something?

Logan is intent on Troy and Caitlin. He glances briefly at Duncan and shakes his head.

LOGAN: Nothing.

DUNCAN: Well, you are in charge of your girlfriend’s purse.

LOGAN: Thanks.

Duncan hands Logan a pink handbag as he leaves.


Veronica is examining the credit card charge list, adding to a total of $1025.90, which includes seven telephone numbers:








She pulls out her own cell phone and dials the first number.

TELEPHONE: Hello! And thank you for calling Movieline.

She cuts off the call and crosses through the first number.


Meanwhile, Logan spots Caitlin’s cell phone in her bag. He palms it and looks at the Call Records while keeping a wary eye on Caitlin and Troy. He runs down a list of names/numbers:


Veronica gets a female voice responding to her next call.


VERONICA: Yeah, hi. Uh, this number appeared on my cell phone bill and I don’t recognise it. Can you tell me who this is?

TELEPHONE: It’s Jesse Ford. And who’s this?

Veronica cuts off the call. She crosses off this latest number and is down to the last one – 619-555-0136.


This is the same number that Logan has now highlighted on Caitlin’s phone, having scrolled down past:

LOGAN: Who’s she calling at one in the morning?


Veronica punches in the number.


Logan hits the return button. He gets through and the phone rings…


…as Veronica gets a busy signal.


Logan continues to observe Troy and Caitlin as he waits for an answer. When there is an answer, it's a male voice.

TELEPHONE: Ah, hey baby. Calling me during the school day, that’s-that’s daring.

Logan holds the phone to his ear, saying nothing but he stands up to look around, trying to spot the speaker.


Veronica makes another call.

VERONICA: Dad, hey. Can you run a cell phone number for me?


Logan is still looking around. A lot of students are using their phones.

TELEPHONE: Baby? Hello? Baby? Ah, you want to play the silent game. [laughs] All right, baby, later we’ll play a tickle game if you want.

Logan finally spots him. It is Chardo.

CHARDO: That’s cool baby, I’ll just talk. I know you like it. I miss you, mama. I can’t wait to see you.

Logan cuts off the call. He laughs, humourlessly, then stares back at Chardo.


Logan and some 09er lackeys are purposefully heading for Chardo who is walking ahead of them. Veronica intercepts him and pushes him into the girl’s bathroom.

[102/3209.jpg]CHARDO: Watch it little girl.

VERONICA: Confess, it’s good for the soul.


VERONICA: Moron says what.


VERONICA: You’re busted, Chardo, do I have to spell it out for you?

CHARDO: Yeah, why don’t you?

VERONICA: All right. So one day, you go to pick up your grandma at the Echolls’ house, and she asks you to take out a bag of trash, and there they are in front of you, virgin, high-limit, pre-approved credit card applications. Just phone in the confirmation code and start spending. Then you use Logan Echolls’ family credit cards to take out Caitlin Ford in the manner to which she’s accustomed. Gourmet meals, five star hotels, limo rides. But the best part about it…is that your cousin Weevil takes the fall for you. So you’re promoted.

CHARDO: I didn’t want that to happen. Weevil’s like my brother.

VERONICA: Your brother’s out picking up trash on the highway.

CHARDO: You know what? It’s killing me, okay? But you see, I got a plan.

VERONICA: I’m all ears.

CHARDO: Caitlin and me. We’re gonna run away.

Veronica laughs.

CHARDO: [with feeling] We are, and once we’re gone, then I’ll write a confession, I’ll send it back. They gotta let Weevil go then.

VERONICA: Chardo? Caitlin Ford is never gonna run away with you.

CHARDO: You don’t know her.

VERONICA: Oh, I know her. She’s a thrill seeker. Doing you was like doing the Dew and that’s all it was.

Chardo heads for the door.

VERONICA: You can’t go out there because Logan knows and he wants your head on a stick.

CHARDO: I ain’t hiding, am I?

VERONICA: What are you going to do when Weevil finds out?

CHARDO: How’s Weevil gonna find out?

VERONICA: [quietly] You should turn yourself in.

CHARDO: I ain’t going nowhere without her.

He sniffs.

CHARDO: Caitlin and me, we love each other.

Chardo reaches the door and is about to exit.

VERONICA: So tell me why every time I see her, Logan Echolls has his hands all over her.

Chardo pauses with his back to Veronica before wrenching the door open and exiting the bathroom.


Veronica sits with Letitia Navarro at dinner table.

VERONICA: I don’t understand why you’re doing it. You know that Chardo gave you that pendant but you’re letting Weevil do the time for him?

MRS. NAVARRO: Eli is still seventeen. Chardo is eighteen and he’s got a record. They’d send him to prison. Weevil can do four months of juvie.

VERONICA: Weevil thinks he’s taking the fall for you.

MRS. NAVARRO: I have dinner to fix.

She’s dismissive and gets up from the table.

VERONICA: Do you know what he was doing with those credit cards?

Veronica pulls out the list of credit card charges and walks over to Letitia.

VERONICA: He spent all that money, thousands of dollars, taking out a spoiled, rich, white girl.

Letitia raises her eyebrows.

VERONICA: Logan Echolls’ girlfriend. You must have met her. Caitlin Ford?

MRS. NAVARRO: Iee no, not her.

[102/3432.jpg]Letitia sinks onto another chair.

MRS. NAVARRO: Huh! She doesn’t like her ice cubes made with tap water.

VERONICA: You lost your job, and now Weevil’s doing time so that Chardo can take this girl out in style.

MRS. NAVARRO: Let me see those receipts.

Veronica hands them over.


Weevil is dropped off home by a Sheriff's Department car. His grandmother, who has been sitting on the porch with Veronica, races down the steps to meet him.


They hug.

MRS. NAVARRO: Oh, it’s so good to have you home.

Weevil looks up at Veronica, leaning on the porch. He climbs the steps of #2528 towards her.

[102/3509.jpg]WEEVIL: Veronica Mars, I hear you’re to thank for this Kodak moment. Didn’t you get the memo? The bad guy was already in jail. Gimme some love.

Weevil gives her a big hug.

MRS. NAVARRO: Hijo, I wanna make you something to eat.


Letitia goes into the house.

VERONICA: You should know. The judge issued a warrant for Chardo after authorising your release. They’re out looking for him.

WEEVIL: Yeah, well. They won’t be the only ones.

VERONICA: Logan and the 09ers are after Chardo too. You should find him before they do.

WEEVIL: We’ll find him.


Chardo gets off his bike and, while talking into his phone, approaches the house.

CHARDO: Baby, it’s me. I’m outside. This is it. It’s time to go; it’s what we talked about. Caitlin! Look outside your window. I’m here.

Caitlin appears at the window, holding a phone, and stares down at him.

CHARDO: What’s wrong, baby?

Some 09ers have gathered behind Chardo.

CHARDO: Is everything okay?

Some more 09ers step out from behind trees in front of him. This includes a blonde one who we will later learn is called Dick Casablancas. Caitlin watches impassively. Chardo is surrounded. A red jeep pulls up. Logan gets out. He addresses Chardo, but looks up and stares at Caitlin.

LOGAN: Well. If it isn’t the bad apple thinking he can steal my girl.

CHARDO: I already stole your girlfriend. You’re just too dumb to know it.

Logan punches him in the face and Chardo goes down. Logan places his foot on Chardo’s chest. Bikes can be heard coming closer. Weevil’s gang comes around the corner and stops.

ONE OF THE 09ERS: Check it out man.

Logan glances at the bikers. He increases the pressure of his foot on Chardo.

CHARDO: Sweet music, huh?

Chardo grins. Logan looks up at Caitlin again. He presses down harder with his foot on Chardo's chest, causing the biker to groan. Logan addresses Dick.

[102/3633.jpg]LOGAN: Hold him.

DICK: Don’t move.

Logan heads for Weevil.

LOGAN: Well, I guess this is what they call inevitable, huh?

Logan laughs.

LOGAN: Hey, look, you even got home court advantage.

WEEVIL: Let’s talk.

ONE OF THE 09ERS: Hey, what’s up with that, man?

The 09ers chatter as Weevil and Logan move off to talk privately behind the red jeep. It’s a brief discussion, ending when Logan comes round the front of the jeep. He calls out to Dick.

LOGAN: Let him go.

DICK: [protesting] Logan!

LOGAN: I said let him go. Come on.

The 09ers are disappointed and grumble. Logan drives off as Chardo climbs back onto his bike. Chardo looks back up at Caitlin who disappears behind the curtains.


Chardo is in the middle of the group, tapping fists as Weevil stands a little apart from them.

CHARDO: You’re the man, you know what I’m saying? You were there for me, boys. I like that. I appreciate it, you know what I’m saying.

He turns to Weevil.

CHARDO: Most of all you, man. I’m sorry you had to take the fall. I was gonna get you out. You and me, we’re brothers.

Chardo holds his hand up to grab Weevil’s. Weevil ignores it and looks down at the ground.

WEEVIL: You’re out. Out of the club. Out of my life. And you know what that means.

[102/3806.jpg]Weevil turns his back and walks away from Chardo as the gang move in closer.

CHARDO: Weevil, come on, cuz! Hey, let me make it up to you. Eli! Eli!

The bikers start beating on him. Weevil doesn’t look round. As he gets on his bike, he gives Felix instructions.

WEEVIL: Pull them off before they go too far.

FELIX: You got it, boss.

Felix joins the beating as Weevil rides off alone in the dusk.


Veronica is at her desk in the main office, Keith in his office.


KEITH: Yeah, honey.

VERONICA: What made you go after Jake Kane?

KEITH: What makes you ask?

VERONICA: Other than that question defines our very existence? I think if I knew more about the case and the evidence…

Keith comes in and sits on her desk.

KEITH: Honey, it’s ugly. I want thoughts of Lilly’s death out of your head. I don’t wanna pour more into it.

VERONICA: I can handle it.

KEITH: Let’s look at it this way. If I knew what would happen to us, that your mom would leave, that school would get tougher for you, I never would have pursued Jake Kane the way I did.

VERONICA: I still wanna know.

KEITH: I know you do. Let’s go home.

Veronica is disappointed.


Veronica walks slowly towards the Sheriff’s Department.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: A couple of weeks before Lilly was murdered and Dad was still sheriff, she and I snuck into the backroom and made ourselves fake IDs so we could get into clubs. I had them sent to my house. They arrived days after her body was discovered. I stuck them in a drawer and forgot about them until the deputy mentioned Lilly’s October 3rd ticket.


Veronica approaches the counter where Not Inga is acting as receptionist.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: The good thing about visiting the Sheriff’s Department on a Sunday is that most of the people who work on weekends don’t remember me. They’re new.

NOT INGA: Is there something I can help you with?

VERONICA: Yeah, the insurance company called my dad and said we have an outstanding ticket. Um, there’s the license number.

NOT INGA: Okay and can I see your ID?

[102/3948.jpg]Veronica pulls out an ID and hands it over just as Lamb comes up behind her. Not Inga gestures "just a minute" and walks away from the counter.

LAMB: What are you doing here?

VERONICA: I’m just paying off a ticket.

Lamb glares at her suspiciously, then walks towards his office.

VERONICA: Hey, any luck finding Chardo Navarro? No? You should talk to my dad; he’s really good at that sort of thing.

LAMB: You got a smart mouth, kid.

Veronica smiles sweetly and shrugs. Lamb heads into his office just as Not Inga returns.

NOT INGA: Yeah, I don’t think there’s any wiggle room on this one.

VERONICA: Thanks. I’ll mail in the payment.

NOT INGA: All right, Miss Kane. Sorry about the bad news.

Lamb pops his head out of the office, unsure of what he heard.


There is a close up on the ticket. It comprises of details on one side and photos of the licence plate of Lilly’s car and of her driving on the other. Lilly is smiling broadly. Veronica is staring at it as she sits at one of the outdoor tables.

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I haven’t gone more than thirty minutes without glancing at the ticket. One of those automated intersection cameras caught Lilly running a red light at 6:02pm, almost two hours after her supposed time of death. I don’t know if it’s the photo of Lilly, singing and smiling on the final day of her life that’s been haunting me, or the fact that suddenly none of the Kanes have alibis that hold up – Jake, Celeste, even Duncan. Dad was right. The case doesn’t add up. I made a choice a long time ago. Stand by Dad or stand by the people tearing him down.

Troy sits down next to her. She folds the ticket away.

TROY: You didn’t make it Saturday night.

VERONICA: I-I guess I didn’t feel I was even a little bit wrong or sorry.

TROY: Well a wise man once said that a “No” is like a “Yes” except with different letters and arranged in a different order and spoken out loud but, you know, it disappears on the wind.

Veronica is amused and smiles as Wallace joins them at the table.

[102/4134.jpg]WALLACE: There goes the neighbourhood. They just put Golden Tee in at Sac-N-Pac. You need to go there ‘cause you know I can get you free games-

VERONICA: Guys, look.

Behind Wallace, the 09ers are gathered. Caitlin goes to sit next to Logan. One of the girls deliberately moves to block her. Caitlin tries to sit further along the table, but she is again blocked. Veronica watches with pained familiarity. Caitlin is ostracised and walks away.

WALLACE: Hate to be her.

VERONICA: Yeah, that would suck.

Veronica shakes it off.

VERONICA: I’ve never played Golden Tee but I’m pretty sure I can kick both your asses.

Veronica leads them out to head for the Sac-N-Pac.

TROY: Ooh.

WALLACE: Woo-hoo.

TROY: Lead the way.

VERONICA: I’m just saying…

TROY: I think we got a competition…

End. Executive producer: Rob Thomas.

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